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  1. The summoning rules list two different ways for the summoning to fail: Not able to place the model (due to terrain or models) Exceeding the rare limit It's a really small stretch to put "not able to place the model (due to not being able to produce a suitable figure)" in the first category. Then again, it's not really a rules question because: The rules in Gaining Grounds require you to have all of your models. A "suitable figure" could potentially be anything with the proper base size, depending on the context, including a base with the name written on it.
  2. Damage prevention from soul stones is done AFTER you have determined how much damage the model is going to suffer but before you apply that damage. The effects of the black joker being no damage with no modification by triggers is explicitly stated in the rule book in the section "Jokers and the Damage Flip". That's why there's no "0+1" damage for the black joker. There's two general categories: If an effect reduces the damage to "no damage" or "0 damage" specifically, then there's no amount of other modifiers that matter. The "fixed amount" (+/- X). modifiers. Everything else is just addition and subtraction where the order does not matter. Note that the minimum damage clause in armor can't be evaluated until you've finished adding and subtracting all of the "fixed amount" modifiers. After you've taken care if those two categories, then you know how much damage to apply and can resolve damage prevention by soul stones.
  3. No. Note that Masters do not have a Soulstone cost (which is different than having a 0 SS cost). Note also that when you say "for scheme" I have to assume you're referencing the GG2018 draft schemes. Those rules are specific to those schemes.
  4. The fact that the duration of an effect may be tied to a model in an arbitrarily complex manner doesn't have anything to do with whether the source of a condition is tracked. For instance, Model X can apply a condition to Model Y that lasts until Model Z activates (or dies, or moves, or whatever). That doesn't tie the Condition to Model X.
  5. Mood swing

    It seems like you're trying to make this more complex than it is. Player A activates the first model on their "step" in the Activation phase. If the model with Mood Swing is able to be activated (due to one of the abilities which say "may Activate"), then Player A asks player B "Are you going to use Mood Swing to make me Activate that model?" If "Yes", then the model with Mood Swings activates, using any required abilities (Accomplice, etc.). If "No", then Player A chooses whether to chain activate or finish their step, and the Activation phase continues. There's no "While using Companion" or "While using X".
  6. October LGS promotion?

    Two more reporting received here. And Thumbs up on the new crush-resistance sleeve added to the envelope.
  7. Butterfly Jump and Mirrors.

    I'm trying to figure out in the range and line of sight would be exclusive. Certainly line of sight doesn't need to be exclusive, and the principle for abilities is that they always apply when appropriate.
  8. LGS Promotion FAQ

    That depends on what you mean. The basic scenario: You call the store (or walk in), tell them what to order, it arrives, you pay for it, and then pick it up when it arrives. Replacing "call" with e-mail, text message, Facebook message, smoke signals, or whatever shouldn't make a difference. Delivery is a bridge too far, probably. The few times I've paid in advance for an order turned in to disasters, so I recommend against that. If you're concerned about stuff arriving this month, a lot of the distributors have on-line ordering so the store can see what should be in stock. Have the store check what's in stock.
  9. Faction allies

    Your premise is invalid. None of the factions in the game exist as single political entities that would or could ally with each other. For instance, who would you talk to if you wanted to ally with "Ressurectionists"? At best, the different factions represent one or several different political entities. For instance, Neverborn are several different groups, one of which are essentially necromancers. (There's an upgrade to make Naverborn models undead, and there are undead neverborn, after all.) On the other hand, if you actually read the background material the individuals who make up each of the factions have cooperated with each other across faction lines for all sorts of reasons. For that matter, the individuals in each faction have fought with the other individuals in their faction for all sorts of reasons. As an exercise for the reader, discuss whether the events of Broken Promises constitutes the Arcanists allying with the Guild.
  10. There's also the FAQ entry (#28 in the general questions) about Rasputin drawing line of sight to Lilith standing part way in some terrain, where the answer denies cover because none if the lines of sight between the models go through the cover. So the case for denying cover in this case is pretty strong.
  11. Miss O'Jenny

    There's a fairly distinctive line between a model that appears to be in drag or cross dressing, and a lot of other things. But I'm pretty sure a name like Miss O'Jenny has a snowball's chance in hell of getting put in to production.
  12. Rare 3 Totems?

    The Totem rules include this statement: The other totems with Rare characteristics (like Collodi's Marionettes) have rules like this (in addition to having a Rare 4 characteristic: So for a Totem, in the absence of a special ability on the card allowing you to hire more than one of the Totem, the Rare characteristic applies to how many you can have summoned. Because summoning is explicitly limited by Rare limits, and not mentioned in the Totem rule.
  13. Attacking a Buried Bete Noir

    There's a FAQ entry concerning whether "reduced to 0 wounds" and "killed" happen at different times, which states that they don't: In other words, the fact that the ability in question specifies a timing of "reduced to 0 wounds" is essentially just a convoluted way of saying "killed by suffering damage". As such, Bette Noir's ability doesn't do anything when buried.
  14. Black Friday Sale

    Compared to the Wendigo model where there's a victim model and the actual Wendigo model's hanging off the victim? Compared to that, having the three boxes stacked on top of each other makes sense.
  15. Questions about By Your Side

    As far as I can tell, Disguised prevents Sidir from using By Your Side, since it says that he can't be a charge target. In other words, Sidir (with Disguised) can't use By Your Side for the same reason you can't declare a charge against a disguised model. The 'By your side' resulting in an out-of-at-range charge was a different problem.