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  1. Places that you can get rams: The card used in the duel The attribute of the model. There are a lot of actions and triggers that are copied between models, like Lure or the trigger for rams, so it's possible for Model A to have the action with a built in suit, and Model B has the same action (and trigger) without the built in suit. Spending a soulstone for an additional suit. (Masters, henchmen, and sometimes other models due to special rules.) Models like the Pale Rider have abilities that grant them multiple to their duel totals. If you look at some of the summoning actions, you should see times where the model needs two of the same suit in the duel total, or even three of the same suit. For instance, Ramos has his Summon the Swarm action with an attribute of 8, and if he tries to summon three swarms at once the target number is 19 (three tomes). Usually, the Ramos player declares something like that if they have the 11 or better of Tomes in their hand. And some of the related answers are "There are effects that can take away built in suits" and "There are upgrades and effects that can add triggers to actions" for why models have suits in strange places. .
  2. From the FAQ: Edit: For the rest, remember the FAQ: So you need to ask "Where's the rule that's causing the damage?" If the rule is in a condition, then a condition caused it. The fact that an Action applied the Condition doesn't change anything.
  3. Loan and the Kamaitachi

    The timing on Loan is before the model is killed, but the timing on the heal is "after completing the current Action", so well after the model has been killed and removed from the table. It doesn't work for a completely different reason. The Howling Thunder doesn't care what's causing the discard because of its wording "has an upgrade discarded (or otherwise removed)". But the timing for the heal and push in The Howling Thunder is "after completing the current Action." Even if there was an 'after damaging' trigger keeping the model around until the "After Step 5" step, the Killed model gets removed (and drops markers) before you resolve the 'heal two damage and be pushed' effect could be resolved, rendering it moot.
  4. Alt Lazarus Arrives!

    Does that mean he's a preassembled figure, since he's in that plastic blend?
  5. Over Excited

    This is the "the developer put the words 'one or more' on the card to just waste everyone's time" argument?
  6. Over Excited

    How do you get "Model A suffers 1 damage for Model B to draw a card" from "this model may suffer 1 damage to draw a card"?
  7. The rules don't give a different weight or precedence to "unnamed effects" like unburial caused by "I am not the Dread Pirate" vs. Conditions. They just all get resolved in the Upkeep Phase, and they're in they order chosen by the crew's controller. So even if the model has one wound remaining and Burning +100, you get to choose whether to resolve "I am not the Dread Pirate"'s unburial on the model before (and effectively instead of, because it's going to be sacrificed) the Burning.
  8. Fascinating collection of alternate sculpts that don't come on the correct base sizes to be used in a Malifaux. Yeah, I own both the plastic and metal Puppet Wars figures (not that I ever expect to see a Puppet Lucius...); and I've used Puppet Wars figures to play Malifaux. But they are in no way Malifaux "alternate sculpts". They're models for a different game by the same company that happen to work perfectly. Anyway, the point I was trying to make in the previous post, that I think I left off, was that if the figures end up being anywhere close to the right sizes, they're going to get used.
  9. I think the first Malifaux tournament I attended had people using the Puppet Wars figures as alt versions of the Malifaux models. And there's nothing concerning that in Gaining Grounds.
  10. Flurry vs tapped out

    Yes, you've declared the target for Flurry. You haven't declared the three attack actions, or their targets yet, even though you know what they have to be. Declare Flurry against a Manipulative or Terrifying model (especially in range of the hanged, so you don't get immunity to Terror checks and have to perform all three). Do you make all of the Wp duels immediately after discarding the card? No, you don't, because you haven't targeted the model with those attacks yet. The point you're not getting is that each of the attacks granted by Flurry is resolved on its own, in sequence. If the results of Attack #1 make the resolution of Attack #2 or #3 impossible, then those attacks don't happen. For heaven's sake, there are effects that can kill the Attacker during the resolution of the first attack. A rule like the wrestler's saying that it can't be targeted is just one of several ways that the model declaring Flurry can lose its other attacks. A model with one wound remaining declares Flurry against Bishop. The first attack misses, Bishop gets his defensive trigger, and the Attacker is killed. Do you really want to claim that the Flurry performing model performs two more attacks after it dies? Edit: How do you think an attack with a trigger that generates additional attacks is resolved? Flurry resolves in a similar manner. Flurry: - Model declares Flurry, specifying target and discarding card. -- In "Step 5" declare first attack, and then resolve it. Then declare second attack, and resolve it. Then declare third attack and resolve it. And then Flurry is done. Each of the declared attacks goes through their own sequence (steps 1 through 5 and "after step 5"), the main difference being that no AP is spent for the action. Those attacks are being resolved during the Flurry's resolution, but its recursive, not somehow parallel to the Flurry resolution. Atrack with an "After step 5" trigger: - Model declares original attack, performs the duel, declares its trigger and wins the duel. - In "Step 5", do whatever for the original attack. - In "after step 5", resolve the trigger and then resolve the generated attack.
  11. Flurry vs tapped out

    Please demonstrate where in the rules you think you're declaring all three attacks at once, before resolving them. The fact that all three attacks must target the same model is not the same thing as declaring all three attacks at once. If the target of the Flurry action dies to the first attack (or otherwise causes the attacks to become invalid), you don't declare the second or third attacks at all. They are not declared in advance.
  12. Flurry vs tapped out

    Yep. If you perform Flurry and the attacks become impossible for whatever reason--you're no longer allowed to attack the model due to Tapped Out, the model moves out of range or line of sight, etc.--then you skip the impossible attacks and Flurry ends. Or, in other words, when you declare each attack granted by Flurry, you still go through the action steps for that attack including having to target the model.
  13. Elevation M2.5 Rules Proposition

    I can't help looking at your proposed rules as "This person hasn't read the 1st edition rules and is reinventing them."
  14. blast vs. Blast marker Order

    Specifically you're wrong. If the effect says , that's one Blast effect with two markers. If you read the paragraph after the one you quoted, it talks about models covered by one or more markers; So you can complain about the first sentence being a little misleading, but that's it.
  15. Can Hannah copy Chi Blade??

    The text you quoted is explaining when you choose whether the Action is going to be a Ca or an Ml Action, it's not saying that the Action is both types. (And, really, explaining that you have to choose, since the rule book doesn't really explain what multiple types in those slots means.) Hannah only gets permission to declare a Ca Action, so she can't use the Ml version. Just like an Action having two range types doesn't allow you to shoot while engaged.
  16. Can Hannah copy Chi Blade??

    So you're going to also claim that actions with a dual and range can be used to shoot while engaged?
  17. Governor's Proxy and Obey

    The controller of the model at the time of the Attack. In your example, the player controlling Perdita still controls the Obeyed model until all of the effects of the Attack have been resolved, so the Perdita player flips for Governor's Influence.
  18. Flight and buildings

    If you made the sides of the building climbable, that would make "On the side of the building, 6 inches above the ground" a legal position to stop. Otherwise, once again, no, it isn't legal to declare "double walk" or otherwise combine to Walk Actions together.
  19. Flight and buildings

    That's a trick question. The model needs 4 inches plus its base size to move to the other side of the 4" wide terrain piece. If it tried to move to a position 4" away, it would end up on top of the building and need 4 inches plus 3" (for the elevation difference). The model doesn't pay the elevation difference if it doesn't stop on the terrain, because it's using a rule which says it ignores intervening terrain. (You can't ignore the terrain you stop on, otherwise you'd fall through the table. )
  20. M2E Single-Piece Sculpts?

    Shang's tail (Misaki's totem) ranks up there in the 3D puzzle department. It's like one of those "unlock the rings" puzzles in reverse.
  21. Neil Henry Question

    Yeah, that looks to be the result of the current wording. On the other hand, my head sort of hurts when I think about the wording which would prevent that "When other friendly Construct model ..." being present on a model that isn't a Construct. Compared to Fast Howard Langston (due to Imbued Energies)? Or just running Neil Henry with a construct crew? It looks like it has potential, but you're still discarding cards for AP.
  22. Asura Roten and Decaying Aura.

    Please provide citations and proof of this claim. You're claiming that "this models Actions and Abilities" means something elaborate and baroque like "Actions and Abilities resolved by this model." Citation needed, please.
  23. Jury, Santiago and Focus

    I'm not sure what you mean here. "Activation" is a very specific game term, and doesn't really have anything to with this. I'm assuming you meant "new actions". The Action in the trigger happens during the action (its resolving before the end of the Action) but it isn't considered part of the Action. No. But the very first FAQ entry is effectively that Focus doesn't work for generated Actions:
  24. Wave 6 wishlist

    All I want for Malifaux Christmas is Enforcer-led crews. Let the Masters and Henchmen go on holiday.
  25. Targeting illegal model effects

    The rules for healing specify what happens when you try to heal excess wounds--the excess is discarded. Likewise, inflicting excess wounds is fully defined. So there's nothing wrong with healing (or a healing flip) on a non-wounded model.