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  1. Tara, Emptiness Upgrade and Hans

    More specifically, the general rules only force you to obey requirements during crew creation. During the game, anything that attaches an upgrade does so ignoring restrictions unless it specifies that it follows them.
  2. Som'er Crew... HELP!

    The upside is that Som'er is fantastic and can do anything well, but the downside is that he can do anything well so there's no one simple answer for how to play him. One of his strengths is the ability to summon more Bayou Gremlins. You can focus on this as your main use, or you can just do it at the start, but it's often a good idea to do so because Family Tree costs 2ss, so if you only summon one Gremlin you've made a net profit of 1ss. You'll probably want some Bayou Gremlins to start with anyway because having lots of models is very powerful, and Bayou Gremlins are very good at dropping scheme markers to complete objectives. If you want to focus on summoning, I'd suggest Som'er, Skeeters, a Lightning Bug, a Slop Hauler and at least 3 Bayou Gremlins as part of your starting crew. You use "Do It Like Dis!", preferably with a Skeeter first* in order to discard a mask, so that all nearby gremlins get +. This means that you only need an 8 or more to summon, and you can probably manage to get it off three times, once on each gremlin, getting you three more. They should all have taken 2 damage, so you then use your Lightning Bug to attack Som'er and declare its Yippee trigger, which will heal all six Bayou Gremlins back to full at the cost of a couple of wounds on Som'er. You can then use the rest of your crew to get into position. One other trick is to swing at Som'er with some of your Bayou Gremlins or Skeeters and use the built in mask from Do It Like Dis to push him up 4", getting him a bit closer to the action without spending any of his AP. On later turns make sure you have some Bayou Gremlins nearby to summon off, and you will probably want to use your Slop Hauler to heal instead of the Lightning Bug because it is a bit less risky. * the reason you cast Do It Like Dis! with a Skeeter rather than Som'er is because it's a (0) action on Som'er, so you only get one chance, so if you flip the Black Joker you are screwed out of a turn of easier summoning, but if you do it with a Skeeter, you get two tries per activation, plus Som'er's (0) if you need it. It's a rare occurence, but it has happened to me before and it sucks. For a more incidental summoning, I'd go with just 1-3 Bayou Gremlins and a Slop Hauler as the core. Just use Som'er or a Skeeter to Do It Like Dis for a mask on turn 1, then summon a couple of extra models and ignore the Family Tree upgrade for the rest of the game unless you have nothing else to do with him or you're starting to get really outnumbered. Really they're just two variations on a theme. Another good trick to use with Family Tree is to summon a Bayou Gremlin from a Bayou Gremlin that has already taken some damage. You kill the original, but you summon a replacement, and Som'er's Survival of the Fittest ability lets you draw two cards when a nearby Gremlin dies. His other big strength is his gun. It's only Sh5, but it can do ridiculous amounts of damage with his ram trigger. The general strategy is to use Do It Like Dis, discard a ram, and then take several shots which now have the absurd damage track of 4/4/8. It costs you a wound per hit, but that's why you bring the Dirty Cheater upgrade, letting Som'er heal a wound each time he cheats during his activation. A good combination with this is to bring Sammy LaCroix, who has the Good Student ability. This lets her attach an upgrade that is normally restricted to the master leading the crew. You then give her Som'er's Encouragement upgrade, which means that when Som'er declares a shot, he can take a wound to gain to the shot. This lets him ignore cover, and makes him more accurate against enemies out of cover. It's an incredibly powerful combo that can dish out silly amounts of damage, and I tend to bring it in nearly every tournament game. These are the two main things Som'er brings to the table in my opinion, although you can also use him as more of a support master, I find the direct approach tends to work best for me. Of course, if you are using things like Do It Like Dis to buff Som'er, you might as well make use of it with the rest of your crew too. Speaking of the rest of your crew, some fantastic models to bring with him: Bayou Gremlins, they're cheap models who can achieve objectives pretty easily and obviously you need some for Som'er to summon more Slop Hauler, a staple of any Gremlin crew, you're going to be hurting yourself so you need a way to heal back up Lightning Bug, another extremely useful model, they can basically do anything. They work as good close or ranged fighters, or like a more durable Bayou Gremlin for achieving schemes. They can also help to heal up summons with one of their triggers. Burt Jebsen, he's already a silly good fighter, but Som'er is likely to be handing out Rams via "Do It Like Dis!". Burt synergises very well with this, as it gives him +1 damage on his melee attack, and automatic access to his defensive trigger. Merris LaCroix, she has two purposes: firstly she protects against damage, which can be very helpful when facing e.g. Rasputina if you are clumped up. Secondly she is absurdly good at certain schemes. Anything that requires you to drop scheme markers on the opponent's table half she excels at because she can move 15" a turn with flight and still drop a marker at the end of it. There are plenty more, but if those five were the only models I had access to, I would find it more than sufficient for most situations.
  3. 👍 borrow mine but I want it back later
  4. Story Encounters

    I liked the train robbery from Ripples of Fate quite a bit because of the moving t(er)rain which I thought was super neato and was the sort of thing story encounters are good for. It gave a good reason for the gimmick to exist too rather than some of the base rulebook ones which I think can be a little random.
  5. Declaring abilities while paralyzed?

    I think it's pretty obviously not RAI since there has already been an errata to make it work more "realistically" by disallowing all actions. Surely Aaron would have also fixed this at the same time if he intended to. I'm sure he knows that abilities still work, so surely he would make it more clear if they were not supposed to. This is the issue with arguing from unknowable intent as opposed to interpretations of the text that is actually on the page. You have to filter another whole layer of assumptions which people might not necessarily share.
  6. Yu and Terracotta

    139) If Sensei Yu has the Promising Disciple Upgrade, and Hans discards one of Shenlong’s Upgrades, can Sensei Yu attach it? No. Sensei Yu may attach Upgrades discarded by Shenlong; the Upgrade was discarded by Hans. Relevant FAQ answer which implies this is the correct way. It's particularly embarrassing because I think I wrote that bit of PMF :s I'm gonna go and get rid of it now!
  7. Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    Sammy's ability changes all mentions of the Master's name to her name for the upgrade she's holding.
  8. Hmm, well After Failing is specifically after the entire action has resolved. "But before suffering damage" is the awkward part. Personally I would parse it as either delaying the application of damage until After Failing, or maaaybe slotting the trigger in at the last moment before suffering damage. Both of which happen after the damage has been flipped.
  9. Drinking Problem and Fingers

    The model who is being healed makes the healing flip. Pg 47 big rulebook: "In addition, the healed model is considered to be the model that makes the flip (and may therefore choose to cheat)."
  10. Where is the precedent for this in the rules or the English language? There's actually the opposite precedent in that abilities say things like "This model" when referring to bonuses that they get, despite the fact that it's written on their upgrade or stat card, which implies there is no default. And even if we do grant that it would default to Som'er if it didn't list who it affects, that doesn't matter, because it does list who it affects: other friendly gremlins. It's a pretty simple structure, condition then effect. Take the phrases "When doing construction work, builders should wear hard hats" and "Builders should wear hard hats when doing construction work". They mean the same thing because there is no reasonable way to interpret the former as "when a specific person (perhaps the speaker) is doing construction work, all builders ever should wear hard hats". In this case, whoever wrote the ability clearly decided to say when the ability works before what it does, which in my opinion is absolutely justifiable because it flags up the important part first and you don't have to read the whole ability to know whether it's relevant. Could it be written better? Absolutely. Is it anywhere near as ambiguous as you're claiming? Only if you ignore English As She Is Spoke.
  11. Question 77 from the FAQ implies that attacks made as part of a charge are considered to be causally linked to the charge. I know standard disclaimer about only applying to this specific situation, but I don't see how it's possible to suggest that the attacks made aren't a result of the charge. 77) If a model is able to take Charges as a (1) Action and it is Obeyed to Charge, could it be targeted by Obey again during the same Activation if the Charge results in the model making Attacks? No. If any Attacks are made during the course of the model being Obeyed (including Actions generated by other Actions) then it may not be targeted by Obey again during the same Activation.
  12. Which are Gremlins best scheme runners?

    I mean even a sloppy is useful for running schemes in a pinch, they can do Claim Jump on their own, or move 8" and drop a marker. Although if you're not using them to heal then you should probably be using them to fight.
  13. Which are Gremlins best scheme runners?

    Best Enforcer for Enforcer Brawl imo is Raphael with Dirty Cheater. He's going to be cheaper than most other enforcers, so you're going to be getting bonus points against most opponents, reckless means you're pretty much never going to be on full wounds, but armour 1 and hard to kill make you pretty tough to take down so you aren't going to hand out points very easily (and when you do, hopefully they will be more expensive than you, so you only give em 3 rather than 4 for killing you) and ideally your opponents will take note of this and just not bother, allowing you to mop up kills with any decent rams you get. Gracie is similar but she is a bit slower and more expensive than most, so will be giving away a few more points. Best scheme runners for Gremlins: Merris LaCroix, she can theoretically move 15" with flight and still drop a marker, she can do claim jump on her own for either a card or one wound for reckless. She's somewhat vulnerable to being counterattacked because she has no way to fight back once engaged in melee, but Df6 and exploding on death can make people wary. Lots of Bayou Gremlins. At least two or three, usually to opposite ends of the centreline for Claim Jump. They're cheap, they can help you out activate your opponent, and if you need to, one can do Claim Jump on its own with Drunk and Reckless. Also, they're so cheap that you don't really care that much if you get counterattacked. Fingers. He's the ultimate scheme piece, you take him if you REALLY want to get your schemes done and stop your opponent from getting theirs. He's a big investment but in certain pools, particularly things like Headhunter and Search the Ruins. He's also super hard to take down between his Loudest Squeel trigger and the ability to heal. The First Mate. Like a more niche version of Merris, he's more resistant to counterattacks because Leap allows him to disengage really easily and he can fight back, but he also takes some more resources compared to Merris Anyone with Reckless tbh.
  14. Brewmaster Core, for comment

    I've had pretty much exactly this idea and have tried it out a few times, but sadly it doesn't seem to perform as well on the table as in theory. It's been a while so I don't remember exactly what went wrong, but cover hurt it, and the Bayou Gremlins often ended up having to either split up or die.
  15. Rising Sun Vs. Cheating Bastard

    I actually used to play with Endless Hunger since I don't really care for the Brilliance theme, but I'm pretty sure I will be using Cheating Bastard as my go to from now on. The cheating auras are pretty huge when combined, and it's a good defense for Lynch himself. The heal everything 2 is great, especially when you're bringing stuff with Hard to Kill like Burt or The Lone Swordsman
  16. Dawn Serpent or Whiskey Golem

    Shrug, I guess y'all's experience is different from mine, but every time I take him, he gives me a differential of at least 3 or 4 points. I would say that I think it's not fair to roll the cost of Running Tab into Fingers's cost though, since you're taking it for Wesley anyway* (and taking a Terracotta Warrior to protect Wesley as well) *the other upgrade's aura is useful enough that it's a waste to use it immediately, and missing out on a turn 1 (0) and 1AP from Wesley kinda sucks
  17. Dawn Serpent or Whiskey Golem

    With respect, have you played Fingers in Headhunter?
  18. Dawn Serpent or Whiskey Golem

    Unless you're taking Brewmaster so that you can hire Fingers. Which is worth it in Headhunter.
  19. Brewmaster Core, for comment

    Hannah's copy is a (0) so she'd only Pick Yer Poison once, but she's a solid model otherwise so I don't really see a problem. I guess my main issue with this is that you're putting so many points into replicating an action which is just okay, and splitting the card discard between multiple activations, which weakens it significantly (cause they get to use their good cards between your activations)
  20. My ulix build

    I'm confused how the war pigs are starting out of base contact with Ulix. I suspect terrain may hinder this but it does look like getting the right cards is the key part, rather than the positioning.
  21. My ulix build

    Could you draw a diagram of how all of the key players are positioned? Particularly how Merris and Aionus move and where they drop scheme markers in order for all 6 to be within 4 of Ulix. It's possible to have at least 6 scheme markers within 4 of him even if they're all placed by interacts, but I'm curious as to how feasible it is with this method.
  22. damn still doubts!

    Yes, your diagram is fine, as long as the model is flying or incorporeal, and the distance to the other side of the building is only one walk
  23. damn still doubts!

    If you want to end on top of the building, then you have to move upwards 4" (because it is Ht4). But if you just want to move past the building, you don't have to spend any extra movement as long as you can get all the way to the other side in one Walk action.
  24. A couple frustrations about Brewmaster

    I think they're valuation warpers more than strictly damage. Their role isn't to deal hits, it's to warp your opponent's ability to correctly value their own resources (e.g. hard to wound, mid value cards)
  25. TT Brewmaster help/tactics?

    Good point about Shenlong imo, and it's something that hurts Brewmaster in Gremlins too. TT Brewie has it a bit better because he can bring Fingers while Shenlong can't, and Fingers is obscene in certain situations (seriously if y'all haven't seen him in Headhunter you are missing out!). All the other Tri-Chi models (except Wesley) don't really fill any sort of unique niche that's worth paying for Running Tab and bringing them in*. I'd prefer a focus on his cross faction hiring over poison. *I'm yet to see how Tanuki perform and they could be the answer for the Gremlin side, and you could make an argument for Moon Shinobi in 10T but Shenlong/Sensei Yu can replicate Drunken Gremlin Kung Fu too. Fingers is waaaaay more than ok. People seem to underrate him because he does exactly two things and he's expensive for a model with pathetic damage output, but boy howdy he is the best schemer in the game absolutely. I mean if we're also talking about issues with Brewmaster I think it goes a bit deeper than poison not being great. I think it goes ultimately down to the fact that he can shut models down quite well. Ca7 is pretty dang reliable for an action that drops all your stats by ~2 and prevents cheating. The issue is that with 3AP he can drop it onto 3 models and shut them down for a turn. OTOH, Misaki can kill a model or two with her activation and shut them down permanently in a way that doesn't require her to go early in the turn and is immune to condition removal. And that's Misaki, generally considered a weaker master. It's not as bad in 10T as it is in Gremlins where Wong or Som'er can blast multiple models off the table, but there are so many things that can counter Brewmaster's shutting down that just don't counter a bullet to the face.