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  1. That PDF is also just the January changes. It doesn't include previous Errata. I really don't like using the interface on the web site. I much prefer having a document to reference and that can be easily printed off and taken with to events.
  2. Thanks, I wasn't sure if these were the final versions or not since it is not posted to the FAQ/Eratta section of the web site. It would also be nice to have them there just so you don't have to search the forums.
  3. My Oni
  4. Can we get a PDF with all the Errata cards in one place? Or does it exist and I'm missing it?
  5. Nice video, I love the models. I'll definitely be picking some of these up even if I don't play. My favorite part is how the CC kept displaying "mali phone" for Malifaux.
  6. Most of the Rasputina Translucent Blue box is done. Finally. This set has been sitting on the shelf for quite some time. I bought this box when it was first released (four years ago, I think). I wasn't sure how to paint the translucent plastic. I didn't like how it looked just naked, so it sat for a LONG time. Anyway I finally decided to try oil paint since they are more translucent than the acrylics I usually use. I washed them in dark blue and oil washes and highlighted with a little bit of titanium white oil paint. The implements carried by the gamin are also painted with titanium white oil paint. Without any paint they just look like shiny blue blobs. The Golem also has a coating of matte spray. Without it, it was just too shiny you you couldn't see any of the detail. I haven't deiced if I'm going to coat the gamin yet, being smaller they don't see to have as much of an issue with the shiny. I didn't want to use the Guild Guard for the Wendigo so I created his left hand and foot from green stuff. I thought I did a pretty good job until I started painting. UGG! I'll do better next time. I haven't painted Rasputina yet. I'm not a huge fan of the trans material on figures that would be translucent. It's a lot harder to see what you are doing to fill gaps and such with green stuff so I figure I'll get the Vintage Rasputina and not worry about painting this on up.
  7. Ama No Zako is done. That's the last of the oni until I get my Yasunori and Akaname from Back Friday.
  8. What santacalws01 and Ludvig said. Along those lines of thinking, if Hannah popped focus, then used Make a New Entry to copy Action X from another model she would get the benefit for both Make a New Entry and Action X.
  9. True you will not get the to any of the attacks. But the +1 applys until the action is complete. It is not complete until all of the sub actions are resolved. If you have a TT Archer with Focus in Sensei Yu's aura you have a choice: 1) Pop Focus then Rapid Fire: Three Sh attacks with +1 to the dual total. 2) Rapid Fire then Pop Focus: One Sh attack at , Two Sh attacks with no bonus.
  10. I think they work just like the Belle's do. I can't say that is a sure thing, but that's how I'd play it. In Malifaux "toward" means "directly toward". So I'd say the converse is true as well. It does seem odd that the word directly was included if they just meant toward, but unfortunately the rules are littered with inconsistent language that means the same thing.
  11. I don't like this answer, but I think you do get the +1 to all the attacks. According to the pre-cuddle FAQ (wish I'd kept a copy) Levi's Channel did give the to both attacks generated by an Cg. The language is similar between the two abilities, so it seems the same logic would apply to both. Channel: When declaring an Action, this model may suffer exactly 2 damage to gain + to all duels and damage flips for the remainder of the Action; the Action fails if this model is killed by this Ability. Master of the Wandering River Style: Friendly models within 3 removing the Focused Condition add 1 to their duel totals for the remainder of the Action.
  12. Thanks Guys!
  13. I would say you place a marker and push, place a marker and push, place a marker and push. I'm leaning this way because I can't think of anything that is done simultaneously in Malifaux. Blast damage hits multiple models at once and is resolved sequentially, a pulse that hits multiple models at once is resolved sequentially, a bunch of models taking damage from poison during upkeep are resolved sequentially, etc. I don't have a strong case for this and could be swayed to the other side without too much difficulty.
  14. Hello, I have a new player that wants to play a "Grindy, crew. Like a fighter in D&D". I assume a crew that is simple to play and can just stand toe-to-toe and deal out damage. Anyone have an suggestions on what faction would be best for that? And what crew would be a good starter crew? Thanks
  15. No. They would push horizontally and immediately fall once their base was entirely off the Ht 3 terrain, take falling damage, and continue the 4" push until a total of 4" was moved horizontally.