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  1. Falldown III - 21/22nd October at Wayland

    Just a quick question, I'm fine if not but have the strats and/or schemes been revealed? See you all in a couple of days.
  2. NOT the UK nationals cancelled.

    Same as George, sad to hear this but hey you'll be surprised how quickly people drop.
  3. Arcane Reservoir (the podcast)

    Three shows since I've updated +55 The 2nd Birthday, as previously mentioned included GenCon and Errata chat, some personal tales from tournaments and big ol' Q&A session. Wave 5 is here so: +56 Broken Neverborn Joined by 3 veteran Neverborn players including the current top Neverborn player in the UK, we discuss all the models in the purple section, briefly chat about the ones that are hireable from else where and all the Neverborn Masters upgrades. +57 Broken Thunders Joined by two of the UK's top 10T players as with the previous show all the Thunders relevant stuff is discussed. Next will be +58 Broken Guild, most likely followed by +59 Broken Arcanists. I've tried to make sure AR has had a mix of new and old guests for these, some fresh views are always welcomed.
  4. Lightning Bugs - A Weekend Tournie 7/8th October in Leicestershire

    I'm assuming myself, Tim, Josh and Kamila will be up for dinner.
  5. Falldown III - 21/22nd October at Wayland

    Bought my ticket finally
  6. Arcane Reservoir (the podcast)

    I really need to get better and checking this. +52 +53 +54 All part of GT "Month" Starts with the English GT where I'm joined by Tim and Josh, 5 rounds of great Malifaux with one of us getting a podium position and one of us missing by 1 VP. Next is the Welsh GT where I'm joined by Luke and Martin, one of which wins the event the other also misses a podium position by just 1 VP. Recorded and put out in a day with some audio issues, worst quality than normal and I apologise. Lastly is the largest and best, the Scottish GT, I'm joined by a band of Kai, Jamie, Dave, Joe and Steve as we discuss all the highlights. Unfortunately being recorded live and in person this show isn't as good quality as usual, not unbearable but not the level I tend to aim for. Next is +55 First off, the quality will be back to normal, we'll be discussing all the goings on, GenCon, Errata, one of my guests won one of the GTs but to finish it off as it'll be Arcane Reservoir's SECOND BIRTHDAY We'll be doing some Q&A. To submit questions, I'd advise to either tweet @arcanereservoir or go to the Facebook post and reply to that as, let's be honest, I'm terrible at keeping up with this.
  7. Wyrd GenCon Newsletter

    It says in the bit you quoted "Black Friday" not GenCon.
  8. 26th August "Under the Hanging Tree - The Path to Salvation"

    Paid for a ticket.
  9. Lightning Bugs - A Weekend Tournie 7/8th October in Leicestershire

    Stick me down for this. Just got to figure travel.
  10. Scottish GT 2017 - 22nd/23rd July

    Best Weekend again. Cheers to everyone who made it great.
  11. Bonescon (Smogcon) 2018 Ideas

    I'd be up for random doubles on the Sunday. I mean, you could reveal the random teams Saturday evening, gives an excuse for people to chat and mix.
  12. Arcane Reservoir (the podcast)

    +50 is out! Lots of debating, lots of people being wrong that aren't me (obvz) and a lot of laughs. One day we will go back to the Enforcers and one day ONE DAY we'll do mercenaries. +51 is out tomorrow. This episode Jamie and Tim join me to chat stuff from +40 (New Year Resolutions) as well as more reflection of the half year of Malifaux so far. We also have a few "controversial" rants and Jamie has a big announcement (which you may have already seen). Today's post comes with one more thing... What would you like to see from Arcane Reservoir? What would make you donate to the Patreon (or increase your pledge)? What you'd like to see from AR includes what you'd like to be covered on the podcast, how you'd like it done (length, release, guests etc.) ANYTHING! As well as this, what sort of blogs on the site, what else you'd like on it! Your Feedback is IMPORTANT to me. Anything you say cannot be bad, at worst it's something I will silently acknowledge.
  13. Arcane Reservoir (the podcast)

    I'm still terrible at keeping up with this thread. +48 A Moo Hope I'm joined by Luke Cocksedge and winner or the event Cow Wars 4 Conor McNama. A classic tournament report show, with some crazy Neverborn lists and a highly competitive Gremlin one (plus the usual Sandeep filth). Accompanying +48 Go check out Pete and Colin's Malifaux podcast as they also report on this event and you can see a game from the other side. +49 International Incident I'm joined again by Luke but also James as they chat through their time at the Malifaux International Team Competition (ITC) and we also discuss the very rough draft of next year's pack and what we'd like to see. Accompanying +49 Please check out arcanereservoir.com for match ups and team spotlights and I also suggest if you haven't already to listen to Max Value as they go through their tournament experience too as well as seeing one round from the other side of the table. +50 Is out this coming Thursday, it'll be a bumper episode with 4 guests and we're going to go over a topic that we haven't touched for more than 40 shows. Accompanying +50 Check out arcanereservoir.com and the "READ" section as there will be blogs leading up to this milestone.
  14. Bag of Malifaux, 29th July 2017

    Ticket purchased. See you then.