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  1. Henchman Hardcore TT lists

    I've had decent success with: Kang - RT Lone swordsman - RT Ten Thunders Bro Railworker
  2. Summoning shenlong?

    Is there a reliable way to get scrap instead?
  3. Hi all, for those that live near Richmond, VA (RVA), I will be running a casual event the second Saturday in August (12th). It's a Gaining Grounds based event with some relaxations for new players because we have quite a few. 50SS scaling down to the largest crew an opponent has and fully painted minis not required. Let me know if you have any questions. Rules: http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=13916
  4. 35 SS Campaign Seamus Build

    I know you'd like to take sybelle, but maybe lead initially with Toshiro. He can give your punk zombies fast and his aura is nice to buff your crew. He's also fairly strong in combat. Hire sybelle the first week and then complete a bounty to have Seamus and copy cat killer. If you give toshiro the upgrade he can also summon which could be a nice addition.
  5. Project "Parts"

    I'd like to propose a resurrectionist model concept. I'm sure you get this kind of stuff all the time, but I think a 1 off of this would be really cool and thematic. The 50mm version, what comes to mind is something like Simulacrum 29, but more body parts. Ok, so I'll go over a brief overview and what I think would be cool: 1. This model is a hulking behemoth, that is a creation of McMourning (think of the Project 53 or w/e it was, lots of hands, feet, and other appendages). 2. As it loses health or dies, it breaks into smaller pieces ie base sizes. So when you damage it/break it/shoot it apart, the hands and feet become smaller bases, which become faster and have higher overall defense but less wounds, maybe they equal the wounds of the original thing and gain slow the turn they "rip off" so to speak. So 50mm -> 2 40MM, -> (each 40mm breaks into 2 30's) 4 30MM 3. This would be an "Event box" or "Story box" that a crew could play against, but if taken as a single model that does this it would have different stats that would be much weaker. 4. Possibility of it ripping itself apart as a (2) action to split from the 50 to 2 40's. 5. Stats would be something like... 50mm, armor 3, 7 wounds, 40mm would be Armor 2, 5 wounds each, 30mm would be 3 wounds each, 1 armor, peon, but "CHOKE" or "ankle biter" type effect whcih the model can "Attach" itself to another model to do a kind of poison or bleed damage, and reduce its movement speed unless they do a (2) interact to detatch. Movement should be 4 for the 50mm, 5 for the 40mm, and 6 for the 30mm, because obviously hands and feet by themselves are really fast and creepy :-) "Choke" or "Anke Biter" or "Constrict" should do a "When a model activates in base contact, it takes 1 damage. If the model has poison, it takes an additional damage." and "Run from your past: Models in base contact with this model cannot move or be pushed unless they do a (2) interact action. Then place the model up to 2 inches away" The behemoth would deal a lot of spash poison damage as one action, or similar to the ice golem, should have a HUGE damage swing that exhausts it, so a (2) 6, 7, 8 range 4 that has some fun triggers, because come on, body parts smashing into you would basically just be infection and other stuff. I'd imagine slow, or paralyzed, or more poison, or ignoring armor? The behemoths should also have terrifying 13 or thereabout, as this thing would be just horrifying to whitness. It should probably also prevent people from being immune to terrifying because of how absolutely grotesque it is. edit: Behemoth should be very easy to hit though, so DF 2 or DF1. The 30mm models would have the purpose of slowing down really fast mobile crews that would otherwise get out of range or have scheme runners that can dodge resser models normally. Possibly prevent them from being hired so there's no outactivation shenanigans happening. Or put them in the same area as other models at 4ss This could come with an upgrade for McMourning which lets him summon it using 4 corpse counters (hence the 4 30mm bases as final degraded form). So Community, what are your thoughts? Hard to balance? Would you buy a "crew sized" box with tihs (7 total mini's) Each could be summonable/hirable with some restrictions. Maybe not even allow hiring except the "behemoth". His cost should probably be 11 or 12? Maybe that's too high I don't know. I'd imagine this as being a reverse grow list. Behemoth would start off slow and hulking, smashing things as it goes along. Then as it gets beaten up, breaks apart and becomes faster because it's lighter. Finally breaking into small bits that could then run off and do schemes if hired into a crew, or as the story encounter, just start trying to choke out the crew.
  6. I will be running demos for Malifaux in August impromptu and any Friday. Already have a few interested in trying it out. I'm open to a game after demos if anyone is available. Battlegrounds RVA 13172 Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian, VA 23113 I'm also available throughout August and beyond, just message me to setup a time.
  7. This Friday starting at 6:30 PM I will run demos for those interested. The address is: 13176 Midlothian Turnpike Midlothian, VA 23113
  8. Thulis's collection and WIP

    It's been awhile since I've posted, but I wanted to share my latest model. Here's Jacob Lynch I finished about a week ago: The base is a wyrd base with green stuff, and I think they are Secret Weapon small bricks. But they seem to be appropriate for brick streets/sidewalks. I made a cast of the custom base and poured resin to make this one. I'll post more pics as I finish the models.
  9. Hope you had a great birthday and you and the missus have a wonderful New Year!

  10. My First Crew Painting - Dark Debts

    Hmm those models look familiar. Great work on that crew!
  11. I love the colors you chose! The entire crew looks just fantastic!
  12. A Plea for a Wave 2 Book

    I would not like to see faction books released for each faction.. then you run into thew hole 40k, WHFB where you spend $40 for the rules manual and then $40 for books, and before you even pick the models up your $100 budget for getting into the game is sort of blown. I guess you could say $40 will always go to one book, the rulebook. I feel like having codex type books goes against Wyrds philosophy of having Malifaux be an affordable game to get into. I would prefer if Wyrd took the cost and effort of producing another book, and created a way to manage the fluff they already have, in addition add a lot more new fluff, and throw it all in a compendium of fluff. A pocket rule manual would be extremely helpful!
  13. I will be hosting an evening demo at FTW games. My crews available consist of Outcast, Neverborn, Resurrectionists, Guild, and Gremlins. FTW Games 13176 Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian, VA 23113 6:30PM - 10PM
  14. Nicodem 2.0 Discussion

    Good to know, I'll have to give that a try with the Crooked man next time.
  15. Nicodem 2.0 Discussion

    Yeah, I wasn't doing a double negative flip, I misunderstood that for some reason. Now I know why it felt a little... too good to be true. Thank you for clearing that up, although it is still a great heal when you need it.