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  1. "After succeeding" (Tooth's trigger is after succeeding, not damaging) triggers occur after step 5 of Action resolution. The push from her attack occurs inside step 5 along with the action's effects - the push always occurs first in all cases. If they want it clear of the action completely, it does need an "after resolving the current action" or similar language. "when... places" may be confusing ("When" = "if" as mentioned in the FAQ, I believe) so maybe "after... places" depending on the intent and where they want the charge to happen if they do in fact want it to happen inside the action.
  2. Why is Steadfast Protector now so clunky? "If an enemy model places a Scheme Marker, if the enemy model is within LoS and range to be Charged, this model may discard a card to Charge the enemy model." Trivial change for clarity: "When an enemy model within LOS and Charge Range places a scheme marker, this model may discard a card to Charge the enemy model."
  3. What I meant is I'd take these in Misaki with Assassination, devour markers to draw the target closer, and proceed to murder. Misaki's crew isn't one you take a lot in scheme-heavy pools (at least imo), so Lotus Eaters would be better with her. Apologies for not being clearer on that. Could be useful for Brewmaster more so as you mentioned. Path of the Lotus though is niche and cornercase as an Ability. There are definitely cases where it is useful, but it's not something that adds to them when I'm looking to hire in that slot. As it stands, I probably would never play Lotus Eaters as is (but if I had to pick, this week's version is better).
  4. Good, positive change this week although I still think it struggles a bit in slot for cost. If it got one more survival ability or maybe 1-2 more Wounds, I'd be happy. Definitely would need to be used in (expensive) pairs. Combine with something like Izamu for ++ on damage.
  5. I like the changes to Threaten, although I'm not sure we need lockdown on low wound models. Aggressive Stance is still meh. It has some in-faction synergy, but it's not that great of an ability to start with. Path of the Lotus is cool, but the cost is pretty high for a minor ability that really benefits Misaki more than most other masters.
  6. This is a wildly arrogant tone. I've always respected your opinions, Solkan, and I'm honestly sad to see your approach to this conversation. But I would also like to correct your observation: you did absolutely nothing to discount my comments as being incorrect under the current rules. To use a bit of mathy logic to illustrate: We have the Actual Rules -> C We have the FAQ -> F Let's say we have X = "Markers are not terrain" as stated in the core rules. I claim X is real and true, whereas you say it's not or I can't prove it. X exists in the Core Rules, so to start with, my claim exists and is true in C. My claim is real. You claim X + B could possibly exist in C. B being " unless they gain terrain traits and are then considered terrain" added on to X. You provided no proof of B existing in your post. "Terrain is defined by its traits" is not rigorous - terrain is also defined as a "Stack of books" at one point in the book. Claiming this sentence encompasses what Terrain is and what the game holds it to be is a false argument when looking at how often the book separates terrain from terrain traits and talks about terrain in non-Trait terms. You haven't provided anything in either the Actual Set or the FAQ Set that intersects at or provides proof of this value of X and B. X does intersect with F, but only in explicit terms of models. So we have X. And that's all we have until you find a new B - a real, concrete B - or the FAQ Set expands to have a real value of B that will intersect with C. Since X is true without evidence of B, my analysis of how Rotund interacts with markers is sound and stands.
  7. After reviewing the rulebook and FAQ, you're right - nothing addresses the order of applying Pulse damage to targets. There are no rules that control it at all. I think everyone has probably been operating under the "Multiple Models" block you quote since it's close, but not exact. For an example: (1) Bacon Bomb: Flip a card which can not be cheated and apply the following effect depending on the suit of the card. After resolving this Action, if this model is still in play, sacrifice it. C: All models in p1 suffer 4 damage. R: All models in p2 suffer 3 damage. t: All models in p3 suffer 2 damage. M: All models in p4 suffer 1 damage. Either Joker: All models in p3 suffer 3 damage and are pushed 3" away from this model. What order do the models suffer damage in? There are no rules that govern the damage order of a pulse. It can definitely matter with the amount of timing effects out there.
  8. From the anecdote that is my playgroup, all three 10T players are disappointed in this set, mostly in terms of creativity (esp when looking at Guild and Outcasts). But that's not a constructive opinion for a playtest, so we all refrained from posting anything, esp since the models are "finalized" aside from balance and clarity.
  9. Under current rules, only Models treat markers with terrain traits as terrain (Item 70, FAQ). Markers are not models, so they will not treat the Statue as terrain.
  10. update for May
  11. For sale to US Buyers only (maybe international if you manage to convince me). All models have their card and base unless otherwise noted. Buyer pays all shipping costs. SOLD!
  12. For sale to US Buyers only (maybe international if you manage to convince me). All models have their card and base unless otherwise noted. Buyer pays all shipping costs. SOLD!
  13. Reinforcement, Glory, and Fireteams - Wyrd is doing some amazing work on army-scale game design, solving the problems of un-fun attrition, poor morale systems, and long play times, respectively. Making Allegiances really different on a high-level with the Allegiance cards is also a great twist on the standard "Army-wide" rules sections from other games (and since they are cards, there's always the possibility you can swap Allegiance cards inside the same Allegiance, like taking a sub-Allegiance or special command Company without changing your overall Allegiance).
  14. Wyrd did later say 1/2 of the game's scrip size instead of the Dual Commander's scrip, so we'll have to wait until the Backer Beta to see which it is. It may have changed as the playtest continued through the KS.
  15. Remember these are all playtest values - not final. But as stated above, TOS doesn't have a stat curve like Malifaux, where 5 is average and below is plain bad. Stats in TOS are used all up and down the range, making things like AV2-4 much more dangerous than expected to all armies.