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  1. LGBT characters?

    The "gay people being pedos" thing really needs to stop. Not sure if you were intending that or even aware of it (or just using it as hyperbole in your slippery slope argument), but traditionally, that's been one of the major propaganda campaigns against homosexuality (see modern Russia). So the worst part about being too diverse is getting more interesting characters with viewpoints nobody is normally exposed to? Sign me up.
  2. LGBT characters?

    It's my opinion, as a player of both games. Sorry to rile you up on that. I never claimed it was a fact, and you'll notice nobody else joined me. I love Guild Ball, but they keep things very Anglo-centric (I think due to how they make the Guilds), although they have been getting better (aside from the Farmer's and Blacksmith's being super-white). Massive kudos to them though for having the balls to cleverly make being gay into a fun rule instead of beating around the bush. They also feature a transgender character without their player base losing their minds. Yeah, those are definitely the parties which I was comparing. I know nothing really about Eden, so apologies if it sounded like I was dissing it. Eden may be long and storied, but so is Dark Ages and I'd never use that game in comparison to anything, because the market for it is so tiny at least where I am in America.
  3. LGBT characters?

    They are better than Guild Ball. Infinity is a tough one - I actually forgot about that game completely. Thanks for calling me out on that one, but I'd still give it to Wyrd. Corvus Belli really likes their supermodels / 14-year-old bait which diminishes a bit from their progressiveness. Wyrd's new Monster Hunter models easily whomp Infinity's battle vixens. Big kudos to CB though for making an Islamic faction that isn't a joke. Never even heard of Eden. I was referring more to popular games.
  4. LGBT characters?

    Are the Ten Thunders and the Ortegas enough that you think the "Diversity" box gets checked for everyone? Wyrd are the best at tabletop minis game diversity - but that doesn't mean they can't do even better (as they've already shown they can in TOS).
  5. LGBT characters?

    I really wish we got a David Bowie Ziggy Stardust-style Lust for the Crossroads 7. Would have been perfect. Lindsey Sterling-Lust was great though too. That's pretty much it. Everybody's freaking out over over-the-top stereotypes when in reality it's just normal character details. Overwatch handled it well with Tracer. It's also because those games don't attract anywhere near the diverse playerbase as Wyrd does.
  6. LGBT characters?

    Yes, we did. Wyrd did a much better job post-Book 4 with Sandeep and adding Abby in TOS (a real African faction in a tabletop game is huge). But having the only real diversity in miniature gaming doesn't mean they win some imaginary diversity prize - Wyrd can always do better in representing how the world actually looks instead of "Here's a bunch of straight / white people because that's the default." You're right - being LGBT doesn't make people special. It makes them normal and they should be portrayed and represented as such - as a normal part of the character landscape. Building on what Nathan said, you don't need to push The LGBT Agenda in anyone's face to have fair diversity. But you also don't need to get angry when someone different from you wants a slice of the same pie you've been free to eat for years.
  7. Broken Promises teaser

    Because "against" isn't a clear term when we're talking about model interactions. For example, your assumption of opposed duels only - the wording of the rule doesn't support that. If Lady J could trigger flips against the model outside of a duel, the rule would modify it too due to the wording. Are all flips generated by Lady J towards the model in question against that model? EDIT: "against" probably is best interpreted as "towards the model, controlled by Lady J" here. This rule boosts her Riposte ability greatly and I'm all for it.
  8. Broken Promises teaser

    On Justice at the End of a Blade, it says this model gets a on all flips against the target model until the end of the turn. What does the nebulous "against" mean here? Is being attacked by the model "against" the model, so the positive applies to all flips dealing with that model? Swordfighter is incredible though - can't wait to see the rest.
  9. Broken Promises teaser

    Is that Lenny or Som'er? If the latter, he looks wayyyyyy different than before.
  10. LGBT characters?

    E.B. (the perspective writer) in Through the Breach is gay. Comes up in her writings about the Honeypot.
  11. Pulse Order Resolution Order

    After reviewing the rulebook and FAQ, you're right - nothing addresses the order of applying Pulse damage to targets. There are no rules that control it at all. I think everyone has probably been operating under the "Multiple Models" block you quote since it's close, but not exact. For an example: (1) Bacon Bomb: Flip a card which can not be cheated and apply the following effect depending on the suit of the card. After resolving this Action, if this model is still in play, sacrifice it. C: All models in p1 suffer 4 damage. R: All models in p2 suffer 3 damage. t: All models in p3 suffer 2 damage. M: All models in p4 suffer 1 damage. Either Joker: All models in p3 suffer 3 damage and are pushed 3" away from this model. What order do the models suffer damage in? There are no rules that govern the damage order of a pulse. It can definitely matter with the amount of timing effects out there.
  12. Wyrd Games Events in Williamsport and Wellsboro, PA

    update for May
  13. For sale to US Buyers only (maybe international if you manage to convince me). All models have their card and base unless otherwise noted. Buyer pays all shipping costs. SOLD!
  14. For sale to US Buyers only (maybe international if you manage to convince me). All models have their card and base unless otherwise noted. Buyer pays all shipping costs. SOLD!
  15. Reasons for the Section Sizes.

    Reinforcement, Glory, and Fireteams - Wyrd is doing some amazing work on army-scale game design, solving the problems of un-fun attrition, poor morale systems, and long play times, respectively. Making Allegiances really different on a high-level with the Allegiance cards is also a great twist on the standard "Army-wide" rules sections from other games (and since they are cards, there's always the possibility you can swap Allegiance cards inside the same Allegiance, like taking a sub-Allegiance or special command Company without changing your overall Allegiance).