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  1. Presumably the wrong thread, but I would like for Witchling Thralls to get released.....
  2. Immunity to pushes, placements etc. is more like a buff once the statue gets in the thick of it when you want to get use out of the aura, as a paralyze or something along that line wont shut the aura down. You might have to work a little bit harder to get the model where you want it, but gaining fast certainly helps with that.
  3. There is a 50 Stones fixed faction tournament held in Katzelsdorf, saturday 03.06.2017. Entry fee is 15€, we got an official wyrd support kit and the winner get`s a brand new GAMING TABLE, full with scenery! Exact adress is: Zinnfigurenmuseum, Hauptstrasse 69, 2801 Katzelsdorf Registration starts at 9am, first game at 10am, 3 rounds with 2 hours played. Strats & Schemes: round 1: Close deployment Squatters rights Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, Hunting Party, Tail `em, Last Stand round 2: Standard deployment Interference Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, Dig their Graves, Inspection, Tail `em round 3: Flank deployment Guard the stash Claim Jump, Accusation, Leave your Mark, Undercover Entourage, Mark for Death Sandwiches available on site, we could also order pizza if anybody wants to I´m looking forward to the event, hope to see many of you guys there
  4. Sure only 4 models in outcasts but you can take all of the in the same crew - voila, complete immunity to all scheme conditions, ripping your opponent of 2 or 3 choices of schemes in the worst case.... I thinm most players are on the same boat here and say that immunjty to scheme conditions is bad, the gg schemes got tweaked several times to not allow for schemes being impossible to score (see levi/dreamer burying discussions with gg 16), so that's an issue imo and holds true for any model which is immune to conditions - Hamelin, Nix, Ashes and its parts, Benny(wave 5), Numb to the world for Guild and maybe the future Obsidian Statue. You could impose a rare limit on the Bag of Bones if that's the only problem there. Again, it just seems odd to include special wording on the bag of bones, but proceed with more of the same at other places. Also, I think it would be easier to just use the gg document and say that scheme conditions can't be ignored/or change it to soemthing which isn't a condition, in that case you wouldn't need an errata or special wording on some abilities.
  5. The aura seems extremely potent and covers enough ground with 3" from two 50mm bases. Not being able to paralyse the statue or to hamper it with any other condition is good, so the opponent has to try and kill it. You can still push it if you want to get the aura somewhere else, and it's not really that slow with walk 5 and cg 7 so you can get it to where you want. And as there is no better place to ask, @Mason It seems that there is an issue with being immune to conditions from schemes, and it's probably known to you as the Ressers Bone Pile 'Bag of Bones' suggests, so I just want to say it seems weird that you introduce more immunity to all conditions and a new model with nihilism at the same time.
  6. I also don't think that drawing 2 cards is to good on that model - you still have to stalk them first, costing a card, hit and actually kill them with a sh 5 and 2/3/4 damage track attack, so likely to cost one or two more cards to cheat. If they keep 'feeding' cheap models which can also be killed in one activation to you and fuel that card draw, it's also very likely more their fault than the model being broken, imo. Also, it's not as if the Monster Hunter is especially hard to kill if they want to shut down your card draw there.
  7. I never even encountered any one of you playing that wrong - if I had, I would`ve said something as that was always clear to me I´m shocked about the fact that everyone else has played that wrong the whole time
  8. Also, not everyone in the world is aware of bag of tools - just post "the rankings for round x are available at bag of tools" plus the link a few times per day on facebook or the forums and everyone interested might know where to look
  9. Could still be that he gets reactivate or something like that (the emmissarys trinket for example)? So, if they want to keep it once per turn, you still need the phrase
  10. I think it would be great to provide an official place on the forums, social media sites etc. to look for mercs/teams. I don't know anything about the reasons for six teams to not attend, but I could imagine that some of the players could've formed a decent merc team to participate anyways. Also, there would be less reason for a team of 5 to let it be if they lose one or two people - they could go and ask for a merc to fill in. I know that it's already possible now to just ask around, but it would be much easier for everyone if all those requests could be gathered in one place
  11. It actually was Team Trump Card, I think it's intended as a pun and Malifaux reference, nobody actually likes him here So please, don't get Team Trump written on that trophy^^ Also, thank you again for the opportunity to meet up with all these lovely people, it was a great weekend
  12. Great organisation overall, everything went smoothly and without any problems. Great shout out to the judges too, fair, competent and nice people But it would be great to actually put numbers on the tables next time, just say 1-5 from left to right and everything is alright. So the teams won't have to discuss that during their pairing. Oh, and maybe you could put one or two signs up outside the venue next time^^
  13. Ah, sad to hear that Thank you Hmm, next up is the first tournament in Katzelsdorf at the 3rd of june, think you can make it?
  14. I'm really looking forward to the little meetup this weekend Thank you for organising everything^^
  15. But it was also in a book, crossroads seems like a good bet