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  1. Dogmantra

    Our worst models

    having a balanced game isn't a competition
  2. Do you have rules text to back this up? Malifaux tends to use synonyms fairly freely and it can be a trap for players used to games that are more strict about game terms.
  3. Dogmantra

    Widow Weaver Horror Duels

    Yes, although it is quite difficult because after the first failed horror duel you're paralysed, so can't take any more actions. Lenny for example can fail multiple horror duels during his activation because he is immune to conditions.
  4. I think the real answer is that there's not enough information in the rules to make a solid ruling. The randomisation rules don't require models to be legal targets in order to flip cards for them - it specifically calls out range and LoS as not being required, but it also doesn't say anything about other requirements still being required. It also then says that whoever flips the lowest card "becomes the target" which is contradicted by the specific rule that prevents the model from being the target of attacks from enemies more than 3" away. I guess you could lump MLH in with things like Terrifying, which happen after you've determined the target (and say that the action just fails) but the difference is that you're not allowed to target the MLH model, rather than having a failure clause when you target it. Personally I would want to just skip out on flipping a card for the MLH model, and I suspect that it will work like that if FAQed, but then who knows. Definitely one for the FAQ though.
  5. Dogmantra

    yet more questions on elevation

    Your understanding of the first scenario is correct. You don't add the Ht of the object to the Ht of the model standing on it for purposes of LoS, and the Vantage Point rules only kick in at Ht2 and above. It's one of those really weird rules but that's how it is. And for your second question, if you have to be in base contact with the marker, your base has to be physically touching the marker, so you'd have to climb up onto the piece of terrain if that's what it took to touch it. If you're setting up and marker is going to be perched on top of terrain, it's probably best practice to shift the terrain around a little bit unless the top is pretty accessible.
  6. Dogmantra

    Who's the best dog in Malifaux?

    a good thread to reflect all the good dogs!!!!
  7. Dogmantra

    3rd Edition - My Thoughts and Prayers

    It's a bit silly in terms of mechanics but it is so Gremliny. Like, the fearless leader of the gremlins running all over the place because his own team can't stop shooting him instead of the enemy. Personally I think 3e would be an opportunity to cut a lot of stuff. Merge a lot of similar models (is there really a need for so many 5 cost generalist minions in Gremlins for example?), get the game back to where it was around wave 2 in terms of amount of content, but hopefully take all the interesting bits from all the waves. Also tbh instead of making new vantage point rules I'd be up for just ditching them entirely, keep the game played on a flat surface.
  8. Dogmantra

    Yan Lo tactica!

    Oh dang, I didn't even notice which subforum this was on, sorry, I saw Yan Lo and got excited! But if you ever give the thunders a try, Ash Ascendant every turn, turned into Recalled Training by a Terracotta Warrior is a fun little trick.
  9. Dogmantra

    Yan Lo tactica!

    I don't even take the Chi from enemy VP upgrade, just Fortify the Spirit and the Instinctive one. That leaves 1 slot free for if you wanna go Recalled Training each turn.
  10. Dogmantra

    Very new.

    Nope, the models are 100% aesthetics, their stat cards and upgrades are totally independent.
  11. Dogmantra

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    Not very efficiently sadly. Old Major's Eye on the Young Ones makes friendly pigs consider friendly pigs to not be legal charge targets.
  12. Dogmantra

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    Seems like they're frontloading their game and if the alpha strike doesn't go off, then they lose a lot of steam. It looks like this is more about surviving turn one than anything else (I really don't expect such a crew to win certain strats & schemes). My first thought is just some sacrifical Hounds to take some hits and stand closer than anything else so the stampedes go their way. My second thought is have a little bit of armour. This is all about being hit a lot, so -1 damage per hit really adds up. My third thought is killjoy because that would be funny, but idk how effective it would be.
  13. Dogmantra

    Lazarus and dual masters

    Similarly, if Misaki hires a Freikorps Librarian in Ten Thunders or Tara hires on in Resurrectionists, it can use its heal more than once a turn because they are an Outcast too.
  14. The local store with the biggest malifaux scene moved malifaux nights to a day I already had commitments, so I haven't played much in the past couple of months, plus a lot of the less hardcore players have lost interest or moved onto other games, so our scene has been dwindling.
  15. Dogmantra

    Friendly Duels and TN/suits

    The important wording is that "it is instead assumed that the Defender tied the Attacker's final duel total, without any suits" - your final duel total is after cheating, so if you were to cheat with a four of crows, Shang's duel total would be considered to be 12, and the action would be successful.
  16. Dogmantra

    General Draw Methods in Ten Thunders?

    Lust's defensive trigger lets her draw a card after resolving if you have a tome. Once you have the ace of tomes, you can attack Lust with your own models, cheat the defense with the Ace of Tomes, and then draw a new card as well as putting the ace back in your hand. I assume the Torakage are used because they have Rapid Fire with an attack that doesn't do too much damage, and allows the Torakage to push 3" as a built in trigger.
  17. Dogmantra

    Wrastlers - Tapped Out | Disengaging Strikes

    I can't remember the exact wording of Tapped Out off the top of my head, but iirc, it gives you a condition that makes you immune to being targeted by attacks until the end of turn? If so, then disengaging strikes do not work against a Wrastler who has tapped out because they are still attacks, and you're not allowed to target the Wrastler.
  18. Dogmantra

    Bushwackers are a good model

    I had some limited success with them pre-errata as solo flank models because they have a pretty decent statline and melee as well as the shooting. I also had fantastic luck once when my opponent positioned one of the Viktorias in cover but not out of LoS, and my bushwhackers did some serious damage to her. I suspect they will be decent at 5 stones but you will probably still see Bugs and Sloppies more often because of Reckless and utility.
  19. Dogmantra

    What are some good Ten Thunders builds for Henchman Hardcore?

    I like Sensei Yu with Wandering River Style, two Illuminated and the Shadow Effigy. If they haven't got anything to deal with armour, they're really screwed.
  20. Dogmantra

    New player from Boston

    Toshiro lets you bring Punk Zombies, so it could be that.
  21. Dogmantra

    Tournaments: Flip for turn 6+?

    the job of a tournament is to be as invisible as possible, if you make a bunch of tournament only rules, then you're not playing the game, you're playing the tournament
  22. Dogmantra

    Paralyzed Condition and Reckless

    You're allowed to do things that won't have any result, so yeah, you can use Reckless just to take the damage if you want.
  23. Dogmantra


    Easier is to just have the summoned bayou gremlins use drunk & reckless to take 2 damage.
  24. Dogmantra

    Facing Hoffman

    The original post is a little misleading. It used to be worded so that all the effects were conditions, but then was rewritten so that only the ones that were ongoing were conditions.
  25. Dogmantra

    Monday Preview - Grave Golem

    Forewarned is forearmed... mmm, forearms.