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  1. scarlett fever

    January 2018 Errata

    I agree, the majority of these changes make sense and those that I'm unsure about don't look like they'd break anything. Good job. 3ss guild guard and desperate mercs are going to be a pretty interesting meta change.
  2. scarlett fever

    TT Model range and competitive play.

    I actually believe objectively we have only few models that are not competitive. I think the underlying issue is the practicality of knowing all your models so well that you can play each one fast and efficiently when you're in tournament play. If a model has only a few of Strat/Scheme/Deployment/Maps/Opponents where it is the best pick you're probably better off learning the model which does it's job in more pools back to front. Once a model is committed to muscle memory you can concentrate more energy in-game on actual play. Unless you're an idiot savant you're better off learning a pool of solid models that you can field in most situations and perhaps a couple of corner cases to surprise you're opponent. This floats models like Emissary/Yu/Sniper/Brother to the top of the pool as they can be used in most crews with any Master, not to mention Strats/Schemes and still bring the goods.
  3. scarlett fever

    Sun Quiang's King of Medicine on a dying model

    I agree, that seems like a solid interpretation. I'd just be reluctant to use it until it's qualified with an FAQ or at least general consensus.
  4. scarlett fever

    Sun Quiang's King of Medicine on a dying model

    Malifaux's death wormhole strikes again. Interesting interaction. I probably agree closest with Ludvig, though uncertain about being able to Mark for Death the model. I definitely believe you get to push towards the model, given that the Ability would trigger during Step 5 when the model takes damage before the model is removed as killed. There are plenty of other interactions that delay the removal of the physical model (often until after Step 5) so that they can be resolved. Being able to interact with the model I'm less sure about. Because the interact targets an enemy 'model', and even when 'killed' the model is temporarily on the table while effects resolve it could be argued that the model is still there, therefore can be interacted with. However as a regular Thunders player I'd be conservative with this until proven otherwise and argue the model being 'immediately' removed as killed trumps the non-immediate Interact with what is a killed model. You could say the model stays on the table for resolution of abilities etc but doesn't exist therefore you're not actually engaged with it to resolve an action, engaged being a requirement of Mark for Death. This is a death timing wormhole until we get an official FAQ to my mind. I can't see Dig Your Graves working as the model is already killed before you've dropped the Scheme marker, even if the model hasn't been removed.
  5. So I'm looking for clarification on how the following Abilities/Actions stack/combine. Relevant rules; Stacking (Pg 53 big rule book) "Most effects in the game stack. When two effects "stack" it means they are both applied." Follows a list of special situations, none of which apply to these abilities/actions as far as I can tell. Mostly to do with how Conditions combine with Abilities. "All other effects in the game which are not Conditions always stack unless they state otherwise. For example, enemy models within 1 of Canine Remains suffer -1Df. If an enemy model is within range of two Canine Remain, it will suffer -2Df. Another example, the Rush of Magic Ability allows the Crew to draw one additional card in the Draw Phase and then discard a card. If a Crew contains two models with the Rush of Magic ability, that Crew would draw two additional cards in the Draw Phase and then discard two cards." 135) If Mei Feng uses the Vent Steam Action multiple times during a single Turn, do the auras stack? In other words, if she takes the Vent Steam Action twice, would a model targeting her with a Ca Attack Action suffer two -? Yes, the model would suffer two - as the auras stack. Effects in the game generally stack unless they are a Condition without a +/- number or say otherwise (Stacking Core Rulebook, pg. 53) A) Bottles Everywhere (Tanuki) When another model within 8 Activates in base contact with a Scheme Marker, it gains the Poison +1 Condition. Conditions (Pg 52 big rule book) Basically saying Poison stacks as it has a + in front. So what happens when another model activates in base contact with more than one Scheme Marker or within more than one Bottles Everywhere Aura? The model gains Poison +1 for every Scheme Marker it is in base contact with as many times as Bottles Everywhere Auras it is within. E.g; A model in base contact with 2 Scheme Markers is within 2 Bottles Everywhere Auras, therefore gains Poison +4. The model gains Poison+1 if it is in Base Contact with at least one Scheme Marker as many times as Bottles Everywhere Auras it is within. E.g; A model in base contact with 2 Scheme Markers is within 2 Bottles Everywhere Auras, therefore gains Poison +2. The model gains no Poison condition as it is in base contact with more than one Scheme Marker. My inclination given the Ability wording and rules is to go with 2, but I think it could be read in other ways. Talking About Shafts (Propspector) Until the end of the Turn, enemy models which end a move or push within 6 of this model and in base contact with one or more of this Crew's Scheme Markers suffer 2/3/4 damage which may not be Cheated. Shafted Until the end of the Turn, enemy models which end a move or push within 6 and in base contact with one of this Crew's Scheme Markers suffer 2/3/7 damage which may not be cheated. So what happens if an enemy model which ends a move or push in base contact with multiple Scheme Markers and/or within multiple Auras? Reading the rules you'd assume each Aura would stack with itself, but it this possible? Could you take multiple 2/3/4 damage flips from overlapping Talking About Shafts auras? Given the example of Rush of Magic I feel like you could read this either way. It's obvious that ending in base contact with more than one Scheme Marker will trigger Talking About Shafts just the once. Would Shafted trigger at all, given it states "one of this Crew's Scheme Markers"? If the model ended in base contact with one Scheme Marker within both a Shafted Aura and a Talking About Shafts aura would they take both damage flips? In this case I'd assume so. Cheers for any thought/insights on this.
  6. scarlett fever

    Anti-Hamelin Tech?

    As a Hamelin player I took a hit versus a Lucius build in Reconnoiter a while back. The deployment was corner, I had to deploy first and it was a table with a lot of Severe so that didn't necessarily help. The opponent took 2 Guild Pathfinders (blasts) which deployed close and were followed up quickly by Changlings copying them. It was this which caused the headache as he kept my Rat Engine and Stolen at very low levels for the first few turns and lead to my loss.
  7. scarlett fever

    Lynch discard aces

    Yeah sorry, was writing quickly on my phone in middle of a game. You can basically ignore this thread. I'd just never had someone stop me and query the interpretation of deck before and it wasn't immediately explicit in the rulebook.
  8. scarlett fever

    Lynch discard aces

    'When an ace from this crews deck would be placed in the discard pile during a friendly activation, this model may instead place it in its hand' . I've always played this as you can discard aces from your hand for this ability, but been questioned about it due to the term 'this crews deck'. Your hand is still part of your deck or not? Apologies, answered in faq
  9. scarlett fever


    This please
  10. scarlett fever

    10T - ALT MODEL

    A tanuki style Brewy, or at least some other Asian spirit action Brewy. Or illuminated modelled after the sorcerers from big trouble in little China. Some badass Asian corrupted folk. Edit: just checked what they are called in the movie, 'the 3 storms, thunder, rain and lightning' Otherwise there are a few other models I own but proxy with outside ranges because I prefer the specific models. A new lone swordsman would top my list. Then cooler tengu, komainu (statue style) or peasants.
  11. scarlett fever

    What would you like to see in Chronicles?

    Oh, I totally missed this thread. But it's stickied so I'm going to pretend it's still relevant. Interviews with designers, sculptors and artists. highlight tournaments, as in follow a tournament and comment/take photos. Particularly the larger ones. Highlight fantastically converted/painted crews
  12. scarlett fever

    Help choosing a model to complete an order.

    Toshiro def a good choice, you'll obviously need the Ashigaru and Komainu to summon in to play him. Agree with Hydranixx on the Yasanori/Izamu split. I happen to be a regular Thunders opponent of his also. They perform different rolls and I like them both equally but in an odd way prefer Izamu over Yasanori as he's more likely to fulfill the role I give him. Izamu will lock down an area like you won't believe. He's generally somewhere near the middle of the board and his innate 'slowness' means he usually has back-up if he's struggling. Being in Thunders he can also become a missile if need be but at his heart he's an 8" circle of table lock-down with 3min damage. In a crew that's drawing the enemy in (Asami grasping strands/Yu Wandering River) he's my goto. So that plus not giving up heads in melee makes him great for Headhunter. Yasanori is primarily a psychological threat, but you also want him to be worth 12 stones on the table. In a typical Thunders crew he can strike any model on the board and that's what makes the opponent react to you. You want him to remove 1-2 models that will skew the game and sometimes vs a good player he doesn't achieve this. Can be a little bit like playing Viks, there's a risk involved.
  13. scarlett fever

    GG 18 - summoned models

    The ruling still feels a little clunky at present, but that could change once I've seen it played out a few times. Right from the beginning of M2e the mechanic I've struggled to play against is out-activation rather than summoning per-se. Recon vs summoners is a pain but I feel like this might be a pretty big hit for them, it's the only strat that's truly theirs and is opposable with aggressive and ranged play. Out activation on the other hand, a summoner mainstay, skews the game and as a Thunders player makes me lean too much towards alpha-strike and ultra-violence lists to combat it. I've wandered through various other control options but I sometimes feel concerned that strong lists fall into either out-activation or alpha-violence as their core essence.
  14. scarlett fever

    Clubs in London

  15. scarlett fever

    Clubs in London

    Not sure best place to ask this. I'm from New Zealand but I'm going to be in London from about the 11th to the 17th of June. Where and when do people play? Either for a pickup game or just to lurk and watch.