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  1. If you played through A Stitch in Time, you would know exactly who that is.
  2. Every instance of wounds = damage will be fixed in this next update, once I get my grubby little hands on the cards again.
  3. Breeding animals is basically just a Husbandry challenge. The Skill even has some triggers related to breeding animals, but there's no specific TN, just because breeding dogs is a lot easier than breeding, say, swamp gators. I'd suggest a Difficult challenge (TN 12 - 13). Note that the gators also have to be of breeding age (which is around a decade or so). Here are some alligator gestation resources.
  4. The maximum number of Piglets the character can have is equal to her total completed ranks in the Pursuit.
  5. We're still on track for a Summer release.
  6. That would make that less of an effective combo, then.
  7. It's important to not think of your characters like DnD adventurers; they're not going to end every fight on the ropes with resources exhausted and barely any hit points left. Think of them more like the protagonists in a western or action movie: they're going to get into fights and generally win them. Occasionally, PCs will die, but the system generally works in their favor to keep them alive so that they can finish their stories. Masters will pretty much always slap Fated around, simply because their stats are so high. They're not unkillable, but it's going to be a tough fight, especially if the master has backup from minions and enforcers (which they probably should). If you get onto a hot run of cards, though...
  8. It's a statue.
  9. Sue.
  10. As far as I'm aware, we're still on track for a Summer release.
  11. Fated Almanac pg. 178 Into the Steam pg. 178
  12. If you go back to look at the event, you can see that every week added a faction-appropriate ability to the model. So yes, they're pretty much made up of whichever faction won the event each week.
  13. They're just sort of a thing you can cobble together with magic for short periods of time. Bad Juju is a bit of a special case, in that Zoraida messed with the process to make Mire Golem+.
  14. They produce 2 AP per the rules. That being said, I believe that every Master I've ever written has the Swift rule which gives them an additional AP on their turn.
  15. It's mentioned in a few TTB places. She betrayed her people by making a deal with the Grave Spirit and built Kythera, giving her a whole lot of power that she then used to kill the mortal forms of the Tyrants.