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  1. Reava's life drain?

    There hasn't been any errata to Reva, this person probably just assumed because it was called Life Drain that Reva also healed.
  2. Upgrades Restriction / Zero-Costs

    Your opponent was wrong. There are a few upgrades that say they ignore restrictions, like Death Contract, but other than that you have to obey all the restrictions for a 0 cost upgrade as you would with a 1 or 2 cost.
  3. Oops! I forgot....

    I have played Som'er for over two years now and I still forget to draw cards when Gremlins die near him. Also Old Cranky's gain a soulstone aura.
  4. Stoning for cards

    No one is using the stone, it's a disembodied rule that allows you to stone for cards and initiative. It won't give the Shieldbearers fast, but then if you lose your master you are still allowed to stone.
  5. Bayou Bushwhackers with Manifest Destiny

    I hadn't thought of using them as anti scheme runners. With the push they're really fast even compared with Reckless models, and they're pretty well suited to one on one engagements with mid-low cost models.
  6. Mah the best hand advantage master!

    If only there was another way to summon two piglets on the first turn Nah but I see what you mean, I think it's pretty obvious that the Crier was intended as a stealth Mah buff because of how discard hungry she is (it certainly wasn't supposed to be a buff for Old Cranky or Som'er), although going defensive 3 times on turn 1 with your master seems like a bit of a waste. Sure you get some pushing out of it, but wouldn't it be way cheaper to just bring a Bayou Gremlin, go Drunk & Reckless for 1 damage and go defensive 3 times instead?
  7. McTavish

    McTavish's damage isn't great for a 10 stone model. Weak of 2 hurts him a lot, so Hard to Wound and just not letting him get straight damage flips goes a long way to making him much less scary. His strength is more that he is really consistent, so the answer is to make his average output worse. Armour is a really good answer because even just armour +1 halves his damage output. Or of course there is the option of just killing him. 6/6 and 10 wounds isn't great with no other defensive tricks.
  8. Bayou Bushwhackers with Manifest Destiny

    I haven't road tested any of the new upgrades yet, but I am looking forward to giving the Bushwhackers another try with Manifestiny. I've brought them a few times before and they have been decent, perhaps the extra push will be enough.
  9. new upgrades in boxes

    The Samurai 0 cost fixes were packed in when I bought my box, so they might be in the far future.
  10. A World Without Peons

    There are a few about. Old Cranky off the top of my head, but I'm 99% sure there are more. As for the general idea, I agree with the idea that the separation of Insignificant and Peon is quite important and interesting, and there are a few more differences than just counting for strats. Off the top of my head, McCabe's reactivate is Minion only, Ancient Protection is Minion or Enforcer, Liquid Bravery's Wp aura is minions only. A few summoners name Minion models specifically which stops e.g. Nicodem from summoning Mindless Zombies with his regular summon. And sure you could swap all of those to say non insignificant minion, but at that point you've basically just replaced the word peon with the phrase insignificant minion, and closed off some design space that is currently being used (significant peons, insignificant minions). Like a lot of the proposed changes that have shown up recently, I think one of the issues is that it doesn't work in isolation. There's too much built onto the current framework for a change like this to work. It could be a decent streamlining move for 3rd edition if executed well, but I think this edition would do better without.
  11. Draw a Malifaux model using Paint

    There are some nice ones in this thread I made a couple of years ago (and some that didn't use MSPaint!) Also if you use the pencil tool instead of the brush you won't get the artifacting when you fill in your pics Also also congratulations on the best thread of 2017, possibly all time. I will be drawing many characters!
  12. Getting the most out of the Pigapult

    Sadly one of the main draws in that crew is using the 3 summoned pigs to scheme which is something you can't do because models can't interact on the turn they're summoned.
  13. Wonderful Whirlwind?

    No, you're not wrong. You can't use Melee Expert to charge because Charge is a Tactical action with no associated stat. It's not a Ml action because there is no duel involved.
  14. Ply for Information 09-06

    But surely even if your interpretation was correct (which I disagree with), just changing it so it targets the enemy model has basically no downside and completely clears up any confusion?