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  1. Lynch Tactica: The House always wins!

    Here's a combo I played with today that worked well. I was trying out GG2018, and I had Inescapable Trap and Hold Up Their Forces. I brought Lynch with Cheating Bastard, plus McTavish. Hungering Darkness engaged two enemies, Lynch revealed two masks every turn to have Hungy drop one scheme marker for the trap, and McTavish followed Lynch around eating one each turn. I had the Ace of Rams for most of the game and would just drop it in to give McTavish a 3rd attack per turn. It worked really well.
  2. Depending on the exact layout you might be able to charge Sonnia. The Rail Golem has an engagement range of 2" so if the Witchling was close enough to Sonnia that the Golem could still get within 2" of Sonnia (not moving through anyone), then you could charge her legally. Otherwise follow what the others have already said.
  3. what's your crutch?

    I always seem to play with a fate deck. I've tried not using one but I just can't seem to manage anything without it.
  4. Wave 5 - GG 18 Tier List and Faction Standing

    I strongly doubt it. Som'er is my area of expertise so I can speak to him more, but I'm sure this also applies to Sandeep. Som'er is good because he does everything. He can summon easily with low resource cost, he hits incredibly hard with his min damage 4 shooting, and he supports the rest of his crew pretty well too with Do It Like Dis, Encouragement etc. To top it off he has great stats and is really hard to kill thanks to Loudest Squeel. While Yan Lo is definitely better with his new upgrades, Instinctive and Casting Expert are great, they don't really give him much new to do, just let him do his old stuff more. And not having enough AP was an issue with him previously, but the other issue was that most of his actions weren't that impressive. Lightning Dance is great, but it's quite short range on a very slow master, and puts him in danger with his poor defensive stats. And a Ca8 attack is nice, but it only has a 2/3/4 damage track and no nasty triggers or anything. I'm a Yan Lo apologist, I think he was much better than people gave him credit for pre wave 5, but I'm not convinced he'll be Som'er level of strong post wave 5. (also as an aside, I think one of the strongest ways to play him pre wave 5 was to get a recalled training every turn with a terracotta warrior, and now he has more upgrades that he wants it makes it harder to do that, which means they weren't quite as much of a buff as it seems) sorry, I sound like a real negative nancy here, I don't mean to be so down on Yan Lo, I'd love to be proven wrong, but I just don't think that he's going to be as powerful as that.
  5. The "Biggest Hand" Crew

    I remember reading a battle report or at least anecdote of someone bringing a crew of Som'er with Family Tree, Merris, and 13 Bayou Gremlins and winning. It was probably Dom Westerland.
  6. Zipp - rather good fun

    First piece of advice would be to ditch Hovering Airship from Zipp and give it to a different member of his crew. Even though it has the same effects regardless of who it's attached to, when you use the attack with Zipp, that's AP you're not spending on his fantastic other actions, while an Iron Skeeter has less powerful actions so the opportunity cost isn't as great. Otherwise, you already have Burt, so for more damage I'd go for Francois (I would personally not do Poorly Handled Explosives and let him die, I'd probably make the opponent kill him, but it's a decent strat - definitely make him fast with an Iron Skeeter though), Raphael LaCroix is a personal favourite of mine. Also Lightning Bugs are just really solid. Slop Haulers can also pack a punch even if you bring them primarily for healing. For card draw I'd recommend Zipp's upgrade Rambling Diatribe. It gives him a (0) that makes the target reveal their hand, discard all cards of that suit, then draw as many as they discarded. Just use it on one of your own models to cycle out bad cards. I'm also not a huge fan of Earl, so I like to bring Old Cranky with him, who gives you more card cycling.
  7. Year of the Pig

    Old Major is really, really good, and does a lot just by standing there. But he's expensive and has garbage defenses. You might consider leaving him at home if A Quick Murder is in the pool because he will probably be your most expensive model and Df 4 is asking to give away points (as if he didn't already have a huge target painted on him). He's also really slow because of low Wk and his best action (Nudge Em On) is a (1), so if you want to play a more mobile crew or one a bit closer to the front line then he can slow you down a ton, kind of the pig equivalent of Lenny. It can be a good idea to still take him even if this is the case because the to attack and damage is silly good, but if you're also going pig-light (which I think is a great way to play Ulix in some situations), then it might be worth replacing him with the Mech Porkchop for a similar less powerful aura but that applies to more stuff. Honestly, not bringing Old Major is a maybe 1 in 5, possibly 1 in 10 sort of scenario but I think it's worth considering if you can leave him behind sometimes.
  8. The "Biggest Hand" Crew

    Sammy and Old Cranky can also cycle one more per turn. I think something like Zoraida with Crystal Ball, Crier, Sammy might be a decent card stacky crew? Focus on Bewitch with Zoraida, Sammy holds Aetheric Punishment to snipe people. Zoraida draws a card at the start of her activation, Sammy then gets to discard and draw, and then because Sammy discarded, the crier gets to draw (that's how it works right? don't have book 5 yet). Then having bewitched a couple of things and maybe got some Obeys off, you'll be drawing a nice chunk of cards off that. Probably not the best, but it's really cheap, 15 or 16 stones for that little combo (can't remember how much Aetheric Punishment costs), and that's going to draw you a lot. If you don't need a functional crew, Som'er + Family Tree with one Banjonista and 14 Bayou Gremlins can draw his entire deck into his hand if he summons 4 more, but it's a pointless waste of time beyond being able to say "hey I drew my whole deck", since it involves killing pretty much your entire crew.
  9. Year of the Pig

    Interference is still in the rotation tho, for tournaments and suchlike. And Ours! will be good for Ulix too I think because of the reasons mentioned above, but probably sans pigapult.
  10. Year of the Pig

    Bare minimum imo (other than his box): 2 boxes of piglets. 3 piglets is just not enough for summoning and imo summoning is what he does best. 6 will nearly always be enough provided you don't hire any when you're summoning (and you probably shouldn't because you can summon them anyway). I've never gone beyond 6 but it could happen. 1 War Pig. Again I would suggest not hiring one because you can summon them, and in my experience you get one out and then have your crew focus on other things. 1 other 50mm based pig, i.e. Gracie, The Sow, or the Mechanical Porkchop. It's best to spread out the damage from your summon among multiple pigs, so two models you can summon piglets off is better than just 1 (Old Major). Most people don't rate the Mech Porkchop, I kinda like it. Very simply: Gracie = tank with strong damage, The Sow = glass cannon, Mech Porkchop = support. Slop Haulers. Just one is fine, but they come in a box of two and there are times you will want both. They're just a really nice all round model. Don't neglect their offense! Some sort of scheme runner(s). I like either Merris or a few Bayou Gremlins. You could do others, but being able to drop three markers fairly easily on turn 1 is pretty important for getting a war pig out. Straddling the line between bare minimum and next steps: The Pigapult. The ability to churn out three models a turn and then place them wherever you want on the board is silly good. It's especially powerful for Interference (which I believe is still in the 2018 rotation?). It's not required or even useful in several strats, but it plus either Ulix or Som'er is pretty much a mandatory pick when any Reconnoiter or Interference appears for any Gremlin player trying their hardest to win. Next steps: A second War Pig. You'll summon one often enough that you'll want the model. The other 50mm pigs. In my opinion they're all useful enough to justify in different situations. Some people will tell you to skip the Mech Porkchop. You can if you want, I won't judge you. Also, knowing when not to bring Old Major can be handy. He's amazing, but he can also be quite a liability, but you probably still want two pigs to summon from. Sammy LaCroix. Ulix is in a weird position of having too many and not enough things to do. For the times when he's got too many things to do, bring Sammy with the Hunting Bow and use Shot In The Rear with her instead of your master. Even if you never draw the 6 you need, a Sh7 attack with Bayou Two card is pretty nice too. A Hog Whisperer. I don't personally own one, but I know @Math Mathonwy is a big fan, and I can see the appeal of a reactivating War Pig or The Sow. Also gets you one more piglet just in case you're running out when summoning. Old Cranky. Probably the most optional model because he's mutually exclusive with Penelope and she is very useful, but I like him to boost the terrible Wp of Pigs (especially combined with Liquid Bravery - Wp6 piglets is great fun when your opponent is expecting an easy ride), and to generally buff you up. He also gives you some card cycling which is great for Ulix who is very card hungry. Also great to combine with Sammy for extra cycling. Burt Jebsen: Burt Jebsen. (okay for reals, Burt is just always amazing, no particular synergies with Ulix other than a trigger to push pigs around, but what it can be easy to get caught up in is making this massive swarm of pigs, and you end up with way too much support and not enough actual doers, so when your workpigs die you're just left with support. Bringing someone self reliant like Burt is super helpful because it lets you act a bit more independently.) It seems like a ton of stuff, and I guess it is quite a lot, but you can totally build up over time. If you're already a Gremlin player you'll probably have a few of these models already, and the other stuff you can pick up individually when you feel like you've reached your limit with what you have. The good thing about Ulix is he's quite self contained, so once you've built up a good core, your crews will be remixing the models you have, and you won't have that many stones left to incorporate new stuff in, so the spending slows down.
  11. Year of the Pig

    both of ya but I edited my post because I realised how vague it was haha
  12. Year of the Pig

    Yeah I agree a lot actually. I also think he'll be quite good for Ours! because he can use his summons to fight, letting him send in lots of SS worth of models to fight without risking losing SS for the strategy.
  13. Are Gremlins OP?

  14. Starting TT Lynch crew

    I like the Shadow Effigy with Lynch, rarely play without it. It's a cheap activation, it can make your more expensive minions (i.e. illuminated) drop scheme markers without spending their AP, and the to one attack condition is really useful for stopping Lynch from being murdered unceremoniously.
  15. Rejoice in Rebirth

    It's any time, so whenever a marker is placed by another model nearby, regardless of whose activation it is.