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  1. Clubs in London

  2. Clubs in London

    Not sure best place to ask this. I'm from New Zealand but I'm going to be in London from about the 11th to the 17th of June. Where and when do people play? Either for a pickup game or just to lurk and watch.
  3. Schill Pill

    Once per turn is actually once per turn per model, call-out box page 39 big rule book.
  4. Fuhatsu - Memory of Ho'dor

    Was this referencing my post? If so not sure I follow, I probably should have been clearer in my own statement. I was referencing Fuhatsu's Madman with a Gatling Gun Action. A model with a 3" in base contact with him that's pushed 3" is still engaged with him. The other issue with the ability is that the controller of the models being pushed chooses the order that they test for their models, so models and terrain are pretty effective in stopping the push from achieving much. The opponent can place their models so that when they test they just push into other models/terrain and then stop. Simpler to achieve than it sounds. Either way I played Fuhatsu a bit when he first came out and really wanted to like him. I still do, I think the models ridiculous in a good way and wish I had a reason to field it. Plus I've converted him to look like Bootsy Collins.
  5. Logfaux and you: How low can we go?

    Don't know that they don't want to use it, never really had the conversation, so I guess that's my next task then. In general there's probably only 20% of our local players using it.
  6. Logfaux and you: How low can we go?

    All this talk of Guild being under-powered really makes me want to play Guild, though I can't afford to jump ship just now. As previously stated the Logfaux information is fairly skewed on it's own for various reasons. Every time I try out a new Master, which can be fairly frequent, I mess with LogFaux's statistics. I actually kept a precise record of games for about a year and have been considering plugging that in, again that could significantly change some Masters and I'm only one insignificant player. All my Tourney games have gone in as casual games too as our TOs are not currently using LogFaux. I think you have to include many pieces to get a more even view of the current meta puzzle. The top Guild player in the US is above Thunders and Ressers and the top player in the UK is 8 places above Thunders and 10 places above Outcasts. In our own small meta the only player to consistently hold the number one spot is a Guild player, though he recently left the scene for other pursuits. He was primarily a Perdita player. The other piece that needs to be added to get a rounded picture is all the tournaments over 30 players in size, but that's much harder to get information on currently.
  7. What's in this swill? Sell me on Brewmaster

    Had my first game with Brewmaster last week in about a year. Whilst I didn't win that just came down to a couple of airhead moments and it was a really fun game. I purposely didn't take a Yasa/beater list with the rest of the crew as their support as I was keen to try a Poison-based and Drinking Contest List. Fingers Poison attacks plus a Performer proved to be pretty solid, pity he went down quickly. But that'll happen when Mei Feng slams into the middle of your crew. Also took Sensei Yu who was great, though I ended up using his 0 more for One for the Road than Drinking Contest as the extra movement proved to be critical. I do believe the Terracotta Warrior has made him much more playable though. Being able to cycle his upgrades as required (mostly between Misdirection and Wings of Wind) plus Ancient Protection on my Performer and Emissary was awesome.
  8. Fuhatsu - Memory of Ho'dor

    I was also sad when he got +1 Walk and a Ml attack rather than something more thematic. My strongest memories of using him when he was first released were of Lilith tangling him and nuking him. Even the Wp push is useless when the enemy has a 3" range.
  9. Schill Pill

    Cheers for the input guys, some good stuff to chew on there. @AdranThe Rusty synergy is interesting one, particularly as my first thought looking through the Freikorps/merc stuff is there appears to be a lot of discard dependent actions and outside of Hannah and a Librarian surge trigger, I can't see much in-house card draw. @VaudevillianVicious I hadn't noticed the plus flips to Shirt Comes Off from Survivalist. Has anyone got anything from Stand and Shoot? I imagine it might only come in use vs summoners, not often you can get more than 3 targets in range at once, but looks fun if you could make it happen. The other one I'd really like to try is Paid in Blood. Would only have use in Standard and Corner deployment, but that plus Scout the Field would give you a super early strike. Bit dependent on not deploying first but still, coming from Thunders I do enjoy the deep field early strikes.
  10. Schill Pill

    Outcasted comrades I have been set a Von Schill challenge. However I've never really looked twice at him, feed me some tasty combo ideas. Also not interested in hearing whether or not he sucks, just want to know what he can do for me.
  11. With the Shadow Emissary's action Aspect of the Dragon - Dragons blood the wording says 'enemy models which suffer damage from the Poison Condition suffer 1 additional damage from the Poison Condition'. Does this mean the model suffers 2 damage at once, the same as if it said +1 damage, and is therefore effected by armour. Or does the model suffers 1 damage, then 1 additional damage, therefore bypassing armour? I'm assuming it's just an alternative way of saying +1 damage so the model takes the damage in one hit.
  12. Philosophy of Uncertainty - new blog post

    Good advice. I have been guilty of all those sins at one time or another. I've just moved factions myself and can feel the internet claustrophobia and expert advice seeping into my brain, ugh. Yay for diversity.
  13. Misaki's niche?

    Whilst shadow stride is fun, when you consider you have about a 60% chance of getting it off a turn it's not something that can be relied on. Even then it's probably lower as you may have something better to do with 12,13 of masks and red joker. When it works it's great, sometimes you'll get it off on 3 models in a turn, but on the other hand it's not uncommon to go 3 turns without getting it happening at all.
  14. What's your core Shenlong?

    I concur with others in this thread in that there is nothing I always take with Shenlong beyond Wandering River upgrade and a Peasant. Everything else is situational. What I do have is a few core lists depending on what I want to achieve and a number of go-to models. It's this flexibility that makes him quite intensive to play, if he's not top of my roster I can loose focus. My core lists are; Shen, Peasant, Toshiro, Sniper x 2 (Interferrence mostly) Shen, Peasant, Emissary, Low River, Ohagaru, Swordsman (alternatively Yasanori. This is my killy, pincer list) Shen, Peasant, Sensei Yu, Wandering River Monk, Thunder Brother (More schemey list, Stake a Claim etc) Shen, Peasant, Iluminated x 2, Sniper x2 (Collect the Bounty, Minion based schemes etc) I've also tried a more aggressive control based Shen, Yu, Izamu, Yin list but haven't had as much luck with it. Mind you I've only run it a couple of times. One list I've made work is Emissary and double Thunder Archers, but I'd only consider it when the terrain and Strat is just so. Hiding the Archers behind a big piece of terrain and flooding the centre of the board with blasts of the Emissary is pretty fun. And no, I don't use Fermented or High Monks either. High are okay with McCabe and in theory they would be good if you know your opponents Frame For Murder target, but that's a lot of ducks in a row.
  15. Misaki's niche?

    Alyce was on my mind too. Her Rapid Fire can force opponents to use cards plus if you end up out-activating there's an opportunity to reactivate the Deso Engine. She might make a good Desperate Merc babysitter come gunplatform though that makes their Disguised redundant. Agree about Oiran. They become feasible with their upgrade but that's Thunders only, which is a pity as it would sit well on Alyce. Plus all the crows in my Misaki crew are going to be going to Misaki. Also I see the anti-Charge thing as just one piece. Many crews just won't care, especially the caster blasters. But heavy damage tends to come from Melee attacks and what you'd be doing is basically slowing up Melee based crews, which would give the guns more time to cause problems.