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  1. Theoryfaux ahead: I feel like Joss and Langston pack the meanest punch. Joss can also create scrap for you to attach more upgrades and Langston's kill trigger offers discard options. Langston + the emissary also packs a mean punch since you can forcea large amount of discards followed by actual kills from that auto kill trigger. The peacekeeper with a ram attached does offer ridiculous minimum damage. I guess it would somewhat depend on what type of defenses you expect to face: wounds/armor/htk/incorp etc.
  2. Langston is only Ch 6 2" so it shouldn't be unreasonable to cover most of your important models. You only need to block that very last approach, he can have a million ap but if his last nimble walk ends up with him engaging one of your minions he wont' be charging anything important. Langston needs 3 AP to kill a 3ss night terror unless his first hit goes above min damage so it's not like he's unstoppable. Ressers also have nurses and their own summoning so they can probably match you in activations and keep a nurse unactivated that will just paralyze Langston.
  3. Thunders have a lot of minions and enforcercers more expensive than Bettaru and Yamaziko I would imagine that abilities such as the gremlin bayou two-card and models with built in flips would increase in value rather than high-stats. High stats win out when you know you will be able to cheat, more flips wins if both hands are exmpty.
  4. My most expensive one-dayer was 200kr which is about 17-18 pounds depending on exchange rate. That did include entry to a full weekend convention which pushed the price up a bit per player but hardl any of the players used that admission to the rest of the convention anyway. I do a rough estimation based on shipping and tolls for the event kit, what it will cost to rent the place etc. and then add some additional prices like trophies and stuff. If we get a lot of extra cash we spend it on something fun little extra. No one thought it was an unfair price and the event sold out in about four hours. If you are upfront about what will be offered and what you are charging I don't really see an issue. I have never felt the need to announce all the expenses and neither have any of my attendees. If you get an overhead of a few pounds as the organizer it usually doesn't even cover the cost of gas for driving terrain there and back and it isn't anywhere close to actually paying for the time you invest arranging it. Especially in the UK where there seem to be a lot of events to choose from I would argue that players who feel it's too expensive will just not go. When I have attended events I have never given any thought to why someone is charging the equivalent of 10 or 15 pounds.
  5. I'm a guildie but I figured I would ask the ressers since you usually know your own models best: What have you run into where you can't just isolate and lure a single model turn 1 to get way ahead in points? It happened to me again last game: the table is setup so that any model outside of it's deployment zone will see and be seen by the opponent's belle(s). My opppnent had Sybelle with the upgrade that makes you walk furter and a belle. Turn 1: dead Francisco. Any suggestions for how I protect myself against belles? Assume that they will see me and that no way of blocking LoS exists.
  6. I field multiple henchmen all the time, a lot of enforcers cost more than henchmen. Two is more or less every guild list but three isn't unheard of. I'd say about 70ss should be no problem. If it gets too cramped to do some marker schemes you could add 12" on one side or just change how far away from enemies they need to be to score.
  7. Ht 1 only makes you easier to hide if you are fighting other ht 1 models. I'm not sure I would bring the emissary for the shards. The conflux action works well if they take out the chihuahua and to set up charges if you have models that charge for a (1) against poisoned models. The zombies created by the shards through the game could be turned into ss and cards.
  8. I'm sorry, I must have misunderstood your question. You said it was a tricky one so I assumed you meant the one leading ot several lengthy debates. Of course Justice would resolve her burning if she didn't have any other conditions on her. That would be the normal way. The reason there is no clear answer on what I thought you were asking is because there isn't. The rules don't explain that particular interaction.
  9. There are a few insanely long threads about this. I am of the opinion that a single model can only resolve consitions on it once per upkeep so Sonnia could end up with burning. My argument is that poison doesn't work as intended if models canresolve conditions several times.
  10. Short snawer is: No. As far as headhunter is concerned, no model was killed.
  11. You can move trough the but not land on them so yeah, not ideal perhaps. You still can't take the charge if iu are engaged and a 50mm base with 2" engagement means a large area from where it can't charge.
  12. Since you also need to have that last stone available to devil's deal it's dangerous to have a small cache. I usually end up stoning for cards almost every turn (first three for sure) and there's usually at least one initiative flip worth stoning.
  13. Most of them like to charge you and they can't do that if they are engaged so you can put durable minions in the way of the charge lanes and at places where they would need to be to charge. You can often control that somewhat with belles luring them into that engagement. Models that trigger extra attacks dislike when hanged are around so they need to beat a high terrifying multiple times.
  14. Spammed (3) hounds today with Lucius. They performed very well, collecting evidence and scoring whatever the always scheme is as well as flipping a squatter's rights marker and bailing Lucius out as well as charging stuff from 17" away. Very enjoyable in corner deployment with a sergeant
  15. No triggers for undead is a 3" aura, McMourning making it undead is also 3" I believe. I'm not sure you realize how small that overlap is. The Yasinori could charge either model and land on the opposite direction from where the other one is stading and it would be able to declare triggers while hitting one of those models even granting the aura if it strikes from exactly 2" away Kang is scary but not that fast? Even if they push him I don't blieve they can companion to him? If he can threaten you I think one of the two big guys could thresten him right back and go before he went. The emissary with automatic decapitations or the peacekeeper with min damage five or six, both with ml 7 and fast should take care of Kang. Or use the non-constructs in thr list as shields I'm not trying to say it's risk freebut I,doubt it's worse than Viks. If you play Hoffman you need to be prepared for anti-armour lists since guild is known as one of the armoured factions fpr a lot of players.