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  1. Played Marcus yesterday in the final round of a tournament. Didn't see a single Tome in hand for 3 turns. Sigh.
  2. If Practiced Production/Raptor combo gets Cuddled they will be go too for Leave Your Mark.
  3. So you can use a Malifaux raptor to turn Howard into a beast, and then use Marcus to Alpha him for some crazy damage. Also Myranda frequently shows up in a lot of my arcanist lists.
  4. So I really really love Carlos with her. Mech Rider is just good, period. Give it flight and its even better. Emissary is fun with her but by no means essential. There's a lot of order of operations trouble you run into getting her Instinctual when you almost always want her to go first. My favorite list with her is 3 mages, carlos, malfaux child and the rest to taste as needed.
  5. Yasunori just came out this week
  6. I feel like he is gonna fit in 2 lists now, Ramos and Mei Feng. Between him and Sparks handing out armor and "free" scrap markers he will be an interesting addition. I do like accomplicing him with Ramos to grab the 13 tomes back, but if you do that Ramos can't use his scrap marker so you still need the EC in the list. IF Practiced Production gets a cuddle, then I think he might replace Angelica in my Ramos lists.
  7. I use him with Mei Feng, admittedly in Arcanists but it works with Ten Thunders as well. Generally turn 1 Sparks makes Mei a construct, then Laz copies Vent Steam or Railwalk as needed.
  8. 2 for Reckoning. Good catch. Was late last night when I was typing it up.
  9. Haha fair enough. Anyway onto Game 2 Scheme pool was: Flank Reckoning Claim Jump Frame For Murder Eliminate the Leadership Recover Evidence Tail 'Em I played: My opponent played: Yan Lo- Reliquary, Fortify Spirit, Brutal Kakahara Lucius - Surprisingly Loyal, Hidden Assets, Hidden Sniper Chiaki- Pull of the Grave Mr Graves- Debt to the Guild Izamu- Recalled Training Mr Tannen- Useless Duplications Shadow Emissary -Ancestral Conflux Peacekeeper- Debt to the Guild Soul Porter Guild Sargeant- Debt to the Guild Ten Thunder Brother Scribe Ten Thunder Brother Witchling Thrall Komaniu I took Frame on Komaniu, Claim Jump He took Recover Evidence, Frame on Tannen So going into the game I liked Yan Lo for this because he's pretty easy to deny Tail 'Em and Yan + Izamu can wreck people's faces. Plus 2 Ten Thunders brothers lock down claim jump. I made a big mistake this game and forgot to give Yan Impossible to Wound turn 1. Plus I Lightning Danced on the Peace Keeper because I was worried about Frame being on the Thrall. I wasn't ever able to do much damage to the peacekeeper but keeping it out of Lucius' Commanding Presence for a turn was a big deal. Sadly because of my misplay, Yan died on turn 3 before I could Hunpo Assault on a tasty clump made of Tannen, Scribe, Sargeant and Graves. Oh well, nice Red Joker from Shadow Emissary took Graves down and spread some Black blood. I ended up getting 2 for Frame, 3 for Reckoning and 3 for Claim Jump. In the end I wasn't able to stop my opponent from scoring all his Recover Evidence. I realise now I should have aggresively spammed Chiaki's Insignificant attack. Too late, I'll use it for next time. I liked the list and I would definitely play it again, maybe switching out the Komaniu for the TC Warrior next game. (I"ll proxy one up I guess) We ended up tying 7-7. Same score as last game. I will say Debt to the Guild is stupid good. It makes a calculated chance of survival into a guaranteed model death, especially in a faction that has access to lots of crit strike already. There were a few times I looked at a model and thought, min 3 vs incorporeal is fine. Then suddenly I took 2 attacks of min 5 thanks to debt and crit strike and it wasn't fine at all. Tune in for the next game, hopefully this week. Will I tie again? Is 7 points my Yan Lo sweet spot? Guess we shall have to see
  10. I will consider that. I need to proxy or borrow a TC warrior to figure it out but that does sound fun.
  11. I should have put peaceful waters but tge LRM was really just there for model count though he did make a handy misdirection target dummy.
  12. So I recently picked up Yan Lo, because I simply can't stop myself from buying new masters. Figured I'd chronicle my Yan Lo games here so everyone can see how NOT to play him. My first game was vs Ten Thunders Standard Deployment Headhunter Claim Jump, Eliminate, Dig Graves, Recover Evidence, Search the Ruins I took: He took: Yan (Fortify, Brutal, misdirection) McCabe (some Mccabe upgrades) Soul Porter Luna Toshiro (COmmand) Shadow Em (mcCabe conflux) Shadow Em (Ancestral) Guild Hound Komaniu Dawn serpent Low River Monk Jorogumo Ten Thunders Bro Jorogumo Jorogumo We both took Eliminate and Dig and ended up tying 7-7 This was a hard hard game. I summoned exactly one Ashigaru. Yan tied up McCabe but wasn't able to dismount him. I killed both joros but it took real work. Made a big mistake forgetting Misdirection on to McCabe that would have made the difference between 1 and 2 eliminate points. Thankfully my opponent chose to go after Toshiro instead of grabbing a head marker on turn 3. Ulitimately I liked my list but I would have changed out Toshiro to Izamu and the Bro to a TC warrior if I were to go into this pool again. I did like that Toshiro buffed the Joro and the Komaniu to make short work of the enemy Joros. Yan ended up with all 3 ancestor upgrades but I think I should have kept the 3 chi for Fortify as opposed to spending it on Hunpo Assault in his last activation. It didn't end up doing anything for me as it missed McCabe all together and the +3 to my stats would have made a difference in keeping him on the board.
  13. Firestarter is a pretty awesome scheme runner too, and you can get an alt one or a translucent/day glo one without getting kaeris if you need.
  14. You will have to use mei as a scheme runner in many cases. I'd drop a single rail worker and maybe get a union miner or a wind gamin to help you scheme. Angelica with Practiced Production is another choice to help you get up the board and place markers.