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  1. Parker Barrows

    Free RPG day? The Show Must Go On?

    Yeah. My store didn't get anything either. Ran a previous one and everyone seemed to have fun.
  2. Who: Anyone one who wants to learn to play Through The Breach. What: Running a One-Shot Adventure of Through the Breach. Why: For fun and learning how to play. When: Two demos, one at 12PM and one at 3PM Where: Top Cut North in Loves Park Illinois
  3. Parker Barrows

    Obsidian Gate In Rockford, IL

    The Obsidian Gate TTB World Campaign Act 4: When: 6:00 - 10:00 PM, May 30th Where: Top Cut Comics South (on South Alpine and Harrison) The Final Act. Maybe.
  4. Parker Barrows

    Funny Stories or Fatemaster Headaches

    Copycats and Deceive Triggers. So, so many times that just wrecks the adventure (in a fun way of course). I can't count the number of combats I have planned that our Copycat has managed to avoid or even recruit the enemy.
  5. Parker Barrows

    When do you think we will see more Guild stuff?

    Late to the party reply: I always took as rules for models not being compatible rather than characters shifting from one setting to another.
  6. Parker Barrows

    Confirm Commander Level contents?

    Actually, we hit the Syndicate model a while ago.
  7. Parker Barrows

    Funny Stories or Fatemaster Headaches

    I'm surprised there wasn't one for these (or at least in the latest 10 pages). One of my players started a campaign and I finally get to plat TTB as a player. I made a Bully and picked the "Nothing Personal, Friend" Trigger for Intimidate. NOTE: Paraphrasing, not direct quotes. Me: I take 2 Walk actions to get close and then use Terrorize. FM: OK. Now the Gang Lead... Me: Hey, wait. I got my trigger. FM: OK? It fails. You're Terrorizing him. Me: But it says I get a flip. I should get a chance. FM: With your -1 Charisma and no Bewitch? Sure. *I flip a 13* FM: ........ OK. *pained look in his face* He's scared of the man with the giant hammer approaching him, but he understands that he brought this on himself. Next turn: I do 16 damage (my Rail Hammer is enlarged giving me 8 Severe Damage) and (I assume) got the amputation Crit Effect to his head. FM: As you slam your hammer down, he nods his head letting you know that he is accepting with what is happening and doesn't hold anything against you. As the one who has been Fatemastering for a couple of years now, I have to say that it is nice being on this side of the table. One or my players greatest hits? A cult formed in Innocence worshipping the Nameless Tyrant. The mayor (a Fated who won through manipulation and raising a riot against the former mayor for the only crime he didn't commit) managed to convince the cult that the (Master-level) leader was in fact two Gremlins in a trench coat which led to the cult turning on itself and pretty much annihilating itself with only a couple of survivors. Why was this so great? Because the mayor is two Gremlins in a trench coat.
  8. Parker Barrows

    Obsidian Gate In Rockford, IL

    The Obsidian Gate TTB World Campaign Act 3: When: 6:00 - 10:00 PM, May 9th Where: Top Cut Comics South (on South Alpine and Harrison) Don't worry about joining in half way through. Act 3 actually is an interesting point to bring in new players. So, feel free to come and join in the fun.
  9. Parker Barrows

    Monday Preview - Another Mystery

    I'm going to guess an enemy in the upcoming Guild book for TTB. Maybe a Neverborn member of the Court of Two.
  10. Parker Barrows

    Carry on My Ten Thunders Son

    You'll be missed. Good luck with what the future holds.
  11. Parker Barrows

    Characters dying

    Mine survived. However, they went to the Japanese and Guild headquarters first and I gave them a chance with a high Bureaucracy check and Karlheinz nailed it, so they got some Guild Guards. While the team made it through, most of the Guild Guard did not. It's what the Guild gets for literally giving their men red shirts.
  12. Parker Barrows

    Favorite models so far?

    Whelks. Them and dual factioning with the Cult made my the Hordes my choice. Oh. AndI do like the Siren too. Evil mermaid are awesome.
  13. Parker Barrows

    Untrained Skills

    I apparently never realized this change. Would have really helped my graverobber/necromancer who kept flipping 1's on his stitching checks. On the plus side, he did find his place as the worst Rezzer ever within the group.
  14. Parker Barrows

    Suggest next buy of the TTB line

    Honestly, it depends on what you're interested: Arcanists, Rezzers, or Gremlins. Or if you're running a campaign, it depends on where you're planning on taking the people. If you only want to stay in Malifaux, UQ. If you want to roam, ITS or ITB. ITS takes you north of Malifaux while ITB takes you to the Bayou.
  15. Parker Barrows

    Obsidian Gate In Rockford, IL

    The Obsidian Gate TTB World Campaign Act 2: When: 6:00 - 10:00 PM, April 18th Where: Top Cut Comics South (on South Alpine and Harrison) Missed the first one? No problem. Come and join the second one.