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  1. Question about the "Lure" Action

    You'll notice that it doesn't say in a straight line. If the model can move closer by going around the obstacles, then it has to go around the obstacles. There lots of ways to move a model, including pushes and all sorts of actions the move a model. Only the Walk action is the Walk action. Lure doesn't cause the model to perform a Walk action.
  2. Models forcing simple duels.

    It still would not do anything because there's no Attacker and Defender for a simple duel. After all, imagine the model with Smoldering Heart declaring an attack against a Terrifying model, and trying to declare its defensive trigger on the Horror duel. The context becomes nonsense. And it's not sufficient to say "That would be stupid to do" because of Obey and making enemy models do stupid things.
  3. The world of Malifaux explained?

    You mean like page four of the Rules Manual?
  4. All flips - no damage flip mentioned

    Perhaps you shouldn't mistake a casual comment on why a card was changed for a ruling. After all, the new version of Swordfighter -does- explicitly mention damage flips.
  5. Swordfighter is revealed! Your thoughts?

    There is that bit in the rules about "Effects that modify the damage flip will state they do so explicitly." (The last sentence of the Damage Flip rules...) Just sayin'.
  6. Swordfighter is revealed! Your thoughts?

    There is that bit in the rules about "Effects that modify the damage flip will state they do so explicitly." (The last sentence of the Damage Flip rules...) Just sayin'.
  7. Wyrd Chronicles 30

    Considering that Nicodem has already died once (got a cool avatar model out of the deal) and Lady Justice has starred in the old Dead Justice alternate box, I don't think getting killed is the sort of thing that results in a model becoming obsolete.
  8. Summer 2017?

    Kickstarter says "December 2017" for expected shipping, and it's the middle of July now. And it's less than six weeks to GenCon.
  9. From General Timing: For two buried Bad Juju's unburying because some other model got killed, they'll be unburying as options 3 and 4 in the sequence. So you place Player 1's Bad Juju first, then Player 2's Bad Juju; remember that Player 1 and Player 2 are determined by that round's initiative.
  10. Tales of Malifaux Podcast

    The podcast feed is currently only showing the last 50 episodes instead of all of them. The last time the episodes were getting cut off, it was because PodBean or whatever is generating the feed was only set to display X episodes and you folks had published more. So I think there's a setting which needs to get changed somewhere...
  11. Challenged Summoning?

    Nothing is causing the Mindless Zombie to stop being a model while it's being counted as a corpse marker. So you have an object in the game being treated as both a model and a corpse marker, and you are targeting it. Therefore, the action is targeting a model.
  12. Swordfighter is revealed! Your thoughts?

    I think it's funny that in the Chronicles there are actually two slightly different versions of the upgrade, the advertisement version and the article version.
  13. Two Parker Barrows Crew Questions

    What makes you think it defaults to friendly models and not every model in the game? Abilities default, instead, to just the model with the rule. Why do you expect a marker placed after the model is killed to qualify for killing a model within 4" of a marker? More importantly, Dig Their Graves doesn't have to specify that it happens "immediately after" killing the model because 'as soon as it is triggered' is when everything everything happens unless otherwise stated. If an effect gives you the freedom to resolve it at your leisure, it will say so.
  14. The model can't take an action until you've resolved the placement. You haven't resolved the placement until you've resolved the hazardous terrain damage, and anything else triggered by the summoning (like "Welcome to Malifaux." In other words, this is another case where "immediately" is just there as a filler word and may as well say "then".
  15. Arcane Radiance

    Are trying to ask "Does the model avoid having to do anything if it's player has no cards?" and "If the model has Nihilist (or similar) where it can choose not to gain conditions, can the model avoid doing anything?"