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  1. Iconic Fate Deck

    Or an alt Phiona Gage or Alison Dade
  2. Ironsides vs Nicodem 50SS Storied Battle Report

    Fun read! Especially enjoyed the carnage in turn 3.
  3. Nellie's Embedded Glitchy

    The Nellie "Embedded" upgrade does some weird things. 1. Adjusted merc costs (like Johanna) are inconsistent. Some times the merc tax (and/or pre errata ss cost prices) are applied to the total soul stone cache. 2. When removing models and/or upgrades from the crew, other models are randomly deleted too. This seems to happen mostly with the merc section. Eg, I delete one merc or upgrade, they're all deleted.
  4. Triple Stalk McMourning

    Because it's triple stalk, and the Rogue Necro is the 3rd stalk.
  5. Questions and help with Perdita crew

    I agree with @Myyrä. She's a good, solid master and with the changes from gg17 to gg18, she'll be even better. Play her with Trick Shooting + Fastest Draw (I also like to include vengeance bullet) for upgrades. First crew hires should be Enslaved Nephilim, Brutal Effigy and Franc, and you've got a good solid base to build out the rest of the crew according to the game at hand. The Jury will add some versatility to her game by giving out the auto mask trigger on her Df/Wp, her Witched Bullet trigger for additional damage and on her Obey. Nino gets a lot of hate from a lot of people, but if you have a decent amount of family in the crew, I like him for games with interact heavy scoring as he can make that very difficult for your opponent with his spotter ability. Guild also just got a new solid minion called Monster Hunters with the family trait, which I think are a great addition to her hiring pool. They excel at punching above their weight. If you like the look of Perdita and her play style, get her, she can be competitive.
  6. If you were the Errata man...

    I'd fix all the above mentioned culprits. The one I'd wish for most is Sam, though. I love the model and the fluff, but there are always better options, even in a Sonnia crew. I would play him if he had +1Walk in addition to HTK or HTW.
  7. To Flurry With a Peacekeeper?

    Exactly right.
  8. Wave 5 - How does it redefine our meta?

    I think Nellie's ability to rewrite schemes now is a bit... silly. In my opinion, it feels like playing Malifaux on easy mode. The amount of times I've played a game and regretted my scheme choices by turn 2/3 and wishing I had chosen another set... more than I'd like to admit. With that upgrade now, I can see many situations where there will be scheme pools that require a similar crew selection, and by turn 2/3, if your opponent is thwarting your original plan, instead of thinking how to better him/her, you can just switch gears and choose another scheme that'll be easier to achieve in that particular game. Or, times when "Oh, this crew isn't doing as well at this scheme as I thought it would, but hey, I know they're good at this one (that's in the pool), I'll just just switch out to that quickly."
  9. Wave 5 - How does it redefine our meta?

    Nellie is most likely still top of the Guild, with McMourning now coming in at a close 2nd. I think McMourning with his new hiring pool will be able to more than competently take on any combination of strat and schemes. I think he'll see a lot more table time now for players who want to be competitive, but don't want to just play Nellie every game. Lady J will also see a lot more table time now with her new upgrades and I think there will be a select few combinations of strats and schemes where she will be the better choice over Nellie and McMourning. Jury will most likely be in every good Lady J / Perdita crew, alongside Franc. Upgrades: Sword fighter will be stapled to Lady J and I think Fastest Draw will be attached to Perdita most times with Trick Shooting. McCabe's Loot bag is nice, but will most times probably just serve as to making Glowing Sabre 1 ss cheaper. I think we got a great selection of new minions. To echo @Legislat, we now have options. Good options. Options that allow us to mix things up and take our opponents by surprise. At least for now, until people have figured out the best new combinations of things.
  10. New Hoffman

    On the Lady J derail: I think the best thing about the coffin is that it allows Lady J to be in more than one place at a time. Say there's a troublesome model that a DM or DMR can't deal with in raw damage or don't have enough actions to deal with it, and Lady J is far off on the other side of the board, have them bury it and Lady J can do damage to it from wherever she is. Sure, it doesn't have any positives to the flips and doesn't do as much damage as her sword, but it's still CA7 (vs Df) 3/4/5 damage, from anywhere on the board! Generally speaking, there are a lot of bury shenanigans in Malifaux, and the coffin gives those plays a huge speed bump to deal with. Also, say Lady J charges into 2 big hitters, ideally speaking, she kills one of them, then doesn't have enough actions left to kill the other. She can bury it. And, if that big hitter hadn't activated yet, even better! Then, let it out the box on her next activation so she can kill it then. I'm not saying it's better than vendetta, it just gives her many more interesting options.

    Alt Peacekeeper would be great. A "too scale" version. Current Peacekeeper feels a bit small.
  12. Surviving the Viks alpha strike

    Lady J with her new Ashwood Coffin upgrade is a good counter. If your opponent buries the Vik, Lady J will kill her while she's buried. If he doesn't bury the Vik, keep Lady J back for a counter charge and then kill her. Francisco is also a good counter, as he can "En Frente Me" (not sure how that's spelled), placing into base contact with her and pushing all friendly engaged models away, or straight up charge her or flurry if you have good positioning. If you don't have Lady J, as @Gnomezilla said, a Death Marshall Recruiter will do some damage to her while she's buried. Two will have a decent chance of killing her.
  13. McTavish

    McTavish was in cover. Dense to be exact. So he was in it and shooting through it. So he was getting cover from any Sh. I turned Myranda into a Blessed and sent it after him, but McTavish killed it in Ml. The problem here is that Nellie also had her card draw upgrade, so after a couple turns, my opponent had stacked his hand with Kings, which allowed him to survive and hit back really hard. He didn't even have to use soul stones, which is another problem with McTavish. I'm not sure I agree with the superior list comment. The strategy was ply for information, so I opted for more models to execute it. The scheme pool was also split 50 50 between killy and schemey. I went the schemey route with Set Up and Inescapable Trap. My opponent went Eliminate Leadership and Vendetta. I built my list to the schemes I selected, and same with my opponent. I guess the thing is just focus on taking him out, then once that is done, focus on scoring points.
  14. McTavish

    Hey guys, Had a game last night with a friend. Guild vs Guild. I was running McMourning and my friend was running Nellie. The strategy was Ply For Information. Crew lists looked something like this: McMourning - Guild Coroner - Test Subjects - On The Clock Myranda - A Debt To The Guild Rogue Necro - A Debt To The Guild Dawn Serpent 2x Guild Hounds 2x Nurses Nellie - Cant remember her upgrades (but the culprit upgrade was the one that gives out fast) Phiona - Transparency McTavish 2x Reporters Monster Hunter Thalarian Queller Printing Press The problem was McTavish with fast - every turn! Pushing into scheme markers dropped by the reporters. Then 3x 14" shot Sh 6 shots with high damage - every turn. In my opinion, McTavish is broken. He does everything. Sh that ignores cover and doesn't randomize, with massive damage. A Ml attack that's only slightly less effective than his Sh. Scheme marker interaction. Henchman, so he can use stones. All for just 10 ss. Which, when compared to other models that cost 10 ss, seems a bit much. You can't deal with him as you would other models, take advantage of their weakness, because he has none. Stay in cover? Nope, ignores cover. Get into Ml? Nope, Doesn't randomize. Engage him? Probably your best bet if you survive getting to the otherside of the board, then if you do, make sure he's already activated so you can do some damage, cos if he hasn't activated, he'll kill that model in Ml. Now take all of this and combine it with fast every turn from Nellie and A Debt To The Guild for one turn of extra craziness, is too much too handle. How do you guys deal with McTavish in general? How do you guys deal with McTavish in a Nellie crew?

    Why are there so many votes for the executioner? Why do people want an alt model for a model that never sees table time??