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  1. Mrbedlam

    Katanaka Crime Boss help

    I have used the crime boss quite a lot recently. In Shen, McCabe and MIsaki crews. Basically any time I need a second line tank that can hold their own. Fragile is very easy to overlook too. If the Crime boss gets to go first and drop Fragile on an important model it won't live to see the rest of the turn. Usually I drop Smoke Grenades on it to keep it safe until it can get in there to do some damage. I will often take it when there's gonna be some scheme marker shenanigans which is why it works well with Shen. Mighty Gust some enemy markers your way and draw extra cards. Thunders lacks a lot of min 3 damage so even though they are technically like .5SS over costed, I enjoy taking one.
  2. Mrbedlam

    My thoughts on Torakage & the 5-6ss minions

    The way GG 18 is seems perfect for them. stout often df 7, 4" ml for surprise Ply for info grab, card filter or self heal, places. Ten Thunder bros are still the best general purpose 5ss minion in the game. That being said Yokai and Charm Warders are also amazing so I see the struggle, and playing Asami being able to summon Yokai makes them irrelevant but Bros are in no way bad now.
  3. Mrbedlam

    Mei Feng Tactica.. ish

    After several attempts at trying Toshiro in ANY crew I've found he's just wanting and in your list there's no beaty minions in the list, the + flips aren't that appealing. I would instead replace Tosh with Lazarus since you have both Mei and Sparks. Laz can steal Mei's railwalk or vent steam after Sparks makes her a construct and gives you some high damage in the crew. I would then take a charm warder to put disguised on him and keep him safe.
  4. Mrbedlam

    My thoughts on Torakage & the 5-6ss minions

    You should definitely give Lotus Eaters a try. In a scheme heavy pool they are a world of frustration for your opponent and just eat all the things. I've played them twice now with huge amounts of success. Charm Warders I feel like are pretty essential in the moment for most of our crews. Also Ten T bros and Charm Warders are 5 and Yama is 6. The biggest downside to her in my opinion is her awful Df and mediocre melee stats.
  5. Mrbedlam

    Very new.

    Emissary every time. Low River monks. cause everyone likes 9 card hands. If the scheme pool is right Lotus eaters and Crime Bosses are fun. Yasunori is always an option.
  6. Mrbedlam

    Experienced Player, new to TT, Blog

    Ok so 2 things. with Yang and HIgh River or Fermented, Shenlong is a pretty decent damage dealer on his own. Crime boss works in that case as a second line beater. Sensei definitely needs Disciple. This seems pretty close to a list I ran the other week and did really well with. Don't switch to Yin. Its ok but Yang is almost always better. You can build up 3 to 5 burning, switch to high river, giving Sensei Wandering, discard a card, charge in for 4 attacks that have a blast/Double Blast damage track. If you have vanishing on + High river, to spend burning to boost your duel total, Shen should be fine. Especially if you removed at least 2 models on your charge. I would also suggest Recalled Training for this build as when you go in you wanna hit those blasts. Do as much damage as possible in that first turn. If your opponent is Ressers, switch to Fermented over HIgh River to make use of his hard to wound models.
  7. Mrbedlam

    Yan Lo Tactica?

    How are you getting 6 chi in one turn? using belles to pull models in to kill? If that's the case sounds like your opponent waaay overextended vs your crew.
  8. Mrbedlam

    3 round mccabe mid table

    Lust is crazy good in gg18. Slows + Places for AP control. I will probably find a way to add her into my Ply and Ours lists just for those reasons
  9. Mrbedlam

    3 round mccabe mid table

    yeah my main reason for taking Yu in that game was scheme marker manipulation and for Show of Force. He is definitely not a main pick.
  10. Mrbedlam

    Journey along the Path, or how to suck at Yan Lo

    Got some more Yan Lo games in this week. Both games vs Levi. Don't remember full details so I will go for the cliff notes. My list for first was: Yan Lo (Awakening, Reliquary, and Misdirection), Soul Porter, Chiaki (Pull), Toshiro (Command), Shadow (Ancestoral), Wastrel, 2 Thunders Brothers. Opponent played Levi (From Aether, Pariah of Iron, Untimely Demise), 2 Waifs, Rusty (Deso Souls, Aether), Joss (Oathkeeper), TC Warrior, 3 Aboms. Pool was: standard, Symbols, Take Prisoner, Undercover Entourage, Punish the Weak, Recover Evidence, and Public Demo. This game was over quick. Turn 1 I gave Yan Impossible to Wound after killing the wastrel. Summoned an Ashigaru. Then Chiaki got killed by Levi and Joss made some scrap. Turn 2 I lost initiative (as was theme for the day). Yan Lo got hunpo hoping to kill aboms and pulled in Rusty to Toshiro. Ashigaru became an Abom. Chiaki came back. Deso engine got summoned and put Yan Lo on 4 wounds with 2 attacks. awesome. Ten Thunder brother dies to Joss. Turn 3, Yan lo dies on first activation. (lost initative again). and we called it so we could have time to do another game. Game 2. I switched out Tosh for Izamu. He switched Joss for Hooded. Pool was: Flank, Ply, Surround Them, Dig Graves, Set Up, Hold Up Forces, Search Ruins. First Turn Yan kills the Wastrel again and gets I2W. Levi summons an Abom thanks to Rusty's corpse marker. Turn 2, Deso engine charges Yan Lo and does some damage. Izamu charges Hooded and puts him to 2. Hooded goes, flips severe damage on a neg flip to put IZamu to 2 wounds. Levi finishes him off and summons an abom. Deso gets plyed and dropped by Yan and Shadow. Yan also pulls a waif far away from any anchors so that Chiaki can kill it. Turn 3, I need to win initiative to kill Levi and the last waif. I don't get it. Yan dies to Levi. Shadow Emissary blows up 2 aboms. Chiaki tags an abom for ply. Hooded Fails to kill Chiaki. Turn 4 I actually win intiative. I go with Shadow. Forget to use my 0 for focus blasts before I shoot the last waif. It would have red jokered onto the hooded and killing him as well. Oh well. Levi fails to kill anything else. I end up with 2 points for surround them and 2 for ply. Opponent ends up with 2 points for ply and 2 points for Set Up. Take aways: I really need to figure out what Yan Lo is actually doing in my games. Most of the time he was just bouncing around and then dying. Playing some more tomorrow night. Hopefully adding a Goryo instead of a wastrel to help with Chi
  11. Mrbedlam

    General Draw Methods in Ten Thunders?

    Torakage are also exactly 1 Sh under her Df so using Lynch you can cycle aces and get her draw trigger that she wins every time. I forgot to mention this really only works with a hand chock full of low tomes OR Lynch. lynch is the better option.
  12. Mrbedlam

    General Draw Methods in Ten Thunders?

    There's the Lust/Torakage trick with Lynch. Wonder Weasel has some card draw with TC warrior and Shen or McCabe flipping upgrades.
  13. Mrbedlam

    Killjoy and Lo Pan

    I think the big problem with Thunders and Killjoy is that its hard for us to get the model count to make his bomb effective. You want him to be the last model to activate and the first to activate the next turn. Thunders outside of McCabe and dog spam tend to make out in the 8-9 range.
  14. Mrbedlam

    3 round mccabe mid table

    Possibly but I think I like High River Monk at 5 points for that slot better. 3 attacks on the charge and a push to get out of combat afterwards is pretty solid. I'm also considering charm warders to slow down joro/dawn serpent taking as many hits early on.
  15. Mrbedlam

    Very new.

    I second the Porkchop with mei. In that same potential is Sparks. Sparks can make any model a construct and give it fast at the price of a scrap marker. If you add Lazarus into the mix, then Laz can be fast AND copy Mei feng's railwalk or vent steam after Sparks makes her a construct.