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  1. RVA Malifaux will be running another 50ss tournament using Gaining Grounds 2018 rules on Saturday December 2. I'll lock down the GG18 document at least a week before the event and will indicate what date of the rules i will be using. Address: 13172 Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian, VA 23113 Looking forward to seeing some new and friendly faces! Event: https://m.facebook.com/events/1572732739432041
  2. Friday Preview - Karkinoi

    What happened to the Karkinoi when she was late to work? She lobster job I'll see myself out.
  3. The council has to have some kind of supply chain. And supply chains can be disrupted. So that gives us power. If we think we're going to disrupt beasts and Marcus, he may just send some animals to eat us all in the night. I would put more stock in the fact that humans are much more easy to threaten than 600 pound gorillas.
  4. chirp...chirp...

    From the resser story book 5, it's possible that cauldron which is said to be ancient, sucked up all the necromatic powers on earth which is why it was a fairie tail. It was long forgotten but word of mouth legend kept it as a thing in people's mind.
  5. McMourning Wish List

    At least one rogue necromancy or two. More flesh constructs. More canine remains. Belle's or just the Seamus box, maybe doxies... That's what I'd pick up immediately.
  6. It's pretty hard to convince a tyrant to go along with your plans, so the council would allow us to have the influence we need.
  7. Errata Hopes and Dreams!

    I think making something along the lines of "when this model is summoned, sacrifice all other Hanged you control in play". That way you can hire two but summoning it removed the other.
  8. I just don't feel that mechanically summoning breaks things so heavily it needs to be gutted. Yeah, there are some drawbacks and caveats but that makes it unique and flavorful. Additionally, if Ressers were totally broken and an auto-win because of summoning mechanics, they'd be dominating GG2017, which doesn't seem to be the case. They are, however regarded as being the most balanced faction. I wouldn't want to sacrifice the flavor and style in all masters for total balance. I've played mostly balanced games, which seem to lack depth and cannot hold people's interest. GW LotR SBG comes to mind as an incredibly balanced game, but after about a year, even the beautiful models and the Tolkien-base couldn't keep me interested. To be honest, I really like Wyrd's approach of balancing the schemes and strategies to both reinvigorate the yearly objectives while shaking up what the top masters are capable of. I think it is a brilliant way to find a happy medium in which all masters have a fair chance to be competitive and stay current. I'm unaware of another miniatures game out there that encompasses what Malifaux does. Anyway, I hope this wasn't too much of a rant.
  9. Errata Hopes and Dreams!

    What would you cuddle with Kirai? Just saying she should is not constructive. Also, if ressers come up, why wouldn't you take condition removal? You have kirai with spirits adding conditions both poison and adversary, you have the hanged, half the faction hands out poison, and now there is a model that hands out burning. I'm pretty sure that if my opponent declares ressers, I'll need at least one model for condition removal. Then you have Molly that summons in spirits or horrors both who either deal poison on some situations or adversary again. Then there's Nicodemus who can hand out slow on enemies or fast on allies, why not remove either situationally? McMourning is all about poison, if you remove 6 poison on what will probably be expunged, that seems smart. Actually I pretty much assume devoting 5 or 6 ss to a model that can remove conditions is very smart, either Johan or Chiaki or if I'm running shenlong, low river upgrade to heal and remove conditions. If I were to pick something to tone down on kirai it would be to remove min damage 3 on the upgrade and add some flavorful triggers instead.
  10. 9.04.17 Ply for Information Nellie vs. Sonnia

    You are referring to the propaganda attack action? You can't use that against yourself. Page 38 of the core rulebook states you cannot target yourself with an attack action unless specifically allowed by another rule. Otherwise I could just push myself around the board as Sensei Yu and could never be pinned down. It would also allow Nellie to give any model near her engaged a free melee attack with the triggers just by relenting among other triggers.
  11. 9.04.17 Ply for Information Nellie vs. Sonnia

    I'm not familiar, but the push you relented, was that an attack or tactical action? I didn't think you could attack yourself.
  12. 10T - ALT MODEL

    Alt lone swordsman. I know he's rare 1 but I'd love one where he's more of a Bushido style fighter with street style clothes. A more "Ronin" style who's ready strike. He's so fast normally that I feel like the current model is too relaxed and static. This kind of pose :

    Toshiro... Big bleh, just not loving the model no matter how much I try. Yin... I'd like a bit more... substance and details. Yan Lo, I love the new book art!!!
  14. ASURA ROTEN Any Idea What They Do?

    You just do it and discard the marker.
  15. I will be running a Shifting Loyalties campaign from September 22 through October 27th. Gaining Grounds 2018, Story Scenarios, Shifting Loyalties, and Core Rules schemes and strategies will be used throughout. 35SS starting, you pay for your leader and prize support offered to: 1. Best Painted models (3+) during the capaign 2. Most heads collected 3. Most injuries active at the end