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  1. Voting Time! Cast your preference by hitting the like button on the post you like the most.
  2. I think for this strategy i'm going for Marcus. So I'm gonna bring an odd list: Marcus (Trail, Feral, Hunger) Jackalope Cassandra (Practiced Production) Spawn Mother Silurid Silurid Mole Man Mole Man Malifaux Raptor The goal is to rush as fast as possible. Drop as many claim markers as I can on turn 1, make eggs and force opponents to kill Spawn Mother (Frame For Murder). use gupps to drop even more claim markers. Mole Men and Cassandra can do accusation or claim jump single handedly. Marcus kills their scheme runners.
  3. I agree Tap Out it seems very strong at the moment.
  4. Big changes here. I like that you can use the suit from the card he picks up , makes it better if the card is a low number. I'm not sure about the switch on the main ability and the trigger. Is reducing severe to moderate always and possible armor better or is it roughly the same end result?
  5. Yeah that's too many eggs in that Laz basket, especially when he does a good job all on his own. I've found myself ditching the arachnid lately as it usually is only good for turn 1 and 2 before it gets outpaced. I've heard of others taking Malifaux Child to copy Arcing Screen, freeing Ramos up to do more shots. IMO a raptor in that spot will suffice as well.
  6. Hmm well Collect the Bounty isn't a normal Ramos strategy, especially since he gives away a lot of bounty points thanks to spiders coming in wounded. However, I wouldn't call him bad at it. One thing about Chompy Bits, is that if you kill him it leaves Dreamer exposed right where lord chompy bits died. So If you know he's going to drop LBC out, bait him with a model you can afford to lose, then murder him. He's not too tough and he can't use SS like Dreamer can. Then you should be able to light dreamer up with only 8 wounds and incorporeal. Dreamer is kind of a gotcha moment in his non summoning lists. Now that he's gotcha you'll remember it and be ready. I'm not sure about the Toolkit AND the creation in your list. I think that slot is better filled by effigy or a dedicated scheme runner. Same for metal gamin. Its great when summoned but not that amazing on the hire.
  7. Back by popular demand. Seriously my inbox is blowing up! Create your list. As always: 48 hours to post lists. Then 24 hours to vote! Voting takes the shape of likes on the post. Don't vote until its time! winner gets internet kudos This week you are going up against those liquor guzzling, pig lovin' Gremlins and your scheme pool is: Corner Deployment Stake A Claim Claim Jump Accusation! Frame For Murder Mark For Death Show of Force
  8. Ack they are. Sorry. regardless a belle with a raptor in its face has more things to worry about. and also they don't get pounce if a raptor is in the way of getting within range.
  9. The best thing you can do vs Nicodem is figure out which model he wants to lure and activate it in between lures so that you A) invalidate the lure or B ) move out of LOS from the belles. Another good way to deal with Belles is to use your own lures from Performers to pull models back towards you, or use Raptors to get in their face and block LoS.
  10. I would never do it in a tournament game. Its way too much invested in points for a very telegraphed outcome. I don't even use Howard anymore for the same reason. AP control makes it so that bringing over 1/5 of your points in a single model is just not going to work out. It worked last summer only because they could afford to bring the big guys AND all the AP control they needed. However, its obviously not that amazing with just Killjoy as your beater or everyone would be playing Hamelin. That being said, it could be a fun one just to bring to the LGS and see if it works.
  11. Ramos is almost always my auto take in Interference unless I know my opponent has access to armor ignore. He can drop 2-3 new models per turn and if you bring mech rider can potentiall drop 5 models in a turn thanks to Brass Arachnid.
  12. He's in no way hard to kill. 8 wounds goes fast with no real defensive abilities. if your opponent wants him dead, he will be.
  13. Depends on the list I'm running. I have a Frozen list that I run with Colette that runs 2 of them, 2 Silent ones, Cassandra, and a gamin that is a lot of fun.
  14. Also Marcus and Colette pretty much cover all your bases for schemes and strats. Between the two of them, they can get it done.
  15. I mean you should probably be taking the Arcane Effigy in almost every Arcanist list. There's just very few better ways to spend 4 SS. condition removal an extra 1 damage on each of your master's attacks, significant, hard to kill and a decent walk of 5 for 4ss?? When you add in Sandeep's efficiency things get even nuttier