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  1. Neither trigger would work because you can't push into base contact with yourself either.
  2. 1 Should be ok. A model cannot attack itself but the bandersnatch isn't the same model so go ahead. 2 Is definitely a no. How on earth can you place a marker in base with yourself when you aren't on the table? You can draw LoS for attacka from the shadow lair model but you aren't considered to be that model in any way.
  3. Practiced production on a showgirl and a raptor make most marker schemes trivial for any arcanist. I hardly ever tailor towards opposing faction but if you know the master it can be huge. In factions with a lot of defensive triggers I may feel tempted to include a model that ignores those but that is only assuming that I have schemes were I want to kill stuff. I think it is a lot more important to figure out how to deny the actual schemes than to tailor for factions. If you can remove enemy markers it doesn't matter which model they use to drop them for example. I haven't played the original schemes in forever but bodyguard and protect territory are almost done without trying if you take the mechanical rider. That is the single most boring/broken scheme combo in the game. I would advice to start playing with schemes in your games after the first 20ssgame where you learned how to flip. From game two onwards you need schemes because they are what makes Malifaux into Malifaux. You can kill a huge number if enemy models and not score a single point yourself but actually give them points through doing it. Learning that is the important bit.
  4. In the metal line every master had an alt for general sale. I had thought this would be generally available, will keep hoping.
  5. Depicting her stark naked was too much for Wyrd to stomach/they didn't want that kind of attention.
  6. Also p49 big book: "scheme markers are crew specific" is a pretty strong indication that they belong to a specific crew. Should've led with that
  7. P 73 (big book) states that "If both players happen to choose the same scheme, they are the scheming player with regards to their own insividual version of that scheme." Bo on p 74 states "A single marker may only count towards one scheme during the encounter." That puts you at a pretty unresolvable situation if you are supposed to simultaneously score your insividual versions of the same scheme with the same markers since they can only be used once.
  8. @Ex Nihilo The friendly/enemy model can be different to dfferent models in the crew, what I meant is that the single model doesn't count Huggy/Ama as friendly and enemy at the same time because if it did it would still need to test for terror. The ability doesn't mention that you count as only friendly yet that is the way it pans out. Back to the question on markers: If the markers count as friendly to me for the purposes of strategy and schemes that means you can't use them to score anything since they are counted as mine. You can't use markers that are mine to score your strats in normal cases so why now? If the ability told me I could use them to score my schemes they could still be used by you before/after that since they would still be yours, just tenporarily used by me. This ability says that they count as mine and it doesn't say it's temporary or just for the purposes of scoring my schemes so it's reasonably for the rest of the game and for both of us.
  9. @enderwiggin cheers for the kind words! Writing the game down and trying to learn from it usually gets me in a more productive mindset than moping. If I had just had some more ranged prescence I could have killed the trapper and neutered that entire flank somewhat so it's risky to rely so heavily on copying from a single model. I got the trapper down to a single wound first turn but didn't finish it off since I didn't have enough ranged models. The following turns he cheated high, including a red joker, to keep it alive. In a spam list I think the doppelganger can act as a counter-threat if they send in a big beater but the list might risk not having any credible threats besides Collodi if they can take her out.
  10. Book 1 from first edition and then those books in order of release. Continue with the m2e books in the order of their release. The chronicles are mostly stand-alone so those don't have a fixed order.
  11. Great read Trikk, thanks for putting this together. Hope we see each other again next year! Did Ozzy brainfart by using a stone on Graves or am I misreading your report? He's only an enforcer, nostones for him!
  12. @Argentbadger Thanks, I am usually quite harsh on myself. I did suspect I would be taking a few beatings but I would have hoped for one win at least. I think my witchling handler should really have been a peacekeeper in both my Sonnia games, you need to have something around to keep your opponent honest after they kill Francisco. Most of the lists I faced felt familiar, both Collodi lists had pretty much the standard stuff. I was glad to see a mannequin in Conor's list because I have wondered why more Collodi players don't bring one of those. Both Marcus lists were also using the strong models most often mentioned around the internet so no real surprises except for the sheer number of cats. I was kind of surprised by Ross using Big Jake to mostly hang out on his table edge. In retrospect it was a really solid move since it denied me a lot of points for the strategy. I should probably have just ran back to my quarter and left Jake stranded, he is really good in table control strats. The biggest surprises for me was probably Math doing so well with Ma Tucket and Travis from Trump Card who ran Tara with six void wretches. I had seen that list posted here and felt skeptical but he really dominated his games with that from what I heard. Apart from those two, most people that I saw seemed to be doing strong standard builds and not trying weird underappreciated models. Quite a few of the players there are normally hosting podcasts or are active in other ways so I guess what I call "standard" sort of comes from them to begin with.
  13. They count as yours and your enemy can't use them. It's the same with models, you count as friendly or enemy, never both at the same time. I'm not sure it's spelled out properly in the rules but it's the only way such abilities would make sense.
  14. If it's after damaging then you can't score from it since it was reduced before the marker was there. Technically a "when succeeding trigger (not after succeding mind you) could score you the scheme but I'm not sure if any marker dropping triggers with that timing exist.