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  1. anumberone

    Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Gremlins)

    1 extra wound or 1 stone less would be even better for the survivors. I'd take them in certain situations for 4 stones. But maybe that's too much. Emmisary getting the pig key word would be great for Ulix. I've wanted to use him for a while. Such a cool model.
  2. anumberone

    Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Gremlins)

    I thought what Travis and company was pretty spot on, except maybe for bayou bushwhackers. If they could cycle cards as Jacob assumed they'd be fine but they are a stone over costed and should get a zero focus.
  3. anumberone

    Ulix answer to alpha strikes

    I agree the Sow is potentially very good as an alpha strike model, particularly with a hog whisperer giving him reactivate and Old Major potentially pushing him further up the board. I was thinking about situations that could make your opponent's alpha strike falter or divert. A model like a Yasunori could come in and kill key models and dart around to see another fight outside of a Sow's range. Yas kills something in the way like a engaging piglet, Killjoy pops out, maybe Yas hits him a couple times, splashes black blood on himself and then Killjoy smacks the crap out of him. Corner case, sure, but sometimes I think it could be easier than trying to set up a charge.
  4. anumberone

    Ulix answer to alpha strikes

    I concur with most of the above and I'm also thinking Killjoy might be a good answer to potential alpha strikes even though Ulix is usually very tight on points. Sacrifice a charging piglet become a Killjoy in the middle of the enemy crew or in the face of opposing alpha striker. Needs some testing though and, like I said, Ulix needs pricey big pigs including Old Major to function.
  5. anumberone

    Operation Stand Down-Malifaux, Nov 11, 2017

    Lame0, hoping you can make it down tomorrow. I've enjoyed your insights on Gremlins.
  6. anumberone

    My ulix build

    Whenever I have used him 2 have been more than enough but I do own 3 just in case.
  7. anumberone

    Monday Preview - Bayou Smuggler

    Nice! We definitely need more hillbillies in gremlins.
  8. anumberone

    My ulix build

    I like it quite a bit but I share similar concerns to Ludvig. Then again, Viks can be trouble for a lot of Ulix lists. I'll have to try it out and see how it works.
  9. anumberone

    A couple frustrations about Brewmaster

    I like his obey as is since you still need a suit or poison to use it with the upgrade and Zoraida's new upgrade really expands her obey to be very powerful. She's still not the only obey master but she can get probably the best results from it. I think mostly everyone agrees he needs a better way to passively spread poison to make several actions both on his card and thematic models work. I personally think he's too easy to neutralize. Besides finding extra slots for Stilts/hide in the mud that just don't seem worth taking in lieu of Binge and one or both new upgrades. Drinking contest ending at beginning of next activation might help. I also think changing "You're drunk, go home" to be a reverse squeel that pushes the enemy model up to 4 inches and give out poison 1 after resolving might help out a few issues. Make it on a tomes too so it doesn't conflict with all the masks, rams and to a lesser extent crows triggers we need in bulk.
  10. anumberone

    A couple frustrations about Brewmaster

    I'm certainly going to try out a moon shinobi some more and see how he performs in random crews. I can see he is useful in certain situations and I didn't think he was terrible when I did use him a few times with Brewmaster. Just overcosted by a stone and maybe missing a little something. I can say the same for a Bushwhacker, who should have a min 2 damage rifle or zero/card discard focus. I still think compared to a lightning bug the shinobi is a niche take. If I suspect I'm going to face Lilith, riders, etc, yeah a shinobi looks ok. Even facing Ressers I'd probably take a taxidermist at 1-2 stones more instead since I think he'd be more impactful. I could take a lightning bug in any crew and get some work out of him. He's reckless so reliably more mobile. He can potentially get an extra interact at the end of the turn for a suited card. He can hit reliably and as a cast action so also gets around incorporeal or bullet proof. With the right cards he can slow a model or heal a group of models. I just don't see taking a moon shinobi over the lighting bug 9 times out of 10.
  11. anumberone

    A couple frustrations about Brewmaster

    I'd say the Slop Hauler is better in combat and as a scheme runner too for one stone less than the moon shinobi. Reckless, bayou two card, a long charge range, a ranged attack and the ability to drop a model's defense to 4 are fantastic. You hire him for healing but he can fill other roles. As is, I don't see myself taking a shinobi in a competitive list. Too many stones for niche abilities.
  12. anumberone

    A couple frustrations about Brewmaster

    Yeah, I picked up Sensei Yu the other day as he was the only model I was missing to play Brewie in 10 Thunders. I certainly don't want to play 10 Thunders at the moment but I do want to use Brewmaster more and I know he's better in that faction currently . Or at least can take a Yasunori, haha.
  13. anumberone

    Mah the best hand advantage master!

    That's a good idea that I should try some time. Certainly worth doing if Mah has something she really needs dead. I'm definitely finding Mah and the crier are shaping my hands out to be crazy good most turns.
  14. anumberone

    A couple frustrations about Brewmaster

    I absolutely agree with you that swill is great ability. I think a lot of my issues are based on survival, which is why I was focused on hid aura. My particular problem also stems from my most common opponent playing 10 Thunders so a Yasunori plus Mccabe, Asami or whatever future master he picks up. I have no desire to really focus on that aura but facing that flying chainsaw who is as good as immune to swill at more than 6 inches away with smoke grenades (negative from stubborn, negative from smoke grenades for a net value of straight from a successfully focused and stoned swill) means I do so to keep my master alive. I should really make a post about an s.o.s. for dealing with Yasunori, haha. So far it's been hire a strong arm and Zipp or maybe just Zipp.
  15. anumberone

    Delude by Broken promises (for the moment)

    I can see myself using the Child from time to time in certain situations. I do like the Lass as a cheapish peon that can put the hurt on people. I liked her for the apron upgrade before but the pit traps seem potentially very irritating. I've only used it once with Mah so far but I liked it.