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  1. Yeah, you should be able to push as many times as your wounds allow or until the belle chooses to stop pouncing because your opponent realizes what you are up to.
  2. The necro will probably have trouble reaching the tot aince it's after the resolution of the current action but you might get to attack whatever was placed near you if your opponent leaves that within range.
  3. The upgrade only affects actions taken by the model that has the upgrade attached I think. It would be in line with conditions etc. which have that effect. You copy actions unmodified by anything that modifies them and then sort out which modifiers affect the actual model taking the action.
  4. I get why summoning should be limited but the limit looks harsh. With the shorter timeframe and scoring from turn one you could probably allow summoning to go over the model limit since the idea of summoners is to have a significantly higher model count by the end of turn two. Maybe net gain of one model per turn or something like X amount of soulstones allowed to be summoned per turn. I'm not sure why the limit on soulstones is in effect, seems like the master will dominate the hell out of this format and support masters will be gimped either way. If you want to cut back on time I would do fixed lists or list selection in advance with knowledge of the schemes for each match.
  5. Yes it is. "This models attack actions" should be read as "attack actions taken by the model with this condition on it". A condition that actually affected other models would in my opinion have to be veryspecific about it's intentto modifyother models than the normally affected one.
  6. Not at all. It's an ability, not a trigger.
  7. Sounds like an amazing idea! Unfortunately I don't know if they fit. If I had to guess I would say that the marshals are slightly bigger but it should be workable with a little greenstuff collar.
  8. Fair points. I haven't actually tried it yet but as a dual neverborn/guild player I think this scheme will be a lot more fun when I've declared neverborn than guild
  9. I would also think that whichever got apllied first would prevent the other condition from being applied.
  10. People who don't attack Nellie need to learn to use min damage 4 models more. Preferrably with a debt to the guild
  11. Yeah, I got mixed up in who was who Can't Lilith just (0) to have markers that block LoS. I know that removes them from a potentially good spot but she should be able to block most LoS with that. Most minions should have to work a little to get that close to your master (and you should pick henchmen like McTavish who can sit in your deployment over the likes of Nekima if that scheme comes up). Tots and guild hounds seem to me like the only ones who can do it reliably. I think it is an interesting scheme that forces different play than the usual "cram master + Nekima down throat" and I think it buffs masters like Collodi and Lucius. It might end up buffing boring backline summoners a bit too much though
  12. Tail 'em requires the enemy to be close to your minions so if they target them you can't score it at all. I'd say that's quite risky. Both Lucius and Lilith can easily swap their position to get away if they become tailed. Dreamer could summon something to block LoS. Any model could be lured away before it activates to just need a single walk to get away or you can run in with something to block LoS to most of the enemy crew before you activate the tailed model and kill the offending minion. As long as your master isn'tin the middle of their crew it shouldn't be too hard to get away from it. I think it is just designed to make you activate your master and henchmen late and be careful with how you play them.
  13. There's bern an expansion each year since m2e so I would assume another one is on the way. Miniature companies liveby selling new miniatures. Most people want new shiny stuff at regular intervals or the game is deemed stagnant and they move on. GW solved this by the last book being so OP that all the powergamers needed that faction. Wyrd seems to want to keep stuff balanced which likely means new models.
  14. Yes, you can force them to jump out of 10" high towers even if it kills them. Wisps only force them to walk if they choose to take the walk action themselves though so it isn't as powerful as a lure.
  15. @Voodoo Specter Pushes actually need to go by the shortest route and stop as soon as you touch bases. Since misery loves company is a place effect it works differently and you can place the model however you wish as long as you touch your target.