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  1. Ulix - Outdated in wave 5?

    I like Ulix quite a lot. He's probably in my second favourite slot right now out of all the Gremlins (Som'er is still my fave). I think he got a pretty good deal with the new upgrades (although he was already quite starved for slots... Sammy will be an even more appealing pick now). I think he does suffer a bit and has done since GG2016 first introduced new schemes because what piglets were absolutely amazing for was the Distract family of schemes. The ability to move 8" and then interact is really good for that type of scheme, although sadly they were generally considered too easy and were rebalanced (and to be fair I think that they are much more sensible now). The low Wp can be a big deal, but you can partially mitigate it through Old Cranky and Liquid Bravery (and if it is not a big deal, you are generally playing with an advantage - pigs have pretty decent defenses for their cost other than Wp). He can also do some really nasty tricks - I once faced a crew that had Gracie in my facie on turn 1 and it was only a lucky initiative flip and some good damage flips from a Lightning Bug that managed to stop her really destroying me. Really I think that Ulix's biggest weakness is lack of a non-summoning option. I don't know if others have managed to make it work, but I certainly haven't. I have tried before to play without Husbandry but I really don't see the point. For 1AP and a 9 he can make a profit of 1 stone and if you're doing that then you might as well summon a few more Piglets and a War Pig or two and oh you're playing summoning Ulix. And on Som'er there are sometimes arguments to not take Family Tree and summon for the same 1 stone profit. You need the suit and you might want to Do It Like Dis for a ram turn 1 or you might not bring any Bayou Gremlins (unlikely, but you might not), but with Ulix what else are you doing turn 1? A crew with no 50mm pigs isn't really an Ulix Crewlix at all, and that's all you need. But idk, it really feels like he other summons or waits for opponents to come to him and goes wild prodding. I really wish Ulix's emissary upgrade had given it the Pig characteristic. I think that it's reasonable for it to not have Gremlin & Pig by default (even though both legal sculpts contain both a Gremlin and a Pig), but Ulix's emissary upgrade is really underwhelming and giving it the ability to be healed and prodded and shot in the rear wouldn't really have been game breaking but it would have given him a bit more variety.
  2. I was also pretty happy to hear an underrepresented master won, and especially with the tables apparently being fairly sparse it's nice to see a master win who isn't a super shooter.
  3. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Gremlins

    Gambling Man This model's Boomer action loses the "Thinkin' Luck" trigger. This model gains the following ability: Make Your Own Luck: This model's Ml Damage Flips ignore all s, but may not be cheated except with Bayou Two-Card. Damage Flips cheated this way suffer an unignorable .
  4. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Gremlins

    It's probably more due to the fact there are fewer Gremlin players than there are other players. And that translates into fewer testers. Anyway I think Mah got an absurdly good deal out of this. I'm calling Mah as a new force to be reckoned with. Well, maybe not but I'm calling her as much better now.
  5. Hog Whisperer - how, when and why?

    Nellie + 4 Hog Whisperers is the ultimate meta pick. But for reals I agree with Math (what a surprise!), definitely a fairly niche pick imo but their Melee is surprisingly good. I've got to try a Reactivating Sow at some point. Just don't do it vs Shenlong.
  6. Oh. OH. Ewwwww that is gross but afaik legal.
  7. Loudest Squeel is after resolving, although I do agree it is a little iffy too. I meant the 7 stones for Sparks, especially when you're deliberately having his actions fail on at least one turn.
  8. Sure can! I'd be concerned about spending quite so many stones but it's legal!
  9. You're allowed to use an action that won't do anything as long as it's against a valid target (my go-to example is you're allowed to use condition-only attacks against Lenny). Sparks's Metal Platin' action says "discard a scrap marker to..." which means anything after the "to" doesn't happen unless you discard the marker. Although because it doesn't say you "may" discard a marker, if there's one there you have to use it. On the other hand, there are one or two actions (I can't remember off the top of my head, but I'm fairly sure they're out there) that just say "Do X, discard a scheme marker" and in that case you still get to do X because it is not linked to the discarding a marker.
  10. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Ressers

    a 3 area is a circle with a diameter between 7 and 8 inches depending on the base size of the model, that is more than big enough for at least three scheme markers from one crew, even if they were all dropped with interacts. And there are plenty of abilities and actions that drop a marker which don't obey the 4" rule.
  11. Wave 5 Upgrade Hoedown

    :c the negativity is strong I'm totally cool with Som'er getting fun weird stuff that's not all that useful because he's Som'er. He's already one of the best masters in the game, and what do you give to the gremlin who has everything? (I actually would have really liked an upgrade that made him worse at shooting and better at melee or something just for a change - other than the min damage 1 I have always been an advocate for how great his melee is) Wong got a nice bonus in the form of being able to have absurdly resilient scheme runners if he brings Sammy. Mah's seem really neat, really good card cycling, and getting even more pushes is nice. Not sure on the pit trap specifics, but it sounds decent enough.
  12. Emissary - Lend me your experiences

    Very true. But I think what makes Encouragement worth taking is that it allows you to get the straight flip vs cover without focusing, and then that unlocks the ability to Bayou Two Card for a positive. I would personally probably drop Trixie for Raphael tio save the stones, but then I find her to be quite overrated anyway, although I do agree with your reasoning for keeping her.
  13. Emissary - Lend me your experiences

    With two slop haulers and all those positives flying around it seems a shame to not find space for Encouragement as well, just for even more of a boost.
  14. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    I think that's an unrealistic assumption. I doubt anyone runs three porkchops, and generally you at least want a turn 1 War Pig. I'd say a more realistic cost would be something like Husbandry + Old Major + Mechy P for a total cost of 19 which is still more than Som'er's but Som'er also doesn't summon 17 stones of models on turn 1.
  15. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    But is it really the healing that's an issue? Ulix can do the same thing in a bigger radius for his summons as a (0) but I haven't heard any complaints about Proper Care. It may be the contrarian in me but I feel like everyone is caught up in asking how they can cuddle things and I'm not seeing the need in a lot of cases.
  16. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    Lightning bugs might be a bit good for 5 stones but it seems kind of silly to target their healing on a single turn with a single master that only nets 1-6* wounds more than a Slop Hauler while requiring better setup. *maths: you have 6 gremlins who have each taken 2 damage, you hit a friendly who is in range of all 6 of them, healing 12 total wounds, and dealing 2-3 to the friendly (trigger is after damaging remember). So that is 9-10 wounds healed net. Compare to a Sloppy who can heal up to 4 models 1/2/3. So you heal 4 models, using Bayou Two Card on any weaks, which heals from 4-8 damage. (There are a couple of other aspects like Lenny or the BJ but I think they're mostly outliers)
  17. Leaves play VS removed from play

    They're the same thing. Wording isn't always consistent in this game.
  18. Mah tucket (out of blood upgrade)

    I agree! I stopped using Out For Blood when Lenny was errataed to no longer give rams to masters. The fact you need a Soulstone and an 8+ of the right suit puts me off. Lenny used to be decent enough support, and Mah was one of the masters who could make sure he could keep up since she has multiple ways to push him. I started taking Know the Terrain, Dirty Cheater, and Lead Lined Apron. I feel like the designers knew she was upgrade hungry which is why they gave The Little Lass that upgrade ability. But I wish she had either Armour 1 or Diving Charge by default.
  19. Idk, both here and on AWP, it seems like there's a new discussion on balance every day or two, and in particular a lot of suggestions to improve balance. I'm not particularly mad about it, but I am very curious why it seems to have suddenly spiked. Is it because of the errata and upcoming excitement for the new gaining grounds? I don't remember the reaction being this big to January's errata (but I do have a pretty bad memory). Thoughts?
  20. Fingers likes pretty much all of these situations very much.
  21. Delude by Broken promises (for the moment)

    It's a video game so doesn't have the same restrictions, but I always felt like Battlerite and its predecessor Bloodline Champions do this amazingly well. A typical ability description is exactly as you describe, ongoing effects are coloured differently and then described at the bottom. Definitely how I would make a game, the one issue being that Malifaux cards are fairly cramped and there might not be space.
  22. Expanding Brewmaster

    This is a good upgrade to take in 10T because it lets you hire Wesley who is one of the best totems in the game imo. Then if you take a Terracotta Warrior you can swap it out for a more useful in-game upgrade like Binge or Misdirection.
  23. My problem with Burt Jebson

    if burt wasn't a mercenary there would be 10x more salt about gremlins, at least this way anyone can benefit from his power
  24. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    There's also the opportunity cost for Som'er that he's using Do It Like Dis to drop a Mask rather than a Ram which ofc isn't huge on turn 1, but if you're doing it later it can dictate your activation order because you need a Skeeter to drop both.
  25. Poisonous beasts?

    There's one of my personal favourite models who once spent an entire game poisoning Lazarus, getting him up to poison +16 before he died: the Dawn Serpent. He usually makes it into my Marcus crew on the rare occasion I play Arcanists. Edit: Bluuuuuh totally misunderstood your post. Leaving in the dawn serpent story cos it was a funny moment tho.