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  1. Clockwork_Fish

    Fan-made Future Model Concepts/Ideas

    How about a hydra? Poison and regeneration in one package.😃 I’d like to see some Colette love. Maybe a ‘street performer’ who distracts enemies with pushes and conditions. Or a lion tamer who works like a beast-equivalent to the Domador.
  2. Clockwork_Fish

    Monday Preview - False Witnesses

    Thematically they might be for Guardsmen or Journalists. Nellie doesn’t really need another way to farm evidence, mind you, but who knows. Certainly wouldn’t turn away more help for everyone’s favourite EIC.
  3. Clockwork_Fish

    Who can take the most beating?

    I’m throwing Blessed of December out there as a dark horse contender. Df 6 with Hard to Wound and Eat Your Fill. Armour her up and so long as there’s fleshy morsels around she’ll do pretty well. With Leap, she can get to the easiest targets.
  4. Clockwork_Fish

    Our Worst Models

    I like using Orderlies as scheme runners but admit to having never even tried to heal with them. Mounted Guardsmen are great for Nellie, who often crams her crew full of exactly the sort of model he likes ferrying around. I’d put Heartsbane pretty high on the list. On paper she looks good but in practice she’s a card sucking vampire who wishes she could use soul stones. Sometimes the cards are working for you and she shuts down something important. But it’s not reliable.
  5. Clockwork_Fish

    Newbie terrain

    Good idea! I had a similar thought about a bird house I saw at Michael’s that looked like a log cabin. Speaking of which, in the jewelry section you can get tiny gears and clock faces. Might work for the windows to turn it into an abandoned clock tower.
  6. Clockwork_Fish

    Dollar Store Adventures

    Made some progress. Peeled it off the base board because that wasn't working for me. Added a few layers of paint to it, again using crap paint from the Dollar Store which actually worked okay. Covered everything in a watered down brown paint, then it's been successive layers of dry brushing. One more dry brush and maybe touch up the wood bits, maybe with some grey. My only gripe with the Pollyfilla is that it dries on like plaster, and I'm a bit worried it'll crumb if someone were to pick at it. Still, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  7. Clockwork_Fish

    Clockwork_Fish's Gallery

  8. Clockwork_Fish

    Dollar Store Adventures

    So I wanted to try my hands at terrain making and didn't want to spend much cash doing so. I got the idea to make a mud brick / adobe building using mostly stuff I found at the dollar store or lying around the house. I figure if you're living in the badlands and there's giant things flying around with acid for blood, you might want more than a few planks of wood between you and all the Bad Things. I grabbed some foam board and some small wooden 'planks' that I found in the craft section. The planks got glued into a big box, then the foam was glued over top. I peeled the paper off the foam in places and scored brick into it. The wooden beams were made with bits of balsa I had lying around. Then I basically slathered the whole thing in textured polyfilla. It's normally used to repair damage to textured walls or ceilings but I layered it on like a damn cake. Took about 16 hours to dry, and I only had to touch up one corner a bit. The doors and windows will be done up with craft sticks. The board it's glued onto was originally a clip board ($1.25) which I pried the clip off of. I'm going to put a little porch on one side and a wooden staircase on the other side so as to fill the base up. All told I'm out $20 Canadian, so not bad. Comments or criticism welcome!
  9. Clockwork_Fish

    Censorship and the Wyrd Forums

    I think what people need to remember about forums and other social media is that your posts are not freedom of speech but rather the virtual manifestation of your use of a service provided for free by a private company. You agree to abide by forum rules when you set up your account. Think of your posts less as your opinions and more of a dress code you abide to at a country club. Internet arguments can get so toxic and polarized that a bit of moderation is necessary. Not only is it better for maintaining a constructive environment where people can get the answers to their gameplay questions but it's more inviting for new players. I'm a comic book fan, and I can tell you, if I was a new reader wading into even some of the mainstream comic book websites, like Comicbook Resources' forum, I'd be turned off by the toxicity. I've seen people harassed and basically shamed off of forums just because they didn't like Wonder Woman in the same way as "real" fans. It's insane. This forum is like a trip to Maui by comparison. They should sell little cocktails with umbrellas in them.
  10. Clockwork_Fish

    Rank the TT starters

    I vote Mei Feng (don't have Lynch, so can't comment). While her trigger-salad attacks and her synergy with other models can seem confusing at first, I feel that it helps new players learn about an important part of the game without being too daunting in the same way as Shenlong or McCabe. There's something to be said for not oversimplifying things for new players. I remember when I started playing the Batman Miniatures game, and being cautioned about playing a Joker crew. He's easy as you please to pick up, because he basically ignores a core game mechanic (allocating action counters and being stuck with them for the rest of the turn). But it can ruin you for other crews if you get too used to it.
  11. Clockwork_Fish

    Monday Preview - Fire Golem

    Ooh, I like this guy. Mei Feng just found a new friend to play with. Pulse burning about then send Mei in scratch everyone up.
  12. Clockwork_Fish

    A Greed Centered List

    I'm curious how she does against summoners, who often gorge on stones for suits. Has anyone tried this?
  13. Clockwork_Fish

    Countering summoning engine crews

    One advantage Neverborn have is that a lot of their models don’t count as ‘living’ so they don’t drop any corpse markers themselves. If you pressure the summon engine early they can struggle for corpses later. If you want to try using Lazarus for this, give Lucius a go, since he can use What Lackeys are For to get him up there turn 1. Tuco can be helpful if you have cards for the trigger on his gun; if you’re lucky you can bog down his Belles or Kentauroi and slow the whole engine down.
  14. Clockwork_Fish

    Leveticus in General

    I would think Levi would be good in Supply Wagon because of cheap constructs on larger bases. As a Guild player I’m pretty fond of Hunters for that job.
  15. Clockwork_Fish


    This isn’t so much a criticism as a question, but I’m always leery of enterable buildings in Malifaux. They end up ignored a lot of the time. Am I just doing it wrong?