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Reservoir Dog

Iron Painter ELIM - ITIC
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  1. Alright mate, this looks like I'll be able to attend this so money sent
  2. Green light given so payment sent.
  3. Not sure if Panzer has sorted this out for me or not (sorry if this is already sorted) but does anyone attending this have a spare will o wisp I can use for the day? I'd prefer 2 but just 1 would be great. Cheers all and see you Sunday
  4. Alright Panzer, can you put me on the reserve list please as I'm no longer working this weekend.
  5. I've registered as Neverborn. Unfortunately as I can mess up even the most simple things I registered twice - I did it first time under my forum name so then redid it.
  6. Just to play devils advocate - The rules pack for this said that the strats and schemes would be released 2 weeks before the tournament. I'm only throwing it out there as it takes me that long to try and get my head round what I'm meant to be doing.
  7. I haven't got paid next to my name but I have paid...honest
  8. Can you add me to the reserve list please
  9. Paid for both days
  10. I'm definitely up for this, Daventry's closish and I really enjoyed it last year, so payment sent
  11. Payment sent after getting a surprise green light from the wife.
  12. Up to 28 players now mate!
  13. Panzer, I've sent you a couple of pms about the stuff I bought. If you could have a look and get back to me.
  14. Thanks for running this Dan (hopefully the first of many!!)