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  1. Both Som'er summoning engine and Lynch should be able to at least get near Nico when it comes to just card draw/card efficiency. Lots of Bayou Two-card combined with Survival of the Fittest, Criers, and efficient healing should make it pretty doable to draw most of the deck each turn. For Lynch, check out Melbourne shuffle which is litterally a legitimate strategy fir drawing your whole deck each turn. Not saying either of these are as strong and efficient as Nico at all btw, just that their card draw can be... (Hyperbole and all that)...
  2. tmod

    Ways to inter-mix factions

    I'm kinda torn on this. IF M3e is nearby, and with it factions splitting up, then I'm all for widespread limited infiltration to make sure commonly used in-theme models can be used by most masters. If not, I don't think the game need wider hiring pools. In fact I think generally huge hiring pools are the main challenge for keeping the game going at the moment. I think the main rule should be more restrictive model pools, a small handful of universal mercs (could easily be fewer; main role should be to fill gaps), limited infiltration (could very well be in dual-faction masters), and masters like Leveticus and Nellie should be the exeption to the rule. One thing I quite enjoy with Leveticus right now (post nerf) is that his combo potential is where most of his power lies. Everyone getting wider pools would steal his thunder. Similarly I'm fine with Nellie getting easier access to Mercs and Marcus to beasts. Worse if everyone get it...
  3. tmod

    Our worst models

    Nah, but it seemed like that was the objective. You might be hard to chase off, but given enough tries, who knows? Also, not the best way to create dialogue, even if not successful.. 🙂
  4. tmod

    Our worst models

    I have a lot of sympathy for this, especially the latter paragraph. But I don't think the best way to fight "outcries of Nerf" is with more outcries. If we are to add something meaningful to the discussion it's important to rise above faction v. faction group-think, and strive for what's best for the game based on our own experienses. For the sake of the game we're all best served with as good balance as possible; if gremlins had been two levels above everyone else we'd all get bored as well. I don't always agree with Fetid (often though), but he deserves recognition for being involved and caring for balance and the game since pretty much the dawn of the Dark Ages or thereabouts. He, the game, the Gremlin faction and the community deserves better than him (or others) getting chased away from a topic for stating their opinion!
  5. tmod

    Our worst models

    I don't think this is useful. The best you can hope to achieve is to shout down legitimate disagreement, and even if you achieve your goal of supporting the view that piglets got hit too hard, we're all worse of for it. It would encourage others to shout even louder, and we've got a shouting match on our hands. Fetid raises a valid point, and I think it's undeniable that 2ss models in general is right on the edge of what the game can deal with. I personally don't agree that limited amounts of 2ss models (like totems) are a problem, but the 6x stuffed piglets package was definitely threatening to be game breaking in my opinion. I cannot how Asura is comparable, but she is definitely putting some strain on the game in some crews... I think the biggest problems with stuffed piglets going up was the indirect hit to the pigapult. Second I think a spamable 2ss model was one of the unique elements that set Gremlins apart as a horde faction. Loosing that was, for better or worse, a blow to the faction identity. The other unique element was the only useful 3ss model hirable in multiples. I still think Bayou Gremlins are useful, but no longer uniquely so after the points drop for Guild Guard and Desperate Mercs. Together those changes are problematic, it's not in itself problematic that Stuffed Piglets are no longer 2ss (and Fetid does have a point in that no 2ss models would be healthier for the game)...
  6. tmod

    Our worst models

    I actually think this would be a touch too much; gremlins pretty much always outactivating for 12ss of stuffed piglets was a problem; on the other side three for 6ss would probably be ok. Maybe they could have an ability causing them to be more expensive when hiring more than three? 2ss hiring cost, but all cost an additional 1ss if you hire 4 or more? Maybe even three or more? Then they'd be useful for an extra activation or two with leftover stones, but too expensive for the full out-activation package, yet still summonable, so a decent chance to see more than the limit (and maybe all six!) in some cases...
  7. tmod

    Our worst models

    I think I agree with all of this. I understand the argument that no spamable model should cost 2ss, but personally I think something like the taxidermist fix should be enough, amd would preserve some of the horde feel to the faction. Also, that would avoid the collateral nerf to the pigapult. I also think the bayou gremlin got hit with a collateral nerf with the proliferation of 3ss minions in other factions. A decent minion at uniquely lowe price point was, along with a 2ss peon, the main factors establishing the horde element of the faction identity in my opinion. Loosing both unique elements hit the identity hard, even though Gremlins might still be competitive through other means and other builds... Yeah, this is where you at least partially loose me. I agree that many exaggerate theor abilities; drunk & reckless is very strong, but very much weaker than a free ap. You can use it once per game, and that's great if it can score you a vp/kill off an important model. Similarly, Dumb Luck is amazing, but demands finesse, as one trigger will almost kill it. Cheap and powerful but random fit the faction profile perfectly in my book! For me Gremlins have probably the strongest non-totem 3ss drop in the game. Gremlins also provide better synergy, ie slop haulers can in some cases mitigate the self-damage. I do however agree that Desp. Mercs and Guild Guard have become much closer, almost on par, and even if Bayous still hold a small edge, that's still a problem from a faction identity perspective. Gremlins' ability to outswarm anyone except dedicated out-activation crews have taken a severe blow, and that's a serious issue. There's no need to present dubious arguments about the immense power of other factions' models, or hyperbolic claims of Bayou Gremlins' uselessness. If they are a little stronger that still represent a significant relative powerloss for Gremlins overall...
  8. Plastcraft and Customeeple both officially licensed scenery and/or markers for the game, so I guess the door isn't always closed. I'm guessing they're fairly restrictive though...
  9. tmod

    Our worst models

    I think you're a little too pessimistic: warhammer did manage to keep canons away for chaoa for a pretty long time before they caved, so could probably have managed to avoid it... And Wyrd have been pretty strong on standing up to the entitlement culture previously, so there's still some hope! But must be getting harder to find design space to design new models that bring something new to the factions while maintaining faction identity as the model pool increases...
  10. Well, ahead of the curve is hardly the same as op. Balance is never perfect, so some will always be better than the average. OP territory for me begins when a model is stricktly significantly better in most or all situations... Kentauroi are mong the little handful of Malifaux mini I don't own yet, so don't know where they fall specifically...
  11. tmod

    Our worst models

    This, so much this!! The faction identity thing is important; if gremlins' thing is cheap models they need to have cheaper models than most other factions. The other factions must then focus on how to play against it instead of wanting the exact same toy. If easy access to zombies is the resser identity, the rest must focus on how to work around it rather than wanting the exact same toy... I think more and more players feel "entitled" to have everything in their faction, or they always did but are more likely to complain it now for some reason (see my thread in Faction Discussion), and I think it's hurting the discourse of the game. To the degree Wyrd is unfluenced by this it hurts the game... I think the entitlement culture us everywhere, but it hurts gremlins more, probably because of the swingy models.
  12. tmod

    Our worst models

    Yeah, that was kinda my point...
  13. tmod

    Our worst models

    To be fair Gremlins won UK Masters this year, which is amongst the tougher competitions there are (Zipp and Som'er unless I'm mistaken). Doesn't address in-faction balance at all of course, but at least there's some evidence gremlins aren't completely hopeless. Don't know if he used any wave 5 stuff, but hard to imagine anything other than maybe Criers... Overall I think gremlins have gotten the worst of the complaining-is-better-than-practicing syndrome that seems to have hit the forum over the last 12-18 months or so. This has led to the cries of OP gremlins being ever as loud, even as more and more of the faction gets nerfed. It also means that some of the most absurd simultaneous topic have concerned gremlins (ie, "Gremlins are auto-win buttons, I rage quit" started the same day as "Gremlins are sucky so I rage-quit"). If only everyone could focus more about how to play their own faction to the top of their ability rather than how unfair it apparently is that bayou gremlins are 3 ss whereas tt Brother and Freikorpsmen are 5 (or whatever)...
  14. Yeah, this is why I'm scheptical about trusting an edition change will solve everything. If they split everything up in waves with open betas like last time it will be years until all M2e models will have M3e profiles. It's going to be much harder to do now because if the higher model pool. I'm highly uncertain if it's at all doable at this from a risk perspective (maybe if TOS gets traction...). The other option for M3e that I can see is to keep the old profiles, and gradually upgrade some with each new book. But this doesn't even adress the balancing issues at all. (On a more optimistic note, maybe Hoffmann can get back his "unexplained connection" in M3e and be able to hire Coppelius again. That was my favourite easter egg in the first edition...) But feedback would still be neccessary/relevant, so another topic really (but a very interesting one!).
  15. It does indeed seem to me that the whining has steadily been increasing over the last few years or so, but I might be mistaken. I read every post (except some rules threads and the community events subforum), but it's easy to misread trends. If you (and others) have the same impression (that it's increasing) we might have an observstion here, and might want to discuss whether we as a conmunity wish to do something about it. I also think it would be useful to "recalibrate" expentations for models. It seems like some people on here expect an extremely tight balance across hundreds of models. Justin Gibbs said several times that it was never a design goal that all x soulstone models should be equally viable. As long as every model was useful sometimes that would be good enough. Also, a model being over/undercosted by a soulstone or two was specifically called out as NOT being reason for errata; models being cheap enough to be auto-includes, or expensive enough to never to be taken, was valid reason for errata. I think these were good benchmarks, but it seems like expectations amongst the player base have moved... Not trying to balance anything with this thread either, except possibly the language and tone of feedback given elsewhere... I completely agree though, listing grievances, especially across factions, is too wide a topic to get us anywhere. Especially under the current discourse where it seems many are out for themselves/their own faction. I don't know about M3e, with some cleanup to the rules for height/vantage points I think the main rules are fine. This would be the socalled M2,5e solution. On the other hand the massive hiring pools in each faction is bound to be problematic at some point, whether we believe we're closing in on that point now or reached it a few waves ago. I'm curious about splitting up factions/increasing hiring restrictions as more factions means more to split the models amongst (in fact I posted a topic suggesting this last week), but worried about the transition process; given the large model pool I think the process will be much rougher, and I don't think it can be done like in M1.5e => M2e. But anyway this is kinda beside the point for this topic though. Whether M2e will be further errataed or M3e is in the works there will need to be a process for giving feedback, and this feedback will need to meet certain standards. This topic is about what we as a conmunity feel these standards should be... Ps. Thanks for the interest! 🙂