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  1. How to outplay Imbued Energies ?

    Debt to the Guild is way more busted than IE and I think it will show up as Guild gets stronger this year. +1 damage to all attacks is huge in a faction that has heavy access to crit strike.It basically makes it so that those models who would have survived 2 AP can't anymore. Turns 7 wounds into as useful as 6. Add to that the fact that they don't have to toss Debt when they do it, and its insult to injury. I'd like to see Debt get the same treatment as IE and Oathkeeper and have to be removed when used.
  2. Aionus: Where does he fit?

    These kind of pools are actually really good for Tara because of how much slow she can hand out. Scheming is very hard to do when you only have 1 AP. Problem is, Aionus being as expensive as he is hurts your potential for schemey models in the crew and the activation control you need in order to keep control of those games
  3. New Tara player trying to figure out the beast bomb

    Yeah. sorry was 2 seperate thoughts in one post. Indeed Scion can't get suit or bishop. However I've seen him drop out NB plenty of times.
  4. New Tara player trying to figure out the beast bomb

    Scion also allows you to pop your beater out with almost any model you take, not just Tara, so your opponent isn't always able to cover every avenue. Nothing Beast gets the most out of this because it's got a huge charge with a 3" melee and 4 swings thanks to Ml expert. I've seen strong arm suit and Bishop but I like NB best
  5. Sarcasm. Sort of. However, there's some new Outcasts players around so its always good to have a discussion about Ashes. He's 13SS with a heavy hitting track good ml, the possibility of making little abom babies. Breaks into 2 for activation control that hand out fast and remove scrap/corpse. Can't be charge. Immune to conditions and drops no markers himself. 2 seperate questions; Does Ashes and Dust need a visit from the cuddle hammer? What crews does he show up for you the most in and if you don't take him with certain crews, why not?
  6. M2e Kaeris

    Yeah Kaeris is definitely not a go to vs Hamelin. Honestly, I don't know that she's gonna be my take into outcasts at all. You know Ashes is gonna be a tough model for you and she does nothing to him. oand his condition removal is pretty much ever present.
  7. Lureveticus

    Toshiro can't use his summon upgrade in Levi so I don't know if it really justifies his points.
  8. What are your go to models?

    Without a doubt Effigy is a big staple. Its hard to overlook all he does for just 4 points. Johan makes it in to quite a few of my lists thanks to his M&SU synergy though he's not an an auto pick. Mages show up a lot these days. Anytime there are gonna be enemy scheme markers I put performers in for seduction. Its amazing
  9. Spain champion 2017 Arcanist!!!

    Yikes. Yeah he should have definitely put up Vent on Mei to stop getting turned into a beast. She definitely doesn't wanna go toe to toe with Marcus, especially not with min 4 damage and 4 attacks.
  10. Lureveticus

    That's my major problem with this list. Almost everything in it can die to a single activation of a beater model and once you lose the rougarou your damage output drops significantly. My local meta seems to be a bit down on rougarou. Its a model that looks good on paper but doesn't perform as well on the board. I've been tinkering with a similar list : Levi (Pariah, Deso Soul) 2 Waifs Ashes and Dust Rougarou Thorn Claw 2 Belle. Less spammy and the Tooth and Thorn do Dig your graves and the like pretty well.
  11. GG18 Master choices and tricks

    Why not Power core? Seems like he could use that exta AP to start sniping stuff that's stuck on the other side of those markers
  12. GG18 Master choices and tricks

    Play it and get back to me! I'd love to be convinced that upgrade is halfway decent.
  13. GG18 Master choices and tricks

    I think this year will easily be dominated by Deep, Marcus and Ironsides. Ramos lost his big strategy with interference changing to ours. Mei, Kaeris, Raspy and Colette just don't bring enough to the table to justify them. At least on a competitive level. As far as individual strategies: Marcus and Toni can do Public and Ours really well. Deep can do Symbols, Wagons and Ply pretty easily. Colette has a bit of play in Wagons, I think as Prompt allows a model to keep up with the wagon, but I don't know if she's better than Deep would be at it.
  14. Spain champion 2017 Arcanist!!!

    Did Mei player not have steam vent up to put your Feral cast on negatives? Seems like it would be tough to turn her into a beast without first hitting her with the trigger.
  15. Aionus: Where does he fit?

    Yeah that's my thought too. Getting slow on buried VIk of blood could put a hurt on the alpha strike