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  1. Is collette still strong enough?

    That's the one Niko. The new forums seem to not agree with my phone. She's especially nice in headhunter since you can push someone onto the head and block it off after you kill an enemy. Not sure if Sandeep owns that strategy too, can't remember all his tricks.
  2. Is collette still strong enough?

    No one is better than Sandeep, he is borderline broken and/or new enough that a lot of players haven't figured put how to deal. Collette is still strong, they just removed a very boring interaction with prompt making her an uninspiring spambot instead of a real master. Most masters who grant ap have restictions about not doing it on the same model. She still hands out ap like it was candy through prompt and all together now combined with (0) interacts. Some thoughts on loxfaux from a current thread on the neverborn side: (I tried to link, not sure if it's showing properly)
  3. Collodi's Decoy ability and blasts

    You do everything including placing markers and removing models completely for one model at a time before moving onto the next.
  4. Changelings engagement range?

    They do not because they don't have any attacks listed on their card. No one is ever in range of one of "their" attacks since they only borrow the attacks of other models and don't have attacks of their own.
  5. Painting Gremlins... ;-)

    I use Vallejo and P3 with a few washes/inks from armypainter. Citadel lost me when they insisted on using cans that ruin my paints despite having the knowledge to do proper ones. They also discontinued one of the base paints I had used a lot making me look for an alternative and they go around changing names on coloursway too often making it impossible to just pick up the same colour and continue a project even if you wrote down what you used. If I'm going to need to use a conversion chart and find an approximate colour at regular intervals despite sticking with them I don't see why I should continue with citadel.
  6. Yeah, that is a very good point. Strange that I hadn't heard it earlier, maybe everyone else is already playing him like this.
  7. I'd sqy you targeted Burt with the furious casting, he is then allowed to shove off attacks one by one as long as he has living friends. @Dogmantra Is that the usual way to handle charges against Burt? I've just assumed he could shove the attack off to any target you could legally attack considering range and LoS even if it's on the charge.
  8. What makes other Factions jealous?

    Miss those good old austringers. The guardian can defend Francisco a little at least. It's a nice piece but I don't think others lie awake crying at night because they can't have them. Guild may be doomed to mediocrity, we're sort of the vanilla faction. We do have fun tricks with buries although they're not OP or anything if that was required.
  9. What makes other Factions jealous?

    I you take Tosh you're playing TT. I would guess people usually look at Francisco buffing something to df 8 or 9 and feel a pang of envy. Sonnia when she maxes out her blasts is also a sight to behold. Sadly it's mostly a noobstomp move and makes you feel bad too.
  10. Brewmaster - what tools do we have

    The issue was killing Brewie, I thought you meant he had some powerful trigger. I'm aware of Collodi's trigger which is another reason to bring it against Brewie.
  11. I think the advice so far has been spot on. It's tricky to give advice at 35ss but the hand sculpting Philip offers is really strong at 50ss, not sure if a beater would bring Kirai more. Kirai is an efficient summoner and people will not have the ap to keep her summons in check. Malevolence should be able to cover a lot of your crew in the early game which should make opponents wary of attacking you. Don't forget Ikiryo offers free wounds for summons if you don't sacrifice her. If Kirai hasn't gone yet you might keep Ikiryo on the board (just watch out for anyone whp canbury you). Your main risk is probably other summoners and beaters making suicide runs at Kirai in the early game. Make sure to protect her turns 1 and 2 and you should have a strong game.
  12. Nephilim Box Set

    Wyrd doesn't physically make their own models in house, they use other companies. It makes it vulnerable to shipping delays and other stuff. Some popuular kits stay out of stock for a while.
  13. NB Lucius on Logfaux, what gives?

    Why I don't use logfaux. Everyone may not agree but hey, it came up! Point one: Statistics require huge numbers of data. Terrain and the mission in the form of strats and schemes would skewer the results as well as which player is playing which master. If there was a tier system for players based on rankings so that you could roughly control for player skill discrepancy it might say something. You'd also need to break down strat and scheme setup as well as which schemes the indvidual players chose since schemes are also of varying difficulty. Then we would need to consider the masters involved so if we had about 200 games of Lucius vs Lilith and so on for each master pairing and the necessary data to control for the other factors above we might get statistics worth basing decisions on. Crew composition would still be a huge confounder but we might see that summoners as a group or arcanists as a faction scored disproportionally high in interference. Point two: why do we need statistics in the game? I just like to enjoy my games and I don't care if my opponent is playing a master with a slightly higher win percentage than me. If something is percieved as unfun or overpowered I think it's more important to correct that than whatever has a slightly higher win percent based on fairly unreliable statistics. I play this game for the enjoyment of the game, I couldn't care less if I'm "handicapped" by the master I play as long as me and my opponent are having an enjoyable game. That goes for tournaments too, I will play the master I think gives a decent chance to enjoy myself and hopefully win but skill discrepancy is a bigger hindrance than model balance to that end. Even with errata the same players keep winning because they work out how to win with a master. When that master gets hit they are the first to move on to another master thatthey have probably had their eye on for a while and they get good and win with that master. In a casual game the current method of hitting NPE:s is probably fine if not better than going on statistics and in a tournament setting you can be expected to invest the time and money to keep competing.
  14. :'( Kirai is bad enough at 50ss... I feel bad for your opponents. Let us know how it goes!
  15. I've got that Hoffman/Mcmourning fever

    I've also been failing with McMourning. Having someone ignore armor is cool sometimes but at the cost of a master ap it seems kinda meh (especially when your opponent isn't using armor). Ignoring htw is mostly good when you have focus or the Loco buff and the latter got significantly more risky to use lately. My mirror match against a resser Mcmourning a few months back also made it seem like summoning a flesh constructs at full wounds is a lot better than getting a scheme marker near a friendly model for your master's ap. Granted that player is better than me and has more experience with the doc specifically but damn the efficiency difference was real. Having nurses and Sebastian is fun though.