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  1. Exactly right, Franchute. I thinned the Ogryn to approximately 1/3 (1 paint : 1 water : 1 medium thinner), and put it on in a few layers. I also used a bit of thinned down sepia on a few other places, like the darker bits around the head and limb joints. I find that this ink layer let's me see the details for later, even if I end up covering it back up. I also really enjoy watching how the different consistencies of the paint and ink move around the model features (I mostly paint under a dissecting microscope at about 20 X magnification).
  2. Thanks Franchute! The gamin base color is Citadel's Ogryn Camo. It is a nice sickly green that suits them well, I think. I gave the faces, and upper head of one gamin, a touch of thinned down sepia ink to draw out the details and darken the eye sockets. I may go with shiny black eyes, in which case I am going to need to glaze over top of this to lighten it back up a bit so that the eyes still stand out. Those arachnids are great, as are the bases. I really like how you got the eye to be tinted blue but still really pop out of the darker background of the model.
  3. Here is my work in progress on the Sandeep crew. I am fairly excited about getting this one done now that I have the bases for them. I am just starting; only have most of the base coating done but wanted to post the progress just to keep up the group chatter (and because I am actually not leaving it to the last week for a change). I tried out a new wash on the base for Banasuva---the Vallejo wash for rust effects. I am really happy with it so far. I started with a wide area around bolt heads etc. and then made each subsequent layer cover a smaller more central area. This is likely how most people do it. How are you all doing on your pledges?
  4. Did you do it separately before caging him, or pull a ship-in-the-bottle routine to paint it in place?
  5. Nice work, Soylent. Love that emissary model.
  6. You are probably correct, Franchute. I will include the bi-bearded dude unless I hear otherwise.
  7. @Franchute Exactly! Glad someone caught that! I think there was even some snow on the ground as I finished up.
  8. Oh what the heck, I will just paint the whole Sandeep crew. I already started Sandeep and finished his base, so I won't include him in the challange tally, but he will come along for the ride anyway.
  9. My December models: aNicodem (15 SS) + 3 x December Acolytes (21 SS) = 36 SSa, my best month yet for this challenge. I don't play Ressurectionists, but painted up aNicodem for someone at my FLGS. He wanted me to leave it off the supporting zombies so that he could run it as regular Nicodem on a 30 mm base. What a fun model to paint. For January, I think I am going to do something with the Sandeep Desai crew, just haven't decided which ones yet. Will post them soon.
  10. Well, "new boss" is giving me too much credit, and the thought of power may go to Ramos', I mean, my head. I'm just filling in for Vaiuri. But yes, if Vaiuri can't take on the next round, and no one else objects, I'd be happy to start a new painters challenge around March. I want to give Vaiuri first right of refusal, though. I don't think there is any problem with jumping in for fun now. There is nothing for anyone to lose, anyway, and it is more fun with more models showing up. The general idea is to post your unpainted pledge models at the beginning of the month, post work in progress photos as you like, and at the start of the next month, post the final work for comment and critique. There were categories of monthly goals based upon soul stones worth of models, 5--10 SS increments, I think.
  11. The Bones line has some orange flame that I put LEDs in for flame markers. I think it works fairly well.
  12. Back in March we pledged a particular number of SS worth of minis to paint each month. We post pre and post photos, and wip. It's a community thing that lets one share the hobby experience a bit. This was my first time doing it, and it has been fun, and kept me motivated. Someone may start another one up soon---we are almost at a year (I'm assuming that is how long this will go).
  13. Those look great, Viruk. Really like the wings on the Queen especially.