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  1. Ok, after finally reading the ruleset I`m wondering - why was the "pairing" system so drastically changed? Random pairing with a single swap for the whole event takes a lot away from the different experience a team tournament usually provides. Still looking forward to the event, but I hope we could vote for a small change here?
  2. Tris

    Lucius, Queeg, and Witchling Thralls?

    I mean, don`t underestimate 0 ap interacts, forced with horror duels and with don`t mind me near Lucius (so one Thrall could drop a marker to let the other one attack if he`s close by^^), but yeah, one does tend to use him mainly for promises, which isn`t very effective in a standard Lucius crew.
  3. Tris

    Investigator proxy

    Basically free pushes (as was mentioned before, unresistable), card draw by discarding any kind of marker (corpse, scrap, scheme) and anti scheming capabilities on a model with 7 wounds that can't be charged
  4. Tris

    Investigator proxy

    TTB female plastic kit, needed a proxy asap^^
  5. A place is neither a move, nor a push
  6. I tend to only use Phiona if I need her marker dropping capabilities via Transparency, so I would advise you keep the Jury in there
  7. At first - Lady J is very viable in 2018, I enjoyed every game so far I had with her, try her if you want to Now, I don`t think that the Jury can remove the Shed blood condition from an enemy, it`s weirdly worded but implies that the owner of the model get`s to choose wether a condition is removed or not - she`s still a great model with condition remove/heal for your own models and a great attack. Francisco is as close to a must have for Lady J as it get`s, you`re right there I don`t think that Death Marshals would really help in keeping Lady J alive, but a Death Marshal Recruiter might do the job, while giving out nearly guaranteed extra attacks for Lady, Franc, Jury. Just make sure you take Js new Swordfighter Upgrade with you, as well as Badge of Office, especially when Eliminate is in the pool. Effigy is also a great choice, can confirm that. Eliminate, Show and Undercover Entourage should be safe bets, depending on what you are playing against. Sandeep might be hard to reach and kill, but if one master could pull it off, it`s the Lady - though Entourage on her is no mistake too, if you want to play it safer. Show is always a good scheme for Guild, and a LAdy J list should have no problems at all with the strat. Rest of the crew is up to you, anything you want to try?
  8. Tris

    Are Bayou gremlins better than Survivors?

    Yes, but that was always the case, it just got clarified recently.
  9. Tris

    Are Bayou gremlins better than Survivors?

    Because the charge generates 2 attacks against the same model, and Burts slippery as well as Trixies thing states that another model can take the hit if it would also be a legal target, which it is not.
  10. Tris

    Good Old Rider

    If you want a good model, the Rider is not what you`re looking for - he`s not useless and the cost drop helped a lot, but just compare him to our henchman, or the peacekeeper. He doesn`t bring anything unique to the table and is not better in any role than other models in his or an even lower price class.
  11. Tris


    Technically it resets even if the oponent activates a new model ^^
  12. Tris


    What do you deem so problematic in this list that it would warrant a nerf? What's the compnent you would want to nerf? Just curious as there's no "creative rules interpretation or whatsoever involved, like Papa Box was likely a relic from the 1st book where we didn't know better, but what's it this time? Don't let her get fast? Make her stationary? Errata her attack/confiscated lore? What about counterplay? It seems like you guys believe it's the best alpha in the game?^^
  13. Tris

    Nellie is not dead

    Sure, and Pine Box is maybe one of the best uses, but her free ap comes with two TNs most of the time, and she is no hard hitter for her cost, and not super tanky either. If I wan`t a second teleport for example, why not take Franc and Phiona? There`s not a lot of actions worth to copy, and I would say even less I need to have more than once in the crew. Her suit stripping aura is quite good but lost some value since we have Quellers. It´s a shame she can`t copy from a master as a second Nellie would be quite potent^^ But as I said, I don`t think she`s bad, just not that good that I would consider her over the alternatives, to each their own and in the end it`s all just different opinions
  14. Tris

    Nellie is not dead

    I still think I can get much better models for the 10stones, like nearly every single Guild Henchman, Peacekeeper for 1 point more, McTavish ;), etc. ... Her copy is certainly not free but rather expensive if I remember correctly, needing not only her own TN but also the TN of whatever she then wants to cast, and I´m not convinced that the ability to copy these actions makes that big a difference if you compare it to taking other models which are already good and versatile on their own, or bring something new into the crew - but everyone has their own style I suppose
  15. Tris

    Nellie is not dead

    @FinalForm I would like to ask again - what is Hannah doing in your list except giving you 1 extra card for 10ss? Had a game with Nellie yesterday after switching to Lady J and Lucius for a change, and played Ours Guarded Treasure Covert Breakthrough Show of Force Search the Ruins Recover Evidence against Neverborn (Lilith). I took: Nellie with Misleading Headlines, Embedded, Delegation Printing Press Investigator Mc Tavish with Numb & Debt Strongarm Suit with Debt Sue with Debt Big Jake I assumed that Big Jakes ability works for Ours and was pretty free to take whichever schemes I wanted, all were doable. If I recall it correctly, I played against Lilith with Beckon, Living Blade and her new Heal Nekima Emissary Effigy 2 Tots Lilitu Primordial I tried Show of Force, seeing one model could take it unopposed (I think that was a mistake from my opponent tbh) and that`s the thing with a ranged McTavish - he can stand in the middle, score show, get`s cover from all non attacks and can still participate in the fight due to his range, ignore cover and not randomizing. Also a fast redeploy is possible if neccessary, push to markers, unimpeded helps a lot with that. With Nellie, McTavish and the Investigator I had 3 models which could discard his scheme markers to interrupt Covert, Search and Guard. Investigator pushed key models around and drew me 1 card each turn. Sue kept his to cast aura up when neccessary, also drew a card each turn and dealt damage where he could, basically "ignoring" cover as well. Strongarm Suit is always nice against Neverborn as he ignores black blood and is less impeded by their terrain shenanigans due to his augmented jump - just keep him away from that rets eye enforcer^^ Long story short, I outactivated him turn 1 with cards (9 card hand ftw :p) and made the best out of a slight misplacement on his side, killing Nekima with Tavish, Sue and shots from the Strongarm. Investigator pushes helped initiating, but McTavish got the shot through Liliths woods because he discarded one of my scheme markers to push 4" into the woods, finally getting LoS. This proved to be a blow he couldn`t recover from, with Lilith dying turn 2 to the concentrated fire of Sue and McTavish, helped by my now 11 card hand (burned 2 Debts that turn). Game was pretty much over now, but my opponent proved to be a great guy and took it with a smile on his face I have to say, Nellie is much more fun if you don`t feel the need to play each and every game with her and, most importantly, she`s far from "dead"^^ I also hope that my short review helps with some insight on the use of McTavish in a Nellie crew?