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Parker Barrows

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  1. Thanks. Apparently, I wasn't scrolling down enough.
  2. OK. Apparently, I'm stupid. Where are the files?
  3. Looks awesome. Can't wait to see her card/in the fluff.
  4. You'll be missed. *sets some cinnamon on fire*
  5. Welcome! I love your..... special creation for Stitched Time Act 3.
  6. Who: Anyone who wants to try a new format. Where: Loves Park Top Cut What: 35 Stone Traitor Tournament Henchman led game. Your Henchman and your Crew must be a different Faction (Your Faction is considered your Crews for all purposes, including upgrades). The Henchman is locked. Your Crew is not. You may not have any members of your Henchman's original Faction(s). Example: Toshiro/Neverborn may not hire Punk Zombies (despite Infiltration), and may not not hire Mr. Graves despite being able to hire Neverborn. When: April 2nd. Why: Competition is fun. Come and win prizes. Round 1 Deployment: Corner Strategy: Headhunter Scheme Pool: Claim Jump, Eliminate Leadership, Leave Your Mark, Accusation, A Quick Murder Round 2 Deployment: Corner Strategy: Extraction Scheme Pool: Claim Jump, Eliminate Leadership, Frame for Murder, Dig Their Graves, Recover Evidence Round 3 Deployment: Standard Strategy: Guard the Stash Scheme Pool: Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, Accusation, Tail 'Em, Inspection
  7. A Stitch in Time Act 2 will be held on March 29 at 6:00 PM at South Top Cut.
  8. Because of some members being ill, I'll be running a normal campaign. Act 2 will be held in a couple of weeks.
  9. A Stitch in Time Act 2 will be taking place at the South Rockford (IL) Top Cut between 6-10.
  10. Yeah, I got it too after I posted.
  11. I received my second misprinted cards yesterday. I'm confused now. Should I leave well enough alone and wait for them to send me the cards? Or should I contact them and let them know that my replacements were wrong?
  12. Honestly, it felt pretty even though the Cult players seem more enthusiastic. Locally, three of us got into with other players deciding later. I picked up Dual Commander with Cult and Hordes (focusing on Cult). One player went Hordes and Cult (focusing on Hordes) and the other when Empire and Abyssinia (not quite sure which is focus).
  13. Welcome Kyle!
  14. I think they can easily have a rule allowing Syndicate models to have adjuncts and/or assets themselves. Maybe keep them to Syndicate models/squads.
  15. The next session will be on Feb 1st at Top Cut on South Alpine. It will be the usual time of 6-10 PM.