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  1. Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Gremlins)

    I can see why they didn't want to give the emissary the Gremlin characteristic for Som'er because it's not like he needs more great synergy, but I am still really baffled that Ulix's upgrade doesn't give the Emissary the pig characteristic. It's more expensive than other 50mm pigs, doesn't have a significantly better melee attack than someone like Old Major, and imo his is one of the weakest emissary upgrades in faction.
  2. Plague Pit and blight timing

    @solkan Plague Pits does actually give blight out for ending an action near them, not an activation. It still gives one for beginning an activation near them, so you're correct when talking about that part. @Sanik The model that removed the marker would not gain blight because the marker was gone before the end of the action. An action ends after the effects have been resolved, and the effect of the interact in this case is to remove the plague pit.
  3. Wrastlers

    It's only cheateable if the original damage flip is too. FAQ: 75) If a Trigger on an Action causes damage (whether a flip or a fixed amount), does that count as part of the original Action? Is it modified by effects like the Accuracy Modifier and Focus? Do fixed damage bonuses (such as from Hallucinogens or The Bigger They Are) apply to the Trigger? Triggers that cause damage are a part of the Action which caused them. Any damage flip on such a Trigger would retain any Fate Modifiers to the original flip including Accuracy, Focus, cover, etc. Any fixed damage (such as the +1 damage from The Bigger They Are) only applies to the initial Action (not any resulting Triggers). Their attack can be pretty good and probably works nicely with things like Encouragement and Focus. But if you want a 5 stone minion that is so aces, have you heard of slop haulers and lightning bugs?
  4. Insectophile

    Yeah, if I knew I was up against Pandora and I was playing Som'er I would definitely use the upgrade slot for Liquid Bravery and bring Old Cranky. Gotta have those Wp7 Bayou Gremlins!
  5. Insectophile

    Oh defo, it's just that in the case of an attack based summon where you need moderate, there are more moving parts and it's difficult to guarantee because the "TNs" depend on what you flip rather than static numbers. You know you need an 8 for Git Yer Bro, but to get the 6+ margin between attack and defense you could need to cheat the attack up, the defense down, or both depending on what you flip and your hand, plus a moderate damage just to be safe. I think it's probably not as much of a risk as it feels to me, but I tend to prefer a sure thing; if you play a bit more fast and loose it probably works quite well. Encouragement is a good idea.
  6. Insectophile

    hm, needing moderate puts me off a bit, I'm totally cool with one master AP to get a skeeter, but two is starting to stretch it imo. I suppose a more guaranteed (other than BJ of course) way would be to add in Lenny, and have your Skeeter boy go drunk and reckless near him to start for 1 extra damage. Although is that worth the extra stones for Lenny? Hmm, who can say. I do also think that in general Som'er's melee gets a bad rep. Min damage 1 is pretty awful, but 4/5 moderate/severe is nice, and if you have Sammy hold Encouragement, you can get double positives on charge attacks fairly cheaply. I also like it against models with Hard to Kill, because it lets you fairly reliably get fresh piglets (or skeeters with this upgrade)
  7. New Player, old Ophelia box

    Ophelia is the only Gremlin master I don't play, but my main thought is that her box gives you a lot o' killing, which is fine and good, but adding more killing may not be the best idea, and Roosters and Bushwhackers are primarily killy models. Assuming you don't want to go wild and do stuff like buy a whole crew box just for one model, I'd recomment for some small purchases: Bayou Gremlins* - like Ludvig said, they're cheap, you could use them as proxies for Young LaCroix if you wanted, and they give you lots of extra activations. They're good for taking objectives and generally just being warm bodies. Merris LaCroix - thematically another member of the Kin, she is a lot less killy. She's strapped to a big rocket and her thing is being very, very fast. She is really really good at lots of schemes (what people refer to as "a scheme runner") and will end up scoring you lots of points. Sammy LaCroix - ha, the last LaCroix. Just a coincidence really. She gives you a lot of stuff you're otherwise missing. She's more of a control model than a straight damage model, and she also targets Willpower instead of Defense, meaning she gives you a way to do stuff against enemy crews that have generally high Df. I also really like her so there. *if budget isn't an issue, I would really recommend buying Som'er Teeth Jones's crew box "The Bayou Boss" instead of the regular bayou gremlins box. It contains the same 4 bayou gremlin models, but you also get Lenny, who is a good support model that works well with most of the Kin. One of their common mechanics is dealing double damage but taking half of the damage that they dealt. Lenny lets them access it whenever rather than relying on the right card, and he reduces all damage they take by 1, making it a better deal. Also of course you get Som'er and his totems, and I like him a lot too as a master.
  8. Insectophile

    Out of curiosity how are you managing to kill Bayou Gremlins consistently with 1AP from Som'er due to min damage 1? Hoping for lucky flips or is there more going on under the surface? I don't think this upgrade is bad. I think it provides something Som'er already sort of has, but in a slightly different and probably improved way, so it usually gets left on the shelf because people want to bring 3 upgrades on him already.
  9. Strategy markers =/= terrain?

    Oh yeah, there's a missing comma. I was parsing it as "[Markers do not count as terrain] and [have no Ht unless otherwise noted]" but that would require a comma before the "and". I stand corrected. (although @Ludvig it wouldn't be the first time the FAQ changed or tweaked the basic rules rather than clarify em )
  10. Strategy markers =/= terrain?

    Best interpretation is that models treat such markers as terrain, but they are not considered to be terrain for other purposes: FAQ 73) Do models with Flying and Incorporeal treat Markers with terrain traits as if they were actual terrain? Yes, as do all other models. Big rulebook page 49 "Markers do not count as terrain and have no Ht unless otherwise noted" (as one of the things all markers have in common)
  11. Ours should be "Leader" not "Master" (11/6)

    I actually think summoners will do better than expected in Ours, since they can fight and generally bully their opponent with summons, and not worry about those models dying and denying them valuable SS for quarter control, while a non-summoner has to choose whether to engage or play cagey and save their stones.
  12. Piglets and Set Er' Up

    Strictly following RAW, they could each declare charges on themselves to move out of charge range of each other, but that would then of course mean that they would always be within range of a legal charge target (themselves), better to just stick to the more sensible interpretation (also, interesting, you can choose to charge as a 2, thanks for pointing that out!)
  13. How does Hemmed work?

    Gotcha, but I disagree with this I think. Because the condition deals the damage, not the model the condition is on. See the fact that no one gets credit for condition kills.
  14. How does Hemmed work?

    This specific ability would sort of apply because the burning dealt to the Voodoo Doll would be transferred via Sewn Fate to the hem target, but you're correct that damage is dealt by Sewn Fate so something like "This model's attacks ignore Armor" still wouldn't stop the armour from the Hem target working.
  15. Bulletproof correct definition

    From the FAQ: 61) It seems there are two different versions of Bullet Proof. One says “Sh Attack Actions” and the other says “Sh Actions,” which is correct? Sh Actions. Bullet proof protects against Sh Tactical Actions as well.