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  1. 1. Yes, all conditions can be removed unless they say otherwise. There's no rule that forbids removal of Sewn Fate. In particular, it is removed automatically if the Voodoo Doll leaves play or takes the Hem action again. 2. Yes, there is no restriction on hemming a model that was already hemmed by an old Voodoo Doll. It is also not considered the same model when it is resummoned. 3. Yes, all damage on the doll is transferred to enemies with the Sewn Fate condition, regardless of the source. The only exception is that it doesn't transfer any excess wounds if it takes more damage than it has wounds left - if it has 3 wounds left and takes 5 damage, the hemmed enemy will only take 3 damage. It's worth remembering that you need Line of Sight to summon even if it doesn't specify in the action or ability, so Zoraida/Wisps will need to be summoning the doll in a position with LoS. Also bear in mind that the Wisps have a range restriction and must be within 10" and LoS of Zoraida to copy the doll summon action even if they can start anywhere due to Hexed Among You
  2. Yeah she should be able to. The only restrictions are Family and Rare 1 so provided you have no other copies in your crew, Perdita could take it since she has the Family characteristic. EDIT: ahh I just checked the rulebook, forgot to check errata. Makes sense though because boy howdy that would be silly on Perdita
  3. McCabe throws one badge to another friend, then you swap another of his upgrades for another badge...
  4. It's the fact it's a summon that makes the difference. "Summoning creates a new model" is the first sentence of the summoning rules on pg 51 big rulebook.
  5. FAQ: 8) If an opposing Crew is temporarily controlling a model, which Crew cheats/spends Soulstones for it? The Crew which controls the model cheats and spends any Soulstones for the model. So yeah, whoever is controlling the model does the flipping and cheating, regardless of the action being performed.
  6. They work nicely as Pigapult killers. If you're expecting the pigapult (probably in Interference or Reconnoiter) then bringing one can be a good idea. It pops up then charges the pigapult, and it only needs one moderate + one weak hit to kill it, which isn't too hard with Ml6 vs Df1.
  7. They were only really intended to give people with old metal minis a good way to get the 2e cards, so they're now out of print and there aren't going to be wave 3 or 4 ones. You can get them print on demand from wargamevault though.
  8. The bare minimum you will need to play is: Models on appropriately sized bases. Pretty obvious, and you get them in the crew box which I'm assuming you're going to buy. Stat/upgrade cards. You get the stat cards and model specific upgrade cards in the crew box as well. The rules. You can get the Rules Manual as a free pdf from Wargamevault. A fate deck. You can buy an official one (and I'd recommend it! they look rad) or you can use a regular deck of playing cards provided they have two distinct jokers. ( ♥ = , ♠ = , ♣ = , ♦ = ) Roughly 10 30mm markers. You can use empty 30mm bases or cut them out of paper or whatever. These are for markers used in the Strategies as well as Scheme, Corpse, and Scrap Markers. For Ophelia, 10 may be a little excessive but I find it is good to be prepared. Something to measure with. It needs to be marked in inches. A tape measure is the simplest option. A way to track wounds and conditions. Some people like to use dice, but most people use transparent card sleeves on their stat cards and write on them with dry erase marker. Paper and a pen to keep track of score, schemes, soulstone use, or anything you forgot to bring a specific tracker for. For the 30mm markers, a cheap way to get some good looking scheme markers is to cut out the faction logos from each side of your crew box. They're sized perfectly for it. You may also want a physical rulebook/more rulebooks. The other M2E rulebooks have background stories and model stat cards in them. Malifaux 2E (AKA the Big Rulebook) contains all the rules of the game too, but also contains some stories and the stat and upgrade cards from "Wave 1". The other books all contain more stories too. Crossroads has the Wave 2 stat and upgrade cards; Shifting Loyalties has a campaign system and the Wave 3 cards; Ripples of Fate has the Wave 4 cards. Since all the models come with their own cards, the rulebooks are optional, but it's a good way to browse through your options, and you can see the stats of upcoming models before they are released. The only other thing you are missing is the faction generic upgrades. Models come with any upgrades that are specifically tailored for them, but each faction has some generic upgrades that anyone can take. You don't need them because they are optional, but they can be quite useful and if nothing else it's an extra option. You can find these upgrades in the rulebooks, there are some generic upgrades for each faction in the Big Rulebook, Crossroads, and Ripples of Fate. You can also get these upgrades in card form from the Generalist Upgrade Decks. Generalist Upgrade Deck 1 has the upgrades from the Big Rulebook and Crossroads, while 2 has Ripples of Fate. Or you can get the specific ones through Print on Demand via Wargamevault.
  9. The super absolute number 1 reason to get Brewmaster's box for Gremlins is to get Fingers, who is super useful. I'd also agree that in some ways Thunders Brewie is a better idea. I certainly think if you want to focus on Drinking Contest your best bet is to bring Sensei Yu and have him use the contest while Brewmaster stays nice and safe in the back. However, I think there's some merit to playing him as a Gremlin. I know lots of people rate Trixiebelle really highly and she has some nice tricks that work with Brewmaster. I also think Swill is particularly good for swarmy tactics. If you can put an enemy onto Df flips, it matters a lot less that your Bayou Gremlins only have Sh4, and you can do a "punches in bunches" kind of strategy where no single hit is particularly strong, but you hit so often that you overwhelm enemies. I think my favourite reason to play Brewmaster though (and a good reason to play Zoraida too) is as a learning experience. When I go super tryhard in tournament type settings, I rely a lot on Som'er's absurd damage output, and it usually works for me but while it hasn't happened yet, it's possible an early unlucky RJ damage flip could take him out of comission and I might be on the back foot. Brewmaster doesn't have any killing potential on his own, and so he forces you to think a bit more laterally about how to approach given problems, and also how to use your other models to greater effect.
  10. The obvious answer to me is McCabe. He has 3 master AP and Wk7 when mounted if you really wanted to use him to drop Claims, but he also has Luna with Wk7 who he can toss Nimble onto, or as Adran pointed out, Black Flash for reactivate. A Reactivating Wandering River Monk or Nimble Luna will get you two markers in one turn. WRMs probably win out over Luna because they won't hog Badge of Speed and Leap lets them leave engagements, but ain't no rule saying you can't have both. You can bring Guild Hounds too and while they're not quite fast enough to move and drop in a turn, they are very cheap activations and you can have them try to engage enemy claim runners and pad out your activations so you can drop your markers once your opponent is done activating so they have no chance to respond that turn. My wildcard pick would probably be Brewmaster. Less for his own contributions and more because he gets you access to Fingers. I'd play him more as a defensive piece, hanging back on your half of the board to use his massive Chatty aura and refusal to die to stop opponents dropping Claim markers and generally being a nuisance. And as Adran points out, Brewmaster could then be used to provide extra movement to your crew through Obey and Pick Yer Poison.
  11. 1. Yes, the War Pig can still walk in and attack the Thorn, but obviously that will cost 2AP and only get a single attack. 2. Yes. If your model has Incorporeal, Flight, or Diving Charge, or if the model you want to charge through is Incorporeal, you can charge right through them and end on the other side. 3. Correct. When determining LoS between two models you look at whichever of those two is taller, then ignore anything with lower Ht. LoS always goes both ways. Bonus Q: Yes, you're allowed to use actions that will kill you unless they specifically state you can't use them on low Wds (I think there are a couple like that, but Proper Care isn't one). You could still use a Soulstone for prevention but you would need to flip moderate or better for Ulix to survive.
  12. I also thing GG2017 is a good deal about how well you can do Claim Jump, and McCabe has a pretty easy time of it since he can hand out Nimble to a cheap scheme runner who can do it alone. A single Guild Hound, even, provided he can protect Luna.
  13. Eternal is actually resolved after the model is done activating. Scratch that, I forgot you are considered to have activated as soon as you have begun your activation. Although assuming condition timing is the same as ability timing is a bit too much of an assumption imo.
  14. I think we can all agree that "last" is being used to mean final, rather than previous as in your ice gamin example. Another way to phrase your interpretation would be "The model which takes the final activation". My interpretation is "the final model to take an activation" based on the fact that "last" in the text is modifying the word model, not the word activation.
  15. Regardless of whether Tara would activate after the Nothing Beast, it was the last model to activate for Tara's crew since Tara had already activated that turn. It would take the damage.