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  1. Anyone know how the Kamtachi was used in the Asami crew? Same question for Aionus in the McCabe crew.
  2. Some Misaki Guidance please

    Correct. For the 5 cards I'm including 3 for the attack flip and 2 on the damage flip, as you will usually be on single + after all the modifiers.
  3. Some Misaki Guidance please

    Whenever I activate Misaki I assume she will black joker one of her attacks if I haven't already see it that round. With a potential for 5 attacks on a +/+ you're flipping at least 3 cards per attack. 3x5 = 15 (~ 25% of the deck). On your recalled training round I'm often flipping 5 cards per attack. 5x5 = 25 (~50%) of your deck. So if you haven't seen it you have a pretty good chance of it coming up.
  4. Henchman Hardcore TT lists

    A couple of lists I've used with great effect are: Kang + RT + Peaceful Waters Izamu + RT 2x Low River Monks Izamu is a tank then you add four heals from LRM per round and he's very hard to kill for most crews. Plus you have good condition removal if you need it. The only times I've lost Izamu with this list is to Red Jokers. I've considered swapping out one LRM and the RT from Kang for a Terracotta Warrior, that could give Izamu insurance from Red Joker damage. ...AND Kang Shadow Emissary + Shadow Conflux 2x Rail Workers. There might have been another upgrade in there. I don't remember (and I'm to lazy to look up) the exact point values. I only tried this one once, it was devastating. I didn't know it when I picked my crew, but my opponent was a resser player. Two of his models were undead and two were incorporeal. The SE mopped up the incorporeal models, while the rest of the crew destroyed the two undead. Shadow Conflux +; Kang +/+ vs undead; Rail Workers + from (0) = +++/+ for Rail Workers. Probably not the best test run, but I still think its a solid crew. EDIT: Removed RT from Kang. That's what I get for doing things from memory.
  5. Yokai and flicker-place

    I agree with solkan. The current action is whatever action you re currently actively resolving. The Charge is not resolved until all sub-actions are resolved, but it is not the current action. If the charge was considered the current action because it wasn't resolved, wouldn't the attack action also be the current action since it also is not resolved? If that attack got the Vital Strike trigger it would be the current action, along with the spawning attack, and the charge action. Since they are all the "current action" would you place at the end of each current action?
  6. Newsletter Update

    There have always been four factions in Malifaux, plus the outcasts. Its just that now the outcast faction is split into three parts.
  7. Is Shadow Emissary a complete autotake?

    How do you play control Misaki? I've never really figured out what to do with her with her defensive upgrades.
  8. Is Shadow Emissary a complete autotake?

    I'll have to give him a try with Misaki, I still don't see him being as good with Yu with her, but I'm terrible at this game, I never see the really good combos until I put them on the table. How do you get a lot out of his aspect with a Misaki crew? I see how it would be amazing with condition based crews like Shenlong or Brewmaster, but never saw it as very good with most other crews. I could see Bettari and the Emissary being a very effective assassination team. If you're willing to spend the cards you can pretty much guarantee 12/18+ damage between the two. Yu is pretty expensive, but for what id does its worth it to me. His scheme marker manipulation has won me many games. Having two stalked targets to choose from, or just stalking one the same round Miski goes after it so she doesn't have to user her 0 to stalk is great. I almost never loose her when played with Yu. I play her pretty opportunistically. Early game I kill what ever my opponent leaves most exposed, low risk targets that let me start to get activation control. Once we get to mid-game and they are out activated Misaki gets much more aggressive.
  9. Is Shadow Emissary a complete autotake?

    I cannot imaging playing Misaki without Yu (actually I can since I did it before I discovered Yu) Yu stalking for Misaki, pushing her 10" and making her fast (5 attacks against her stalked target on +/+) is amazing. I find I usually hit my target and kill it in 3-4 attacks, next target back out 4" and have 1-2 AP left to get so relative safety. Then do it again next round. Misaki just yo-yos out killing anything she gets near. How does the Emissary complete with that? FYI - I'm genuinely curious, not trying to be rude.
  10. Ice Dancers and Pounce.

    I disagree. There are two separate and distinct steps to a push/move/etc. In my mind you push following all of the restrictions (towards model X, away from model X, Y inches, up to Y inches, etc.) of the push. The direction and distance are determined at this time. The rule book says in the case of an "up to" push the controller chooses how far the model is pushed up to the maximum distance. Since 0 is less than the maximum distance, it is a valid choice. You can push 0 inches. This may be by choice, or compulsory (e.g. if you are required to push toward a model you are in base contact with). At this point you have pushed 0 inches. Next you determine if a push took place for traits that react to pushes. The FAQ entry was created to address issues where models were being lured 0" inches and pounced on. The intent is to address whether a push/move/etc. is considered to have taken place once a 0 in push/move/etc. has been completed. Not to say 0" pushes/moves/etc. are not allowed. This is consistent with how damage is applied. A model takes X damage, damage may be reduced/prevented, if damage was reduced/prevented to 0 no damage was taken.
  11. Ice Dancers and Pounce.

    If the Ice Dancer was in base contact with the model they charged and wanted to push toward that model (which would be 0 inches) would you allow that or would you say it was 0" and thus is not valid?
  12. Is Shadow Emissary a complete autotake?

    Sounds like I really need to start trying him out. I always take Yu with Misaki and sometimes with Lynch. I pretty much never use either Yu or SE with any other crew.
  13. Ice Dancers and Pounce.

    I can see the argument that if you push 0 inches it is not a push, so you didn't push which it says to do. But I would say you can push 0 inches voluntarily. Which is no push.
  14. Internal balance of factions

    Immunity is game term according to the FAQ, but a quick search of the rulebook I didn't see it capitalized when mentioned in the rules and here is at least one stat card were is is not capitalized. Maybe it is capitalized some places, I didn't search the entire rulebook. From the FAQ: From the rulebook:
  15. Internal balance of factions

    The balance in Malifaux is not perfect, but it is very good. IMHO a skilled player that knows his models well will win against a less skilled player or one is who doesn't know his models very well regardless of the crews involved. That said If I can get up on my soap box for a moment... I think there are enough models in the game and would love to see Malifaux 2.5E. The core rules, the concept of the game are fantastic. There are two core concepts that make or break a game (1) delayed gratification and (2) meaningful decisions. If a game doesn't have these then it won't be fun and engaging long term. Malifuax is especially good at meaningful decisions. Activation order, hand management, model placement, etc. this game has meaningful choices built into every facet of the game. So at it core I wouldn't change a thing. I'd love to see a new version clean up the game. The major changes I'd love to see: (1) Clean up timing! Break every event in the game down into named steps and all the actions, triggers, etc. explicitly name the step when it is resolved and if it happens before during or after the step. (2) Explicitly separate game terms from natural language. The FAQ, on occasion, will say "this is a game term, so..." as far as I can tell there is no way to know something is a game term is the FAQ tells us. (3) Use consistent language, there are lots of rules that are functionally the same, but use different language. Makes people wonder if they are supposed to work differently. My two favorite examples are Misaki's Diving Charge and Von Schill's Augmented Jump; and the katanaka snipers two attacks both have a , but have different language. (4) Reballance some models. All-in-all fantastic game, but before we get new models I'd love to see it cleaned up a bit.
  16. Terror and Conditions caused by enemy models

    Thanks everyone.
  17. Here's something that came up last night and I wasn't sure how to answer. An Model protected by an Oxfordian Mage's Protection from the Blood failed a Terror test vs. an enemy model and would gain Paralyzed. But affected model "... is immune to Conditions caused by enemy models..." from the upgrade. Is the model... (1) ...gain the Paralyzed from the Horror duel (not from the enemy model). I can see this being correct since if you die due to a condition like Burning no one gets credit for the kill. (2) ...gain the Paralyzed from the enemy model since it is the source of the Horror duel? If a model is killed by an Ability, the model with the Ability counts as having made the kill. It stands to reason the model with Terror (also an ability) would count as causing the Horror duel. I was unsure what the answer was when writing this, but not I'm pretty sure this is the correct answer. How does everyone else feel about this? The Oxfordian Mage's ability and a couple similar ones: A couple of rule book spinets on Terrifying and Horror. Pertinent FAQ entries
  18. Terror and Conditions caused by enemy models

    You are correct, sorry, It would be Ironsides and/or a henchman with the Warding Runes Upgrade. I'll edit my original post.
  19. Forced target switching on furious casting

    The wording on Furious Casting doesn't strongly support choosing a target (the way a charge does) or the single target being whoever the first model targeted is. I support the former. You declare a target for all three attacks the way you do with a Charge for a few reasons: 1) This seems to be the intent of the action, and if there isn't strong language in one direction or the other I lean towards what I think was intended. 2) I think this is the way most people think it should work, so working in this manner will cause less confusion and less surprises. 3) This interpretation needs to be considered in situations outside the scope of this question, and the "first model targeted" option could cause some odd situations. For example a Librarian targets Model A who is engaged with Model B. The first attack is randomized and targets Model B who is out of range and LoS (which is legal with the Randomization rules). Now the Librarian has to target the out of Range and LoS model with their second two attacks, and cannot be taken. I don't think that is intended by the designers. Seems like this thread has morphed into. Two questions: 1) What is considered a Legal Target? 2) When/how is the "single target" for Furious Casting (and like abilities) determined.
  20. When does a model gain Slow/Fast?

    @Grrn We ran into the exact same situation last week which is what prompted me to dig into the rules and sort out when slow/fast is gained and when it is not, and to post this to see if I got it all right. The fact that I posted to double check my work I think shows the answer is not completely obvious even once you searched the rules. I agree a FAQ entry would be nice. That said it is clear in my mind you would not gain the condition a second time. The "Conditions presented without a value in their name do not stack..." (rule 1) is very clear. The "A model may only gain extra AP from a source once. For..." (rule 2) rule muddies the water, but does not directly contradict rule 1. It references a situation that cannot exist due to rule 1, but I would say it is poor choice of an example more than a direct contradiction.
  21. Some traits are based off models gaining non-stackable condition like Slow (or Fast). I'm wondering when models are considered to gain conditions and when does an ability require them to gain a condition to take effect. Immunity: This seems pretty straight forward. If you are immune to Slow you cannot gain Slow. So an effect that requires you to gain Slow to take effect will have no effect. Stacking: This also seems pretty straight forward. If you have Slow you cannot gain Slow. So an effect that requires you to gain Slow to take effect will have no effect. Cancelling: If you have Fast and Slow at the same time you lose both. So if an effect giving Slow targets a Fast model that model gains Slow, then they cancel each other out and both are removed. So an effect that requires you to gain Slow to take effect will take effect. Temporal Shift: If the only enemy model that would gain Fast is already Fast they cannot gain Fast, to this action cannot be taken. On Site Assimilation: If Hoffman gives Slow to a Fast construct it would gain Slow then the two would cancel and both would be removed. Then Hoffman would gain fast. I'm pretty sure if Hoffman targets a Construct that is Immune to Slow or that already has Slow it cannot gain Slow, so Hoffman does not gain fast. The presence of the word to makes the second part of this action conditional on the successful completion of the first part(I think), but it is not as explicitly worded Temporal Shift, so I can see an argument the other way. What does everyone else think about anything above?
  22. Forced target switching on furious casting

    I would have thought you would have considered a "legal target" of the attack as anyone the attack could legally hit on its own merits. "In a vacuum" as it were, you'd ingore the fact that it came from a Charge, or a Furious Cast, etc. I don't have a strong opinion this way. I'm more interested that is is applied consistently. Have you seen this interpretation wide spread, or just in you local area? I don't remember it ever popping up in our area.
  23. When does a model gain Slow/Fast?

    The title is the question. Whether or not a model is considered to gain a condition in different situations, can take a little digging. And since some traits require you to give slow/fast/etc. to take effect, can be important. Just wanted to make sure I sorted it all out correctly.
  24. Last on the List

    I aways figured the "alt pose" models were they're pretty much the same as the ones in the box (like the k sniper, witchling handler, bayou gator, etc.) were designs that didn't make it to production. The last minute rare makes a lot of sense.
  25. How to Fix High River Monks

    I really don't like fixing models with 0-point, aura upgrades. Even if they cost 0 SS I still have to use an upgrade slot for it, plus I have to keep models near their baby-sitter with the upgrade to make them playable. If their baby-sitter dies, you're back to having substandard models gain. Also a lot of strats, schemes, abilities don't count 0-point upgrades. I understand why, but you're still using a slot, so(veering a bit off the topic of HRM here) if you have an enforcer that needs an 0-point upgrade to be worth while (Samurai, Fuhatsu, etc.) or is acting as a baby-sitter for a minion you now have a model that doesn't count for any of those abilities. I'd much rather just have an eratta'd model, especially now that eratta's are much more common than they used to be.