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  1. Mason

    Free RPG day? The Show Must Go On?

    That's odd. As far as I'm aware, we made the cutoff date on our submission.
  2. Mason

    Final thoughts...

    Thanks for playing! I'm glad that you had fun and that it helped to get more people interested in TTB.
  3. Hey everyone! Here's the FAQ and Errata Document for Through the Breach. TTB FAQ and Errata Document (10-4-17) If you have any questions that aren't covered in this document, please post them here and I'll take a look at them when it's time to update the FAQ. Thanks!
  4. Mason

    Magic--Immuto Question

    Manifested Powers are, by their nature, customized to the character receiving them. They're rules-breaking abilities that are specific to the character and the circumstances in which she obtained it. If you're wanting more guidance on how to make Spell-like Manifested Powers (which seems to be what your Fatemaster is suggesting), then check out Into the Steam, which has a more detailed section on how to craft Manifested Powers. Spoiler warning, though, there's still a fair amount of "work with your Fatemaster to come up with something cool" going on there.
  5. Mason

    Free RPG day? The Show Must Go On?

    We eventually release the Free RPG day adventures as modules on Drive Thru RPG, normally a few months after Free RPG Day. Free RPG Day is the only time they are available in physical copies.
  6. Mason

    Is Kimon purely comprised of Oni?

    Yeah, it's more of a melting pot. We've definitely got some Chinese stuff mixed in with the Japanese stuff.
  7. A hat? Pshaw. I prefer to emulate the masters.
  8. It's also worth noting that the designers play the game, so it's not like we're relying entirely upon public opinion to figure out the power levels of various things.
  9. I mean, technically Malifaux has never been Victorian; it's Edwardian. The Victorian period ended on January 22, 1901, with the death of Queen Victoria. The M1E core 1.5 book started the timeline at 1901, at the dawn of the Edwardian era, and now we're up to 1908.
  10. The TTB Core Rules also talk about the Piper's Plague and the Event.
  11. Mason

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    I've always understood it to mean "Negative Play Experience," at least going back to my CCG days. If you're intending for it to mean "New Player Experience," then it will obviously mean something different.
  12. Mason

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    NPE is closer to "a thing that saps all the fun and enjoyment out of a game." It's less about whether or not you can win the match (though that's certainly an element of it).
  13. Mason

    Friday Preview - Horomatangi

    They're from one of the original Horomatangi myths. And they're absolutely a Shobijin reference as well, because... Kaiju.
  14. Mason

    Know-It-All Uber Mage

    The character can only fail a duel once, so no. Reflipping the card is just like rerolling a die; you're re-randomizing the process, rather than making a completely new duel. I'll toss it into the FAQ to clarify.
  15. Mason

    Know-It-All Uber Mage

    This is actually on my list for May errata! Essentially, Know-It-All is changing to once per Challenge to prevent this sort of loop.
  16. Mason

    Alpha strikes too poweful?

    This is correct. Buried models are not considered to be in play, and Sisters in Fury and Sisters in Battle both only buff Sisters in play.
  17. Mason

    Questions about how the characters were made?

    To clarify, when you are saying Skills, you mean Talents. Skills are things like Alchemisty, Toughness, etc. Some of the Talents are hidden due to lack of space. For instance, one of Kimber's starting Talents gives her the Critical Strike Trigger. Instead of listing a Talent that says "Kimber gains Critical Strike," she just has Critical Strike. Body and Mind Aspects (i.e., stats) do not always equal zero. None of the characters have Aspects above 4, though two of them do have a stat of 4 (which is possible but rare during character creation). Characters with a Skill rank of 3+ during character creation gain a Trigger. After that, they can spend Experience Points to learn additional Triggers after a Skill reaches Rank 3 and again at Rank 5. Due to space constraints on the pregens, not every Rank 3 Skill has been given a Trigger. Additionally, as noted above, some Talents give Triggers to characters. Shige has a Chemist Talent that grants the Infect Trigger to all of her attacks, for instance.
  18. Mason

    2" range of needle fist?

    It's intrinsic to the weapon.
  19. When they play temporary alt characters in Act 3, they will play the Act 3 versions of those characters.
  20. Mason


    There's more info on the Red Cage in the TTB book "Into the Bayou," including info on the creatures that came out of the resulting crater.
  21. Mason

    Rules Question: Cap to Aspects?

    Aspects range from -5 to 5, so the character in question can increase her Aspect all the way up to 5. Correct. Similarly, Fatemaster characters don't flip cards for skills or Defense/Willpower flips, but they still flip cards for damage.
  22. Mason

    Characters dying

    As far as reported games go, so far we're on par with the previous worldwide campaigns in terms of character deaths and TPKs. Because TTB is cards, though, sometimes the deck just turns on you.
  23. Mason

    Acting Values

    It looks like Shock Baton should be a +4. That one slipped through playtesting! Long Arms uses Intellect, not Grace.
  24. Mason

    Monday Preview - The Obsidian Gate

    There will be a few extra Complications and other bits, but the core of the campaign will be the same as the global campaign.