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  1. Numb to the world should be added to the upgrades section, maybe debt too. Badge of office on Lady J, I think she almost always has it to soak up a big hit. Plus, if you mention Franc, the Brutal Effigy should be mentioned too^^ Maybe add Witchling Thralls to the McCabe section? Also, what should be done about Franc - Lady J, Perdita and McMourning take him quite often, so he`s always a model "to watch for" (oh, and you should mention his htk upgrade, I think he`s a 9 stone model ) And just out of curiosity - why would you say that it`s harder to kill Nellie then it is to kill a Perdita?
  2. Because she (and her crew) get different damaging conditions quite reliably on the opponents models - ca7 vs wp, activate and get 2 damage is great And because she`s just not forced to kill models to work efficiently, unlike Lady J, Perdita, Sonnia, even McCabe likes to get in the middle of things most of the time.
  3. Nellie is my go to if FFM is in the pool, I guess McMourning works fine too, and Lawyers could see play there - the burying shenanigans are also quite nice, but if the FFM target is for example a stubborn Yasunori you`ll give up 2 vp more often than you would like to as most (if not all) of these conditions and bury mechanics work against willpower... And of course, the rest of our killy masters struggle a lot with that scheme, but I guess it can`t be helped^^ Oh, and @AK1979 in my experience it`s a bad idea to put frame on a low wound count model with no defensive tech or a model with htk, both types are easily killed by conditions and the like
  4. And the next one^^ Any nee on the new models? Will they be in wave 5 for example?
  5. Would be great if we could know the reason and not have to guess... Rumours and speculation start to hit a wyrd place on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/AWYRDPLACE/615407345323000/?comment_id=615426878654380&notif_t=like&notif_id=1490609928363421 Nobody would be mad if they have a plausible reason for all the recent delays (and as you said the combination of emplyoment changes, conventions and all the new stuff are very likely all that`s behind that), but if that`s the case, than where`s the harm in saying so? I think we all could give them a break if they admit they need one to sort things out or whatever, but not knowing and not telling seems like something other gaming companies did/still do, but it`s nothing like the Wyrd games I know and like
  6. @admiralvorkraft Yeah, I´m glad someone puts Santiago to good use, as he doesn`t seem to get much table time in general - just wanted to "do the math" as you said, to get all the info out there It´s certainly good if you can make it work, but I´m sure it requires a lot of practice
  7. Hmm, but that seems very incosistent, as I mentioned earlier - you would like to get all the masks in the world and an opponent without cover to do anything. All that at the right time, in the right place, going with Lucius first and with Santiago immediatly afterwards, preferably with the 6" companion... Seems cool, but maybe not overly "competetive"?
  8. So, min 3? What`s the big deal - use 3 stones with Lucius to get Santiago to 3 wounds and fire away? Not neccessarily impressive, and for sure not consistent. Or something completely different? ^^
  9. Interesting thought, hard to setup and still expensive.... I think I´ll try that soon ^^
  10. That could be one reason for threads like that one to come up recently: Regarding the app, I guess they don't want to say: "nothing new yet" and repeat themselves, although I have to admit I would like to get updates more often
  11. Are we talking about abilities or actions now? Also, I'm not exactly sure what you want to know, sorry....
  12. Papa works still fine, just no real reason to box him right now - but he loves numb to the world right now
  13. I don`t get that statement - I think his denial game was never better than now, so what`s his problem? The 2h time limit?
  14. Please, edit the thread name to "Rate our Masters - Outcasts/Outcast edition,...." - would be much easier to follow it then