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  1. If you were the Errata man...

    Francisco already took a hit, just leave him where he is. He isn't impossible to deal with and he is quite expensive compared to pure buff models in other factions. He is one of the few things we have so instead of needing him down to Sam's level we should look at buffing crap models until they are worth considering. He's been around for ages and had a recent errata which tells us he is working as Wyrd intended him to work. He is almost the only thing keeping guild unique, why would I play McMourning or McCabe as guild if not for Francisco?
  2. Brewmaster, Obey, and the go home trigger

    Good catch on model controller vs action controller.
  3. Hoffman cyborg is amazing!

    Cyborg needs the model to be guild. Tavish is a gremlin model.
  4. If you were the Errata man...

    Fair enough. I'd say feel free to engage Santiago if he's standing in Hoffman's power clump. If the trick was to get infinte shooting actions with mask triggers I think Santiago does a better job, I would be hesitant to spend cards on getting masks to that sh 5. In a more general role I can see the merits of Judge.
  5. Hoffman cyborg is amazing!

    Is there some super blasty model we are forgetting that might like to be fast and have positives to damage btw? Pathfinder? Freikorps specialist and Samael perhaps? @4thstringer
  6. Hoffman cyborg is amazing!

    Joss is pretty boss! Pun definitely intended, so sorry everyone. If you aren't expecting reduction he drops in value I guess. Cyborg McTavish sounds like a cool conversion project.
  7. If you were the Errata man...

    Santiago with debt would shoot better for less stones with the bonus of possible sh 8, especially in a Lucius list where you can engineer his health drop while gaining stones. Why burn power loop? The Hoff can use the action with OSA to cast it at Ca 10. The big hoop is still getting terrain close to them. Maybe Phiona could help with that. Still don't think the upgrade is worth it, you could get a stalker for a few stones more and with the Hoff sam will be fast enough to maybe even charge something.
  8. TT Model range and competitive play.

    Ah, of course you did, silly me! Those names are really backwards
  9. Summer errata is for panic sollutions. McCabe hasn't been steamrolling any tournaments this spring so no one cares at the moment. I'd say his upgrades getting a rare 1 is on the list of things for december since that would make this impossible.
  10. TT Model range and competitive play.

    If you are listing mercs then I would assume Sue and perhaps convicts could be considered. You also forgot the faction native pathfinders.
  11. Brewmaster, Obey, and the go home trigger

    Because the wording is "after an attack action fails" and not one of the specific ones defined in the rulebook. This means that the trigger resolves after the action is completely resolved and the control has reverted back to the original owner. If it has said "after succeeding" etc. then it would have been resolved during step 5 of the action while you were still in control.
  12. Hazardous Terrain vs Neverborn

    I might need to sculpt a few tiny swamps with gators. Using markers is clever!
  13. Advices for choose the right faction.

    Malifaux is no longer fit for foam. A lot of players here are moving over to metal cases. Magnetizing bases is a lot easier.
  14. Haha, true indeed but if she severes the target she will kill every zombie she blasts. If your opponent placed too many zombies in prime spots to give Sonnia targets it wouldn't matter what they played because it sounds like they would lose anyway. Her main problems are usually models engaging her or breaking LoS. I would assume a competent player would give me as few targets as possible.
  15. He blasts do at most three damage and kills the convenient zombieyou just targeted so you might not get more off in the same activation. That doesn't exactly oneshot Nico at 14 wounds.