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  1. Hi folks. Last saturday i had a 50ss tournament in Madrid, Spain. Played 2 of 3 games with Levy, finished 3rd (2nd game was against the best player of Madrid and probably Spain, I used Hamelin, but 9-3 was the best I could earn). The crew was the following Levy - Bone and To the earth return, 6SS 2 Waifs A&D Johanna 2 Rotten Belle Flesh Construct Bete Noire 1st game was against Perdita Guard the Stash | Claim Jump, Eliminate the leadership, A quick murder, Undercover entourage, Dig their graves Picked Eliminate and Quick murder. 1st turn Effigy and Perdita died (Eliminate the leadership), 3-1 2nd turn, Died santiago, Abuela and francisco half life down, Greed trying to do things, the reporter scheming. (He did the stash and Claim Jump) (4-2) 3rd turn, Reporter, Abuela and Francisco died (A quick murder), blocked his claim Jump. ( 8-2) 4th 'n 5th turn, Greed an perdita totem running away, i just was taking the stashes (10-2) ------- 3rd game was against dreamer. Extraction | Leave your mark, Accusation!, Set Up, Tail 'Em. Picked Leave your mark and Set up (Teddy). 1st turn. He pushed 1 Teddy (had 2) Up to pass the half of the table. Levy killed him with an Earth return and red joker. Johan and Flesh golem advanced near the sides with 1 waif for leave your mark. 2nd turn. Filled the confidant zone with scheme markers for set up, johan and flesh continued advanced. Insidious Madness dying, non relevant hit exchange. Took the confidant (1-0) 3rd turn. 2nd teddy charged a waif due to a big fail with a fence, The construct saying that is not his trouble and started scheming, johanna at the other edge scheming and protecting a waif. A&D killing nightmares. Took again the stash, not letting my opponent leave his side. (3-0) 4th turn. Lured teddy into the markers. He killed A&D. Desolation core, Levy and Bete killed Teddy and set up triggered. Construct continued Scheming. Johanna trying to Hold Dreamer, an insidious and the widow, killied a stitched. A&D reformed. Controlling again the confidant, but he managed to take 1 point too. (8-1) 5th turn. Construct scheming again. Johana trying to hold them again. Levy Killed Widow. Earned last 2 points, (10-2) This crew is a meat tresher with semi-inmortal Beaters. Give it a chance.
  2. Oh, sad news :(. I hope it will be released soon. Thanks
  3. Until now I've been using the app to read the profiles, but now I can't. 2 friends have the same issue, yesterdey the app updated to everyone when we were playing at the club and now nobody can see the cards
  4. Hi folks! Yesterday the App installed an updated and now every profile is locked. Anybody else with this issue? Thanks
  5. And paralyze a master have no price xD
  6. The point is trying to have one of the anchors with 2 waifs. I usually deploy it at the sides, and the anchor have to be at 6'' of the waif. That way, between the 2 waifs, probably should be over 10-12", added to the 6" of levy, are enough. If i need it urgently because for some strange reason an anchor has died, i have A&D or Bete to anchor it. I've used this list in many tournaments and people usually have bigger issues with A&D, Bete and Levy, so ignores the anchors (also, both anchors are hard to throw down)
  7. Hi! My Levy list is the following (sincerelly, I don't know if is a "famous" list or not, a friend talked me about this list. I've tested it and works really good) Levy (Bone, to the earth return, socut the field (swap last 2 upgr as u please)) 2 Waifs Ashes & Dust Bete Noire Flesh Construct Johan 2 Rotten Belle Johan and Flesh are the anchors for the waifs, Virtually, your 3 beatstick models never die (Levy, A&D and Bete Noire) Cheers!
  8. Okay, Thanks Mason!
  9. Hi! I'm starting a new campaign, is my first game as fatemaster, and i need help with an issue. One player is a tinkerer who wants a construct, but i cannot find where are the building construct rules. Is there in any book (Fated almanac or fatemaster) or in a magazine? Page? Thanks! EDIT: I've found where is, but now another question. When determinating the construct points, you use the rating or the AV? Thanks again.
  10. Thanks dudes. This Thursday probably I will play against her again, so I will try to do the things you've told me. Thanks again ^^
  11. Hi! I come here for some advice, first of all, forgive my bad English >.< I've been playing Leveticus for some games, but today I've faced the first "true" game with him and it has been a total mess. My crew was: Leveticus -Pariah of iron -Survivalist Alice -from the Aether 2 waifs 2 necropunks Johan Ashes and dust 1 Abomination 5SS His crew Pandora -Voices -Fears given form 2 sorrow Barbados Iggy Primordial Magic Bishop Doppelganger 6SS Strategy was the new one with the 2 pillars and schemes were ALITS, Entourage, Breakthrough, outflank and distract, both picking and revealing Entourage and breakthrough. In turn 1 he killed Johan and then, the slaughter started, paralyzing Levy or Alice, making me activate as he pleased, and forcing a lot of WP duels, only achieving 3 points from breakthrough and 1 from strategy. I seriously felt I can't do nothing since turn 2, and because of that I come here looking for your wisdom with some advices, tricks or something to face her next time. Thanks!
  12. With the Spanish rulebook would be easier learn how to play. Spanish rulebook right now! >.<