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  1. Differentiating between stat modifiers and die roll modifiers is fairly common in other games, so saying that a modifier to Df (whether the modifier includes other stats) is different than a modifier to Df duels (whether the modifier includes other duel types) seems both plausible and reasonable. Anyone want to do the work to check the breakdown on Df stat modifiers vs. Df duel modifiers?
  2. How do Fated die?

    Here's a previous death related thread, linking to it because I don't want to repeat the examples. Short version: You die by getting reduced to negative, and flipping high on the critical charts. You take a crit when you reach negative, and every time after that.
  3. Inescapable trap scoring

    Article's credit is by Adam Rogers. Not sure who that is. Relevant paragraph: So the article claims it's two models near the same marker.
  4. behavior in tournament

    The complicating factor in the other thread is that it's the result of an action after a duel has been resolved, so it's really difficult to go "Whoops" and let the player undo it--both players have flipped cards, etc. On the other hand, it's really easy to say "You can't cheat that flip, put your card back." You can't erase the knowledge of the card, but it's what can be done easily. On the other hand, in that other thread the better response would have been "If someone declares something that you know the effect is going to make pointless, stop them and remind them of the effect before they commit." So you can wonder at the degree to which the other thread was incorrect. But the complicating factor is "How difficult is it to catch the other player before they commit?" Consider that 'Focus and shoot' sequence. When they declare Focus, do you know they're going to shoot the Impossible to Wound model? If you don't know that, how can you warn them that they're setting up to do something that won't work?
  5. Lucky Effigy

    Have you stopped to read the rules for flips and fate modifiers lately? One of the obnoxious features of the rules is that the word "flip" is used to refer to several different things in different contexts: flip - the process of turning over one or more cards and choosing one of them. As in, Attack flip, damage flip, "all flips", etc. flip - turning over a card from the top of the deck. As used in the description of a Flip, and the duel descriptions. As a pointed example: "Normally, a player flips one card when performing a duel or a flip." For bonus points, the game term isn't always capitalized to distinguish it from the regular English word. In the Damage and Wounds sections, where Damage Flips and Healing Flips etc. are discussed, unlike the duel rules which are chatty and have parenthetical reminders about flips being one or more cards, you get stuff like "To perform a damage flip the model dealing the damage flips the top card of its deck and compares the card's value to the damage chart below." That sentence is misleading or wrong, since Damage Flips are still subject to Fate Modifiers. And this wording problem dates back to the 1st edition rules: "When making a Damage Flip, flip a Fate Card and compare its value (not the suit) to the Damage Chart below to determine the amount of damage the hit inflicted. A model may Cheat Fate on a Damage Flip unless one or more apply to the flip. "
  6. McTavish - Git' Em

    Because it talks about a damage category, that won't be changed without a rule that changes the damage category. (Like Nyx's Weakness would make you inflict Moderate instead of Severe damage.) Severe +/- 2 is still Severe. Based on the FAQs for things like McMourning's Organ Donor, it doesn't matter whether the damage is prevented when the effect references "inflicting" the damage. Model A inflicts X damage whether or not Model B suffers that damage or suffers Y damage.
  7. Fatemaster Rank Values and Actions

    There are two main reasons why the action includes the base acting value: You want to have an Illumunated with a different station or rank, as described in Raising the Stakes. You want to give the Action to a different character. As for the paragraph that starts "This rank is not used to determine a set number that the Fatemaster Character always achieves.", see the second paragraph in essentials. That paragraph is just trying to reinforce other points, it's not saying anything special. It's worth pointing out that you're asking about the 1st edition of the game.
  8. Lucky Effigy

    I'm going to claim proof of intent from the combat example on page 22 of the two-player starter set: if you have fate modifiers, you turn over flip (mechanically turn over) multiple cards but only the single chosen card is considered Flipped.
  9. From the rule book: Placement is not movement.
  10. PullMyFinger going away?

    Mechanically, according to the posts, wikispaces is offering several options for exporting the data from the wiki. Those options appear to range from exporting the whole wiki in "Wkikspaces format" or other content types. And they even volunteer this bit of 'knock yourself out' helpfulness:
  11. Effects that target will use the word 'target' to say so. That reference may be buried several sentences into the effect, or it may be the first word of the effect like "Target suffers 1/2/3 damage." Instructions to "select" or "choose" a model are not targeting, by themselves. If you look at the rules for Sacrifice in the rule book: So, yeah, it's just a reminder. As far as why Pete Ravage says 'if this model is killed (not sacrificed)', it's important to note three important factors concerning the writing on the cards: The cards have been written over the course of several years. The cards have been written by multiple authors. Even though an effort is made to standardize the wording of effects, some cards have less room than others because they contain more abilities or actions. Those factors are part of the answer to the question "Why does this effect remind me that there's a distinction between being killed and being sacrificed, but that other effect doesn't?"
  12. PullMyFinger going away?

    To save other people time finding out the situation, this time the situation is that WikiSpaces is closing down. Scheduled Closure dates Classroom and Free Wikis end of service: 31st July 2018 Plus and Super Wikis end of service: 30th September 2018 Private Label Wikis end of service: 31st January 2019 Souce: http://blog.wikispaces.com/
  13. For the record, copy/paste from the 1.5 book: So it was explicitly allowed in the previous edition to just chose to fall. But, then again, that edition used to also allow falling on top of people.
  14. You seem to be claiming that 2" push can't push a model off of a 3" tall terrain piece. That seems to render the FAQ about falling during pushes, and the one about being lured over a ledge, meaningless.
  15. Teddy bear puppet?

    For the record, the front side of each of the Teddy cards is the same, just like red teddy card you've posted earlier. The difference is just the upgrade side.