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  1. I have to agree with Luca here. There seem to be some solid choices for quick murder in arcanists but mech rider seems to be the one that can still fulfill a purpose by scheme running on the flanks/dropping scheme runners and not just running away. It's easy enough to make him a beast with Marcus or another useful hire like a raptor or canine remains for more utility. I had been debating better choices for a few weeks until I broke down and ordered a proper model to replace my proxy.
  2. I'd say codingCaptor covered most of the Ulix ground admirably. I would disagree that Gracie is a bad choice for summoning Ulix though. Old Major is quite capable of giving her rams and a push with his ability. It costs a card but has no range limit. I find her to be a great flank operator who can destroy any scheme runner and usually takes some effort to kill. Another model worth mentioning in a Ulix crew is the Hog Whisperer. Besides being another aura of Pork Whisper'n, he causes pigs killed or sacrificed within 6 inches to drop a scheme marker. Which is often a good way to surprise your opponent. He can also give out reactivate for a 5 of masks, something that can be crucial in quite a few situations. Reckless and a melee 6, 8 inch charge attack means he can do some serious damage if he can pull off dumb luck too. I try my best to put him in every Ulix crew.
  3. I love these ideas, especially ninja piglets. That can only be a good thing. The gremlin vignette in book 4 made it seem likely we'd get something pork related. I'd love an upgrade to summon wild boars, a Bayou Two Card upgrade (mAh!!!) and an upgrade to summon zombie Bayou gremlins for Zoraida. For models I'd like to see zombie Bayou gremlins, attack goats and another 50mm hench pig for Ulix. Maybe one that gives out different equally useful bonuses so Old Major isn't a must take with Ulix.
  4. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Ikiryo is immune to slow and paralyze because of the Kirai's soul ability. Better to bait the Kirai player to release the Ikiryo on a model you don't care about and leave it stranded.
  5. Definitely little kid on rooster. Rooster henchman or enforcer? Yes please.
  6. 40mm.
  7. Oh jeez. Abilities like Sooey and making terrifying tests with crucial models make me sweat whenever I don't know where the Black Joker is. McMourning and company can be hard to pin down for set up unless you are heavily out activating with the pushes his crew can pull off. Maybe the other two schemes were potentially easier?
  8. A gentleman on the Thinkin' Luck Facebook page suggested these pig hybrids from West Wind miniatures Vampire wars miniatures. They are pretty crude compared to Wyrd's stuff and definitely not Gaining Grounds legal but would do the trick until they get released.
  9. Old Cranky is an amazing totem for most masters but really gives you value with Ulix. The card draw for one. Staying near Old Major to give him positives to defense is good to as well as the potential of getting a stone if Ulix kills something with his bow or Old Major does some killing. Plus, scheme markers for Call forth the Pork! Certainly not knocking Penelope. Her aura is great for controlling the pigs and increasing their walk. Her push action can be super useful too. And she's a 2 stone activation. I just think Cranky is better most of the time. Merris is great as well. A fast scheme running, card manipulator that can do a surprising amount of damage. I'd say the Ripples of fate upgrade I had mentioned in another post (Pork whisperin') would be ideal for her in a Ulix crew. With her speed she could mitigate the pigs second biggest weakness (low wp #1), their need to charge. With Corn Husks on Old Major you'd end up with a group of disciplined scheme runners that can be difficult to be pinned down, especially against gun heavy Guild. Piglets, more than anything else I have played, surprise the hell out of me every game.
  10. Gremlins have a new upgrade that gives them the same pork whispering ability Ulix has so pigs can have a place in any list. Rejoice!
  11. I think Burt will be great with Zipp. He's a fantastic model already but being towed 12 inches up the field and potentially given fast by an iron skeeter will make him terrifying. Also, Merris seems like a great fit due to her speed.
  12. I do that almost exclusively in my Ulix crews with Old Major, for the same reasons. He's a great support piece with key passive abilities so earning his place in the crew no matter what. He doesn't use that upgrade every turn just as Ulix doesn't summon every turn but I haven't missed out by not having a slop hauler in my Ulix crews.
  13. Yeah, as long as you can out activate and hinder the opposing crew recon/interference becomes trivial, as do a few schemes.
  14. I used Sparks with the Pigapault tonight in an interference game in my Ulix crew and it worked out. Sparks handing out extra ap meant I was hitting Kaeris early on and took out the Mech Rider with a lucky red joker early on. Even when the Pigapault was engaged it was launching piglets into position for Inspection. Having Sparks near by to help defend the Pigapault is good too.
  15. I think it's a tome that gets a fast, but I also think that Zipp's totem can pass out suits too similar to Sommer's skeeters.