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  1. Final thread about Undercover Entourage

    Please don't open this up to any station. Either Hench + Master or just Henchmen seems apropriate to me.
  2. I would absolutely love to face such a list! Should lead to quick games, no prancing about positioning.
  3. @Gnomezilla I would think you of all people would be able to stop Hoffman. Sounds like you should have brought the child and denied his movement. Lots of big bases there.
  4. I need some help

    Deployment depends a lot on which area attacks your opponent has and what the strategy is. I usually play pretty close together with my crew but some strategies and schemes really need you to spread out. Guild have it harder than others to run certain schemes but scheme runners are usually any model at 3-4 ss that can move at least 5 but preferably 7+ inches and also place a marker. Being able to place two markers in one activation is also great. Ressers have necropunks that leap. Neverborn have gupps, silurids, terror tots, insidious madnesses etc. Guild have reporters who walk 5" unimpeded by terrain, hounds who walk 6" but need to stick together and watchers who move 6" with flight but are only available if you buy Hoffman or find old metals. You already have the effigy which is also about as good as our scheme runners get. Using a model that cost 7+ soulstones to place markers is inefficient, you sometimes need to do it but it shouldn't be your game plan from the start. In the original book schemes there are some that are just a lot easier than others, the ones on suits are generally very doable if I recall correctly. Breakthrough is tough for us but Distract is usually very easy points. Assassinate should be doable depending on opponent but is also a huge risk for Lady J, recruiters and Francisco help with that. Protect territory is almost an auto take if it shows up, kill opponent and use cheap models to drop markers around one of your sturdier models near the end of the game, you can have two or three markers near the same model to score full. Bodyguard is ok if you don't play timed games. Francisco is bad for it because he is usually a priority target but if you put it on Santiago or the Judge it should be doable.
  5. I need some help

    Hey and welcome! Sounds like some pretty mean friends to be honest, the learning from losing involves discussing the came and giving tips in my vocabulary. Are you playing the schemes from the book or gaining grounds 2016? A lot of what you need to do depends heavily on the schemes and strat of course but there are some general pointers like which schemes are more doable and such. Generally for your masters buffing them with Francisco will make them survive better and they are both great at killing so bringing him is good. The effigy is also neat because of it's condition and because it's a fairly survivable 4ss model that can do schemes decently. That should allow you to play your master(s) pretty aggressively. On the whole I can imagine that they have activations left after you've done all your stuff because you only seem to own expensive models. That is a big drawback in this game, in the gaining grounds -17 especially. For more models I think some cheap ones like field reporters or guild hounds would get you furthest, you are pretty well covered for hard hitting expensive ones. For learning tactics you need to stick to a similar crew until you learn the ins and outs of your models. It will also help if your opponents play the same masters with you because knowing about the enemy crew is also important for playing well. Pick one of your masters and try to use a lot of the same models between games. How are you loosing? Getting everything killed or just not getting enough scheme points yourself? Edit: Just FYI I lost maybe the 15 or so first games I played and my opponents were really helpful to me and explaining their tricks. There is just a lot to take in even for an experienced mini gamer.
  6. I'm thankful for McMourning getting to hire beasts. Praise someone below for that I guess?
  7. Three riflemen! That should qualify as stupid.
  8. Decision for a new player

    It's good for checking out what to get. Enough models to play games should come first of course.
  9. Questions about By Your Side

    Out of LoS doesn't matter because you have already targeted so don't need LoS anymore. If they have too short of a ml reach they will get blocked but for any model with range 2+ it should be fine to still charge the original target. By your side should probably just have been on an attack action instead of non-specific action.
  10. Questions about By Your Side

    I think option 2 is the least likely because you as the controller chose to make him the target with one of his abilities that resolves after the enemy had targeted another model. If he can't be the target then you either can't use the ability or it goes through trumping the other one.
  11. The bigger orders the higher priority of shipping you will get from the middle-distribution so if the english shop places a huge order they will get their stuff first, the layer may be depleted so the smaller stores get theirs when the distributor gets their next shipment from Wyrd. That's how I've had it explained to me.
  12. Questions about By Your Side

    When you declare the charge you start resolving abilities. That means you check all applicable abilities and choose an order to resolve them. You can resolve the yari first but when Sidir changes the target my model still hasn't targeted him with a charge for yari to get a new declaration as I stated in my original post, he just changes it. The terrifying and other abilities may possibly be resolved against the original target, I could see that, but I'm not targeting Sidir. He is replacing my target so no new Yari damage because I didn't target him, he replaced my target. If you want to go hardcore RAW on this look at her braced yari condition: Models that target a friendly model within 3” of this model (including this model) with a Charge action suffer 4 damage. My model isn't targeting him, he changes the target of the action which my model targeted at another model.
  13. Deal with scion of the void alphastrikes

    Pretty hard to avoid it entirely. You can take Aionius or some other model that attacks buried models but it's not a guarantee. The Viks will probably remove some of your models, that is just something you need to reconcile with. For Collodi I would just spam marionettes and make a fine mesh out of them so she can't charge through to your high value targets. Collodi should be out-activating and Vik will not like your beater getting the drop on her, if she whirlwinds two marionettes do death but dies in return that is a pretty abysmal exchange of models for the Vik player. If the board allows it you could take a trapper and three changelings and shoot the scion away. A clever player should be able to hide it on most boards though.
  14. Questions about By Your Side

    I don't see a difference between death contract and this. Either you don't have the original target as a target anymore and thus retroactively change what should have happened like with death contract or you can sequencially resolve both charges starting with Sidir because his by your side interrupts the declared charge and then continue with the declared charge after that. There are plenty of times when resolving exactly according to the RAW simply doesn't work very well and we have to be sensible. Have a look at the austringer discard trigger if you want another example. It says the attack doesn't do damage but that trigger resolves after you have already done and applied damage. Does that mean you get to do both or should you just skip doing damage?
  15. Lucius - how to use him in Neverborn

    It's very rare for me to play Lucius without Graves and the Doppleganger and they hit decently with his positive flips. I'm not sure how many more jitters you usually cram into his aura. I did a tournament game with them and two illuminsted. I've tried similar setups before but have found that I can't alwayd keep 30ss of my list so close. They often need to reach out to hurt stuff, Lucius can try to move between the groups and scare the enforcers into attacks if you can afford it activation order-wise but you often need to activate the model that's about to die. They aren't great tarpits but if you can manage to red tape their main threat their mimic keywords helps them a lot. If I hadn't had a trapper in one of my last games I would have given up claim jump because we played diagonals and my entire list was in Lucius' bubble. As it turned out my trapper killed his claim jumper on my weak flank denying 3VP. I don't think I would have reached that flank until two VP later even if I had tried all of Lucius ap-stuff on an illuminated.