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  1. From the FAQ:. https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux-faq-errata/
  2. "base contact" for placing markers

    From the FAQ: https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux-faq-errata/
  3. I assume this is about the "Target Practice" ability on the upgrade. It says: Because it doesn't say to wait, the action happens as soon as the push or place is completed, effectively interrupting whatever caused the push (but not interrupting the push). Waiting for the trigger or action to complete is not the default. Remember that triggers are usually optional--if the Doxy's trigger causes a push that triggers another attack, that's a bad player choice.
  4. Cumulative armor

    The important thing to note is that pieces of armor/armour stack differently than the Armor ability does. And pneumatic limbs don't grant Armor +1 or +2 any more (if they used to...), they're just automatically considered to be Light or Heavy Armor/Armour for that body part. You can't get Armor +3 out of combining Light Amor and Heavy Armor items (pneumatics are just considered Light and Heavy Armor items that you can't easily take off). In order to get Armor +3 you have to use a different rule that grants the Armor +X ability directly and rely on that to stack with the Armor +X granted from the character's combined Light Armor and Heavy Armor items.
  5. Alpha and upgrade cards.

    Marcus's Alpha is an Activation of the model, not just a controlled Action like Obey. The "A New Thread" Condition wouldn't be able to use the 'start of Activation' choices because the timing is wrong. You don't get to make those choices just because it's the "start of Activation" step.
  6. Future of Malifaux (Game)

    I don't know, theme lists seem to be an exercise in "These are the models I want to use, why aren't they good enough? (Make what I want to use better, rather than making me choose something else.)" I mean, why should Guild be able to accomplish everything using Gardsmen, instead of using the various offices and departments to do their different jobs?
  7. How would you convert watchers?

    I think you could make a passable Watcher from: a generic sculpting armature (I know Reaper sells these). Or just make a stick figure out of plastic. either a set of mechanical wings, or build a little glider frame out of sprue (or other convenient small lengths) for a frame and green stuff or plastic card (or even the plastic from a blister pack) for the membrane either a camera bit or a simple bit of green stuff for the camera head Disclaimer: I have a plastic Watcher from Hoff's box, and a metal Watcher bought separately. This is how I'd make something resembling the old metal figure.
  8. I think what it comes down to is something Warmachine/Hordes refers to as the "recheck triggers" principle. In Warmachine/Hordes, as you resolve effects, that resolution can invalidate that have been triggered and are waiting for resolution. For example, two effects can be triggered by a model in step 2 of being killed. If the first effect negates step 2 of being killed, then the trigger for the other effect is no longer valid and the effect won't be resolved. Some instances of checking ranges in Warmachine/Hordes falls under the "recheck triggers" principle--the range for 'When a model within X is killed..." has to be satisfied when you resolve the effect--and other instances are just part of resolving the effect--for "all models within Y suffer a damage roll", you check which models are within Y when you resolve the effect. Malifaux's rules (or, at least, 2nd edition rules) don't appear to be written using a "recheck triggers" principle. So once an effect is queued up for resolution in General Timinf, it gets resolved. But there still seems to be the two different types of ranges--the trigger range and the effect range.
  9. TTB Core Location immuto question

    The thing about putting together a cache of undead is that: Every other ressurectionist would love to find your cache of undead so that they can use them. The bigger the cache, the easier it is to find. And there's also the various opposed forces that would end up locating and destroying the cache, either by accident or because they're "adventurers". If the player gives you a vague, non-specific answer when you ask "So where are you going to put your undead horde?" that horde should be ripped off (or torn apart) faster than unattended expensive car in a poor neighborhood. I mean, Nicodem amassing that huge army without anyone noticing was a big deal. The fact that he killed so many ressurectionists to do so probably wasn't a coincidence. And anyone who thinks that amassing an army of anything, living or dead, and then keeping that army together is easy hasn't thought the matter through. This message brought to you by the Committee Who Has Listened To A Party Of Pathfinder Evil Characters.
  10. Yeah, you have to go with General Timing when there are multiple events to resolve. So one of the models resolves its Mad With Hunger condition so it does the push, removes the marker and suffers the damage. Then the other model resolves its condition. When that happens, there's no marker to push towards so there's no push. I'm not convinced that the rest of the sentence would be resolved if the part before the "then" isn't possible to perform. So I'd expect only the first model to receive damage.
  11. Ludvig's right, it comes down to whether the guppy is the defender for the attack that kills it. If the gupp is the defender, then its ability has to be resolved before juju's ability is. If the gupp isn't the defender, then both the gupp and juju are "any other models controlled by Player X" and player X gets to choose the order for those.
  12. Yokai and flicker-place

    As far as I can tell, during a Charge you end up with three overlapping actions (or more, if you get actions from triggers), and "current action" is whichever action you were resolving. So... 1. Declare Charge, and start resolving. 1.1. Declare first attack and start resolving. 1.1.1. If the attack generates another action, Declare and start resolving. 1.1.2. Resolve 'at end of the current action' effects for the generated action. 1.2. Resolve 'at end of current action' effects for the first attack. 1.3 Declare second attack and start resolving it. 1.4 Resolve 'at end of current action' effects for the second attack. 2. Resolve 'at end of current action' effects for the charge. So if there was a "If this model is targeted by an action, clap your hands at the end of the current action" would happen three times for a charge (assuming no additional generated attacks): once for the charge targeting the model, and once for each of the attacks targeting the model.
  13. Ice Dancers and Pounce.

    No, I don't believe that's what it means. There's a separation between how much damage a model does to a target and how much the target suffers. In the same manner, there's a separation between the act of pushing and effects triggered by something being pushed. Or for that matter a separation between how far an effect says to push something and both how far and whether there's actually a push that happens. A push of 0" isn't a push as far as things that are triggered by pushed or being pushed. Likewise, a 'push four inches' effect that stops immediately because of base contact so it ends up being a push of zero inches doesn't trigger effects effects for being pushed. In other words, an "up to" movement is effectively optional.
  14. Ice Dancers and Pounce.

    From the FAQ: 24. If a model moves (or is Pushed, Falls, is Placed, etc) 0" (zero inches), does it count as having moved? No. Same answer for Pushing, Falling, Placement, etc. So, no, a 0" push isn't a push.
  15. The TTB Spell Deck

    Everything should be available to order online (from the Wyrd web store) during Gen Con, but historically orders don't get processed until the Wyrd staff start getting back from the convention. The answer to "So when will the items be up in the web Store?" has historically been "If we tell you, you'll crash the server in the first minute."
  16. W: Malifaux Coloring Book H: $$$ Paypal

    Are you looking for the Puppet Wars (first edition, not Puppet Wars Unstitched) stats for those two models? Or do you -specifically- want the printed cards?
  17. Sensei Yu as Leader

    Answering the question "What will happen if each time deuce comes I take other card because of and I do not cheat a card from my hand?" The most likely outcome: If you're playing in a tournament the other player calls a judge against you for slow play. Unless you spend a minute to point out the loop to the other player and say "So I'm just going to reshuffle my deck and move on." Because otherwise you're not conducting your activations in a timely manner.
  18. Collodi's Decoy ability and blasts

    There's only one case where that technicality woul hold, in part: The target of the attack, when it is subject to an 'After damaging' trigger. Even then, models killed by a aren't held on the board until all damage is resolved. You apply the damage to each model, killing each model in turn, and unless it's the object of the After Damaging trigger, it gets removed when it dies. Malifaux doesn't have a notion of simultaneous damage like some games (like Warmachine/Hordes Mk II).
  19. Opposed Actions with a TN

    If you'd like additional reassurance on how it's played, the QuickStart rules in the two player starter set include an example of the situation. For an opposed duel with a target number, you check the target number after both players have their final duel totals, not before.
  20. Fast and Slow

    Both Fast and Slow say that they are removed at the end of a model's Activation, not during the End Phase. So if you apply Fast or Slow to a model that has already activated, it remains on the model until its next Activation (whether that Activation is later the same turn due to Reactivate or five turns later because the model got buried, etc.). Note that conditions can be removed or transferred by various actions and abilities, and there's no "sticky" effect that persists because the model once had Fast or Slow.
  21. Question about the "Lure" Action

    You'll notice that it doesn't say in a straight line. If the model can move closer by going around the obstacles, then it has to go around the obstacles. There lots of ways to move a model, including pushes and all sorts of actions the move a model. Only the Walk action is the Walk action. Lure doesn't cause the model to perform a Walk action.
  22. Models forcing simple duels.

    It still would not do anything because there's no Attacker and Defender for a simple duel. After all, imagine the model with Smoldering Heart declaring an attack against a Terrifying model, and trying to declare its defensive trigger on the Horror duel. The context becomes nonsense. And it's not sufficient to say "That would be stupid to do" because of Obey and making enemy models do stupid things.
  23. The world of Malifaux explained?

    You mean like page four of the Rules Manual?
  24. All flips - no damage flip mentioned

    Perhaps you shouldn't mistake a casual comment on why a card was changed for a ruling. After all, the new version of Swordfighter -does- explicitly mention damage flips.
  25. Swordfighter is revealed! Your thoughts?

    There is that bit in the rules about "Effects that modify the damage flip will state they do so explicitly." (The last sentence of the Damage Flip rules...) Just sayin'.