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  1. I'm guessing it wasn't listed because water is free.
  2. This time around, we split the Malifaux and TTB World Events from each other. Divergent Paths and A Stitch in Time are separate events and won't bump into each other. To the best of my knowledge, we never had any TTB stuff planned for them. The Divergent Paths characters may show up in a future TTB adventure, as all three of them are still kicking around in Malifaux, but there aren't any immediate plans to write an adventure around them.
  3. It won't! I wrote around the Pursuits, Magia, Talents, and other special rules to ensure that all of the supplemental books would keep functioning. I think there's maybe two or three things across the books that got changed significantly (a Talent and a few Magia), but the updated versions are included in the core book, which I think is a good compromise. We really wanted to make certain that Into the Steam, Under Quarantine, and Into the Bayou remained relevant. We also wanted to make sure that our future supplements remained backwards compatible with 1st edition, so even if you don't update to 2nd edition, those books should still be useful.
  4. Want to see a magic trick?
  5. There was a change in design team members (Hello!) between the publication of the Fated Almanac and Into the Steam and the supplemental books. That's why the Pursuits in the supplemental books are arranged a bit differently than the ones in the Fated Almanac.
  6. People will suggest changes regardless of whether or not errata happens. Even if it was a symptom of errata, it's a small price to pay for a more well balanced game.
  7. Heya Mason, it seems the link to the character sheets are not working, only a picture pops up, not sure others are having the same problem but its kind of weird.

    1. Mason


      It's fixed now.

  8. Printer-friendly versions of the character sheets from Under Quarantine and Into the Bayou are now available in the Through the Breach resources section of our website.
  9. It's an excerpt from the intro of the Malifaux core book, which has the present at 1902. The person reading the section just said the date wrong, which is unfortunate.
  10. Plague's release in Rising Powers is the catalyst for The Event, so it occurs in 1902.
  11. Check out the Mechanical Monster Pursuit in Into the Steam.
  12. As noted above, Ripples takes place in 1906. 1897 - Breach Reopens 1901 - Kythera is destroyed 1902 - The Fall of the Red Cage / The Event 1906 - Nythera opens 1907 - The upcoming Worldwide TTB Event.
  13. Yeah. I've found Disguised to be worth the trade-off. Plus, Desperate Mercenaries have a higher threat range, with Charge 7 + 2" melee range compared to the Plague's Charge 6 and 1" melee range. Also, unlike the Winged Plague or Void Wretches, the Mercenary has a pistol that lets him shoot at things while he's camping a scheme marker... and wild firing gives him a lot of (albeit poor) shots with a min-2 gun.
  14. Breachside Broadcasts, not Through the Breach.