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  1. The biggest problem you will have with this is that the effigy has a 1" limitation on its removal ability. So it limits where you can put Banasuva when summoning him and since a lot of the time I put the extra melee no walk upgrade on him, that's a bit restrictive. Still, if you can do it, the trick is fun.
  2. Cheap Beast Activations.

    I am a fan of Angelica in my Marcus crews, so I take Practiced Production with her. Add in 2 molemen and you have very fast, hard to pin down scheme runners who can get nearly anywhere on the board.
  3. Headhunter post errata

    For Sure. You basically use a summoned wind gamin as a disposable head grabber each turn. Best thing is, your opponent doesn't always know its coming because Sandeep can summon out of activation.
  4. Headhunter post errata

    I'll still take Sandeep. Heads are dropped after triggers. So a mage hits it, declares push trigger. Kills the model and drops the head 4-6 inches closer to your models. Sandeep summons a model on top of it, who picks it up for free. Kudra blows up the summoned model so no head. Then next turn rinse and repeat.
  5. M2e Colette

    you also have 7 models and not one is a dedicated beater. Captain can do ok but for 1 less SS you can take Myrandabus or Envy + Imbued. Focusing too hard on the burning aspect just to make Gunsmiths good is a bit too much of a set up. Much easier to just take good models if you want to be competitive.
  6. Journey along the Path, or how to suck at Yan Lo

    The problem with Search the Ruins is that Zipp in the middle just mercs you right out of it thanks to his dumb aura. I probably shouldn't have killed the skeeter for sure, but I wanted the Chi on Yan Lo and I figured he had it on Franc. Oops. Zipp is just so hard to play around that he gets in my head before the game even starts.
  7. Doom Ward vs. Well Rehearsed

    If you listen to Max Value podcast, Larry Mottola and Grrn do this pretty often. Well Rehearsed is a fantastic upgrade and it can give you a little bit of staying power especially with access to Silent ones and sandeep for heals.
  8. Beginner deciding on a buy list

    I have such a hard time with the idea of dropping the wendigo in a Raspy crew. He does so much work and offers the threat of Devour. Your opponents will hate that. Plus he's a wk 6 significant minion. That's a rare find for 3ss and the extra ice pillar is a huge bonus.
  9. Is collette still strong enough?

    Its definitely a problem with Arcanists I feel like. We have a faction full of niche masters and very few generalists. Marcus is a fantastic choice as is sandeep. Colette is a good choice too but it isn't as strong as either of those.
  10. Journey along the Path, or how to suck at Yan Lo

    Quick update on a game. I don't have all the notes in front of me. Played a headhunter game vs gremlins. Standard Deployment, Headhunter, Claim Jump, Eliminate the Leadership, frame for murder, Search the Ruins, Quick Murder Yan lo (reliquary, brutal, misdirection) Zipp(Stilts, Dirty Cheater, Sky pirate upgrade) soul porter Earl Chiaki(Graves) McTavish Izamu (recalled) Francois (Dirty Cheater) TC warrior Skeeter (Piano upgrade) 2 Ten T bro Rooster Rider Shadow Em (Ancestor Flux) 3 Bayou gremlins i knew that I was going to have a hard time with Zipp going into this scheme pool and I had to out play a friggin bastard of a master. I figured he wouldn't take Quick Murder cause Izamu is hard to kil when you can't ignore armor. Scoring Search the Ruins, Eliminate is hard vs Zipp. So I took Quick Murder and Frame for Murder on the Shadow Emmisary. He tilted hard turn 1 with a skeeter making Franc fast and sending him right into Izamu, pulling a red joker, a severe and a severe. Izamu died and so did Franc. I brought Izamu back, killed the skeeter with Yan Lo, gave him 3 points for Frame. Next turn, I sent Izamu and yan lo after Mc Tavish, scoring Quick Murder for 3 points. I managed to get the Ten T bro in to grab a head. He flung the Shadow Em away from zipp so that earl could grab the head. His gremlins dropped claim markers. my Ten t bro denied one. Turn 3, Yan Lo went after a gremlin, while Zipp killed the TC warrior. Bayou gremlin got a lucky flip and killed the Ten T bro but wasn't able to drop a claim marker. Long story short, I could only deny him claim 2 turns and he never killed the shadow emmisary thanks to blowing up his own Franc. Final score was 8-6 in Zipp's favor. I feel like it was just a very bad pool to go up against Zipp in. So much of the pool was hard to impossible to score. Great game though.
  11. Thoughts on Open Current.

    for me joss almost always has either Warding Runes when I play him with Kaeris or Ironsides and BET and maybe Powered by Flame if I run him with Ramos. I like adding that little bit of extra threat to spider attacks. Opponents will either let it though, not realizing that burning can stack pretty high thanks to 3 spiders piling in or they will shunt high cards to avoid the burning. Either one is a win win for me.
  12. Is collette still strong enough?

    That's pretty impressive. I've never had her do anything on her own but deny my opponent Assassinate points and then get the Entourage points at the end of the game just cause she's so damn slippery and most times you don't need those excess Scheme markers after a while.
  13. Beginner deciding on a buy list

    Even if both raptors and Practiced Production get cuddles, you can't go wrong with 3 ss models that annoy the piss out of opponents and deny interference. Also Angelica is straight up amazing for what she does for just 7SS (PP included). The only list I don't regularly take her in is my colette list, because they don't need the pushes.
  14. Thoughts on Scorpious

    rare 1 kills it. Pass. Especially since for the same SS Levi can take Stitched Together.
  15. Is collette still strong enough?

    Fixed master tournaments are fun everyone once in a while but they lean towards generalist masters which Colette is decidedly not. If that's the case you may find that you struggle with her. I would highly suggest that your play group go to fixed faction over fixed master tournaments as it takes away some of the essence of the flexibility Malifaux is based around. I tend to take Colette when the schemes are such as headhunter, squatters rights, Guard the stash. I don't take her for reckoning, collect the bounty, interference as our other masters handle those much much better.