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    Obey Master/Henchmen & Soul Stone Use

    Obey does not have the ability to let another model perform the impossible or otherwise perform something that it cannot. The Mysterious Emissary in your example is the model declaring and performing the action, and the Mysterious Emissary can't use a soulstone to add a mask to the action.
  2. There are a few problems with this reasoning: 1. The rule book starts out with the statement "While players may Cheat Fate on duels, damage flips, and healing flips, it is important to note that a player may not Cheat Fate unless specifically allowed." 2. In the Hazardous Terrain rules it says "The opposing player flips for hazardous terrain damage, which may not be cheated." You'll note that the regular damage flip rules don't have a similar prohibition and instead rely on the general "permission required" qualifier in Cheating. Concerning "the rule would be clearer if it was written in a different order", the rules aren't structured that way at all. Having the qualifier before or after the permission to cheat isn't defined or observed to change the nature of the permission.
  3. What you describe would normally be an issue, but In The Blink of An Eye says "Immediately move this model up to its Wk, ignoring intervening models and terrain during the move. ..." So it is a flight or incorporeal style move.
  4. solkan

    Mages missing strength in unity

    I can't reproduce the error on my iPad. I randomly chose Mei Feng, then added three Ofordian Mages, and I'm seeing the cost change from 6 to 6-1 as I add the upgrade to each model. Are you getting the problem for all Arcanist crews and masters that you try it in?
  5. Yeah, it is completely irrelevant whether the model has Melee Expert, Slow, Fast, or similar effects after the Generate AP step of Activation.
  6. solkan

    Mei Feng: buying more stuff than the box?

    Malifaux stacking rules are a bit extravagant at times. The short version, after listing the other interactions of Abilities and Conditions: "All other effects in the game which are not Conditions always stack unless they state otherwise." The Vent Steam action applies an unnamed effect, so it falls under the blanket rule.
  7. solkan

    Question About Eternal Moment

    Do you mean "Stutter Time"? Because Eternal Moment is a (0) Action. If you mean Stutter Time, the first three words are "Once per turn". Are you trying to use it a second time that turn?
  8. solkan

    Is scoring revealed schemes mandatory?

    The absence of choice is all that needs to exist to make something mandatory. Note that the order in which schemes are scored is a choice, if they score at the same time. So if the same scheme marker could be used for two different end of turn schemes, you'd have a choice which one uses it by choosing which one to score first. If a scheme scores at the end of the turn, it's going to score at the end of the turn, before a scheme that scores at the end of the game. Given that there are effects that can be triggered by scoring, attempting to "forget" to score is a player error.
  9. solkan

    three player malifaux?

    From the story encounter index: Joint Task Force in Crossroads Persuade Your Forces in Ripples of Fate Hold Ground in Chronicles 11 Piper's call from Brotherhood of the Rat box Race to the Edge Point in Tortoise and Hare box. You could probably do this scenario with any three Henchman hardcore crews, if people don't want to use the Tortoise and Hare models for two of the crews. But it's probably easier to arrange a three player scenario as a team of two vs. a team of one.
  10. This sounds like it would have to work: You don't flip for models that cannot be the target of the attack. And if you're down to a pool of 1, you choose that model without flipping (per the "don't randomize" ability FAQ). Note that range and line of sight are explicitly ignored, but not other rules that could prevent the targeting being legal.
  11. solkan

    yet more questions on elevation

    You say that like it somehow works differently than two Ht2 models standing on the same Ht3 rooftop trying to draw line of sight to each other.
  12. solkan

    Censorship and the Wyrd Forums

    As far as I can tell, the original poster is a few years late to, among other things, complaining that a private company on their hosted forum decided to exercise their discretion and moderate a thread to maintain the desired community standards. See, for instance, the fact that this forum no longer has an "Off Topic" forum.
  13. solkan

    Marcus and 2 (2) Alpha actions

    Rather than argue about the timing, there's a simpler reason why it won't work. Alpha says, concerning the "free" Activation: "This Activation does not count as the target's Activation this turn, but does count as a Chain Activation for this model's crew." That sentence makes Alpha subject to the rules concerning Chain Activation, and the prohibition: "However, a player can never declare the use of more than one such Ability between her opponent's Activations." Beast A and Beast B therefore cannot both activately successfully subject to Alpha. Edit: In the spirit of freedom to do potentially pointless things, you could use Alpha on both beasts. But only one of them can activate due to the Chain Activation limit. The other beast won't be able to activate as a result of Alpha.
  14. solkan

    Tales of Malifaux Podcast

    That's odd. On my iPad I'm seeing episodes 1 through 78 on the feed. You don't have the "We stopped updating this because you didn't listen for awhile" warning label on your feed?
  15. solkan

    Modular Malifaux City Terrain

    As someone who is currently fixing a friend's 3D printer after using it for a bit, I'd want to know more about the specifics of the terrain system before committing to a printer. Because I've seen some buildings that looked nice in the renderer that weren't practical to print, sometimes for reasons like separation and warping, sometimes due to obnoxious support requirements.
  16. Step 1 of the Activation is going to be the timing for both the damage from the hazardous terrain and Vogel's Growing Rage ability. The rules don't contain the additional distinctions required for an event to happen to the model before Step 1. And do keep in mind that Step 1 has to be used for effects like Regeneration: So, the hazardous terrain damage happens at the same time as Beast Within, and the order is player's choice.
  17. solkan

    Ferdinand/Beast Within Issue

    The interface is further from perfect than the Guild is from mercy. :Arcanist: But if you were at the point "I need to add a Beast Within, where the heck is it in this list of models?" there's two points: 1. That part of the interface really should have a filter and search element to it, because you often don't know much about the model but it's name. So the app could be better. 2. Can you double check that the model shows up where it's currently supposed to, and that the button is where it's supposed to be? Occasionally buttons get overlooked when you're in a hurry, but also occasionally buttons go missing.
  18. solkan

    Ferdinand/Beast Within Issue

    If you've started the encounter there should have been a pretty big "Add Model" button at the bottom of the crew list. It goes against how I was taught as a child, but The Beast Within should have been visible right after Teddy in the Enforcer list. You're supposed to be able to. Did other player had the encounter set up properly with the crew linked in before staring the encounter?
  19. solkan

    Timing while killed by a condition

    The Echoe of Power ability on that upgrade doesn't care whether or not anyone is responsible for the model being killed, it just cares that the "model was killed while it has the Burning Condition." So, yeah, if the model is killed while you're resolving Burning, that will qualify. Or if you resolve some other damaging condition and somehow kill the model before you resolve the Burning. For instance, Explosive Demise or Black Blood on another model causing fatal damage to the Burning model. Naturally, a sufficiently complicated series of events during the End Phase, or the right set of Conditions, could conspire to rob you of the summon.
  20. solkan

    Who's the best dog in Malifaux?

    Poll was stated to be open to all members of the canidae family. Tanuki are believed to be a subspecies of the Asian raccoon dog, which is a member of the canidae family (so a dog, not a raccoon). The canidae family includes things like the grey fox, and really foxes in general. So presumably includes the kitsune, and whatever Shang is. It would be possible to object to some komainu on the grounds that they're lions, but the description in the Malifaux book stubbornly claims them to be dogs. So Mei Feng gets to keep her good metal dogos.
  21. solkan

    Alcohol poisoning and soulstones

    Not this argument again. Please explain why you think it's sensible for the amount of damage that the model suffers to change after you determine how much damage it is going to suffer. Because spelled out in detail, you appear to be claiming: Begin resolving the Poison +X Condition, get to the "Suffers 1 damage part" Go through the damage application, and get to the part where you can prevent damage: "After determining how much damage the Master or Henchman model would take, but before applying the damage, the model may spend a Soulstone to make a damage prevention flip." After that, when you go to apply the damage, retroactively determine that the model is now suffering 3 damage, not 1.
  22. solkan

    Timing of Loudest squeel?

    The phrase "after an action/attack is resolved" isn't a synonym of "After resolving", as far as I can tell. As far as triggers being part of the action: As far as Lady Justice's trigger goes, that seems to be the same case as the Dreamer's FAQ entry: "after an attack/Ml/etc action fails" should be the same argument as "after an Attack Action succeeds", right?
  23. solkan

    Mei feng and conditons

    From the Immunity callout box, second paragraph: "A model immune to a Condition can never receive the Condition. ..."
  24. solkan

    Monday Preview - Another Mystery

    The Widower Weaver?
  25. solkan

    Disengage strike and DF triggers

    The first entry in the errata: That's where the rule that ruins all of the fun is. No one gets to declare a trigger during the Disengaging Strike.