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  1. Yes, they are not scheme markers but a marker type of their own and don't follow any of the rules for scheme markers. That is why they have a differe t name.
  2. I like to do assymetry near the center so that one crew has an easier time getting at the objective. I also try to give one side a little more hard cover. If you do them symmetrical the person deploying second will always get to match their models better which is a huge advantage. Before we started doing asymetrical boards my club had a streak where more or less every win was by the person setting up second. Edit: I never ever put perches, steep hills accessible from one side or sniper's nest that are hard to reach on any of my boards. If I use a clocktower or something I make it completely impassable and inacessible.
  3. Play basic book schemes that all score at the end. Take plant and legalese Plant is also niceif you're doing entourage or take prisoner is in the pool since people often take Lucius prisoner after killing all his aupport staff. If I play an actual game so GG then I usually only take surpriaingly loyal. Legalese can be nice on a doppleganger, Idon't think Lucius can stackthe abilities if he has it on himself, it qould only help his buddies. If frame is in the pool I love surpriaingly loyal. Just keep a houndaround Lucius, bleed it for the soulstone to then ahift the attack to it ao weak damage from the opponent will kill it. (just saw someone else beat me to it) I used to take assets all the time, it'sreally soulstone heavy but the triggerto place or remove markers can be golden. These days I'd rather use his built in (0) and save the 5+ stones the upgradeis likelyto end up costing through stoning for suits and since it's so pricey.
  4. I think Bengt makes a good point. You can't use focus before measuring if you're within range of the surprise ability which is different from using focus on the trapper's declared action. The question is if the focused range can be considered the "range" of the action.
  5. Great writeup! I would add that Lucius' trigger can not only place friendly markers, it can remove opposing ones which can be a gotcha' moment.
  6. Lucius. He can give ap to tricky minions and put the condition on them so they are at double negatives, except for A&D... Hate that thing. McMourning with poison also does well for me, you only need the very last hp to tick from poison and both he and Sebastian have automatic infect triggers so the doctor himself can easily cause a lot of damage and end up with a model at low wounds that takes 3 damage on activation and 3 more at turns end, doesn't take long at all. You also have nurses if you want high poison to expunge for exact damage before hitting with McMourning and applying the last point of poison that will kill them. They also apply paralyze and stuff if needed. Haven't used the reporters yet but they should be nice. I'd also echo the sentiment that it's sometimes worth it to just kill the model with a non-henchman if it's really going to ruin your day. People sometimes fake it to br able to be aggressive with a nasty model.
  7. I see what you are saying but I disagree. One of these days we might actually see an faq-ruling on this
  8. @Adran None ofthe abilities ask you to determine which model can take the action. They just concern themselves with which card the action is printed on.
  9. I never play unpainted myself and my tournaments usually push for painting but in casual games I just love to get the games in and I would never judge someone for not having their stuff painted. If you want to join a club you could ask them before, mostclubs just want more people to play so I don't think it would be an issue.
  10. Unless I'm playing in a tournament my games usually take over two hours, I don't think that's uncommon. Knowing your cards without needing to look at them can speed things up but my time goes to contemplating the optimal move aka analysis paralysis. Letting everyone play at the same time seems like thr best idea, our club has a lot of table space, I could never stand waiting around for 2-3 hours. Board- and miniature games always downplay the time investment. Including setup I would always calculate about double the time stated on the box.
  11. Yes, you check the range after choosing to use focus so if you use it the range is 28".
  12. I thought you meant after halving/with the cast.
  13. How and why? Huggy doesn't even have that many wounds
  14. Yup, take terrifying.
  15. Changelings have a differwnt wording from the dopplel. Can't remember it by heart but have a look.