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  1. THE SKY IS FALLING! But seriously, I like this system of annual/biannual tweaks. Ensures there isn't a huge need to always check for updates, but leaves room for the potential of another rat-engine fix. Also, huge support for the guardian love. That is one of my favorite models, and now i'll have more reason to get him on the table.
  2. Clearly there should be two regions... Region 1 being events I might be able to attend, and Region 2 being events that are too far away for me to attend...
  3. Got in three tournament games this weekend with Sandeep. Loss 4-3 vs Pandora, and 7-4 and 6-4 wins vs McCabe. First game was collect the bounty, ran him with mage gunline, Joss, blessed, and Kudra. Probably not the best situation since the summoning gave a few cheap points for the bounty, and the mages aren't too difficult to kill for being enforcers. Still, had a chance but forgot about Pandora's ability to re-position when she wins a duel, meaning my charge with Kudra was pretty useless. Interference vs McCabe was a little easier, between summoning to either tie up his models or to create new models, was able to control 2 (if not 3) table quarters most of the time. Ran with Mech Rider, Firestarter, Kudra, and the mages. Final game was stake a claim vs mccabe. He had quite the force of hounds and guild pathfinders, and i stuck with the mages and kudra, with a blessed and the firestarter. Between the blessed with leap, firestarter with reckless, summoned wind gamin, and sandeep's psuedo-leap, I was able to be wherever i needed on the board to either place claim markers or prevent him from placing. Then the mages went to town on his models to score hunting party, and a final turn dash by the firestarter (sacrifice buried wind gamin for 5", reckless for an extra AP, and discarding imbued energies for fast for a total of 4 AP) allowed me to score undercover entourage. The more I play him, the harder time I have not taking the mages. Kudra I keep taking in hopes she does something awesome, but haven't been able to set her up properly yet. Firestarter with the mages giving him regen +1 I seem to get more utility out of.
  4. Yep, can't beacon spells on his upgrades, only his card.
  5. Overall score. So even though Arcanist have won 3 weeks, if Guild was a close second each time and wins big this week, they could still steal him.
  6. Temporary Shielding for Arcanists... I loved running the mages gunline before, and now their cheaper and more durable... Yup! Add in an M&SU henchman with warding runes and it becomes a solid core to build around.
  7. Just to add to #5. Rules are available as a download if you're more inclined to wade into it, but I've also had great success with the starter set. It doesn't bring into play every little complexity of the game, but in terms of an introduction to the game it's a great place to start (note, it's not full crews, only 8 models total, 4 for guild and 4 for neverborn, and no actual masters).
  8. Which is awesome! Love the look on my opponents face when I say I'm running 15+ upgrades... Makes me so happy.
  9. I understood it as the OP was looking for models that would play well against Neverborn and Ressers, and was looking for an arcanist master to do so, hence the decision between Ramos and Raspy. Plus, I think Collodi is more of a one way street rather than a complement, he doesn't lend anything to colette, just gets to take some of her toys.
  10. I do really enjoy Rasputina for frozen heart when horror is involved, but I've always found Ramos to be a better all around choice, plus Joss and Howard in his box are pretty solid models in most arcanist crews. Rasputina plays quite well "in theme" with frozen heart, and for ramos "in theme" applies to basically any construct, so he does well in theme. Short answer. Both. I think if you just want to buy a box, and have models that fit nicely in a colette crew as well, Ramos is the better choice. But if you're willing to buy accessory models as well (December acolyte, snow storm, silent one, etc...) then Raspy is just as good of a choice.
  11. I've had decent success with Rasputina, setting it up so Sub-Zero prevents all the crazy whirlwind combos.
  12. Only played a few games with him, but I start with 0 gamin. First turn I try and get a gamin out turn 1 to be either a scheme runner (wind usually) or summon point (metal gamin), and then set up for a turn 2 Banasuva summon. I've found I prefer to summon Banasuva with the upgrade that prevents move/push, making him a focal area denial piece. Then I use is (0) to get armor, and if he survives to the next turn usually am using the (o) from sandeep that allows a place. Dropping him in range of even 2 enemy models is pretty nasty, and usually I can pull it off between the gamin/sandeeps mobility and the 6" pull that sandeep has. So far my crew has been Sandeep - Visions/Commands, Unaligned Sage, variable (seize the day/Arcane Res/etc) Kudra - Free of Mortal Shackles/Warding Runes Mages X3 For a core of 27-28 stones, with about 20 to fill out based on scheme/strategy.
  13. Been down for a few days, they'll put it back up when they open it up for GenCon sales.
  14. Excelsior!
  15. Ironsides has an upgrade that also means she doesn't have to worry about the red joker for damage flips, IIRC. So while uncommon, it's not that it's unique.