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  1. @Burnin' Coal The models count for the month in which you finish them, so you are still good! I know how good it feels to go back and tie up those loose Malifaux ends, so I like this aspect of the rules.
  2. @JoachimI love the monarch wisp. Very well done---I could tell what it was before I read the comment.
  3. Correct, Chou! A master plus anything will get you to the 16--30 level you signed up for. Sorry to hear about your constant partying.
  4. My June work in progress photo. I have the base colors down on the, ..., bases. I am continuing my efforts to use some strongly contrasting colors, and to emphasize highlights against the background.
  5. @Viruk The eyes on Luther are mind-bendingly well done. @wizurielIt looks like the pebbled texture that Iamfanboy is noticing may be caused by spraying primer from too great a distance or under less than ideal conditions, e.g., high humidity. I have done this to a lot of models, and still struggle with it. @iamfanboyThose look great! The expression on the Student's face is awesome, the way you got the lips to one side like she is contemplating striking something. Sorry to hear about your close call, and glad you're better!
  6. Hey, thanks Burning' Coal! The night terrors are awesome in that they come with some great base material. The stone arch is part of the model. I added a skull, ribcage, and cracked earth with Citadel Martian Ironearth. I will get some base colors done and post a WIP photo that shows this a bit better. But yeah, the arch that it comes with is great.
  7. Hello fellow painters. I am finally posting my pledge for June: three models from three factions. Night terror, katanaka sniper, and Angelica for 16 SS.
  8. Wow, it is June already: Welcome to month 4 of the painting challenge. What is this?: This is a friendly painting community, not a competition. Remember that this is a fan-based thing only, and is not sponsored or approved by Wyrd in any way (i.e., screw-ups are on me, not them.). I am simply continuing the tradition started by Jaxx23 and Vaiuri and maybe others before them. I may offer a prize, if I can figure out how to make the judgement with different people in different categories. Maybe one prize for each category for the person who hits the goal every month and paints the most above the limit? Maybe if y'all promise to not get too competitive on me, we'll see. Let's start some banter about that. Lack of banter will be taken as a lack of interest, which is also okay. Rules: can be found in the Monthly painting challenge enrollment post. Or just ask me. Most importantly at this point, everyone gets two misses before being booted. So, if you join now you are already at strike 3 and out upon entering. Why am I even writing this then? Habit, I guess. Finished models count for the month in which they are posted, i.e., post your models before the end of the month. Tracking sheet can be found at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fUeZczizoFoMjwVDcJVpJtYkKiRvTOf5HpniRHrmijU/edit?usp=sharing Posting: At the START of the month: post a photo of your unpainted minis and any plans for them you have. In the MIDDLE of the month: post work in progress photos if you want, or just banter about ideas. At the END of the month: post your finished models and the Soul Stone Cost painted, and I will get this on the tracking sheet. Post this by the end of the month. And include the total soul stones painted. Yes, I am being repetitive (but it makes things easier if you post the SS painted). Aaaaaannnnnnnnnnd, wait for it, ... GO!
  9. @Monomatana What level are you pledging at? Given your 80 SS painted for May, do you want to jump in at the top level of Emissary for >30 SS/month? The next lower level is Master at 16--30 SS/month. Note that by joining in month three of the painting challenge, you have used your two Mulligans, i.e., everyone can miss painting their goal for two months, but on strike three, they are out of the challenge. Welcome aboard!
  10. @Chou No need to apologize for the pictures! But, if you want to apologize for not giving me the SS total for what you painted, I will accept that one.
  11. Here is my Luther and Genbu for May. Total SS = 19. My photo skills continue to disappoint me---I spent a lot of time on Luther's eyes to give them what I thought was a good blood-shot look (inspired by Omnicarnivore), but this does not show up. I have the photo both mostly working, but I think a small tripod is the next step.