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  1. I suppose you could sort of consider Bayou Two Card a suit-manipulator, though it's better for avoiding bad suits than getting specific ones. The only other model I can think of off the top of my head with suit manipulation available in Gremlins are Nurses with Illegible Prescriptions (and I guess all the mercs like Bishop, Hans et al who have some sort of suit gaining action or ability)
  2. I mean to be fair if they wanted to add a built in trigger via an upgrade, they could have the upgrade add the suit too, there are already upgrades that add suits to actions. But it does feel a bit more elegant this way. I think one reason for it is consistency - e.g. if a model has two actions with the same stat they'll often have the same inbuilt suits even if they don't need them in one action or the other. For example Sebastian has several Ca 6 actions, including Bloody Harvest which doesn't use the crow at all. I think it's partly a holdover from first edition where models had one cast stat and used it for all their spells. What I find weirder is when there are orphaned suits on actions that could be used for a different action which does require them, but they are conspicuously missing from there, e.g. Brewmaster has Masks built into a couple of his casts (but not Obey which actually requires it) or Sammy LaCroix with a Crow built into Jynx (but not Putrefy, which requires it)
  3. If you want more mercs, Sue can take 1 damage at the end of his activation for a card. Big Jake can (0) to take 2 damage and look at the top two cards then either put em back or discard them. Lust's Df trigger gives her a card on a tome after resolving (and her tome trigger on her melee lets you rearrange the top 3 cards of the target's deck after damaging, including your own). Friekorps Librarian can draw a card with Surge if they get an extra tome on their attack. Ronin have the (0) Seppeku to sacrifice themselves for 2 stones or 2 cards. I think that's it but I might have missed one.
  4. You've got most of them I think. McTavish can draw off his (0) Gator Snack if he flips or cheats a tome. Also Zoraida's conflux (Conflux of Fate) adds a (0) that's discard a card to look at top 4 cards of your deck, you draw one and put the others back on top or bottom of your deck.
  5. The air is not a valid place for a model to be (even models with flight/incorporeal), and base contact means "bases physically touching" so you can't put it on the "ground" where top down the bases overlap
  6. Yeah I do love Burt Jebsen in 10T. I mean I'm mainly a gremlin player anyway but giving him Fast and Recalled Training is just nasty*. And he's already a bargain for 7 stones so paying the extra 1 in merc tax really isn't that big a deal. *although it's best with McCabe because he can hand out Regeneration to him. Same with Gracie actually.
  7. brewmaster

    It doesn't do anything. You're correct that you can't choose to use the mask effect unless the target discards a mask (don't forget you can use it on friendly models!) Occasionally an action will have a built in suit that has no triggers and isn't required for a target number. This is generally for one of two reasons: consistency (e.g. if a model has two cast actions, one with a built in trigger and one with no triggers, it will usually keep the same suit across both actions, this comes from 1st edition where models had a generic casting stat they always used for all their cast actions) or for future proofing, for example if the designers wanted to, they could add a new upgrade for Brewmaster that gave him a Mask trigger to either of these actions, knowing it would be built in. It's kind of a minor thing given they could also just make the same upgrade add a mask to his casting stat for that action, but still. Brewmaster is particularly weird because he doesn't have the mask built in for Obey, which requires one to hit its target number. Perhaps during playtesting he had the mask built in there, so they added it to all his casts for consistency, then decided to remove it from Obey and forgot to take it off his other casts.
  8. Not as far as I know, but yeah the magical one tripped me up too. I posted here something along the lines of OMG glowy pigapult and my dreams were crushed too. I mean it's a very reasonable restriction On the topic of focused Piggypult, if you have two face cards to drop, it's more efficient to focus and cheat to hit then cheat the damage flip than it is to cheat to hit twice for a 2/4/6 damage track (even for moderate tbh, because you have a much better chance of not having to cheat the damage flip compared to being on negatives). A 3/5/7 one too, but obviously no cheating there due to stuffie boom.
  9. pg 29 big rulebook has a callout box called "Math" that says you apply modifiers in the order: Multiply, Divide, Add, then Subtract. So Incorporeal applies before armour/bulletproof etc. It's also worth noting that Damage Prevention happens after determining how much damage you'd take, so it's always the last thing (important for e.g. armour that can't reduce damage to 0 but prevention can). I find the best way to remember it is that AFAIK all damage reduction applies in the order that is most beneficial to the person taking the damage.
  10. You were swindled there I'm afraid - Wong can't give the Magical condition to peons. I super agree with placement being its best aspect though - particularly hurling stuffed piglets upfield instead of using them for ammo.
  11. No, you need a specific action to be able to remove or otherwise interact with them. The Specialist is a merc and can do it, as is McTavish, so you have access in every faction. The best you can do otherwise is to have a 40 or 50mm model stand on top of a key marker in order to block LoS.
  12. You only need LoS to the location it "emanates from" (i.e. the model or marker generating it) if auras had no specified Ht stat it still wouldn't matter because you can just check LoS to the model.
  13. Auras affect all eligible models within range (measured top down as per the standard malifaux rules) and Line of Sight of its origin. The Emissary is within range and Line of Sight of Colette, so it's affected by the aura. There is a line in the rulebook about how Auras and Pulses have the same Ht as the model they come from, but this is not referenced in the rules that explain if an aura affects a model. I believe it's there for the purposes of auras that create terrain (e.g. if an aura created Blocking terrain to determine who can see through it) but afaik there are no auras that actually matter what Ht they are. Exact quote from pg 50 of the Big Rulebook: "By default all objects within the aura's area, including the object's within the aura's area, including the model it is centered on, are affected by the aura until they are no longer within it or the effect ends", also in the callout box Auras Blast & Pulse LoS "A model cannot be affected by an aura or pulse that emenates from a location out of LoS." The example on this page explains that "Other friendly models that are within 6" and have line of sight to the model with this ability gain +1 Wp", making no reference to whether they need to be standing at a specific Ht or not. (It's also worth noting that you never actually add the Ht of the terrain you're standing on to your Ht. It only affects drawing LoS if you're high enough to use the Vantage Point rules.)
  14. Pg 47 big rulebook under the "Dead & Buried" heading: "If a model that is buried is killed, it will not benefit from any abilities that happen on the model's death". Since Bad Juju's bury-on-death is phrased as "when this model is killed it is not killed" that's an ability that happens on its death, so it doesn't benefit from it due to being buried.
  15. No. Walk action is a specific action. Any other action that "moves" you follows all the same movement restrictions as a walk (e.g. half movement through severe terrain), but isn't a walk for the purposes of interactions that specifically name the Walk action, which terrifying does. Essentially, Walk is a subset of move, albeit the most common one, not the other way around. It's like how all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares. For some citations: pg 39 of the big rulebook lists tactical actions that all models may take. This includes the Walk action which reads: "(1) Walk: This model moves up to its Wk." Rules about movement are then found on pg 42 which explain what movement is ("Any time a model is moving across the table it is called movement, or the model's move"), pg 43 says that pushes are not moves. The terrain traits on pg 60-61 define Severe and Climbable as affecting movement. The rules on Disengaging Strikes and Terrifying, however, specify Walk Actions, so moving any other way does not affect them. And Pushes are not moves and are also not generated by the Walk action, so they also aren't affected.