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  1. Tournament JAN 27th 2018

    So I have this thing that happens in every game I've ever played. If I travel to a tournament with someone, I will be paired up with them at one point. 450 person Magic tournament, paired with my travel buddy. 50 person Malifaux tournament at NOVA, paired with my travel buddy. 16 player tournament. Same.
  2. Why is Tara considered so good?

    Unburying Laz and Alice in one turn without Scion to help? yikes. that's at least 2 SS or High Masks. That's kinda rough all in all. I do like the deso engine delivery system though, especially with the 3 cards drawn.
  3. Slate ridge mauler

    I can see it being a good source for Marcus to Defend me, especially with a steam fitter in play.
  4. Tournament JAN 27th 2018

    I stand by what I said before. Marcus, Sandeep, Ironsides. (not for damage but for being a tank that can pull things out of position. Challenge makes it so hard for anyone in that aura to drop ply on anything but her)
  5. Why is Tara considered so good?

    Wretches are just there to spam slow on models, scheme and be obnoxious. If a model gets buried they can dogpile on it. However their main purpose is to deny your opponent AP and be cheap activations.
  6. Arcanist Errata

    Fair. I just think a Saavy opponent is gonna see that and bomb him. Denying you 10ss and stopping you from having mobile models
  7. Arcanist Errata

    My main concern for Captain is looking at what he does vs what you want for the 2018 year. Wagons- He's 30 mm so not all that amazing but pushing models to keep up with the wagon isn't terrible. Ours- he can do some killy stuff but in himself isn't very survivable unless you spend stones for masks to push away so I feel like Joss is better. Ply- Arguments could be made but I don't know how I feel about this in particular. Public Execution- Same as Ours. you need killy but you also need tanky or you don't score points. Symbols of Authority- He's not gonna get across the board, but he helps other models get across the board for you and his pushes + wind walls can keep people off hte walls. So he's a consideration. As far as schemes, 3" melee is good for hold 'em. he's got a built in upgrade and can push people out for show of force. The rest I feel like he's pretty neutral on.
  8. Who was your first?

    Ramos was my first Arcanist master, followed by Colette. Not my first Malifaux master, I bounced a round with neverborn and ressers first, but Arcanists are definitely where I've played most of my faux over the past 4 years.
  9. Tournament JAN 27th 2018

    To be perfectly honest, this year is my Outcast year, so after 2 years of hard core Arcanists I'm hanging up that hat for a little while. However I have no doubt that I will still be talking Arcanist strats and seeing lots of Ironsides action as Arcanists are still pretty popular
  10. Wave 5 Viks

    This. I think the average crew is gonna shake out to 8-9 activations in 2018 vs the 10-12 average most lists strove for in 2017
  11. Wave 5 Viks

    I haven't normally needed a chain activation but you can always put the Accomplice upgrade on Ashes if you need it. Mostly what you do is use her as a end of the first turn threat. She goes in, kills something, next turn comes around and she's back around swinging with back up from Ashes and you can then bounce her back on the ship if she feels threatened and pop her out somewhere else on the board later. Soaring Dragon makes her ridiculously mobile and while the fury damage buff is good, she can reliably kill something without it.
  12. Wave 5 Viks

    Why? In 2018 useless activations aren't as important as they were in 2017. With a heavier focus on killing, you want models that are going to stick around a while. That isn't desperate mercs. Stalker is not only gonna last, he's going to easily score breakthrough, surround them etc all by himself. Something that Desperate Mercs are never gonna do.
  13. Wave 5 Viks

    Sisterly bond doesn't seem very worth it. to get the most out of it you have to activate Vik of Ashes early, which is generally not when I want her to go unless there's an immediate threat to her.
  14. Wave 5 Viks

    Vik of Ashes (Sisters in Fury, Survivalist, Oathkeeper) VIk of Blood (Soaring Dragon, Mark of Shez'uul) Malifaux Child Scion of the Void (Oathkeeper) Midnight Stalker Marlena Webster 3 Void Wretches This is the list I've been tinkering with and its pretty damn brutal. Scion brings Vik of Blood out to avoid the turn 1 and can't chain activate restrictions. Void Wretches and Midnight stalker get any scheming you need done/wasting activations. Vik of Blood comes in and does some work. Then next turn Ashes will be there to help clean up. Best part is, Vik of Blood can bounce back into the air and come back down wherever either Ashes or Scion is so no need to worry about her getting stuck in a bad position.
  15. Four horsman levi viable now?

    Kentaroi is kinda nice. Gives Levi some movement tricks and is a solid model all around. Every rider needs a good mount
  16. Tournament JAN 27th 2018

    oooor you're trying to push your Showgirl agenda on the populace. I'm ranking you up there with Flat Earthers. In all seriousness I don't doubt the list is good for that specific strategy but I don't know how well it will handle some of the other more aggressive schemes in the field. Colette isn't the immortal she once was. I'd be willing to give it a few test goes. My instinct says Ironsides though. Not only is she good at tying people up, she's nigh unkillable and can lure people in to keep them from getting away. Making a big ball of ply targets while the rest of the crew goes and does their thing and when she needs to splat a model all over the board, Ironsides can do it in spades.
  17. Tournament JAN 27th 2018

    I know you do. You've mentioned it at least 5 times
  18. Comment on list in local Tournament Parker? Viktoria?

    Not sure what to do with this list. There's no Ashes and Dust and no void wretches. Its almost like its a different faction than the one I play.
  19. Arcanist Errata

    Fair. 4ss Hoarcats and 6ss cojo definitely have a place in Wagons. however that scheme won't come up too often. I think that 2018 will focus less on cheap activations though and more on survivable activations. Many of the strategies involve having conditions on your models and keeping them alive. Which will place emphasis on tankier, durable models like Joss and will really turn the Steamfitter up a notch.
  20. Four horsman levi viable now?

    I would say TC warrior for sure. Levi still wants Deso Souls and Scout or something since he won't have Ashes to jump too. PS- a fun list, still not competitive.
  21. Tournament JAN 27th 2018

    Ours = Marcus. Go alpha and go hard. the more you kill the easier it is to score and not be denied points. Wagons = Sandeep. Free interacts and summons that can be dropped in to push the wagon. Ply for Info= This is a tough one. I haven't figured out our best for this strategy. You don't wanna kill too much but you do need to eliminate their problem models. I'd Ironsides because Challenge Aura makes it tough for them to target anyone else.
  22. Arcanist Errata

    My 2 cents (not that its worth that much all in all): Johan (now a no hire to very niche. Too expensive with other options in the faction). Captain (went from never hire to sometimes. He could do some work in Show of Force but ultimately he's still very squishy for 9ss and his mandatory upgrade hurts him). Cojo at 6ss (Marcus will take him now. I think the monkey has some counter play in schemey pools). Rattlers at 6ss (I like them. Tanky for 6ss. Add a steamfitter and if Myranda sticks around they can do work. Also its funny to alpha a master who's in melee with them and have him die trying to walk away). Ice Golem 9ss (meh. might get a summon every now and then, never hire still). Dawn Serpent 9ss (will see play with Marcus). Shikome 7ss (meh. flight is somethign we don't have a huge amount of access too but meh). Porkchop 6ss (Mei buff. not a substantial one but any spare SS will do. Still an auto include in her lists). Trapper 7ss (doesn't effect us in the slightest) Students ss reduction (meh. Sandeep has better options that aren't so niche pick)
  23. Assign Masters to GG18 Strategies! NAO!

    Supply Wagons has a perfect master. his name is Ashes and Dust. He does the strategy all by himself. Seriously though, I will probably just be taking Hamelin, Viks, and maybe....Levi? Tara is a fringe but Jack, Schill and Parker just don't make the cut for me.
  24. Aionus: Where does he fit?

    Aionus is one of our big cost models in the faction and offers some fairly unique abilities both in faction and in game. However his reverse incorporeal isn't much of a defense and his damage track isn't much to write home about. When do you pull him out of the bag? Have you used him and he's done work or have you used him and wished he was something like Hannah instead? I always have a hard time justifying any model that isn't Ashes and Dust over 10SS in my games and Aionus is no exception. There's the obvious counter bury play but that is honestly just a rare occasion. (Levi, Talos and Viks) Raptors used to be a thing, but they are seen less and less lately. So is he mainly a counter pick to Levi and our new bury Viks?
  25. Play against Dreamer

    Mages definitely really mess up Dreamer's plan. Sending models back, giving them slow + casts to ignore incorporeal and a really solid WP buff with any M&SU henchmen to avoid terror checks. Amina might be a thing to. She can put a debuff on a teddy that makes it not able to attack your models.