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  1. What are some good Ten Thunders builds for Henchman Hardcore?

    I like Sensei Yu with Wandering River Style, two Illuminated and the Shadow Effigy. If they haven't got anything to deal with armour, they're really screwed.
  2. New player from Boston

    Toshiro lets you bring Punk Zombies, so it could be that.
  3. Tournaments: Flip for turn 6+?

    the job of a tournament is to be as invisible as possible, if you make a bunch of tournament only rules, then you're not playing the game, you're playing the tournament
  4. Paralyzed Condition and Reckless

    You're allowed to do things that won't have any result, so yeah, you can use Reckless just to take the damage if you want.
  5. Dilemma...

    Easier is to just have the summoned bayou gremlins use drunk & reckless to take 2 damage.
  6. Facing Hoffman

    The original post is a little misleading. It used to be worded so that all the effects were conditions, but then was rewritten so that only the ones that were ongoing were conditions.
  7. Monday Preview - Grave Golem

    Forewarned is forearmed... mmm, forearms.
  8. 4 Player Team games

    There's the official tag team format in the Alternate Tournament Formats document, copy pasted here: Tag Team is a tournament version of Malifaux in which two players play as a team. This format is good for groups who are looking for something different in terms of list building, as combining two lists is always interesting. Also, coordinating with another player adds a whole new dimension to the game. This format may be good for new players if they can be teamed up with a veteran willing to help them along. Restrictions Each player must have a teammate, and each team is considered a single entity for tournament standings (players win or lose as a team). Each player assembles a legal 25 Soulstone Crew. One teammate must assemble a Crew led by a Henchman while the other must assemble a Crew led by a Master (note: in this case a Master may be selected to lead a 25 Soulstone Crew). Then the teammates combine their Crews. While each individual 25 Soulstone Crew must be legal, the combined Crew may break the normal hiring rules. (For example, when selecting their 25 Soulstone Crew, a player may only select one copy of a Rare 1 model. But if each teammate selects the same Rare 1 model, then the team as a whole may have two copies of the model when they combine their Crews. Similarly, the two Crews do not even need to be from the same Faction). All models on a team’s combined Crew are considered friendly to each other, although they will be controlled by the member of the team which hired them. The Soulstone Pool of the combined Crew is considered to be equal to the Cache of the Master plus the Cache of the Henchman who were chosen to lead the individual 25 Soulstone Crews. This may bring the Pool over the usual limit of 7. The size of the Crew’s Soulstone Pool cannot be higher than this combined Cache; any Soulstones above this amount are discarded. Each team shares a deck, but each player has a hand of 4 cards (instead of the usual 6) which may only be used for the Actions/Abilities and for Cheating Fate with the models belonging to their original Crew. Teams flip for initiative and alternate Activating models as if each team were a single player. However, each player has complete control over the models which they selected for their original 25 Soulstone Crew in all aspects including Cheating Fate and using Soulstones. When it is a team’s turn to Activate a model, they must choose which player’s model they are Activating. Each team shares a Soulstone Pool, so players must discuss using Soulstones with their teammate carefully! The Master is considered the Crew’s Leader for all Strategy and Scheme purposes Teammates may show each other their hands without revealing them to the opposing team. However, all other communication must be public and in view/hearing range of the opposing team (and in a language they can understand).
  9. behavior in tournament

    So in this case your opponent focused so that they could cheat a damage flip against your master without realising they had Impossible to Wound? The rules of the game are public information, so everyone should know what each model can do but of course there are too many to memorise so it comes down to etiquette. In cases like this I think it's good to remind your opponent before they flip if you think you know what they are doing, so since focus is often used to get a cheateable damage flip, I would remind my opponent if I remembered.
  10. Mah Tucket - is there any hope?

    I've had some good results using both her new upgrades (Pit Traps going on the Little Lass). She pushes around a ton for practically no cost, and her push isn't too bad at shoving lower Wp models out of position. I've mostly used her as a quick surgical strike with the start of turn push as a run away tool but I imagine she would work quite nicely as a scheme runner hunter or flanker of some sort. She's no Som'er but then, who is?
  11. Brewie2018 - A new perspective

    This is the gremlin forum, but One For The Road to get Brewmaster and Sensei Yu pushed up a bit, plus drop Poison +4 on a model is a trick I like to use when bringing him in 10T, usually on a fermented river monk. Now that Tanuki are out you can use it on anyone really I guess for the reactivate.
  12. Gremlins and GG18 - A new hope?!? (current state)

    I wouldn't think of Tanukipult as that much of an exploit tbh. You have to jump through quite a few hoops and do it in the right scheme pool. Like, you have to bring Brewmaster and the pigapult, which is quite a big opportunity cost, and imo non-summoners aren't amazing with the pult. Then you either have the tanuki wait around doing nothing until you want to use it, or you have to launch them turn one. There are plenty of downsides, and I'm sure Aaron knows that the abilty works when paralysed. I think it seems fine to me, even when you get the perfect storm and score 6 points turn 1
  13. nurse nerf, why?

    Also don't forget that in Gremlins and Neverborn, Zoraida can win one duel at Ca7 and then stop that model from participating in the rest of the game by just having the nurse paralyse the voodoo doll each turn. She used to pay 6 anyway and they were well worth it.
  14. Pere....Pull!!!

    I'm agreeing with you on timing, just not on reasoning
  15. Yeah I think there are too many models. Waves 3-5 could have been smaller I think.