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  1. So far I've done the 25 challenge with Marcus, Ramos and Colette. Came out 16/7/2 with Marcus. 15/9/1 with Colette (pre cuddle) and 13/9/3 with Ramos. So Kaeris was definitely the lowest win ratio by far and to be fair MOST of my Kaeris losses were within 2-3 points but I just couldn't get all the way with her.
  2. The problem with gunsmiths is that it requires so many things to make them as good as an acolyte. Burning which stops the other, better effect imo. Rams from your hand to give them fast and if you dont have a low ram you have to rely on flipping one. Once again a model that requires so much work to do its job.
  3. Ok so after playing 25 games with Kaeris I've come to the assumption that she is absolutely the worst designed master maybe in the game. So 3 things that makes Kaeris so hard to take seriously: 1) Kaeris is the most anti synergistic model in the game. Often she is your primary source of getting Burning on models to buff the rest of your crew, so you want her to go first. HOWEVER you don't want her to go first because you need her to be in range of all your other models so that they can gain flying at the beginning of the turn. Likewise, the Emissary has to go first to do her double (0) action burn all the models and draw cards. 3 cards. so 2 (0) actions for 3 cards. MEH. And if you do that you cannot grab and drop, her signature action, AND if you do it on enemy models you steal burning for buffing her crew and damage on those models. Double MEH. 2) Kaeris doesn't actually do a whole lot, especially for a master. Kaeris either drops burning on a whole lot of things, or scheme runs or spends 2 AP to do a mostly decent attack on an enemy. Her signature move, Grab and Drop, means that you can't use her other upgrade, which is honestly one i started to like better and better as I played. Sure, there are times she can find a model with burning already and light it up, but often as not she's just half heartedly supporting her crew. 3) Burning is not damage and most models that do damage based on a model to be burning are not as inherently good as models that don't rely on it. IE: Gunsmiths aren't as good as December Acolytes. Now with all that out of the way, positives I have found with her. 1) The play style she's trying to create is appealing. I love the idea of a highly mobile support master zipping around the field. 2) Carlos is amazing with her if you use her Purifying Fire limited instead of Grab and Drop. Her ability to drop pillars along with his, and the eternal flame to move them around can become frustrating to the opponent. (I highly recommend taking Sieze the Day if this is your plan with her). 3) Everyone under estimates how annoying Fire Gamin can be When mech rider tosses them into a pile of models. and then they get blown up. 4) She's still better than Mah Tucket I don't think Kaeris is unusuable by any means and I had several fun games out of the 25 but ultimately I just wanted her to do more and almost every game I felt that another master could do it with only half the set up that Kaeris requires to get work done. In the end I mostly abandoned the full fire set up to go with just a crew that did the things my other crews did. My favorite Kaeris crew was: Kaeris (Purifying Flames, Sieze the Day, Reservoir) Eternal Flame Carlos (Stunt Double, Imbued Energies) Firestarter (Energies) Mech Rider (energies) December Acolyte Arcane Effigy My total record with her was 6/15/4 w/l/t
  4. You'll eventually want him. Marcus is awesome and very strong in general.
  5. I think in Interference I'd run Desolate Souls on Rusty to try and get as many Aboms as possible while things are being murdered. We tend to play very terrain heavy so its easy to get the cover you need. Trappers probably would do well but I just love stitched so much. lol
  6. I had considered this list for Levi Levi (Path of Iron, Desolate Souls) 5ss pool Rusty (Oathkeeper) Lazarus (Oathkeeper) 2x Stitched Together Terracotta Warrior Arcane Effigy The idea basically having a hard to shift gun line with levi cleaning up the stragglers and making aboms. Stitched with H2K seem to be pretty decent anchors and TC can shift some damage for htem and give levi access to another upgrade like Oathkeeper or Scout. Laz and Rusty do what Laz and Rusty do and the Arcane Effigy makes sure that nasty conditions like paralyze never see the light of day.
  7. So got my first Hamelin game in this week. Took Hamelin (Pipes, melodies), Rusty (Oathkeeper), Deso Engine, Obedient Wretch, 2 Void Wretches and 2 Malifaux Rats. I wasted time on the engine until my opponent's Colette crew was through activating. Then Hamelin went, made a couple stolen. Walked Rusty, walked Deso Engine. Engine charged Howard. Killed him, made an abom. Rusty goes, Burn out on Deso. Deso reactivates. Kills 2 performers and makes another Abom. Is at full health. I win intitiative, kill Casandra and by the end of Turn 2 my opponent had only Colette left. It was a bloody mess.
  8. Yup. Had an opponent a few weeks ago who was convinced Banasuva could still do disengaging strikes even when he wasn't able to do attacks thanks to the upgrade. The turn did not go as planned
  9. I think the MOST important thing about summoners is to not get so caught up in the summoning that you miss opportunities. Ramos and Sandeep have pretty powerful attacks that can definitely do some work when the need arises. if you are careful with your spiders you don't even have to summon with Ramos after turn 3. Generally by the end of the game he's picking off models that have already taken some damage and securing points.
  10. Yes she is. I have a VERY hard time choosing between her and Carlos lately. I imagine it in my headcannon as a "friendly" rivalry
  11. The problem also comes down to Blessed is 9, so are cerberi. Right now the only good Quick Murder preventative you have is Mech Rider. Who is fun with Marcus btw. Using alpha for extra models and scheme markers is always a good thing and not at all how people expect marcus to play
  12. Also Kaeris can do fun things with them. Every time I've taken a gunsmith in my Kaeris list I have never regretted it.
  13. Its the thing that make Cassandra one of the best models to tie things up in the game. Even models with 4" pushes can't get away from her if she's b2b with them. Cassandra WILL chase you down and keep you locked up. She's also probably one of the most amazing models for getting away from combat too. Southern Hospitality means its very hard to win a disengaging strike against her and often she can hit once, push away and then just walk with her nimble.
  14. Im playing a campaign now. In week 6 of 8 I have Mei Feng (Siesmic, Vapormancy, Duelist, Avatar), Captain (Patron, A Cold Wind), Emberling, 2 x Rail workers, Howard (Tough Hide), Gunsmith (Fan the Hammer), Acolyte, Effigy. This week I'm adding in Sparks and a Porkchop. Its been a lot of fun but it definitely took a while to pick up but I've had some fun games, like vs Avatar Ramos who turned everything into constructs. Mei was flying around the board.
  15. I've enjoyed Mech Rider and a bevy of constructs with Mei. Ice Gamin, metal gamin and steam arachnids specifically. Her Emissary option looks super fun but I wish it was also a construct for her to bounce off of.