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  1. Schemes & Stones - Wave 5 Ten Thunders Upgrades

    Feels dirty, but I'd say Shrodingers Huggy works RAW.
  2. Schemes & Stones - Wave 5 Ten Thunders Upgrades

    Great, episode. One correction: the Shadow Emissary's upgrade does half the Oni's total wounds rounded up +1. So Asami will take 6 damage from it regardless of here current wounds.
  3. Take one for the team

    Still would like to see The before Turn 3 changed to something else. Frame for murder in my meta is an auto-take. The only question was can you get their master to kill you model for 3 or do you have to settle for 2 very easy points. Take One for the Team makes it even easier. You still get the easy 2 and now the 3rd point is easier to get. I like that the change encourages you to take smaller models, but doesn't really have any teeth.
  4. Leave Your Mark typo

    Inescapable Trap Typo: ...are within 3" of any one friendly Scheme Markers. "one friendly Scheme Marker" has and "s" at the end.
  5. Supply Wagon 9.12

    When do they have to have the marker on the opponent's side of the board? Anytime during the turn? I'm guessing this should be: At the end of every Turn after the first, a Crew gains 1 VP if they have a friendly Supply Wagon on their opponent's side of the board.
  6. Symbols of Authority

    9/12 - Still 10" from another marker? Is this even possible in close deployment?
  7. Can you choose to paralyze a model with immunity?

    I would say yes.
  8. Can you choose to paralyze a model with immunity?

    Thank you! I searched the forum, but missed that one. It doesn't look like there was total consensus, but the majority said you can choose the condition.
  9. If the Necrotic Machine forces a model with Frozen Heart to either take damage or gain Paralyzed can the Frozen Heart model choose to gain Paralyzed, which is then nullified by Frozen Heart? I think the answer is no because is says to gain the condition which the Frozen Heard model cannot do, so it is not a valid choice.
  10. Do blast markers have Ht?

    I think it needs LoS to any part of the marker, just like anything else. That's what we do when placing all the other markers, but most if not all of them have a Ht associated with them.
  11. Do blast markers have Ht?

    The upgrade says "...place all resulting Markers anywhere in 12" of this model and within Line of Sight." Doesn't that mean the blast markers must be withing LoS of Misaki? If so then Ht of the blast marker is relevant.
  12. Do blast markers have Ht?

    I must be thinking of something else. Determining LoS. Could be important with Misaki's new upgrade. I'll treat them as Ht 0 then.
  13. Suicide Pact Scheme Pools

    That makes sense. I just don't think schemes that even make us ask these questions should not exist. : )
  14. Do blast markers have Ht?

    I know blast markers only affect models within 3" above or below, but do that have a Ht characteristic? I swear they were Ht 5, but I can't find that anywhere in the rulebook or FAQ.
  15. Suicide Pact Scheme Pools

    It seems like you are trying to justify leaving in schemes that are known to be broken. The TO should not need to worry about this sort of thing.