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  1. Domadors - Thoughts?

    So, what's the secret tech here, you made me curious ^^
  2. Haha, and that's why you take Numb on the Peacekeeper But sounds bad, especially if you couldn't block his path with the flame walls :/
  3. [VIENNA] November Faux and Demos @ComicCon

    Hahaha, I'm glad you like it^^ See you on saturday
  4. Thank you, but I wanted to know what that particular Hoffman list looked like, more out of curiosity than anything else
  5. What does this Hoffman alpha strike look like?
  6. Update - the official site for registrations is up, please register there in advance as it makes planning a lot easier https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=20578 Schemes and Strats will follow as soon as the GG2018 document is officially released. Looking forward to see you all there
  7. Monster Hunter proxies

    you might want to take a look there: I did my Monster Hunters and Investigator with parts from the Male/Female TTB Multi Part Kits, very nice sets for human proxies ^^
  8. Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Guild)

    No way to take them out? They are not invulnerable afaik? Yasunori can still kill them if he has to, just like many other models - a charging yokai is no joke for them^^ And you can play around stalked, just try to put them in a disadvantagous position after the stalk move, so it's either this or no stalk move at all
  9. Of course it all depends on what you`re facing and which schemes/strats you`re playing (it`s maybe a different thing when eliminate is in the pool for example), but yeah, you don`t need her el mayored all the time. Basically you should be fine with an el mayored Justice on turns one to thre if you can manage, most of the threatening stuff should be dead by then Like the Reva example - she`s the main dd in that crew, and el mayor gives you a stat that`s 1 up on her attack - if she keeps attacking you from range (difficult to begin with, as you`ll likely wreck all her corpses in proximity) you can heal afterwards, if she charges in you`ll have to weather the storm, but you`re def 7 so could even dodge an attack or two, then kill her (barring any jokers). El mayor becomes less important then. Also Don`t underestimate Francs "teleport" - he can jump in late in one turn, get on early in the next, apply his buff and kill something all by himself Got a lot of options nowadays with the lovely Lady
  10. Justice should barely live, you can also stone defensively for plus to def and - to her damage -> if Justice get's to activate again, Reva's dead (Justices chances for surviving this increase dramatically with Francisco btw )
  11. HI there, got a short question just to clarify something for my gaming group - are strategy markers with terrain traits like blocking, impassable,.... (Guard the Stash Markers for example) considered as terrain, yes or no? Thank you in advance
  12. Building around sonnia's and perdita's boxes

    You can`t declare defensive triggers, but the attacker isn`t affected.
  13. Building around sonnia's and perdita's boxes

    But bluffing only goes so far - and I´m also not sure if I would want to use a face crow for the push, so even if I have one.... I agree that the push is very good especially considering the new chain activation, I just don`t feel good with not being able to have it when I really want it^^
  14. Building around sonnia's and perdita's boxes

    It's usually just min damage if you relent and the effigy buff let's you heal when you damage enemy models. Plus thr new upgrade (cherufes parting gift) let's her chain activate so the opponent can't leverage that you damage your own master I'm just more concerned at what are you doing if you don't get the right suit? I hate that Heartsbane hasn't built that in...
  15. New year, new tournament First tournament of the year will not be held at our store, but at the "Zinnfigurenwelt Katzelsdorf" in 2801 Katzelsdorf, Hauptstraße 69. (we should be able to provide a shared car or two from Vienna if you want can`t get there by yourself) The reason for the new location is - this time we`ll play for charity! -> every euro we get from tournament fees, snacks, drinks etc. will be donated to the St. Anna childrens hospital, so you actually win or lose for the good cause^^ We`ll use the new gg18 for strats and schemes, so you`ll have to wait a little bit longer until I can announce them Hope to see you there, until then have fun