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  1. Always Scheme

    Going on from what 7th squirrel is saying, you could add the value of the cards together and if it's an odd number you have 'always scheme A' and if it's an even number you have 'always scene B'? The only problem with this is using the phrase 'always scheme for a scheme that pops up 50% of the time. As I'm Welsh I would be happy to refer to them as the 'always sometimes schemes'?
  2. [W] Dark Carnival Mannequin [H] £

    I can help you with this and Im UK based. Give me a pm with an offer and we'll take it from there.
  3. Fluffy Bunny Roadkill - Sun 20 August, Newbridge High School, Leicester

    Just purchased a ticket
  4. Bonescon (Smogcon) 2018 Ideas

    As a bit of a loner on the Malifaux circuit (I do have other friends...honest) I actually quite like the random doubles idea.
  5. I'm pretty sure I'll be coming to this but probably won't be able to confirm and pay until mid August
  6. Bonescon (Smogcon) 2018 Ideas

    As Im off over those dates I could do all 3. Id be wanting to play on Saturday but could definitely help out on the Friday and maybe on the Sunday. Basically - Friday is the only day I can guarantee bring able to help (including Friday day if needed).
  7. Deliverance 2017 The Welsh GT, July 8th - 9th

    As a welsh man it seems only right to attend so you can add me to the list as I've just paid?
  8. WTB metal gremlin taxidermist

    Sorry about delay, only just saw the reply. To be honest I'm not prepared to pay silly money, one went on eBay recently for £6 (inc postage). So thats around the price Im looking - unless theres a trade that could be agreed upon (I seem to have acquired stuff for most factions).
  9. WTB Jack Daw Crew

    Sent you a Pm
  10. Malifaux Demos at UKGE

    Hopefully see you there on the Saturday. Can you do we a favour and ask the lads to bring a box of swine cursed and/or rougarou if they're out in the next couple of days?
  11. WTB metal gremlin taxidermist

    As title, looking for a metal gremlin taxidermist. Preferably from the UK, but providing postage and packaging isn't too bad I don't mind where it comes from.
  12. PIG DADDY 11/06/17

    Alright mate, this looks like I'll be able to attend this so money sent
  13. Cow Wars 4 Charity - MK - 30th April

    Green light given so payment sent.
  14. Not sure if Panzer has sorted this out for me or not (sorry if this is already sorted) but does anyone attending this have a spare will o wisp I can use for the day? I'd prefer 2 but just 1 would be great. Cheers all and see you Sunday
  15. Alright Panzer, can you put me on the reserve list please as I'm no longer working this weekend.