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  1. Who-sanori? Never heard of him.

    I think return fire is a seriously strong upgrade on gunslingers and Sue. If a 7+1ss killy model consistently survives a 13+1ss killy model and kills it in return it's not hard to see why your opponent is frustrated. In the minds of a lot of player stuff should probably kill models half their points instead of dying to them in an average kind of situation, otherwise the costs do seem a bit off. They might want to try and attack something else though. Using a model that generates many duels isn't very good against return fire. I agree with you that Yaz players should probably be careful in calling stuff unfun to face.
  2. Death Marshalls

    Guild guard treatment would be nice. That might be the same, don't keep track of TT.
  3. Scorpius...? So-close-ius more like

    Pretty useful for carting around supplies as well. Big base and (0) to push.
  4. Scorpius...? So-close-ius more like

    As a McMourning player I feel it is too slow to keep up with Doc and will block Sebastian's aura more than it will help. It has a super short range and is a big block of no LoS that Sebastian really doesn't want near him. An opponent used to Sebastian will not give you an oportunity to use the two in optimal circumstances. Seems like you would often be trading slow on one model for a lot of damage on other models. Looks like a decent flanker to me. Attack a scheme runner to make sure it is dlow the next turn. Can heal and do more damage or leave the slow sucker and push back towards friendlies to get something useful done. More of a book 1 6ss than book 5 6ss though
  5. For the specific purpose of the ability it isn't considered engaged. For the actual base book rules on targeting into an engagement with a projectile you haven't been given an exception.
  6. The term flip isn't clearly explained - it could mean either. With the wording of this specific ability it does sound a bit like a cheated joker would work but it is far from certain and I bet Ironsides players would hate that interpretation.
  7. I'm pretty sure austringers were unavailable for about a year. I remember a lot of frustration among guild beginners when everyone said austringers were the best first buy but they were impossible to buy.
  8. Alison Dade & Pathfinder - How do you use it?

    Stone for cards turn 1. Run Lucius for more cards. Keep a loose count of how many tomes you've flipped and activate and pray for a topdeck when most high tomes are still in the deck if you can't get any to your hand. I'd say it's a bit 50/50 on getting tomes turn one for me. If you don't you need to be even more careful. Lucius easily pushes you out of engagement with Issue command. McCabe has his upgrades. Austringers or Francisco are also modeks who could push. Generally I try to put the traps so it is hard to engage the pathfinder and I mostly run one with the two masters mentioned above. Pretty sure they're also df 6, I have walked out of engsgements a couple of times.
  9. Out of stock is not the same as out of print/out of production. Out of production.means more models are never oing to be made like the old avatars. The plastic madnesses are still in production although since Wyrd uses other companies it sometimes takes months for things to come back into stock.
  10. I don't think it's unreasonable to differentiate between duel and stat bonuses although I fully agree with you that it should be a lot clearer what is what. There is Hannah and then the freikorps librarian with a deceptively similsr ability that is slighrly differently worded. A few key terms usef consistently would clear a lot of things up.
  11. To me it seems clear that the stat one can't boost defence but the duel one can boost a duel that uses df.
  12. It is not. It is added to all duel totals, not to the defense stat of the model. In addition a built in bonus to defense is more like Franciso's condition or Lady J'snew upgrade addin a suit to her defense. Abuilt in suit is just a normal part of your defense stat, not a bonus I think (countered by becoming a suitlesd four in this instance I guess).
  13. Alison Dade & Pathfinder - How do you use it?

    Pathfinder: don't deploy too far forward or do it on an elevation that is hard to reach against a crew with no ranged attacks. I use from thr shadows to deploy so that I don't havr to walk frdt turn but you rarely want to be more than 4-6" out of a normal deployment zone. No real experience with Alison but play her cool and attaxk stuff near guild guard would be my.best bet.
  14. Inescapable trap scoring

    Will the real Adam Rogers please stand up? Does it say who Adam is? I believe the chronicles use freelance writers?
  15. Death Marshalls

    McCabe gives out disguised, reactivate and nimble if you really really want to get in posiion to fail your lousy ca 5 attacks. Use Francisco to boost defenses and make the duel to escape pretty bad for most opponents.