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  1. See, Ulix has a saddle cause of his bum leg, Nico deserves one too In all seriousness, I think the relative costs of Gracie/Old Major/Kentauroi are fair including the extra SS for Saddle, but I admit I did not consider the summoning angle. Thx for the response!
  2. I watch my husband Saddle his gremlins all over the place every game, so I'm not sure why this would be OP without the discard restriction? What am I missing?
  3. She is a character in A Night In Rottenberg from Through The Breach.
  4. Lets do this! I'll be starting with my friend, The Forgotten Marshal:
  5. I would like to give it a go at Enforcer level please
  6. Fatemaster sign up complete. Can't wait!!
  7. I've done Sybelle for a leader building towards Seamus and Valedictorian as a leader building toward McMourning. Valedictorian was stronger for me out of the gate but my Sybelle list was effective and really got better as I was able to hire more stuff. I started a campaign that didn't finish with Anna Lovelace and she didn't work all that well for me, but that was just a few games so not a great example
  8. There is some good advice in the thread titled "Nicodem Woes" for playing Nico without focusing on summoning, its still on the first page of this forum currently. There is some stuff in there that would be useful to run a Reckoning friendly Nico list.
  9. Night Terrors. Why must their tiny fingers/claws/whatever be seperate pieces??? Also the Necrotic Machine, although thats been a while ago so the sting is less now. However, my husband plays Gremlins so I have ceded my right to complain about tiny pieces with weird joins
  10. I played Warmachine from the beginning, when there weren't enough models out for it to be more than a skirmish game. Switched to Confrontation when Warmachine games started getting huge, but I turned into more of a painter than a player. Hadn't really paid attention to Wyrd until they started sponsoring a speed paint at Gencon. Qualifying round was a Nurse and the Final round was Lilith, liked the models enough to check out the game. Been playing it since
  11. Definitely focusing on the Trickster now, I already love the dynamic between her and McMourning!
  12. Hooray!! Had so much fun with Nythera. And something in the works for TtB at a later date? Yes please
  13. Well, technically its a Deathripper Bonejack from Warmachine. But I much prefer the colloquial Death Chicken nickname
  14. My first non-Wyrd submission, because I immediately thought of Death Chickens when I saw the theme :)
  15. The face looks very nice, well done!