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    Spatial statistics, multivariate statistics, entomology, gaming, DIY, building anything, programming, doing things -- not watching things
  1. @Searos The rules are in the enrollment thread. Basically, state how many SS a month you will paint, post before and after photos. You will need to paint quick to avoid you first Mulligan. If you can't find the rules I will post a link later, when I'm not on this little tablet.
  2. Yes, I'm trying to keep everything up to date, and I caught that correction by drear_squid at the right time. Thanks for noticing!
  3. KrazyIvan: The master level is for 16 -- 30, so you not only met the pledge level, you crushed it!
  4. Maximum floorspace already taken? Hmm, nowhere to go but up... GenCon needs a two level Wyrd booth.
  5. "... gah!" I am certain that's what Carl Sagan would say if he played Malifaux.
  6. That looks great! The contrast in the colors of the eyes against the rest of the model is great; they really pop. Nice job on the wet look on the inner inner mouth. I am not saying that I have the skills to judge anyone (as I am a noob), but this looks great!
  7. @iamfanboy Yes, I have heard good things about Foldio. I have workshop with plexiglass tools, and some "new" free plexi, so I can build one almost for free. I was kidding about the new level (need to remember to write more emphatically or use emoticons). You are still at emissary. The tracking sheet should be up to date again. Some of you are planning on adding more models and that's fine---I have some of the preliminary SS counts in there so that I dont forget someone. There are a lot of painters this time!
  8. My work in progress for March. Base colors are down. The pants on the silent ones are very light, a pale sand (Vallejo) base. I was unsure about going with gory exposed flesh on the limbs of the wendigo proxy, but it is growing on me now. I have started working on a light box so I can try to improve my photos. I just received some opaque white plexiglass and and going to use this. Once I make some progress later this week I will start a new thread with photos.
  9. @ringsnake They look great. If you want to have models logged for the monthly painters challenge, let me know what level you are aiming for, and give me the soul stones painted along with your final post for the month. If you are just along for the painting ride, that is totally cool as well.
  10. @iamfanboy Crush it you did! I never expected to need another level above emissary, maybe Tyrant level? Updating the tracking sheet in a few minutes.
  11. @iamfanboy They look great. You don't need to post WIP midway; that is just for those that want to. We all enjoy seeing things coming along mid-month though. I think it is fine to add in a few more models at this point. As long as you declare enough for your chosen level and finish that amount, you're meeting the monthly requirement.
  12. Here is a photo of the things I painted for the 2016 monthly painters challenge. One is missing because I painted it for someone else.