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  1. It actually was Team Trump Card, I think it's intended as a pun and Malifaux reference, nobody actually likes him here So please, don't get Team Trump written on that trophy^^ Also, thank you again for the opportunity to meet up with all these lovely people, it was a great weekend
  2. Great organisation overall, everything went smoothly and without any problems. Great shout out to the judges too, fair, competent and nice people But it would be great to actually put numbers on the tables next time, just say 1-5 from left to right and everything is alright. So the teams won't have to discuss that during their pairing. Oh, and maybe you could put one or two signs up outside the venue next time^^
  3. Ah, sad to hear that Thank you Hmm, next up is the first tournament in Katzelsdorf at the 3rd of june, think you can make it?
  4. I'm really looking forward to the little meetup this weekend Thank you for organising everything^^
  5. But it was also in a book, crossroads seems like a good bet
  6. Thanks for the fast reply - so now a direct question: do you have any plans for Seamus in the near future? No new model with his particular keyword since book 2, I get that he can always use any Resser model, but his flavour got somehow lost over the recent releases, a very sad thing to witness as he's easily my most favourite master...
  7. @Aaron You said in the read me playtest thread that new files will be added each wednesday - could thisinclude completely new models too? Or 'just' the latest edition of all the models shown today? (asking for one main reason - still no new -Belle- for Seamus? )
  8. Finally I wanted to get into playtesting since it started
  9. What purpose does the Witchling Stalker serve, besides from pushing Abuela around? Isn't it dangerous to keep the Stalker around Abuela, I mean, he might explode? Do you think you'll need the stalkers condition removal or burning?
  10. I´ll try to write a story about you, everyone will see you for what you really are - pure evil, a lightsaber swinging penguin!
  11. I´m happy top announce our late "easter" tournament! Deployment, Schemes&Strats: 1st round: Standard, Reckoning Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, Eliminate the Leadership, Undercover Entourage, Hunting Party 2nd round: Corner, Turf war Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, Dig their Graves, Show of Force, Inspection 3rd round: Standard, Extraction Claim Jump, Leave your Mark, Eliminate the Leadership, Show of Force, Set Up Entry fee is 3€ for fully painted crews, 5€ if you play with unpainted models. Hope to see you there
  12. Ok, so Viktoria got you because you didn't know she could shoot, and at least the Nothing Beast can't charge you, so it had to walk and hit as well as damage you with at least medium(?), maybe even severe, as trikk already mentioned.... And yes, Manipulative and terrifying are abilities to eat cards and hope for black jokers, mostly
  13. So, more like a "no" Thank you nonetheless
  14. Why do you need someone carrying transparency for that trick?
  15. @Gnomezilla What exactly one-shot your reporter? @4thstringer Maybe, depending on the board, consider a Trapper instead of Johan? Johan's pretty slow and the 3" ml range is an easy engagement (could be good and bad I guess, just to consider) Do you know which faction you are playing against?