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  1. Most Gremlins have an acute sense of where they stand in the pecking order of things and generally try to avoid danger. They're not necessarily good at avoiding danger, but they try. It's usually when alcohol gets involved that the real stupid comes out. Gremlins have litters of around twenty at a time, and of those, only a handful survive to reach adulthood. Most of the really stupid or foolhardy ones meet an untimely end early on, baring luck or the assistance of a (generally apathetic) adult. As a result, most Gremlins would probably realize just what the bounty is about (if only because they hear the adults complaining about it) or at the very least realize that the Guild tends to shoot them dead when they can. That being said, drunk people (and Gremlins) do stupid things, and a Gremlin might not get the whole story and think that something else is going on.
  2. Under Quarantine. Lampads are basically flame ghosts that animate corpses to carry them around via lighting them on fire.
  3. *points at the Core Rules* Should be helpful in clearing things up.
  4. Two scrip per dead Gremlin.
  5. Karkinoi can rear up for days!
  6. Which is a good place to start. I'd probably give them more Might and Wounds and probably increase their Height to 3 (those things are pretty big).
  7. Three people should be fine. It's a shorter adventure, but the Rat Kings at the end should present a decent enough challenge to the group, especially if people are still learning the system. I'd recommend fluffing it up a bit with some increased social interaction with the guards. If you have plans for future games, placing a grimoire or other curiosity in the rat warren might be a good way to segue into the next adventure.
  8. One of them already showed up in the Ferryman One-Shot awhile back.
  9. The future is unwritten. If it does, it won't be for a good while.
  10. There's a whole lot of fluff summed up and presented in a nice timeline in the TTB Core Rules, which is out next month. This includes a bunch of never-before-seen fluff such as what happened when the Breach closed (and why it was closed), Tyrants on Earth, how the Union and Ten Thunders came to power, and so on.
  11. There's ocean to the east of the Bayou. The Guild explored out that far, went "Huh, that's an ocean," and then more or less stoppedbecause they didn't care enough to continue.
  12. I would love to see some reports of him on the table! If anyone's looking for something to test out this weekend...
  13. And above San Francisco weeks before then. See also: A Fire in the Sky
  14. I would strongly advise against testing models with the assumption that errata (on anything) will happen. Test them based on the current rules. If we're planning errata that will affect things, we'll take that into consideration on our end. This applies to every model in every situation, not just this one.
  15. That is correct. Or it was. Cherufe has left the building.