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  1. Questions about By Your Side

    As far as I can tell, Disguised prevents Sidir from using By Your Side, since it says that he can't be a charge target. In other words, Sidir (with Disguised) can't use By Your Side for the same reason you can't declare a charge against a disguised model. The 'By your side' resulting in an out-of-at-range charge was a different problem.
  2. Yep, if it's an "After succeeding" trigger, it doesn't matter whether the damage is prevented or you flip black joker for the damage. If it's "After damaging", then it matters.
  3. Asami's Heavenly Design

    From the terrain rules: On top of the terrain, inside its base, has to be base contact. But, naturally, see the second paragraph. If you're playing on a multi-level table, you probably don't want to consider the flat rooftops terrain.
  4. Carlos moving Kaeris' pyre markers

    A Pyre Marker is a Pyre Marker, just like Black Blood is Black Blood. It doesn't matter which card it came from.
  5. Plague Pit and blight timing

    The beginning and end of Activation are clearly defined points in time, that don't have anything to do with taking Actions. I think you're under the mistaken impression that an "Activation" is taking an action. It isn't. An Activation is the whole process of activating the model generating AP spending the AP generated ending the Activation (the Rules Manual spells out the steps in a different number of bullet points, but it's the same idea.) that happens usually once, sometimes twice (due to Reactivate) and rarely due to things like Marcus's Apha. Model A using Obey to make Model B perform an action isn't activating Model B.
  6. Hazardous Terrain Question

    What's there to double up? You have two auras that say the same section of terrain is hazardous terrain, so it's hazardous terrain. It's like having two effects that make a model a Peon or two effects that prevent taking an action. Sometimes there isn't anything to stack.
  7. Resizing pw to pwu

    On the one hand, the sentiment--wanting more of the old figures--is understandable. On the other hand, scanning and reproducing the old Wyrd miniatures is about as literal copying (and copyright infringement) as you can get. (Skipping over all of the technical questions concerning scanning pewter figures on that scale and expecting to get decent details on a non-commercial 3D printer....) It's the old rule of thumb concerning "personal" work: If you do this and enough people find out about it, you will never do it again. I mean, there was someone at Gen Con this year that 3D printed a Steam Arachnid at about full scale. It looked really cool, as a one-off production but the Guild Lawyers were watching.
  8. Carlos Vasquez and Union Steamfitter

    The Steamfitter can only give Armor to a model without it. So there's no combining because no Armor is applied.
  9. Why does it need a FAQ? Not everything that happens during an Action is considered caused by the Action. For instance, would you expect the following to be considered generated by the Charge? The Defender's defensive triggers Abilities on the Defender, Attacker, or secondary models triggered by the Charge move? Damage caused by hazardous terrain moved through during the Charge move? The opponent's response during the next model's Activation. The Yokai FAQ, by the way, specifies that Attacks from Triggers on the Attacks generated by the Charge aren't considered generated by the Charge. Since the Yokai ability specifies "generated by the Charge".
  10. And I'd like to chime in publicly disagreeing with you. The app doesn't seem to me to meet the transparency and openness requirements. Because it's impossible to tell what you're changing from across the table, let alone seeing what the public game state is.
  11. Supply Wagons issue

    Good question. It looks like the sentence got garbled, because it starts like this and then the next sentence starts.
  12. If I remember right, that part was to cover "in progress" Actions and the various "in between Avtion" abilities. For example, what do you do if you end your Activation in the middle of a Charge, or had an ability to discard scheme markers to heal whenever it wanted during its Activation. I don't see any reason it would prevent triggered "during Activation" effects.
  13. I think the Activation rules cover this. The second paragraph of "End Activation": The Activation isn't over until you've finished ending it. So "end of Activation" (see Rules Manual, page 34) and "start of Activation" (see FAQ) are both during the Activation. Edit: On a related note, I believe FAQ entry 48 is saying that you end the Activation by going to the End Activation step, not that you resolve End Activation with the model outside its Activation.
  14. As far as I can tell, the answer to the clocks business is simple. "If you want an event run with clocks, then you run it." Right now, the app doesn't appear to satisfy the GG2017 requirements: Players are required to "physically possess" the stat cards: Note that having the digital release isn't good enough. And Damage tracking: If you're a TO and you want an excuse to tell the players not to use the app, you're set. Personally, I'd rather go with the following: "If an app user and a non-app user get in to an argument, both players will be disqualified without any further discussion. The tournament rules mandate player cooperation, and no one is paying the TO to teach life lessons." But I might be blowing off steam...
  15. Sandeep and Anna Lovelace

    Oh, come on. It can be FAQ'd just fine.