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  1. Mason

    Shards of Kythera - What are they?

    It's made-up Neverborn-speak.
  2. Mason

    Were quick rules posted?

    They are all in the Fatemaster section. If you just registered within the past, oh, 24 hours or so, then you just haven't been added yet and we'll scoop you up the next time we update the Fatemaster list. If it's been longer than 24 hours, let me know and we'll try to get you signed up. :)
  3. Mason

    Quick start rules

    You can absolutely share it with other players. :)
  4. Mason

    TTB Worldwide Campaign

    The information is in the relevant Fatemaster forum in the TTB section. If you can't see that, it means that you just haven't been added yet. We do a pass every day to add new people to the forum, so if you're still not seeing the Fatemaster forum by this time tomorrow, let me know.
  5. Mason

    Untrained Skills

    Yes, crafting items uses Skill Rank, not Acting Value. When building a construct, the character gains Construct Points equal to her Artefacting Rank * the Construct's Height. Intellect doesn't come into the picture.
  6. Mason

    Untrained Skills

    That's how it was in first edition. Cheating Fate is an integral part of the Malifaux universe, so locking it away behind a skill rank just didn't feel right to me. When I was researching how best to update TTB to second edition, I found that players would often put 1 rank into "must have" skills in order to unlock cheating with that skill, and that tracking which skills players could and could not cheat was a chore. Opening cheating up to every skill, regardless of ranks, was a nice little bit of streamlining that smoothed out gameplay and allowed characters to be more flavorful and broadly capable. That being said, if it works in your game, roll with it. ;)
  7. Mason

    Possesed advanced Pursuit?

    It will show up in Act II. Characters can gain it in Act I, but they won't actually advance in it until Act II, due to the way that advancement in the worldwide campaign works. I've adjusted the Act I file to remove the incorrect page reference. Apologies for the confusion.
  8. Mason

    Untrained Skills

    Characters do not need ranks in a skill to use that skill; they are simply treated as having a "0" in that skill when making a check. Yup. You need Skill Ranks to get Triggers, but raw natural talent can still sometimes eclipse hard work and training, even in the real world. The people who have both usually become quite famous in their field.
  9. Mason

    The Future of Through The Breach!

    I have plenty of plans. :D
  10. Hey everyone! Welcome to The Obsidian Gate worldwide event! You can use this forum to discuss the campaign among yourselves, but please remember to keep any spoilers to a minimum, or at the very least, mark your threads with a [Spoiler - Act I] tag so that players who haven't yet played through that part of the adventure won't spoil things for their group. Please remember that the automatic preview shows the first paragraph or so of posts, so if you're making a spoiler post, you should add about a paragraph of filler text to your post in order to keep everything nice and hidden. Thanks for your cooperation in helping everyone have the best adventure they can!
  11. Mason

    The Future of Through The Breach!

    Some priorities shifted once I took over. For instance, there's really no "Great Guild Wars" planned for Earth; now, we just have the spreading war that is The Other Side. Similarly, Avatars just aren't a thing that anyone in Malifaux can do anymore, let alone Fated characters, ever since Governor-General Kitchener became the Burning Man.
  12. Mason

    Through the Breach FAQ and Errata

    Invested characters have Talents in Into the Steam that they can use to modify their bodies, and per the Core Rules, they can attach replace their limbs with pneumatic prosthetics, but they ignore any bonuses they would gain from the limb or any of its augments (for them, it's just a normal limb).
  13. Mason

    Monday Preview - Wanyudo

    Nope. Think more "University of Transmortis."
  14. Mason

    Through the Breach FAQ and Errata

    After they cancel. When I said "calculate," I had included the cancelling. I shall edit my post above to be more clear.