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  1. You're right, but the action itself has a 2" restriction so you can't put one on top, but that restriction only applies to taking interact actions; triggers or other actions that place a marker can go right on top of another scheme marker if it doesn't have a restriction in the text.
  2. If you gained slow after generating AP, then it would do nothing because Slow is removed at the end of your activation.
  3. His ability to bury buries him instead of killing or sacrficing him. It's a weird bit of convolution but I think it's there because replicating the entire text explaining he's buried, removes all conditions and how he unburies would take up too much room on the card.
  4. he's 7 stones and in this case you'd be picking him up for his aura that stops enemy models targeting models friendly to them. It's a gamble that could pay off big time if you end up against Shenlong, Sensei Yu, the Emissary, or McCabe (and other supports I'm probably forgetting - I only play about 1/3 of 10T) because you can deny all those pushes and handing out of fast. In terms of the others, it's not really that much spent on support. For scoring, Merris is likely to get you 3 points on her own, potentially if she goes unhunted down she could score both full plant evidence and protect territory on her own fairly easily, and she's only 6ss. McTavish is less support and more a useful hard hitter who has a somewhat niche ability that will come up more vs Ten Thunders due to the abundance of wanting to take focus. He's less of a gamble than Sparks because he still offers a great gun and good melee if it turns out they're not bothered about focusing anyway, while Sparks could go to waste. Definitely beefier models imo. You only need two to score Turf War and you can pretty easily keep, say, Raphael and Burt alive at the edge while they take shots, with a Slop Hauler behind to keep them healed up. That slop hauler can sit up to ~10" away from the centre if need be, so they're going to be fairly safe, and they can heal through walls etc so you can potentially position them totally out of LoS while letting them still contribute. The other option is to be silly and take a single Peon or Minion and just hide it in the corner. Doesn't work so well with Gremlins because you're then giving up use of your totem and some amazing models like Slop Haulers and Lightning Bugs.
  5. IMO your easiest schemes there are Protect Territory and Plant Evidence. I'd go for Merris with a couple of Bayou Gremlins as backup for those schemes, then focus the rest of the crew on Turf War. Som'er is always good but I'd probably not go summony because of Make them Suffer. Probably like Burt, Francois, etc. To specifically counter 10T, McTavish and Sparks are neat, McTavish stopping people from taking Focus helps turn Shenlong down a bit (as well as other models who get extra benefit from it) and Sparks stops all their support models targeting friendlies (no giving a 5" push + fast to two models a turn from Sensei Yu)
  6. ^ that's why I personally don't care for hidden open information in games, if it can be defeated by just making ticks on a piece of paper, then I feel like it's not a particularly interesting challenge.
  7. I mean it's an abstraction. Flipping a card and comparing numbers is nothing like how swordfighting works in real life either, but it's done that way because having to actually travel to an alternate dimension and live there for hundreds of years while you manipulate the threads of fate just to take the Obey action is a bit too much work for most people. But really, if you did take the Ht into account, what would the advantage of Flight even be over Unimpeded?
  8. Although do bear in mind in the specific case of the Hungering Darkness, its ability to bury instead of dying and unbury again is linked to an upgrade that Lynch carries. If Lynch dies, that upgrade is no longer in play and the Hungering Darkness can then be killed.
  9. Would have been amazing if you'd managed to Alpha into it and make it sacrifice Gracie or Old Major
  10. You missed the most frustrating Resurrectionist counter for me - Ikyrio. Obviously master specific but it's not like Kirai is bad against Gremlins at all.
  11. On Moon Shinobis: they have one of the best defensive triggers in the game. One of the reasons Som'er is considered so powerful is the ridiculous Loudest Squeel, and Moon Shinobis have a version that is almost identical, the only difference being it's a 3" push instead of a 4". They're pretty silly against Resurrectionists in some cases, like Math says, Yin "loves" them, and she turns up all the flipping time in 10T and Ressers at least locally, and they ofc like Hard & Impossible to Wound, and wave 4 has a few new masters with lower Df but Impossible to Wound, so that's good. I find they tend to drain cards from opponents more than you'd think because it's not sufficient to just get close to a Shinobi's attack flip to avoid taking lots of damage. I am definitely a Shinobi fan, but at the end of the day I do find it hard to justify them over Burt or Francois for just a couple of extra stones or a Lightning Bug for 1 stone less. I think deliberately poisoning them is a waste of time though tbh. Bringing one with Zoraida is always fun, your inevitable Nurse can give them Downers and turn them into a fairly unkillable monster. On Fermented River Monks: one thing that hasn't been mentioned is the lack of Gremlin/Pig characteristic which is a point against them (although in a Brewie Crewie not so much as a general Gremlin model, since Som'er & Ulix aren't going to be around, and there's at least access to Brewmaster's healing to make up for no Sloppy healing). Reactivate is nice, but they can only reliably generate 2 poison on themselves per activation (3 if you want to ditch a card) which means if you're wanting to use it every turn you're going to need to hit them with your own models to give them poison and there are imo better uses of your AP, particularly because models that hand out only poison and don't deal damage are generally the really expensive ones - Fingers, Brewmaster and Trixiebelle. Looking them over I do want to use them now, they're cool models, but not in Gremlins just because taking that 2 stone upgrade feels like such a waste. On Brewmaster himself: I agree with the sentiment that you should go for a "Swill and Kill" style of crew more so than focusing on poison and drinking contest (with the recent errata making Sensei Yu able to drinking contest I think it's probably worth a go in 10T). He's been a bit of a project for me recently now that I basically admitted I just don't get Wong and I decided to work on getting good at some of the lesser played masters. I think he's better than people give him credit for. Ca7 is silly good on Hangover.
  12. If you play Arcanists, a Soulstone Miner is a nasty counter to a shooty pigapult (not so much what I consider the better use, a summoned piglet/bayou gremlin delivery system because the rest of the crew is normally close enough to support it) since they ignore armour and can unbury near it after the rest of the crew has moved away. You can kill the pigapult in a single charge provided you don't get two weaks (and at Ml6 to the Pigapults Df1 you probably won't), and then I guess just mine soulstones? You can do a lesser version with other models too, anything quick or with From the Shadows can engage it quickly (without the benefit that they're totally safe on the approach). If you don't want to Soulstone Miner it up, you can use Raptors to just engage it. McCabe can probably kill it with a reactivating sworddog too, although probably at the cost of his sword.
  13. Yes. In this case "against the enemy model" refers to the enemy model who reduced Izamu to 0 wounds with an attack action.
  14. There are no comprehensive timing rules for scoring because I don't think they were written with an upgrade like this in mind. As far as I can tell, the entire text telling you when to score is on pg 35 of the big rulebook: "Crews will earn VP for Strategies and Schemes (see pg. 66) that take effect at the end of each Turn during this step", which is an entire step that comes after Upkeep and before Check For Encounter End. Personally because there is no breakdown of timing I assume that scoring happens simultaneously and therefore any scheme markers you drop wait until next turn to be used.
  15. It's redundant. In the case of Austringers specifically, they were recently errataed. Before that their ranged attack gained in some circumstances (but would still ignore cover). Secret Assets I cannot speak for. Perhaps at one point during testing it had a icon and they forgot to remove the "ignores cover" clause.