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    Spatial statistics, multivariate statistics, entomology, gaming, DIY, building anything, programming, doing things -- not watching things
  1. @Sandmann I would go for painting the hat brim. There are some nice details in there that it would bring out. Maybe something between the brown of the hat and white so the difference is viable but not to distracting, like a Vallejo Light Sand? I love the detail you put into the gauges on the back. The red on white makes this little thing stand out nicely.
  2. Luther is almost done, i.e., I thought he was done until I looked at the photograph and saw a few things I still need to go in and touch up.
  3. @Burnin' Coal That mounted guard looks amazing. Whatever you are doing to blend the colors while still having definition between the different articles of clothing is awesome.
  4. Work in progress shots of my Genbu and Luther. Most of the base colours on there now. The colour scheme on Genbu is based loosely on that of the eastern painted turtle. I am planning on doing his plastron (I think that is what the ventral shell part is called---any herptologists out there?) based on a different species of painted turtle, which has a bit more character. Doing the eyes on Luther is a joy after trying to paint squnity-eyed models half this size. For the hightlights on the dark parts, like the cobblestones and Luther's hat, I am trying to make them more vibrant after seeing the work of others like RustintheCity. I am also experimenting a bit with the metal on Genbu's sword (which I now notice does not show up in these angles). Not even half way through May---still lots of time to get some paint on!
  5. @iamfanboy No problem. Even if you do use your first Mulligan, we are 3 months in and you still have another.
  6. You can do it, LZ! You're not the only one to use them up. Just think of it as confidently letting the first two go by because you know you don't need them.
  7. @tallghost you'll catch up next month. Everyone gets two Mulligans. I think I have the April tracking sheet up to date now. Awesome work, everyone!
  8. My models for May will be Luther and Genbu! I have been wanting to get some paint on these since Adepticon 2016.
  9. May: I am opening up the May thread two days early as I will be out of contact for about a week. Rest assured that I will update the tracking sheet with your April models when I get back to civilization at the end of the first week of May. What is this?: This is a friendly painting community, not a competition. Remember that this is a fan-based thing only, and is not sponsored or approved by Wyrd in any way (i.e., screw-ups are on me, not them.). I am simply continuing the tradition started by Jaxx23 and Vaiuri and maybe others before them. I may offer a prize, if I can figure out how to make the judgement with different people in different categories. Maybe one prize for each category for the person who hits the goal every month and paints the most above the limit? Maybe if y'all promise to not get too competitive on me, we'll see. Rules: can be found in the Monthly painting challenge enrollment post. Or just ask me. Most importantly at this point, everyone gets two misses before being booted. So, if you join now you are already at strike 2. Finished models count for the month in which they are posted, i.e., post your models before the end of the month. Tracking sheet can be found at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fUeZczizoFoMjwVDcJVpJtYkKiRvTOf5HpniRHrmijU/edit?usp=sharing Posting: At the START of the month: post a photo of your unpainted minis and any plans for them you have. In the MIDDLE of the month: post work in progress photos if you want, or just banter about ideas. At the END of the month: post your finished models and the Soul Stone Cost painted, and I will get this on the tracking sheet. Aaaaaannnnnnnnnnd GO!
  10. @Viruk Those look great. I never think to do painted metal, and so default to metal-coloured metal. I need to try this out.
  11. Here are my models for April: Scorpius (6 SS) + Ice Dancer (6 SS) + Large Arachnid (6 SS) = 18 SS I will be off the forums for a week starting this weekend. I need to melt into the woods to set up experiments for the summer. "Bwahahahahaha!" "No seriously, Joss, stop that. I do the maniacal laughing around here." Before I head out I will update the tracking sheet and post the May thread a day or two early.