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  1. default_108

    Can Von Schill be fun to play and face?

    I find him boring to play but i like having shennanigans to pull but i tell ya he aint fun to face if you are a blast centered crew like sonnia or rasputina.
  2. Your wife needs a nephilim crew, go for lilith its all big muscley demon murder machines. If yiu want tricks i think collette might be a good fit, i love all of her schene and novment shennanigans Unless you meant to stick with guild then sonnia is pretty interesting but my guild knowledge is limited
  3. default_108

    Gaining Grounds 2017

    But i own so many already...well if you insist
  4. default_108

    Which models have frustrated you to build?

    Metal gamin, it was the first model i encountered with a single tiny foot all on its lonesome....so i ended up with a footless gamin
  5. Ive played lilith without a henchman a couple of times though in all fairness it let me get a second mature nephilim
  6. Awesome and thanks, now im off to buy some proxies!
  7. Could these be used as proxies for malifaux models or is there scale too different. I like bernadette for the librarian i use with the viks
  8. default_108

    How did you pick your first master?

    Back in 1e i saw rasputina and was like "cute girl with ice monsters, im down" not very interesting until i got,my older brother in the game and his choice was based on how he could hunt down my "arcanist scum" thus he picked sonnia. My win loss record was not great
  9. default_108

    you people rock

    Zfiend and Dirial are probably the funniest duo on the forum. And one day we will forgive them for that.
  10. Hm, I never thought of it as cheapening my opponents victory. If I whined it would have been so I didn't feel like I sucked but if it's cheapening someones elses victory of experience that dog won't hunt. I too will resolve to not whine about crappy card flips and bad hands.
  11. default_108

    Last minute tips for Raspy Vs Sonnia?

    Don't clump up, use AP to put out burning, and have someone close into melee with her if you can. Sometimes it's worth losing a model to stop those damned blasts. Also keep an eye on Sam if he brings him. He can't take a lot but if he gets a shot off he can do some devestating damage real fast. But most of all. DON'T BE ON FIRE!!! Seriously being on fire sucks...stupid fire.
  12. default_108

    Lucius Neverborn Crew, ideas?

    Oh So many good ideas. Enough to encourage a play test with him next time I play. Thanks for all the input guys!
  13. default_108

    Coryphee Proxies

  14. default_108

    Coryphee Proxies

    So not quite sure if this is the right thread to ask this but I've been looking for some proxies to make a Coryphee Duet and frankly finding the metal ones isn't an option at this point (Pretty much only seen one and it was on ebay for like forty bucks). I dunno if anyone has ever proxied them since their model is cool on it's own but any suggestions?
  15. Only one model (or pair of models depending on how their released) that I am looking forward too. Coryphee Duet (Or Coryphee if they do it like the metal).