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  1. No, it clearly states it cannot be cheated. She can only ignore negatives, not anything else that states you can't cheat.
  2. Ludvig

    Zoraida Poisoned Fate

    Yes. If your model is terrifying/manipulative and/or they have triggers for extra attacks you could probably sink even more cards into it. Might be better to try and target an enemy though.
  3. If the steamfitter applied armour first they would merge into a single armour condition because that's how stacking conditions work (p52). They also take the end condition of the most recently applied one (which is the burning timing from Carlos). The old conditions timing is forgotten as far as the game is concerned so you can't keep it if your burning goes away. The use of "has" is a bit confounding as to whether you could claim that only part of it came from burning so it's not super clear if he will have armour equal to his burning or his burning +1 but the stacking rules are quite clear on it all ending when the last applied instance of the condition ends. If he had gained the armour Ability equal to his burning this would have been a lot clearer.
  4. Nellie's theme is that she is that she can be embedded in other factions (why she gets to hire more mercs and cheaper) so the super thematic option would likely be four mercs from the same faction and only journalists from guild. Your crew looks great and I'm glad you like the game!
  5. What's the difference really? My through the breach kit looks an awful lot like my malifaux minis. Pretty sure Alison Dade was literally in the TTB game before being made a Malifaux mini.
  6. Ludvig

    Mah is good

    You need to get with the program Math, everything except two masters with semi-fixed lists is unplayable! Don't you go trying to create a good mood. On a more serious note we need to expand our finnish-swedish collaboration. I want a good spanking from that spoon!
  7. Ludvig

    Working on the Hoffman Project

    Took Hoffman and the Ryle perpetual machinegun party for a spin today. My opponent looked a bit sweaty when I popped damage on a bunch of models. Then his stiched turned around and did two severes and a joker taking the emissary and Ryle out before my second activation turn 2. Only lost 4 to 9 though.
  8. Ludvig

    The Bloodwretch/brutal emissary card engine

    OP, nerf everything! That's about 14 cards and 7 milled so a 13 card hand? Then you just need Lucius to get the thrall up and do two attacks before the only damage dealer in your list dead turn one?
  9. Ludvig

    Our Worst Models

    The absolute best fluff thing would be Lucius killing something with finish the job and then the guardsmen make it into evidence to score setup.
  10. Ludvig

    Investigators and guild sarge

    It was just curious. I've posted stuff when the page hadn't updated properly and similar situations.
  11. Ludvig

    Investigators and guild sarge

    That statement was corrected 13 hours ago within minutes of being posted.
  12. Nico's built in abilities are pretty supportive without a single ap spent. People act as if he's useless apart from his one summoning action but he has passive support abilities rivalling some dedicated support masters.
  13. Ten cards (assuming the dopple hits her trigger) isn't something to be sniffed at but it is a pretty hefty soulstone investment and a lot of their ap will need to be spent on it.
  14. Ludvig

    Few questions about new Gg18

    Most of the guild masters can do public executions or ours I would say. Supply wagons are best for someone who can give out ap like Lucius, Hoffman or Nellie, be sure to bring some cheap 50mm base like a hunter or mounted guard and you can have it across the center pretty much turn one if you like. Most of the time it's better to play a master you feel comfortable with and just make a plan for the strategy than trying to create a whole new list of models you aren't that familiar with. Jury gives friendly models nearby the ability to gain masks on any duel (after you know if you have won or not). She is best used with models that have nice mask triggers like the masters who attack back on a mask, Santiago Ortega, Austringers etc. I've run Bishop with Nellie. With Francisco protecting him he can be really tricky for the opponent to handle and double flurries is mean, especially with debt to the guild.
  15. I'm intrigued. Does the emissary copy the weaver's draw on failed horror duels and the dopple + weaver spams them?