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  1. Animals...?

    There are horses and dogs in the Core Rules, so there are a few of them out there. Into the Bayou also has gators! I'll try to work in more animals where I can.
  2. TTB Core Rules Discussion

    Possibly, if I get a good opportunity to do so! If there's a lot of interest, maybe we can do a web supplement with master stats.
  3. TTB Core Rules Discussion

    PDFs generally get put out a few months after the physical book, after brick and mortar stores have had a chance to get their sales in.
  4. Summon Gamin question

    It's probably pretty scary.
  5. Delude by Broken promises (for the moment)

    Just because the way that the Action works. It's weird to say that a model gains Paranoid, not explain what Paranoid is, and then go on to explain what Paranoid is during the second part of the action. If you try to write it out a few ways with the condition at the end, you can kind of see what I mean.
  6. Delude by Broken promises (for the moment)

    He's correct. The quotation marks denote the beginning and end of the Condition.
  7. 2nd Edition Character Sheets

    There are no plans at the moment.
  8. TTB Core Rules Discussion

    We had people to look it over and help edit as well, and my playtesters are pretty great at helping to ensure that everything ends up nice and balanced. I won't turn down free beer, though.
  9. 2nd Edition Character Sheets

    We went ahead and updated the character sheets on our Resources page. The "no background" sheet should serve your needs.
  10. Earthside Stories

    Yup. The whole adventure takes place in San Francisco.
  11. Additional Monster Pursuits

    That's very cool.
  12. TTB Core Rules Discussion

    I did the fluff (and the rules) for the book. I'm glad that you liked it! I naturally default to using female pronouns when writing rules. If it feels like it's missing the point, it's because there really isn't much of a point, other than "that's how I write."
  13. TTB Core Rules Discussion

    Yup! Sometimes everything comes together and you can have a session that hits a Destiny Step like a freight train of awesomeness... other times, cut-away scenes and general theme make more sense. They're all tools in the Fatemaster toolbox, and most games will benefit from mixing and matching them to ensure a variety of approaches to the session.
  14. Derived Aspects and Skill Sets

    Not entirely, I don't believe. The most common source of adding a suit to a skill would be the Specialized Skill Talent on page 221. Let's take a look at Lieutenant Davis, a Fated who happens to be a Guard. Lieutenant Davis has Defense 4 and the Stoic Defender Talent, which gives him the following Defensive Trigger: Df () Glancing Blow: When suffering damage, reduce the amount of damage suffered by 1, to a minimum of 0. That means that when he makes a Defense flip, he flips a card and adds his Defense of 4 to the total. If he flips a card, he can declare his Trigger. It's a pretty nice trigger to have, but Lieutenant Davis decides that he would like it to trigger more often, so he takes the Specialized Skill Talent and chooses to add a to his Evade Skill. Since Defense is a Derived Aspect that uses Evade, the that Lieutenant Davis added to his Evade Skill also gets added to his Defense, which gives him a Defense of 4. Now, when he makes a Defense flip, he flips a card and adds his Defense of 4 to the total, which means that he will always be able to declare his Glancing Blow Trigger. If Davis later picked up a Talent that gave him a to Evade Skill Challenges, however, this would not translate over into a to his Defense (that's what the second paragraph in the callout box on page 79 is referring to). Hopefully that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.