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  1. Lair to Lair, when used, says "This model may not take Interact Actions this turn." Is this a blanket statement in that the model cannot take Interacts at all this turn, even before LtL, or they cannot take Interact actions after Lair to Lair? Logically, it should be the latter, but it doesn't say "until the end of the turn" or "for the rest of the turn" which would bound the interact prevention timing correctly, which is where it gets nebulous.
  2. Not sure if I missed it, but it doesn't appear there's a way to mark models as activated during an encounter. For those of us that want to go App-only for casual games, this is an annoyance. Being able to dim-out models in the Encounter crew list and tap a "Next Turn" button to refresh them all would be excellent. Also, having a Turn Counter / Number in the Encounter screen would be useful, esp if it could highlight Schemes and Strategies for timing (in terms of scoring enabled / disabled) as the Turn Counter increments.
  3. DocSchlock

    Wyrd Games Events in Williamsport and Wellsboro, PA

    Jan & Feb 2018 update
  4. DocSchlock

    Why are austringers so good?

    Distract on Sh 7 is insanely good. I usually activate them first to shred hands and then don't have to worry about cheating the rest of the turn.
  5. DocSchlock


    Nightmare Peacekeeper. I want a massive fist of plastic. Lady Pistoleros - a Chronicles had art of them and they need to release. I need to own them. Hoffman in a "Three Kingdoms Robot Drama" nightmare box - aka a mecha box or kitted out as the King's Empire as a TOS crossover (so Weird War 1 models). McMourning Classic Movie Monster Nightmare Box - I'm talking Hammer-era vampires / mummies / wolfmen. It might be a bit too close to him now, but I still think it would be fun. (and he's technically Guild, so it would fall under here).
  6. DocSchlock

    10T - ALT MODEL

    David Bowie-esque Lust Alt. My number one want. I'll vote for the Alt Pathfinder too. Use him so often, want to see an alt take. Seeing the Ancestors alive would be neat. Clan-era Izamu, Yin, and Toshiro - but it probably wouldn't that popular of an Alt. A Shenlong box mocked off famous kung-fu flick actors would be neat.
  7. DocSchlock

    What are these models previewed at Gencon?

    Because TOS' advert drive hasn't really started yet. It's still in production, so it's not time to really start pushing it hard. Probably when TOS releases in Dec / Jan, they'll announce more stuff is coming to encourage players to buy in, seeing how there's already future support coming.
  8. DocSchlock

    What are these models previewed at Gencon?

    The strange unknown models at the end on TOS bases (the Genie and frog-thing) are probably for the Three Kingdoms and Kimon Oni TOS Allegiances announced during Gencon. The other ones look like Golems. Wyrd may be doing a cycle of Golems for the other factions for the next book.
  9. DocSchlock

    Official Malifaux app

    Bit of a necro: I have a few players coming from WMH in my area that are extremely frustrated by not having an official app - to the point where it's becoming a detrimental thing (mainly due to errata) turning them off the game. Really hope Wyrd has something to show this fall, even if it's a UX alpha. Encounter generator, full cards, condition & damage tracking are really needed.
  10. DocSchlock

    August 4th - Fenton Brahms

    @thatlatinspeakingguy Are you saying you're a latin speaking guy?
  11. For sale: Metal Gamin High River Monk 2x Rail Workers $6 each, all full painted and based. Buyer pays shipping. All come with the latest errata cards. Pics!
  12. DocSchlock

    August 4th - Fenton Brahms

    Law of the Flame sounds nicer. 16 years on from my 1 year of Latin and I have just enough to make a fool of myself.
  13. DocSchlock

    August 4th - Fenton Brahms

    Contiones de Rege Flammae - Discourse of the Kingly (Royal?) Fire? My Latin is very rusty.