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  1. What about Ten Thunders erratas ?

    They do resolve at the same time, so you need to check general timing. Since they are both abilities you need to go to the steps. Assuming huggie was the defender and Lynch was not the attacker Death Contract takes effect in step 2, then Rising Sun (on Lynch) takes effect in step 3 or 4 depending on if he's the first or second player. PS I'm all for this getting fixed, but Raputina getting to use her Overpower trigger on a model she just killed should be fixed as well. Think these both fall into the same category, though the rules that make them work are different.
  2. Lady J - Justice Unleashed

    Do either of you now if Opheila's card is one that was ever errata'd? Both my rulebooks paper and PDF both have two of her tactical actions listed as Attack Actions. Wargame vault doesn't show the back of the card.
  3. Lady J - Justice Unleashed

    Can you tell me where it says that? I don't see it in the FAQ or Errata.
  4. What about Ten Thunders erratas ?

    Second that. If we have 20-30 models errata'd every January its going to get really old really fast.
  5. A Final Plea for GG2018

    All good points.
  6. Lynch Cheating Bastard and Red Joker

    I used it once too. Nothing lower than an 11 in my hand, so...
  7. Declaring abilities while paralyzed?

    The paralyzed condition has been errata'd, so the rule quoted by twibs is slightly off. Though I don't think it makes any difference in this discussion. There is no mention of Abilities in the condition, so we've always played it that models can use their abilities while paralyzed. In some cases is doesn't make any sense, but others it does (e.g. why would a witching stalker not blow up because it is paralyzed?). Either way I've found no rule that says the do not work, so IMHO they can.
  8. Lynch Cheating Bastard and Red Joker

    ...and maybe someday someone will actually use Pay Up instead of Mulligan.
  9. A Final Plea for GG2018

    Always happy to try something different, but knee jerk reaction is I like t completely random pool. Assuming the scheme pool is diverse enough you may get a scheme pool that favors killing or scheming or where nothing seems to work together. I like it that way every game is different, and you need to vary your crews. If the always scheme is tied to the strategy then you can pretty much write one crew for each strategy/scheme combo. You can be pretty sure one of the 4 remaining schemes one will be compatible with the strategy/scheme combo.
  10. Lynch Cheating Bastard and Red Joker

    I would agree if the the rule said to add that suit to the duel total or something similar, but is says "...announce which suit the Red Joker will be during the Action." It says "will be", not "use as".
  11. Lynch Cheating Bastard and Red Joker

    I disagree with this. The rule Adran sited says you declare a suit when the red joker is flipped and Pay Up does say you flip the cards.
  12. Lynch Cheating Bastard and Red Joker

    That's the conclusion I came to as well.
  13. Ply for Information 9/29

    Played a game last night with this strategy. We both really liked it. The fact that you cannot interact with a model with the scoring condition is great. It added another layer to activation order. I think this one is solid. Two thumbs up from me and my opponent.
  14. New player starting with Asami

    This is not correct. Soul Burn says you get the ++ to damage, then you lose 1 Flicker. Compare that to their Vital Strike trigger were you lose the flicker then take the action. So they can charge for 1 AP, get + to their two attacks (for charging) then get ++ to damage on each attack. After the second attack they sacrifice (zero flicker) and may drop a scheme marker (Asami's Heavenly Design upgrade). I agree Yokai are amazing.
  15. Schemes & Stones (Blog) Wave 5 Yan Lo

    FYI - the Alt Wastrel (Miss Ann Thrope) is the November promo. You'd have to buy a Jury, but its cheaper than the McCabe box.
  16. Rising Sun Vs. Cheating Bastard

    Expert Cheater is not completely invalidated, since it takes effect in LoS (no range limit), but I'm sure it will be very rare someone will take both for that. The more important reason it isn't totally in validated is that Expert Cheater is not Limited, so it can be of use with the other two limited upgrades where Cheating Bastard cannot.
  17. Undercover Entourage 10.10

    You're changing the rules for Undercover Entourage without changing the name? That will be very confusing.
  18. Undercover Entourage 10.10

    I like the idea of no masters being able to do it. It is so easy for so many masters. I think henchmen only is too restrictive. I'd like to see Enforcers be eligible.
  19. Symbols of Authority and terrain

    I see, Thanks Guys! Learn something new every day.
  20. Symbols of Authority and terrain

    I see what you are saying. What is the difference between a Ht 5, Dense forest and a Ht 5 Climbable tower? What allows you to walk into the forest and not the tower? Nothing I can see rulewise. We have some terrain that no model will ever be able to stand on. We declare it Impassible, but that won't stop a sniper from standing or a model from placing on it, flying to it if they have the movement. If you have a part of the board that models you don't want models to be on how do you define it? Is there even a rule for that in Malifaux?
  21. Symbols of Authority and terrain

    That's not how we've been playing it. This is the place for it. I'm going to post a question in the rule forum. Thanks
  22. Symbols of Authority and terrain

    The way we understand it... Impassible is an area models can't enter (flying and incorporeal ignore this while moving). So they have to go around. Malifaux is a top down game so, if the towers or wall were Impassible, you could not stand on top of the tower or cross over a low wall. If piece of terrain is a different elevation you have to climb to the elevation it is at before crossing over it. You can't simple walk through it just because it is a different Ht. Since pushed models cannot climb you stop when you come into base contact with climable terrain if it is at a higher Ht than you are currently at. Am I misunderstanding what Impassable does?
  23. Symbols of Authority and terrain

    I see it is still possible to place markers so your opponent cannot legally place all of their markers. After so many weeks, I've lost faith this one will be fixed. It won't be used any tournament I run, but its still fine for causal play, so I'm curious what others are doing if someone can't legally place their markers?
  24. Symbols of Authority and terrain

    That is not correct. Terrain traits are independent. Our FLGS has towers and walls we usually define as Ht x, Climbable, Hard Cover, Blocking.
  25. Obey and (1) Charge actions

    I remember this being in a thread, but cannot find it. If a model obeys an opponents model to take a (1) Charge action who controls the attack actions? I believe it is the controller of the obeyed model. The Obey gives control of the action it takes only (in this case the Charge). Any actions generated from this action are separate actions not under control of the Obey. Is that correct? Same question for Collodi'e Idle Hands.