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  1. Seismic134

    WickerFaux - 11th August, York

    I am proud to announce that I will be running Wickerfaux on Saturday 11th August Location is in the New Earswick Folk Hall 3 rounds, 50SS, Fixed Faction Schedule 09:30 Venue open & registration 10:00 Round 1 12:00 Lunch 13:15 Round 2 15:30 Round 3 17:45 Prizes Scheme Pool Round 1 Corner Deployment Ours Guarded Treasure Public Demonstration Search the Ruins Dig Their Graves Inescapable Trap Round 2 Standard Supply Wagons Guarded Treasure Cover Breakthrough Set Up Undercover Entourage Recover Evidence Round 3 Flank Deployment Symbols of Authority Punish the Weak Set Up Covert Breakthrough Inescapable Trap Take Prisoner Prizes 1st / 2nd / 3rd places Last place (wooden spoon) The results will be submitted to Malifaux Rankings – please advise if you wish to be anonymous Entry To enter send £15 by paypal to r.hill134@gmail.com as a gift (include your name and proposed Faction).
  2. Seismic134

    Wickerfaux Saturday 9th June - CANCELLED

    Hi All, Sadly I am going to have to cancel the event. unfortunately it has arisen there is a structural issue with the venue and is no off limits due to health and safety. I do appologise for the inconvenience and full refunds have been given to those who have already paid. Once the building is back up and running again I will get this event back up and running
  3. Seismic134

    Wickerfaux Saturday 9th June - CANCELLED

    I'm please to announce my first Tournament, Wickerfaux. Saturday 9th June, Rainton Village Hall YO7 3PW. 3 Rounds, Fixed Faction. Rules Pack Attached. I'm currently in talks with the local pub to see if we can have lunch there. This will come at an additional charge TBC. If your interested in food please let me know. Any Questions, please ask Cheers Ross Wickerfaux Rules Pack.pdf
  4. Had a situation appear in a game tonight where a model with 1 wound left was killed by Titania using her 'A Wicked Silence' Attack Action. The wording states a scheme is placed before dealing damage. As this scheme was placed before the model being killed; does this mean this same Scheme Marker can be used for Dig Their Graves?
  5. Seismic134

    A Gremlin's Luck - 11th November - York

    Cheers for the event. Really good first event. Run more!
  6. Seismic134

    A Gremlin's Luck - 11th November - York

    what's the swag like
  7. Seismic134

    28/10/17 The Outpost Sheffield - Day of the Wyrd 2

    yer was a great tournament. Thanks! you do definitely deserve a better turn out as every tournament you run is good
  8. Seismic134

    A Gremlin's Luck - 11th November - York

    If you do Panzer I promise not to use Pandora #incentive 😘
  9. Seismic134

    Tooth & Nail 28th May 2017

    I'd happily take one of those spaces
  10. Seismic134

    Scottish GT 2017 - 22nd/23rd July

    Payment sent for Ross Hill. Yorkfaux No.2 coming!
  11. Seismic134

    UK Nationals 2016 - 12-13 November

    Can u pop me on reserve list please. Ross hill
  12. Seismic134

    Malifaux at Salute 2016 - April 16th

    Ill be there with smg dave so if you need it gimme a shout
  13. Seismic134

    Clash of the Tyrants - 28th of August - Sanctuary Gaming Centre

    Ive been to something like this before, and I really wasnt a fan. The game was made so it is more balanced at 50ss wasnt it?