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  1. Ascension Narrative Campaign PFC Games: (425) 670-0550, 7528 Olympic View Drive, Edmonds, WA 98026 This event is based on the campaign rules in the Shifting Loyalties rulebook, with a bit of house rules. Schedule Weeks will run Wednesday thru Tuesday Week 1: May 31-Jun 6 Week 4: Jun 21-Jun 27 Week 2: Jun 7-Jun 13 Week 5: Jun 28-July 4 Week 3: Jun 14-Jun 20 End Cap: July 5 at 6pm Campaign Rules: · Wednesday evenings at PFC games will be campaign night and our weekly event. You can play campaign games anytime and anywhere. · Starting crews must be led by a Master which costs 0 script. You have 20 additional script to recruit your starting crew. · This will be curated, narrative campaign. At the start of each week, a scenario including the Weekly Event, Strategy, Schemes, fluff and a “bonus loot” for the week’s games. All of the scenarios are part of a planned story line. · The Strategies, Schemes and Weekly events will be predetermined and revealed at the start of each week. · The 5 scrip discount for the first model recruited each week is increased to 6 scrip if the model is fully based and painted. This is cumulative with the Wasteland Outpost Extra Guards fortification, for a potential 7 scrip discount each week. · You cannot play more than 2 campaign games a week. You cannot play the same opponent more than once in a game week. · Optional Rules: We will be using the Hideouts and The Good Doctor optional rules from Shifting Loyalties. End Cap: The last day of the campaign will feature a brawl starting at 6pm. The winner of the brawl wins the campaign. There will be one strategy: Ascension (see below), and no schemes. Ascension- Special Strategy There something emanating from that rock, something good, I wants it! Manifestation is a multiplayer strategy. Crew: Each player chooses one Minion or Enforcer in their Arsenal and attaches up to one Upgrade which it can legally attach. Set up: Set up a typical 3’ by 3’ Malifaux board. Place a Font Marker at the Center of the table. Deployment: Each player flips a single card and deploys their crew in descending order (King before Queen, 6 before 5, etc.). In the case of a tie Activate in this order Rams, then Tomes, then Crows, then Masks. Models are deployed within 9" of any board edge not within 9” of another model. Initiative: Players Activate in descending order, break ties as initiative above. Hand Size: Maximum hand size for this scenario is 3. Victory Points At the end of each turn after the first, a Crew earns 2 VP if it has at least one model touching the Font Marker. If no models are touching the font Marker the crew with closest model (or models in the case of a tie) to the Font Marker gains 1 VP. Crews can earn more than 5 VP from this Strategy. Prizes: Little to nothing. This campaign is for funzies.
  2. I disagree. We've always interpreted impassible as a model cannot overlap the marker when looking down on the map from above. What you are describing sounds like Enclosed to me.
  3. I'd love to see the date the errata was published somewhere on errata'd stat cards. It can be very time consuming to figure out which card is the most recent. It would also make it much easier to spot check know updated cards before a tourney.
  4. A couple of players had a question last night. I didn't see the exact situation so I can't quote the exact ability/action involved. Here is the question. When a pulse is activated (by what means are irrelevant I think) that does not trigger simple dual who decides what order the pulse's effects are resolved in if they affect multiple models? For example Slappy Jack does a pulse that does 2 damage to all models within 3. Two friendly models (Gamin A and Gamin B ) and two enemy models (Oni A and Oni B ) are hit by the pulse. Who decieds what order the models suffer damage in? I found two rules that are close, and neither directly addresses this as far as I can tell. General timing only seems to apply to what order abilities and triggers are resolved in, not the order affects within those abilities and triggers are resolved. This deals with multiple models suffering an affect with out suffering as simple duel. This deals with pulses, but only covers Simple Duels. This is the closest to the given situation and the order I'm leaning towards.
  5. How are you guys using Yasunori? I usually keep him near Asami for the 1 AP charge pop recalled training and kill something. After that I have trouble getting much work out of him. I'm considering going back to Ama No Zako, lower Ml, but with her damage spread, durability and with more options (obey-like and hazardous terrain) I usually feel like I get a lot ore out of her.
  6. This list has been doing really well for me. Kang (Leader, Cache 4SS) + Recalled Training +The Peaceful Waters Izamu the Armor (10SS) + Recalled Training Monk of the Low River (4SS) Monk of the Low River (4SS) I've won 4/5 matches and the one I lost Izuma took Red Joker damage turn 1 and turn 2. The two monks in the back constantly healing durable models like Kang and Izuma have been great. I think Kang soaked 20+ damage one game and was still in pretty good shape. I'm going to give a Terracotta Warrior to use Mold of the Other on Izuma. He'd died twice on me and both times to Red Joker damage.
  7. Yasunori!
  8. Betarri gives + to Ml only, so only gives Ama the suit she needs for her Quaff Blood trigger on Vicious Embrace. The rest of her actions/triggers either don't need a or are not Ml actions.
  9. Great pod cast! One thing, Yokai can use Soul Burn twice on the turn they are summoned. It says do the damage, then lower Flicker by 1.
  10. Terracotta Warriors Pretty basic paint job, and probably the wrong color for terracotta, but I wanted them to match the pavers I use on all my bases. I considered making parts metalic, or have paint pealing off them, but in the end its nice to have a very simple paint job once in a while. Akaname There is more varaiation in the colors than these photos show, not as much as I'd like on the two brownish ones. The green one is my fav.
  11. I only played against the 'pault once or twice and I don't know if I'd say it was a good tactic, but I charged it with Misaki. I knew she wouldn't kill it with all that armor, but its so easy to hit with her Ml 7 Thunder attack I had no problem getting blasts to kill all the "ammo" he had nearby.
  12. The color scheme isn't very original, but I really like how Sidir turned out. One of my faves.
  13. Shadow Effigy is a definite contender. It does work on Leader (vs Master). He'd also be great for finishing off HtK models with his ML7 dmg 1 attack. I'm sure I'll try him out sooner or later. His ability would probably work well with Ototo where you want to do hurt him, just not too bad.
  14. Tried out this list last night. Kang (Leader, Cache 4SS) + Recalled Training +The Peaceful Waters Izamu the Armor (10SS) + Recalled Training Monk of the Low River (4SS) Monk of the Low River (4SS) It did very well vs. McTavish, 2x Bayou Gators and The Mech. Porkchop. I don't recall the upgrades he had. My list did VERY well. He bailed at the end of round 3, it was 6-2. He only had the porkchop left engaged with Kang and Izamu. I hadn't lost a model and thanks to the monks no one had more than a couple points of damage on them. He's not very experienced with these models so, and he made several misplays. I'm sure next time it won't be so lop sided. I'd like to replace one of the monks, but haven't found anything I'm convinced would give me more for 4SS. I'm thinking of a Terracotta Warrior for mold of the other, but I'd have to get rid of a Recalled training as well. I'm also considering swapping Kang for Ototo.
  15. Malifauxbia 4: Hardcore Henchmen Tournament 11:30 Saturday, May 13 2017 Mugu Games: (425) 322-4826, 5233 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98203 This event will follow the Gaining Grounds 2017/Hardcore Henchman alternate format. Any exceptions will be noted below. GG2017 and Hardcore Henchman full rules are available on the Wyrd website Resources section under Organized Play Formats. Registration $15 ($10 will go to prize support, $5 will to go to purchase terrain for future events) 16 participant maximum Schedule: Registration at 11 am. Round 1 begins at 11:30. Rounds are 45 minutes with ~15 minutes between rounds. 1-7 players will be 3 rounds, 8-16 players will be 4 rounds. Proxy, Conversion, and Painting Rules: · Proxy models are not allowed for generally released models. Proxies for unreleased models must be appropriate representations of the model they stand for. Wyrd models may only be used to represent what they are, unless they are converted. Please check in advance with the organizer for suitability. · Conversions are an excellent way to show off your modeling skills. If using a model that was converted with pre-made bits, only 30% of the model may be built from other game companies’ models, while the rest must be self-sculpted or Wyrd bits. · Models must be assembled (glued) and fixed to the appropriate size base. Crew Construction: · All Crews must be led by a Henchman, not a Master. · The game size is 20 Soulstones. · All Crews must contain exactly 4 models; no more, no less. · Upgrades may be purchased, as allowed by the standard rules of Malifaux. · The size of a Crew’s Soulstone Pool is limited by the Cache of the Henchman leading it; any Soulstones above this amount are discarded. · Any Actions, Abilities, or Triggers which summon models are considered to be “blank” (they may not be used and have no effect on the game, as if they were not printed on the model). · The same Crew must be used in each round of the event. Setup All rounds use the following set up: · Deployment: Close. · Strategy: Hardcore Turf War. Turf War rules (Core Rulebook pg. 66) with the exception that VP may be scored on the first Turn. · Scheme Pool: Assassinate (Core Rulebook pg. 68). This is the only Scheme available and it must always be taken. Prizes: Prizes will be based on attendance; $ will be given in Store Credit; number of Mystery boxes will depend on participation. Maximum of one prize per participant. · 1st Place: 1/3 pool in credit (max $100.00), Winner Guilder (replaces Participant Guilder), First choice of Mystery boxes (4+ participants) · 2nd Place: 1/6 pool in credit (max $50.00), Participant Guilder, Second choice of Mystery boxes (6+ participants) · 3rd Place: 1/6 pool in credit (max $50.00), Participant Guilder · Participant: Participant Guilder for all Participants to pre-register o Raffle Prize: 1/3 (max $50.00), with 12+ participants third choice of Mystery boxes o One ticket for Participating One ticket if every model used in the event is fully painted (including base).