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  1. Spirit gum. Same thing Wong uses to hold his mustache in place.
  2. I usually take The Plague and use the Decaying trigger to take people with Blight T1. By the time T3 rolls around, they've got a few more points on them, and with a rat bite here or there and the aura on stolen, you can really start to tear things up with Hamelin.
  3. Correct, because once the base AV of the invention is determined, it does not change. If you build a clunky device and then learn how to be an amazing engineer, it doesn't make the device you built any less clunky. It will have the Tome from the Engineer's Acting Value, yes.
  4. Yup, we'll be doing updates here in a little bit, so if you can't see the forum in a few hours, go ahead and poke me about it.
  5. It's just for Fatemasters. This way, Fatemasters can discuss the Acts and ask questions without spoiling the adventure for players. Players are welcome to discuss the adventure on this forum, however, provided that they mark their post with a [SPOILERS] tag and leave enough room at the start of the post that any spoilers won't be seen in the preview sidebar.
  6. Once we add the next batch of people today, you should be able to see the forum near the bottom of the main page. If you can't see it in a couple hours, send me a message. It's a manual process, so it's not instantaneous.
  7. It makes them scary, at the very least. As with most magic, the special effects are left to the player and her Fatemaster to work out.
  8. Everyone that signed up for A Stitch in Time should now be registered and able to see the special event forum near the bottom of the main page. If you cannot, please reply to this thread. We have had some people sign up for the event and either not include their forum name or give us a forum name that does not exist. In order to get the event materials (and thus participate in the event), you have to have a forum account!
  9. " At the end of A Stitch in Time, the number of times each character was played in each Act will be tabulated and added to the faction votes of the Fatemasters. The Faction (Guild, Arcanists, Resurrectionists, Neverborn, Outcasts, Gremlins, Ten Thunders) that was played the most often will receive a special storyline boon as a result of the event."
  10. In Malifaux, it's as you say: Tie: 1-5: 6 - 10: No modifier 11+: In TTB 1.0, it was based on Margins, which means beating the TN by 5 points. So if the target's TN was 10, you would need one Margin to get to the "No Modifiers" tier. That meant that you had to beat the target's TN by 5 points... i.e., you needed a 15. Similarly, to get a , you had to have two Margins (i.e., you had to beat the TN by 10 points). This resulted in a chart that looks like this: Tie: 1-4: 5 - 9: No modifier 10+: Essentially, your group was playing it the way that Malifaux works... as was just about everyone else. Hence why we changed it in 2nd edition to just work the way that people thought it did. The quickstart rules were still using the 1st edition metric (oops), so I swapped them over to the 2nd edition version. This should also make things less confusing for players with Malifaux experience.
  11. * The screen itself is still a screen, so it's functional and pretty. * The city map hasn't changed. * Station Rank tables haven't changed. * The conversion table for playing card suits to Malifaux suits has not changed. * Critical Effects Tables have changed (and can be previewed in the A Stitch in Time Quick Play rules). * The formula used to determine the fate modifiers on damage flips has changed, in that it now matches what Malifaux uses (most people did this anyways, from what I've seen).
  12. Another round of Fatemasters have been added! If you've signed up and still can't see the special forum at the bottom of the main page, please shoot me a PM so that we can work it out.
  13. You should find a group! We're accepting signups right up until 3/26. Fatemasters will be able to access the content on the website through the entire campaign.
  14. Right, the "once per turn" clause prevents Tara from just endlessly reflipping the result until she gets what she wants.