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  1. Tris

    Investigators and guild sarge

    Pretty sure the Investigators push is "once per activation"
  2. Tris

    Our Worst Models

    But at least the scales is a quite good "upgrade" now - , cheap activation, draw 2 cards most of the time, and +1wp for everyone in 6" can be essential in some games
  3. Tris

    Working on the Hoffman Project

    Oh, I would take that, as long as it's not another upgrade slot for him^^
  4. Tris

    Working on the Hoffman Project

    Why not both?^^ Let's brainstorm a little
  5. So, as the title suggests, I would like to get more games in with our Construct master, C. Hoffman. I can see the potential in his new upgrades, I even played some games with him at the start of the year, but the problem remains, I can't seem to find a list that "feels right", so I'm looking for some inspiration from you guys^^ Tell me about your experiences with him, what do you like to take, where do you like to play him? Maybe you can give me some insight on why he deserves to get more table time now, I would appreciate a good discussion
  6. Tris

    Our Worst Models

    Yeah, they are still in a position where their main thing (the bury) is either too strong or too weak and there`s no easy way to fix that right now. (a 2" range on the coffin would be the only thing I can immediately think off) But at 7wds at least their Hard to Wound would finally matter a little more.
  7. Tris

    Our Worst Models

    Death Marshals just got their own sentence because I think there is a fix we could easily try for them -> +1wound. other than that, they are also on my "not a fan" list ๐Ÿ˜›
  8. Tris

    Our Worst Models

    Are we allowed to take the Governors Proxy multiple times? ๐Ÿ˜› Although I agree on Exorcists, they seem super lackluster in everything they are supposed to do, even in fighting the undead... Sergeants were good models in GG17 and still have a trick or two to play in 18 but with the new "Super Minions" at their price class I find myself not taking one currently. Mounted Guard seem to have the same problem - 1stone less = other good minion, 1stone more = really good henchman. Also, as you said, their place is quite conditional - I don`t think they are weak though, others are just better (as weird as that sounds, I lack better words to describe their current status :/) Rifleman lack a way to get out of combat and are squishy once they get stuck in there, they are very dependant on a special activation order imo, but also, not bad models - just not the best and really not flexible at all^^ Orderlies are just outshined by Watchers and Field Reporters, or again, our new 6stone Minions, the heal is nice but they don`t fit their "role" as good as the others (that price bracket it`s mostly being a scheme runner). Wastrels have some nice synergies with McCabe, but I hate that they are so squishy... Death Marshals would be fine if they had one more wound, I think we had a whole thread dedicatetd to them already ๐Ÿ˜› There are some other models Iยดm not a huge fan of, namely Wardens, Hunters, Ryle, Sidir to just name a few of the top of my head, but I think some of that is also playstyle dependant and overall we as a faction seem fine after wave 5 upgrades and models
  9. Tris

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    The idea with the spellcasters is that every henchman and master in your crew gains a 1ap action to let them do an 1ap action, no flips required. Spellcasters Ca attack is not half bad, so you build kind of a gunline with them, lure proof as soon as one of them get`s to activate and us them as "turrets" in scheme pools where ranged damage output is viable again. Also in this crew are 2 to 3 Henchman who can counterstrike if necessary. Concentrating all your ap on one or two ranged damage dealers in a good position is not bad considering that some of their triggers are really good too
  10. Tris

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    oh yeah, I really hate Heartsbanes trigger on an enforcer - although she shares the possible chain activation with Grimmwell
  11. Tris

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    Sorry, miscounted here in a haste, you`re absolutely right - he can "only" walk, drop the marker and push, with a chain activation following, of course Thank you for pointing that out^^
  12. Tris

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    Grimmwells biggest advantage in a Sonnia list is that he can walk with nimble, drop a marker to push her 3" with the help of an Investigator, let her move 4" more by discarding a card for his 1ap action - what`s following after that 7" move possibly around a corner is Sonnia chain activating thanks to her new upgrade^^ Nobody else can do that because Grimmwell is the only Witch hunter here Editet after a brainfart, thanks @skoatz for pointing that out
  13. Tris

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    I could imaganie obeying, swapping, blocking LoS with woods, shoving Collodi up their face,... - something like that? Also, the pigs wp4 is a liability against Neverborn in general - a terrifying Pandora with Fears given Form and a not shitty hand probably forces him to discard a good chunk of his hand on simple duels or get paralyzed/die. Just a few examples as a frequent NB opponent^^
  14. Tris

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    As other said already - there are very interact heavy pools where you have to interact with your opponent to get any points, an unusal lot of LoS blockers are not your friend, and maybe the most important part - it's maybe not that she can't play them at all, there's just other Guild masters who can do it better / I feel more comfortable with btw, great to see some discussion again at our board^^
  15. Tris

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    As I said above, Sonnia is imo not a viable solo master for every game, but in the right pool, on the right table, against the right opponent she's a force to be reckoned with. Her board control is great and ca 9 keeps surprising me over and over again, it's just a different feel to have an agressive stat that high^^