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  1. Monthly painting challenge - January

    I have the first two terrain pieces from my January pledge done. What time I saved on painting (metal is grey--silver, right?) I put in on assembly of many pieces. But if they don't count as painted for this challenge, that's cool. I guess these would be 2 x 5 SS = 10 SS so far, if they count. I had fun with the slimy water pouring out. It is a bit shaved off an ooze effect mini from Reaper, trimmed to fit into the pipe. I then used a tiny drill bit to drill holes into the plastic. I put a blob of green paint on the bit and then redrilled the holes with the paint. It carried nicely into the plastic. I hope you like it! The metal grate floor and raised walkway are cut from sheets of a plastic grid used for cross-stitch or similar crafts.
  2. Monthly painting challenge - January

    So many pieces, ... what was I thinking? I have a couple of terrain pieces almost assembled now. A few things to do before I start putting color on them. One or two of the taps will be pouring fluid through holes in the steel grate floor. Most of the painting will be rust effects, and the few handles, control panels, and valve controls. I know it is a bit modern for Malifaux, but Ramos is simply ahead of his time. And I wanted this to also translate to Necromunda.
  3. Bookcases into Table

    Very clever design, Paddywhack. I like it.
  4. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    Total SS painted by monthly challenge painters in 2017: 6,070 SS ! Amazing work everyone! Thanks for making this a great year.
  5. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    Sure thing, I will add it to the tracking sheet when you post. I will just go ahead and post what is up there now for the total.
  6. Monthly painting challenge - January

    That's okay, Franchute---I can check on the rules. It won't change what I assemble and paint anyway.
  7. Monthly painting challenge - January

    I am going to start 2018 by trying out the SS assigned to terrain. Need to make some progress on the spider factory board. The transfer pipes are WH40k, and the chemical plant is from Pegasus. I am going to turn the chemical plant into 2--3 smaller pieces so different than what is on the box. I will measure the pipes and try to assign values for challenge. The other will need to be assembled before I can try this. Happy New Year everyone!
  8. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    Here is my second Tengu for December. This puts me at Aionus (12 SS) + 2 x Tengu (8) = 20 SS. It looks like we only have three people that have yet to post their finished models: @Chou, @so_diogenes, and @klatschi. If you are one of these painters, let me know if I have missed something in updating the tracking sheet. By the end of the day I will post a group update.
  9. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    Two models done, and one to go for 2017! I got distracted by a few other hobby things (spider factory board terrain, playing with chameleon paints, building necromunda) and had to rush these, but I think they came out okay. Only a little over one day left in the 2017 monthly painters challenge---go for a a strong finish everyone!
  10. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    @Icarius I just noticed that one of your silurids is painted as a spotted salamander---very nice.
  11. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    These are really great, Joachim. The wings on Barbaros are very nice with that transition. I love the grootslang's gloss look, especially on the tongue.
  12. 2018 monthly painting challenge

    Thanks again for taking this on, Franchute! I have a model or two, and a metric ton of terrain ready to go. Will get some photos taken of them this weekend so I'm ready to pledge. Some of the terrain will be challenging to assign values to before it is assembled (e.g., the spider factory chemical tanks below), but maybe I can figure out a rough dimension and go from there. Have a great weekend, fellow challenge painters!