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  1. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    Hello challenge painters! Sorry for the long silence---I've been away from the terminal for a week with fieldwork, a day-long meeting, and a mandatory day at Gen Con. I know, terrible problems to have. A few of you have plowed through models already, and other have posted WIP that look great. I am going to try to pull myself away from the new Gen Con shinies and go back to finishing up my librarian and 2 wind gamin. Will try to get a WIP posted by Wednesday assuming I get some more progress made. It's great to be back on the forum with y'all!
  2. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    @Sandmann Great job. Whether you paint more or not, remember to post the total SS painted. I don't know other models well enough to throw SS costs out for what you've done. Thanks!
  3. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    Hi Franchute, The Wyrd overlords have made transparents tourney-legal, even though they normally want a three color minimum table-ready mini. So, I think you need to get points for it. I like H4ml3t's 1/2 points idea to award the effort put into the base. Does this sound fair to you? Cheers
  4. Giving papercraft scatter some substance.

    Can you drop a few glue sticks in a glass bowl and pop it in an oven? I don't know what temperature they melt at.
  5. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    This month I will be doing a Freikorps librarian for my academics list, and two wind gamin. I have an idea that I haven't tried yet for a wind gamin. Need to dig up some supplies to pull it off. There was a lot of great painting in July. Let's keep it up as we pass the half-way mark.
  6. Welcome to the August painting challenge. What is this?: This is a friendly painting community, not a competition. Remember that this is a fan-based thing only, and is not sponsored or approved by Wyrd in any way (i.e., screw-ups are on me, not them.). I am simply continuing the tradition started by Jaxx23 and Vaiuri and maybe others before them. Rules: can be found in the Monthly painting challenge enrollment post. Or just ask me. Everyone may fail to make their monthly goal twice and stay in the challenge, but that means it is now too late to sign up this year. Tracking sheet: can be found at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fUeZczizoFoMjwVDcJVpJtYkKiRvTOf5HpniRHrmijU/edit?usp=sharing Posting: At the START of the month: post a photo of your unpainted minis and any plans for them you have. In the MIDDLE of the month: post work in progress photos if you want, or just banter about ideas. At the END of the month: post your finished models and the Soul Stone Cost painted, and I will get this on the tracking sheet. Post this by the end of the month. And include the total soul stones painted. And go!
  7. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- July

    @Icarius @tallghost @CactusJack It's not too late, y'all ! Two days to post some July models and stay in the very unofficial painting challenge.
  8. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- July

    I have my two July models done with only two days to spare. I should set a better example and work earlier in the month. Here is avatar Ramos and a large arachnid for 21 SS painted in July. Onwards to August ! By the by, let me know if you are interested in running the painting challenge next year. If no one else wants to take a turn, I will do it again, but I would also value the time saved.
  9. Marcus Bomb List

    I used this and took out the opposing master turn 1. It was a new player, so I apologized for the whomping. I just had to try it, and he was cool about it.
  10. Marcus Bomb List

    @H4ml3t I forgot about that new legal proxy--this just keeps getting better. The models do come in slow though, correct? I guess you take the fast upgrade to cancel this out.
  11. Marcus Bomb List

    @H4ml3t So Killjoy is a beast?! <frantic flipping of pages ...> This is ingenious. I must try it, but first I must find a Killjoy. <slamming of door> <squealing of tires> Ah, now I see it---mercenary.