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  1. Femme Fatale Voting Opens

    well for some picture with specific proportion , the picture is so small in the gallery that you can hardly see it in the gallery...( ...FF72...)
  2. Winners of Total Testosterone

    Very great competition! Many great mini work! Congrat to everyone! Time to brainstorm on the next theme!
  3. Malifaux Rules Translations

    yessssssssssssss joy and happiness thank you thank you thank you
  4. First step in Malifaux...

    time for working on "non wyrd" mini IMG_9246 IMG_9251 IMG_9240 IMG_9239
  5. First step in Malifaux...

    weekly stuff...
  6. Out of the Office

    Wait a minute. .. adepticon is in sight...but no one has talked about iron painter 2017. ..it's frightening
  7. First step in Malifaux...

    time for some non malifaux stuff...
  8. Help me paint my Guild Hounds

    Yes You be got it.:) To be more precise I don t go directly from Brown to black. I mix them to put 2 or 3 intermediate layer.
  9. Help me paint my Guild Hounds

    ok, It was a old one my first wyrd mini I think.... very very simple color schema...abaddon black / mournfang brown On a white base I put multiple layer of very diluted paint. the first layer was full mournfang brown and the last one full black. After the two first layer I ve painted some black strips on her back . Strips were covered by later layers of paint to blend them a bit Finaly I 've used mournfang brown + bleached bone to make some highlight (very few) Hope to see your hound painted soon
  10. Coloring Contest

    Thank to you dears peoples of Wyrd My daughters just received the coloring book, they was proud to receive some stuff from beyond the ocean after some negociation , the finaly accept to share one of their book with me
  11. First step in Malifaux...

    so , I've painted Archie Light was a bit too strong when I took the picture, the flesh is not so white IRL.
  12. Voodoo. Who do? You do!

    in a totaly non original way , here come Archie :
  13. First step in Malifaux...

    Just practicing on a bust. .. I have seen the one painted by Ringil and cant resist to paint one myself. ..
  14. First step in Malifaux...

    I'm still alive ! my 3rd "crossroad seven" is just finish. here come Wrath : I'm still working on my first gremlins crew too. So here come Ophelia :
  15. First step in Malifaux...

    merry christmas! who is the responsible for this scarf ? it's a pain to paint