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  1. The Chemist refers to an Alchemy Skill Toolkit, which is described in the equipment chapter of the Fated Almanac. I'd have to check my books to answer the pulse question, but I'm on the road at Adepticon, so I won't be able to get to it until Monday.
  2. As a reminder, this Sunday (3/26/17) is the last day to sign up for A Stitch in Time. On Monday, we'll add the last batch of Fatemasters into the group (and also hand out Act III).
  3. Are you adding the negative Wound total of the target to the result of their Critical Effect results? With the Quick Play / TTB 2.0 charts, it only takes a 15 to get bumped up to the next highest chart, and that usually results in a somewhat grisly end once you hit the Severe chart.
  4. I will check with my peeps.
  5. We've got Kyle in the office to keep adding people while we're away. If you signed up more than 24 hours ago and can't see the A Stitch in Time forum at the bottom of the main page, then please send me a message and I will crack whips.
  6. hello mason 
    I can't find Stitch in time forum 
    can you have introduce me ?

    Thank you 

  7. If you just signed up today, you may have just missed the daily round up. Well get you Monday, once we've got people back in the office.
  8. For the most part, I don't think a conversion guide will be necessary. Groups can either convert over without too much difficulty (three ranks in Academic and two ranks in Dabbler are still three ranks in Academic and two ranks in Dabbler, just go through and choose Talents as you go and replace discontinued Skill as necessary) or just wait until their current campaign is finished and then start the next one with 2nd edition (since TTB is meant to have fixed campaign lengths). That being said, the Skills chapter mentions the discontinued Skills and what to replace them with in second edition (Appraise -> Notice or Crafting, Farming -> Homesteading, Geography -> Wilderness, Labor -> Athletics, Navigation -> Wilderness, Teach -> Leadership). The only discontinued Skill without a direct translation is Harness Soulstone, which is just gone (as Soulstones are now less expensive, easier to use, and more like their Malifaux counterparts). I am planning to create a new 2nd edition FAQ document once the Core Rules releases that will touch upon some of the material in existing supplements in order to clarify them in light of the new rules. At the moment, though, that list is only about six items long, and it's mostly stuff like "Despite Poison now only affecting Living creatures, Flesh Constructs still heal from Poison granted by their Embalmed ability" or "the Specialized Upgrade Talent of the Augmented Pursuit still allows characters to benefit from pneumatic limbs, despite Constructs normally not gaining any benefit from such replacements."
  9. The bokors more or less fill the role of spiritual leader within Gremlin society, so I think that Gremlins probably subscribe to a very "swamp spirit" -based religion akin to Haitian Vodou, with the spirits taking the place of the loa. On the other hand, Gremlins don't tend to be all that spiritual - their concerns are pretty firmly rooted in the material world, and there's usually no immediate benefit to be gained by being religious - so the numbers of 'devout' worshipers is likely a very small minority, save for notable exceptions like the Gautraeux family. It's also possible that the Nuema worship the Black Dragon, though that's vague enough that individual Fatemasters can probably make that call on their own.
  10. It's entirely possible that they were just too drunk to care.
  11. In second edition, yes.
  12. "Neverborn" is just a catch-all term that humanity uses to describe "everything that's not a human that's running around out there." The Neverborn themselves are much more discerning about their various races.
  13. The character can choose a new Magia/Immuto each time she gains access to the Talent. It just has to be a different Magia/Immuto each time.
  14. They need two suits, which means they have to get the second one from somewhere. Specialized Skill (Intimidate) is certainly one way to go about that. There are a few other ways to add suits to duels, such as the Channel Destiny Talent or the Set 'em Up Talent of the Collaborator Pursuit (both of which are also in Into the Steam).
  15. Once you're in, you should be able to see the A Stitch in Time forum at the bottom of the main page.