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  1. Dan34j

    Youtube Playtest #3

    Come one come all as another single commander playtest game is submitted. Cult vs Abysinnia.
  2. Another YouTube battle pitting the allegience boxes of the cult of the burning man vs abysinnia. Enjoy the chaos!
  3. Dan34j

    Youtube Playtest

    Hey all, at the prompting of @Aaron I and @bfrench played a 2 commander test game today and it is posted here : We get through the first two turns and will look to finish off the game in the future. Enjoy!
  4. beforewebegin.podbean.com is where you can find/stream/download all the episodes. Thanks for listening.
  5. Glad you enjoyed the game. My favorite highlight was the vulture finishing off Hoffman. Hilarious. Yeah I can see the izamu flesh construct gs being quite stout. I have never really worried about my things living with nico. More concerned about bringing more in when I need it. I could see that combo with resser masters who aren't as effective as summoning as it is a really tough nut to crack.
  6. Dan34j

    Advice on expanding Seamus' crew

    But they are creepy and reduce wp within a certain range by 1.....
  7. I don't really move mortimer or nico that much. I use the vulture to position corpse markers where I want them. Mortimer just brings in 2 corpse markers a turn right where he starts the game at for me till turn 3. Turn 4 depending on number of corpse markers available and the status of the game he may do something different. Melee 7 is a thing, and something my opponents don't realize he has since I usually just have him back making corpse markers. I run a podcast and some of my earlier episodes I discuss some specific lists I use with nico. It looks like episodes 2, 8, and 13 all relate to nico in some form or another. I also will paste in a youtube vassal game i played with nico against hoffman and it is a good representation of how I play Nico. Just mind a few adult words from my opponent.
  8. So I find healing is a huge trap. In my mind it is a waste of AP as you can just resummon something that dies. Making more activations and more ap is what will put you ahead. If the opponent is spending ap to kill a summons that is fine. Just resummon out of the new corpse marker and continue swinging. If you heal up one minion that only nets you for a punk zombie 4 wounds. If you summon another punk zombie out of the second marker you are gaining 3 wounds an activation and 2 ap, potentially 3 with fast or flurry. Yin is there to just live, super hard to take down and works well with Hanged. With wave 3 I believe Yin will bid adieu and the Carrion Emissary will come into the list. Bete I never cheat her attack or defense unless I really want to paralyze something. She is already positive on the attack and defense 7 so it's a pretty solid start already. I only hang onto the 10. She is great with how often things are dying around the board while using Nico and she can pop up and really put a wrench in things and is a decent scheme runner if you pop her up in a remote location. Mainly she is there to be a nuisance and tie up the opponent, either a big hitter or a cluster. If she charges a cluster with her 6 ml and positive she can make it difficult for things to walk away, and again defense 7 so it may take a few ap to get rid of her. Roadblocking............that is what mindless zombies and summons are for. I am typically summoning all of my models about 6'' in front of Nico so that I can draw the card from sacrificing the mindless zombie. This screen of models keeps nico protected and he is typically kept in a hard to access spot either in cover or on a hill. So I don't really need the big model base/ht to screen him. With my summoning schedule I am usually keeping the opponent pretty busy dealing with everything in their face. Another big thing that I do with nico is I play more of a turtle strategy in most strategies. By this I mean that I typically hang back and force my opponent to come to me. The only models I typically send forward will be crooligans to scheme run and if they are killed bete pops out and makes them regret it. I am typically out activating my opponent by turn 3 if not sooner and this allows me to save nico for last to summon in models where needed to interfere with enemy models and allows me to summon the correct model for the job. The only strategy this isn't the greatest in would be Squatter's Rights as you need to spread your models out a bit more so Nico has to venture a bit further forward to continue his summoning ways. Otherwise he is pretty content to sit back and be lured around by a belle in the backfield. Any other questions let me know. I was one of the presenters and Nico is my main master. Gotta love a great toolbox master.
  9. Dan34j

    Struggle to get a win

    I feel like the biggest trap of playing Nico is attempting to heal anything. That is wasted ap as far as I am concerned. I will try to summon as many models as I have cards and corpses to and if short on either will make things fast around him. I have had great success with Nico as he is my primary competitive master that I run and to give a sample of a list that I run with the new strats would be Nico - Maniacal Laugh, Undertaker Mortimer - Corpse Bloat Vulture Bete Noir - sometimes Unnerving Aura Crooligan Belle x 2 Yin or Toshiro depending on strat With this list I am very survivable with the models I have while being able to control the board and summon in what I need where I need it to intercept and hassle the enemy. I tend to summon and make a fast shikome turn 2-3 to help with any scheme running. Summon Hanged. If your summon does nothing but tie up a model and eat their ap to kill it you have won, as Nico will activate and summon another model up out of it's corpse marker to keep that model tied up. Mindless zombies are great at eating activations and shambling over and hassling models. I find the reason I am able to win most of my games is that I will control activations starting turn 3 and using Nico and his ability to summon and hand out fast will have far more ap than my opponent. With these two things under your control it makes scoring Strat and schemes that much easier as you can react better to your opponents activations. Hope this helps and good luck with Nico, he is a great master with the way he is able to summon in so many silver bullets for specific situations.
  10. Dan34j

    Advice on expanding Seamus' crew

    I tend to run seamus with yin and a hanged. All the wp attacks really work well with his sinister rep and allows you to be a little more careless with Seamus as almost everything you are running (belles etc.) have a wp based attack that will heal him back up. But yes Yin is a very strong first purchase and then a crew box of either molly or mcmourning is a great follow up for what they come with.
  11. Dan34j

    Vassal YouTube Tutorial

    Glad to be of help. Awkward about the black space. I was having issues with uploading the video. Once fall gets here a bit more would be willing to give you a game/demo. Until then happy vassaling.
  12. Dan34j

    Vassal YouTube Tutorial

    A little while back I did a tutorial for playing Malifaux on Vassal. Figured I would throw it up here as this seems like a spot people are asking for how tos.
  13. Dan34j

    New Player

    I did a tutorial video and here is the link : Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.
  14. Dan34j

    Von Schill vs Pandora YouTube link

    You have to ignore the name. It's not really part 2. It's the whole thing in the 11 parts. But yeah. Commentating is good and joe does a nice job switching our audio on and off to get little listen ins.
  15. Here is the link for a game I played against Adam from cheated fates radio with joe commentating. Was a good tough game. Game came down to one charge at the end of the game..... http://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7HF0fnmrjexA145aMZzIOohhnnovtKrL Outcasts Von Schill - he's mad now Taelor - oath keeper Rusty alyce Johan Steam trunk Freikorpsman x 2 Freikorps trapper Schemes selected : frame 4 murder taelor, make them suffer Pandora - cry for me, the box opens Primordial magic Candy - fears Barboros Bishop Mr. Tannen Sorrow Schemes selected : frame for murder bishop, protect territory revealed Strat was extraction Schemes were : line in the sand, protect territory, breakthrough, frame for murder, make them suffer Hope you all enjoy and stay tuned for further developments.....