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  1. Ply for info and Gremlins

    I imagine his pseudo-chatty that forces a 2 card discard or no interacts is to cover the areas Fingers can't. And probably stuff like Noxious Smoke and Up We Go to stop too many enemies from getting through.
  2. Errata 2018 - your minds

    I think that was me, I was curious so I found where I'd posted my thoughts, and it was here.
  3. Faction rankings?

    Having done months of research on these forums and on A Wyrd Place, I can tell you that the strongest faction is Gremlins, and the weakest faction is also Gremlins. (for reals I think it's too early to say in 2018 but I disagree strongly with several assertions that put activation control as much weaker in this new set of strats and schemes, which a lot of people's rankings are based on)
  4. Gremlins newbie advice please

    Slop Haulers are hands down the best healers in the game. Compare them to other healers like Librarians or Low River Monks: those models each need to hit a TN to cast their heal, and they heal a single target for 1/2/3 for 1AP. Slop Haulers heal twice as many models with no TN. A couple of things to note about them too: you can use Reckless on the Hauler, move 4" then heal for a total heal range of 7", and one of the four healed models can be the slop hauler. You can also use Bayou Two Card on the healing flip (if the healed model has it), which you might as well if you flip weak. And finally it doesn't actually need LoS to heal, so you can hide Sloppies behind terrain and still heal your frontline. Fingers or someone with Quality Mash Liquor can put out a bit more single target healing, but that's a much bigger investment. They also have pretty nasty combat capabilities too, I'd give them another chance.
  5. Guild guard McCabe in thunders

    I think Guild Guard will be a pretty good pick for McCabe in 10T because they are cheap minions, which the faction is lacking. But sadly, you can't summon them with Dashel because the upgrade is a Guild upgrade, so you can't take it out of Guild.
  6. Errata 2018 - your minds

    The pigapult doesn't do strats or schemes on its own, but it's at its most powerful when used as an enabler - just bring it for a ride in Interference with Som'er or Ulix and you'll see what I mean, you get an easy 4 points from using Launch'n to place models in scoring position while hopefully also denying your opponent 4 (and Interference is still in the GG2018 rotation, so this is still relevant). Public Demonstration is also back for 2018, which was hilariously easy in 2016 with the Pigapult, and the new errata giving us a couple more nice 5 stone minions makes getting 3 points on turn one pretty simple with the Pult. IMO its shooting was never its strong point and shouldn't be its strong point because it isn't fun to play against since there's pretty much no way to counter it. You can't stay out of LoS, you can't use cover, and you probably can't even get close because it has a 24" range. And this is when it's not all that powerful, imagine how bad it would be if it was really strong. My proposed rework basically involved merging its Bacon Load and Launch'n into a single more powerful attack. You needed one Ht1 model per attack, but it would also place them into base contact with the target. That way it reduces the overwhelming power of spamming Bayou Gremlins to win corners, but it was a more damaging attack to make up for it.
  7. Vertical distance engagement range

    The only time the Ht of either model comes into play is if the attacker's Ht is greater than the difference between the Ht of the two pieces of terrain.
  8. Errata 2018 - your minds

    Burt is pretty demonstrably worth at least 8 stones: he gets taken all the time as a mercenary, and people win big time with him. Pre this errata, if I wanted to win a game, I threw him into a crew. Doesn't matter which faction, doesn't matter which schemes, he went in. For most people, Burt did cost 8 stones, and they happily paid it. I don't agree with this assessment at all. I think this is one of the reasons mercenary systems can be more trouble than they're worth. Guild Ball is phasing out their mercenary system if I remember correctly and I think it's going to do the game a ton of good. The issue is when you see the same models over and over despite the fact factions are supposed to prevent that from happening.
  9. Errata 2018 - your minds

    I did call Bayou Two Card a "sort of" positive flip because as yall pointed out, a real positive is better, but as Adran said, for speculative attacks it's good, as well as lots of defense flips in my experience (if min damage would kill them anyway is a good example), plus things like disengaging strikes where there's not really any risk if you fail. The reason I flag it up is because one of the weaknesses of bringing lots of models is that you still only have six cards. There are different ways to get around it, but the ability to just say "nah I'll try again" when you flip an ace is really good and makes Bayou Gremlins hit above their weight.
  10. Errata 2018 - your minds

    Pre this errata they had nothing to really compete with - other 3ss models were generally rare 1 or insignificant. Guild Hounds were probably the closest comparison but they're Rare 4 and insignificant. Post errata it's not quite so clear cut and I agree that Guild Guard and Desperate Mercs both have some nice advantages. They both have better reliable damage tracks for example, and 5 wds on guild guard for 3 stones is pretty bonkers. I think Bayou Gremlins probably stil just win out for a couple of reasons though. Drunk & Reckless being the big one, getting one turn of 10" movement then an interact is amazing and if you get a point off it, that's a great investment. The other thing that keeps them up there I would say is Bayou Two Card. Ideally you don't want to spend too many resources on your chaff, so being able to get a sort of positive flip on anything you want without spending any cards really helps up their effectiveness. I'm willing to be impressed by the other two though, the most powerful part of a Bayou Gremlin to me has always been that they are an activation for so cheap. Time will tell if Guild and Outcasts start to use spam tactics that I'm fond of.
  11. Year of the Pig

    Dirty Cheater if you can spare one is very useful on summony Ulix to counteract the damage he takes from making War Pigs. Liquid Bravery is also extremely useful against NB/resurrectionists.
  12. Gremlins and GG18 - A new hope?!? (current state)

    I don't really see any reason why you're forced into taking high cost models in Ours! over taking lots of models - everyone* has the same 60 stones' worth of quarter-holding to play with, regardless of if it's spread out between six models or sixteen. I would even go so far as to suggest that having lots of little boys in Ours! will be particularly useful for their granularity - 5 stones might be all you need to win a quarter but if you're holding it with McTavish then that's 6** more stones you could have used to contest another quarter. I suspect * except Lynch and the Viktorias who get 70 because they have a 0 cost Henchman. Not sure why that rule came back, I thought it went away in the beta. **I have a tear in my eye writing this, poor mctavish Weirdly I think Gremlins were actually hit harder in Interference, since the mask paired scheme is Punish the Weak, which means it's not quite such an obviously game-winning tactic to sit back and fling bayou gremlins everywhere to win quarters.
  13. Apparent Guild Errata January

    Yeah, I don't buy that activation control got that much worse - especially when you need warm bodies for things like Guarded Treasure now.
  14. Apparent Guild Errata January

    Extremely worth it without the group bonus imo. Maybe not quite the level of a Bayou Gremlin just because of Drunk & Reckless and Bayou Two Card, but they have a lot going for them that's better than a Bayou Gremlin too. Df 4 is kinda sucky, but a 3 stone significant activation is super powerful on its own.