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  1. Reinforcement, Glory, and Fireteams - Wyrd is doing some amazing work on army-scale game design, solving the problems of un-fun attrition, poor morale systems, and long play times, respectively. Making Allegiances really different on a high-level with the Allegiance cards is also a great twist on the standard "Army-wide" rules sections from other games (and since they are cards, there's always the possibility you can swap Allegiance cards inside the same Allegiance, like taking a sub-Allegiance or special command Company without changing your overall Allegiance).
  2. Wyrd did later say 1/2 of the game's scrip size instead of the Dual Commander's scrip, so we'll have to wait until the Backer Beta to see which it is. It may have changed as the playtest continued through the KS.
  3. Remember these are all playtest values - not final. But as stated above, TOS doesn't have a stat curve like Malifaux, where 5 is average and below is plain bad. Stats in TOS are used all up and down the range, making things like AV2-4 much more dangerous than expected to all armies.
  4. Updated for October!
  5. If the posted demo times aren't the best, please message me and we can work out a better time for you to get a demo.
  6. Updated for August!
  7. For sale, one LE Kaeris (Alternate Pose), assembled, no paint or basing. Comes with base and card. $20. Buyer pays shipping and any requested insurance. SOLD
  8. So one of the entries in the new FAQ talks about creating hazardous auras and Markers. Cherubs can give targets a Condition that generates an Aura of Hazardous terrain around a target. The FAQ only addresses "If the model creates Hazardous terrain around itself with an Aura", not if a model gives an Aura to another model. Who gets credit when kills occur in the given-out Aura? I assume nobody since the aura is from a condition, but I'm not 100%.
  9. Great changes all around. Thumbs up!
  10. huh, my date didn't copy in. I'll update it.
  11. Saturday, July 30th, 2016! Henchman-run 16-player Gaining Grounds tournament located in the Arbor Room of the Days Inn in downtown State College, PA! Standard GG2016 rules with the painting requirement waived. Players fielding at least one fully painted crew during the event are entered into a raffle for a Mystery Box at the end. We'll be using the new rotation, not classic. Buy-in: $20 at the door, covers entry and prizes. Factions are declared when you pay. You can also pre-pay through Paypal - please contact me for details. Pre-pay gets you into a raffle for a Mystery Box as well. Full 16-player prize box from Wyrd, along with misc other prizes depending on player count. Plenty of food within walking distance and venue is parking garage adjacent. Slots currently open - 11. Location: Days Inn Penn State 240 South Pugh Street, State College, Pennsylvania 16801 In the Arbor Room. Check-in starts at 10am and main event starts at 10:30.