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  1. Monday Preview - Executioner

    That is a female executioner.
  2. Monday Preview - Executioner

    With great difficulty, usually. You basically need to have someone on hand to help you get through the more awkward moments of life. Fortunately, the Guild has a whole lot of minor criminals who don't want to end up on the Hanging Tree. It works itself out.
  3. Through the Breach FAQ and Errata

    Yup, go with Notice.
  4. Shadowgrub encounter

    Just for the record, Into the Steam has stats for Bandersnatches, and the Heart of Darkness adventure has a bunch of info on Bandersnatches (including eggs and webbing).
  5. It's fun to change stuff up once in a while.
  6. As an example: I really enjoy Desperate Mercenaries and will often take one or two in my lists. Little dudes do some serious work for me.
  7. Winter Wonderland issue

    You still can order it!
  8. Monday Preview - Propagandist

    That Pursuit is called the Infiltrator. It can be found in Into the Steam.
  9. Kirai fluff?

    That story is in the Other Side book! When it comes out, head right to the "Court of Two" section and enjoy.
  10. Monday Preview - Propagandist

    It has a cap on what it adds to skills (+3), though you can still build higher to get a nice supply that you can burn off for other effects.
  11. Kirai fluff?

    She has an avatar vignette in Twisting Fates, but otherwise, you've hit all of her story points, I think.
  12. Can I learn a new skill?

    The correct version is: During a game, the Fatemaster should keep track of which Skills each character uses, often by just noting them down under the character's name on a piece of scrap paper. At the end of the session, each character gains 1 Experience Point (XP). After the characters have gained their XP for the session, the Fatemaster chooses two Skills from that character's list and presents them to the character as possible avenues for advancement. The character also has the option of advancing in certain Skills as determined by their current Pursuit. Once the character has looked over their possible options for Skill advancement, they choose one Skill to advance. If the character does not have any Ranks in the chosen Skill, they gain 1 Rank in that Skill without having to spend XP. If the character has 1 or more Ranks in the Skill, they may spend a number of XP equal to the Skill's current Rank to increase its Rank by +1. Then the character can spend 1 XP to learn a Skill Trigger for any of their Skills with 3+ ranks. If you want your character to advance in Social Skills, you can either attempt lots of Social Skills in the hopes that the Fatemaster will choose one as a possible advancement opportunity, or you can choose a Pursuit that will all you to advance in Social Skills (such as Performer).
  13. "Each time this character adds an Alteration Immuto other than the chosen Immuto to a Spell or Manifested Power, increase its TN by +1." The penalty is per instance of the Immuto. If you add the Increased Damage Immuto once, the damage of the spell increases, and the TN of the spell increases by +2, plus an additional +1 from your Tradition Magic. If you then add the Increased Damage Immuto a second time, the damage of the spell increases again, and the TN of the spell increases by another +2, plus an additional +1 from your Tradition Magic. Thus, a character that adds two Increased Damage Immutos to her Spell would have its TN increased by +4, or by +6 if she used Tradition Magic (unless, of course, she chose Increased Damage as her special Immuto, but let's assume that she did not).
  14. Does Wall of Muscle affect Unarmed attacks?

    I left it deliberately vague to account for multiple variables, one of which is regional and ethnic variations in "normal" height. I don't want people feeling like they have to take the Talent if they want a character of a certain height, and what's considered tall for one group might be considered average for another. There's also a temporal issue involved. Through the Breach takes place about 110 years ago, and a century ago, people were shorter than they are now. For instance, the average height of an American Man back in the TTB days was 5'7", compared to 5'10" now. We also got a whole lot wider, on average. If I put down a height that was appropriate for the time period, it'd seem less extreme today. Anyway, long story short, the extreme of "really tall" has been deliberately left in the hands of individual players and Fatemasters.