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  1. A Final Plea for GG2018

    Yeah, I get that, but to get a fixed scheme for each strat isn't any more difficult than flipping for the whole encounter setup now, I don't think it's fiddly as long as the format is right. But I think we should maybe test more and talk less, so I'll rest that argument for now^^
  2. A Final Plea for GG2018

    Agreed, names would be nice, and that's easy to do - just put the scheme name on the bottom of the strat card. And put the name of the corresponding strat on the bottom of the scheme card, same place where you would find the restrictions on upgrade cards. I don't get why some of you think it's like super complicated and so hard to do.
  3. A Final Plea for GG2018

    @Angelshardbut imo that`s the thing - I find that the new strats are quite different from the old ones, maybe with the exception of maybe interference/Ours. The only rulebook strat I still like is actually squatters rights
  4. A Final Plea for GG2018

    Also depends on the official rotation wyrd puts in the document. Last year had gg15 strats in there, explained, but there where still rulebook strats in the rotation, not explained in the document and with no suggestion on how to determine which set is played when you randomly flip for setup. So I prefer the new type
  5. A Final Plea for GG2018

    I actually find the gg18 and gg15 strats finally different enough to say that playing both sets leads to more diversity between games .)
  6. A Final Plea for GG2018

    Exactly - as long as everything is in the same document and can be explained in 2 to 3 sentences or a table it'll be fine
  7. A Final Plea for GG2018

    Even/odd to determine which strategy is played doesn't sound complicated to me, it just takes a quick glance at the card. Im glad that we finally have a way to determine which set of strats is played, if I recall correctly we had two sets of strategies included in gg17 and no official way to determine which one's played - and I think most people used the even/odd system. Also, a different always scheme per strategy seems easier to balance than one scheme for all strats, especially because the goal is known and set now. I'm sure it'll be easy to determine on a good table and not hard to memorize after a few games. Love the return of recover evidence and take prisoner, great schemes and I hope they stay (I also hope dig stays, like that one too) Can't wait to see how this evolves in the next weeks.
  8. Using Brutal Emissary

    Ah, get it - yeah, I mean, Nellies upgrades just can't compete with what she already has (though changing schemes could at least be interesting), Lucius' and Douglas' upgrades bith have potential but are probably outshined by their other one - I think time will see more use of them. Sonnias I don't see as a "summon" upgrade, but the chain activation seems like it could be handy - but what's the crew it'll shine with? Quite a lot of the Witch Hunters seem.... meh? But that's maybe something worth trying to fit in her thematic crew, it's in an interesting place. Lady Js coffin saw imo quite some discussion, as in what limited to take with her - also, it seems pretty straightforward, so hard to write a lot about it Time will tell and people will test more and more, but some things are probably just not worth it and you can see that on a first glance (although Guild is in a pretty sweet spot considering wave 5 stuff, nothing really bad here^^)
  9. Using Brutal Emissary

    Which ones for example?
  10. A Final Plea for GG2018

    This new version seems great, need to test it now but like the idea, brings an interesting idea to the table Edit: ply and extraction both say "extraction" for the always scheme. Not really relevant right now, but would look a lot better if we change this now ^^
  11. Hi there, I´ll be doing Demo Games at Vienna ComicCon on the 18th and 19th of November, so if you`re interested and want to get a look at the game, feel free to visit and try it for yourself A tournament is held the week after Comic Con (25.Nov.) at our store, Siren Games, Friedmanngasse 13, 1160 Vienna. Shop opens not too early at 11am, so you can get 3 games comfortably in a row and get to meet our kind and helpful community^^ Schemes and strats for the tourney: Standard DeploymentReckoningClaim Jump, Eliminate the Leadership, Leave your Mark, Tail `em, Recover Evidence Corner Deployment Interference Claim Jump, Dig their Graves, Accusation, Set Up, Hunting Party Flank Deployment Guard the Stash Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, Leave your mark, A Quick Murder, Show of Force Entry fee: 3€ for fully painted crews 5€ for unpainted crews Price support is an official wyrd games tournament kit, as always If you want to know anything about the game, tournament or our regular gaming nights, just ask me here on the forums, via pm or visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2004437459768598/?context=create&previousaction=create&ref=5&page_id_source=389098931191357&sid_create=1522437100&action_history=[{"surface"%3A"create_dialog"%2C"mechanism"%3A"page_create_dialog"%2C"extra_data"%3A[]}]&has_source=1 Hope to see you there - Tristan
  12. 10.10 Guarded Treasure

    Yeah, at least engagement with a peon shouldn't prevent you from scoring - who cares about them anyway, they are peons!
  13. Symbols of Authority

    I propose one of us changes to the red joker?
  14. Symbols of Authority

    Besides agreeing, unfortunately not, quite sure about that
  15. Symbols of Authority

    Ah, get it - yeah, but I had it for a far longer time now, he wasn't even working @ wyrd back then