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  1. I don`t mind OSA, but it would be nice if Machine Puppet could declare triggers - Guild without crit strike or harpoons without the ability to drag models are much less interesting :/
  2. I don't get how anyone could possibly underestimate Hamelin.... He is one of if not the best denial masters with access to all the good outcast models on top of it, just hard to play fast and good at the same time.
  3. What`s the base of your tier list here? - local meta, personal feelings about the masters? Just curious. And are you aware that there are several masters missing?
  4. Thank you trikk, that makes my dumb question easier to justify^^
  5. So, could you probalby try to give Ludvig his honor back and change the thread title to "Malifaux App - TBA" or something to that effect? Thanks for the reply
  6. Would still be nice if we could get a quick status report on what`s going on and if there is a rough new date planned?
  7. Thanks @Gnomezilla So it could very well be true, would be glad if wyrd announced something like that officially.... Just a little post/mail, a small sentence in the monday preview mails about how things are going at the moment, something like 'we are sorry that we can't release will o wisps for all of you this month, we are busy working for the other side/where overwhelmed by their popularity/whatever....' Would give the whole producer/costumer relationship a different vibe^^ Don`t get me wrong, Wyrds community support is just great, but there are still things that could be improved, and I feel like more openness could be one of these things. I understand that they are buried in a lot of work at the moment, but I'm recently under the impression that communication channels run sort of dry at the moment :/ I bet nobody would be mad if wyrd put an official stazement up that this thing and that game has top priority right nowb but I for example would really like to know things like that in advance. I imagine it would also make things a lot easier for local communities amd flgs, as they would have an official statement on the state of things right now, so that customers/players won't blame them if release xy isn't available on time. I'm glad wyrd does so well at the moment and hope they continue to grow as long as I'm alive^^ - but sometimes they seem a little bit overwhelmed by their own success and the demand for wyrd products, at least that's my impression. Just some random musings, maybe I'm exaggerating things right now, but I would appreciate better communication politics regarding the (european?!) customer and fanbase. I'm open for disscussion on the matter, please feel free to write your own thoughts down, it's something I wanted to write for quite some time, I hope there won't be bad feelings about this
  8. @Ludvigconfused me - now I´m not sure anymore :/
  9. It´s like the first time I realised that machine puppet does not allow for triggers to be declared (so no glorious 5+ attacks with a min damage 6 peacekeeper :/ )- since then I more often than not use it to take walks, interacts or focus if I want to hit things with max damage - only use it to attack if unmodified min damage would kill the opponent
  10. Not to derail the topic, but has anyone ever used LLC and felt good about it? Just curious^^
  11. Would be cool if we could get some more information than just a reactive change of the thread title after someone was asking, but glad to see that someone is still reading and the app is still in development
  12. Totally agree, I have more guilders than I could spend on the currently available models, and they start to stack again - I love the idea of wyrds "free" tournament support, but would like to have more options than one master per faction. Yeah, some more information on a planned schedule would be fine, it seems like the new big projects like ToS came unexpectedly in the way of building up the Guilders store? Maybe we could get some information on unexpected changes regarding project/release schedule in the monday previews? Just one little sentence if wyrd encounters some problems in their plans would be fine, if possible? That way, people would not have to ask every time if there`s something new on the matter, or if they ask, other players could point them to the latest bit of information on the matter, with no need to get you guys involved every time as @Nathan Caroland stated in this thread we shouldn`t expect new stuff for the next 6 months and I bet work has gotten more, not less for them until now....
  13. Thank you, so I did miss them (or can`t remember them properly :p)
  14. Are Monday previews back by now and I managed to miss them completely?
  15. Yeah, would like to see that the explosion on death is mandatory, for fluff reasons alone, but that`s it, I don´t see a huge problem with them in general, they are annoying and potentially deadly, but one can deal with them (most of the time )