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  1. Mrbedlam

    Journey along the Path, or how to suck at Yan Lo

    I went off track for a while with Outcasts, but I think I will delve back into Path now. What's your core crew for Yan Lo these days?
  2. Mrbedlam

    Shenlong Sniper Crew

    Any good alpha strike can do it in too. Snipers don't stand up to strong beaters. Armor is a good technique too. Thunders suffers from that in general.
  3. Mrbedlam

    Leveticus in General

    Tried this list last night and it did pretty well giving me an 8-7 symbols of authority win vs Jakob Lynch. Hooded Rider with TC protection is the tankiest thing on the board and proceeded to kick Huggy's face off. Levi and Sue just killed terror tots for fun and profit and Midnight stalker went around picking up Symbols and dropping Surround them markers.
  4. Mrbedlam

    Leveticus in General

    Yup I also use them that way as well. Before this list my Levi list had more abom production too in Ashes and Rusty.
  5. Mrbedlam

    Leveticus in General

    Stalker isn't always good (Ply for info is a good example or any non scheme heavy pool. He's amazing in others though). Aboms are there as convenient card draw and to provide activations so that I get the best use of Stalker and Levi. Getting that extra 2 cards on turn 1 or 2 can be a game changer in a list like this. Hans or a trapper are definitely in consideration as are void wretches, but honestly Stalker gets almost all the schemeing you need.
  6. Mrbedlam

    Leveticus in General

    I've been considering this list: Levi (Iron, Scout Field, Deso Souls) 2 Waifs Hooded Rider (Oathkeeper or Bigger) Sue (return Fire) Midnight Stalker <-------- This is the swing slot for schemes TC Warrior 2 Aboms
  7. Mrbedlam

    Leveticus in General

    Its not too bad if you need him up the board for undercover entourage though.
  8. Mrbedlam

    Leveticus in General

    Teddies have df 3, its a death sentence.
  9. Mrbedlam

    Leveticus in General

    He's not bad at it, Levi is honestly a generalist master now. he doesn't just kill and he doesn't just scheme but he also semi summons and has an incredibly diverse hiring pool. However if I'm playing Ours in Outcasts I think I wanna bring Hamelin for the Out of activation moves/attacks or Viks because they are super killy and Vik of Blood is a free 10 SS
  10. Mrbedlam

    Leveticus in General

    Levi is very good in my opinion into Symbols of Authority. He can get across the board very quickly and threaten your opponent's symbols. All you need is another fast model to anchor too like Ashes or Hooded Rider. He can do Ours ok, but I'm not terribly fond of him in Ply, Supply Wagons or Public Execution. We have much better masters for all of those schemes to be honest.
  11. Mrbedlam

    Starting Hamelin - Price-of-entry and Opportunity cost

    Yikes. I don't think I've ever made more than 8 rats. I generally tend to be aggressive with them and use them to either become kings asap or blow them up with Sewer King to get cards. I'd say that the only real essentials for Hamelin are Brotherhood, Ashes and Benny when he comes out in a few weeks. Other good grabs are Lazarus, Nothing Beast, Sue, and Void Wretches.
  12. Mrbedlam

    Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    Perhaps its the proliferation of Sandeep and Neverborn in my meta, but Incorporeal just isn't always the safety you want it to be. Nix tends to go down hard and for his points doesn't really seem to do a lot of work.
  13. Mrbedlam

    Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    Hmm I can see it with Montressor. Not sure how I feel about Nix. he still underperforms for me almost every time. Do you have a few examples of how this list hsa played out for you?
  14. Mrbedlam

    Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    Yeah but you have to have Blight 4 plus, so unless they just don't know how Plague Pits works, thats turn 3 or 4, that means nearly half the game the upgrade doesn't work and they can still get around it by discarding 2 cards. To many IFs
  15. Mrbedlam

    Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    He has Pipes on his base card as an action. The Plague only gives him a Blighted trigger and a trigger that makes it so that IF they have 4+ blight, they must discard 2 cards to interact. Also models within 6 can't remove blighted. The only really good part of this is the Blighted can't be removed. The rest seems kinda meh for 2ss, especially when he has so much better options.