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  1. 10/16 Symbols Levi vs Ironsides

    That's a good point. Perhaps we did figure it up wrong. By the time we got done over 2.5 hours had passed and we were ready to finish!!!
  2. Master Breakdown Scheme Pool Edition

    She can do some amazing work in Stake a Claim and Interference. The Void Spam list basically slows everything on the board and then just does what it needs to without worrying about your opponent.
  3. 10/16 Symbols Levi vs Ironsides

    Aaah read it very wrong then. Not sure that it would have changed much in how we placed, but will remember that for later.
  4. Standard Deployment Symbols of Authority Guarded Treasure Undercover Entourage Covert Breakthrough Dig Their Graves Take One For The Team My crew: His crew: :Levi (Iron, Desolate, Scout) Ironsides (Vet FIghter, Union President) Miss Step Steamfitter Ashes and Dust Johanna (Well Rehearsed) Hollow Waif Lust Hollow Waif Vistra Guard Abomination Arcane Effigy Abomination Med Bot Void Wretch Ice Dancer Void Wretch I deployed second, so I put my Authority markers mid to upperfield on my side so that they were behind some fairly large blocking terrain, then the last one next to my deployment zone in a forest. (Authority is hard to talk about without pics). He put his roughly the opposite. Hiding 2 behind terrain near his deployment and one right up on the center line. Turn 1 was mostly just getting into position. Ironsides balled up around the furthest authority marker on his side and challenged up. I moved Levi and friends up with wretches on the side to grab the markers in the back. Turn 2 Ironsides dragged a waif up and tried to kill it, but it didn't work out. Johana accomplished it later in the turn. Ice dancer got tied up by a void wretch. Steamfitter continued to give stuff armor. An abom grabs the center marker scoring me 1 point. Levi kills the medbot for a Dig Graves point. Turn 3. Ironsides pulls Ashes away from a Symbol and does some serious damage to him. I make a mistake and activate an abom first to drop a scheme marker in dig range. Ashes dies to Effigy. Ashen Core does some pulsing doing damage here and there before it dies to Johana. Then Johana dies to Levi scoring on dig again Steamfitter kills an abom summoned by Johana's death. Guard dies to an abom attack thanks to damage taken from pulses from aboms and Core. Ice Dancer kills the wretch and moves towards the far left Symbol marker on my side. My wretch takes his right side marker. Turn 4. Ironsides moves way towards the far right and my deployment zone. Miss Step kills the Steamfitter. Ice dancer gets a Symbol marker and drops a scheme in my backfield. Dust storm rushes to tie up Ironsides. Lust runs towards my right . Levi kills Effigy (no abom) and moves to collect the last marker on my opponent's side. Wretch runs towards Lust and slows her. Turn 5. I finally win initiative but Lust is too far away to do kill for my last dig graves so I double walk, drop a scheme marker. Lust uses her 1 AP to place the wretch on the other side of Miss Step. Wretch walks back and swings for only 1 damage on Lust, no dig graves. Ironsides goes tries to 1 shot Dust storm with a Fists to Uppercut combo and black joker's damage on the uppercut. Hits on the second AP to kill dust storm and push back. last AP walks to get ALMOST in my deployment. Levi just waits in opponent's deployment zone. Ice dancer drops a second scheme and moves toward the middle marker in the forest. Flip and get a turn 6...dang it. I win initiative. Kill lust with Miss Step. Dancer gets Symbol, drops 3rd marker. wretch Tries to slow ironsides and fails. Ironsides grabs last authority marker, scoring no points but denying me 1. Flip and get a turn 7....come on! ironsides moves back to deployment zone. Games ends at 9-9 Tie. I scored 3 dig, 3 Entourage and 3 Symbols. Opponent scored 3 Breakthrough, 3 Authority and 3 Entourage. Thoughts: Fun game. Deploying markers after player deployment is very interesting. Terrain definitely made my decisions on deployment along with knowing I wouldn't have been able to protect the back field as I played way up. Symbol markers being blocking and being able to interact from 1 inch a way means that they are so easy to get. The center line one was gotten by an abom even though my opponent had Johanna and a Guard nearby just because he was able to stay out of line of sight. I do like that this scheme really makes you consider exactly where you need to put the markers to get maximum effort. My opponent chose to deploy first so that he had advantage on Symbol placement which is not a normal thing.
  5. Master Breakdown Scheme Pool Edition

    played Levi last night vs Ironsides in the new symbols of authority. 9-9 tie on turn 7. Steamfitter really is super annoying. Metal Plate stacking puts a kink in Levi's ability to kill models, especially with his melee attack. Also, Ironside's challenge forced me to go in ranged. In the end the crew's massive mobility got me my points and it would have been 9-8 if not for having to take 2 more turns!!!
  6. Master Breakdown Scheme Pool Edition

    Levi is the one I struggle with the most. I don't feel like there's one strat or scheme he does so much better than everyone else. He has hit this very odd mediocre position. Which isn't bad but it also makes me struggle to want to take him over Hamelin most games.
  7. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    Can only do it to 3 right? Seems like VS won't get very far if he does 3 Oathkeepers
  8. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    So what does your Oathkeeper list look like?
  9. What does Amina Naidu do.

    Depends. One fun thing about Hand Picked Men is that you get better chances for the suit that you need. If I really need that model stopped (yas or Howard) I will absolutely stone for it.
  10. What does Amina Naidu do.

    I use her as a control piece. She's moving models around and dropping negative conditions on them. She's powering up the mage's defensive abilities since she's M&SU. If played with Sandeep she's using his abilities, if played with Ironsides she gets a bit more work than expected from Hand Picked Men. Making your models immune to your opponent's beater model is pretty huge.
  11. M2E Ironsides

    I've been considering this highly control oriented list. Toni (Vet Fighter, Union Pres, Runes) Amina (Runes) 3 Mages (Shields, Runes, Rehearsed) 2 December Acolytes Union Steamfitter The idea is that Toni is your main beater with mages playing movement and support. Amina shuts down their big beater and the Acolytes bleed cards from their hands to help Challenge do its job.
  12. M2E Ironsides

    2 Players took Ironsides in my tournament this weekend each round and while neither won the tournament I saw some pretty ridiculous things. Like Ironsides Smashing Sandeep in 1 actual AP thanks to the constant chain of attacks.
  13. Master Breakdown Scheme Pool Edition

    Levi is now one of those masters where your opponent isn't going to go "Oh crap! it's Levi" However they are not going to be going "Easy win! You picked Levi!"
  14. This List Is The Pits

    I think it will definitely get people the first time. I'd worry about going up against other summoners who don't mind just popping as many models as possible into the middle cause they can just summon more.
  15. Benny Proxy?

    What is everyone using for their Benny proxies?