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  1. Troubleshooters 3 - 13th January - Daventry

    I have now paid. Catch you in just under a month.
  2. Arcane Reservoir (the podcast)

    +60, 61 and 62 are all out and are Broken Gremlins, Resurrectionists and Outcasts. Also AR LIVE +1 is on https://www.twitch.tv/psientologist and in pure audio form (slightly cleaner) in the usual podcast feed. Please if you would, follow the Twitch channel, it costs you just a tiny amount of time and would help me out massively. Also speaking of being helped. https://www.patreon.com/ArcaneReservoir Has been updated, tiers edited, goals added. Please go check it out and if you're an avid listener and have a few bucks spare, why not back it? Lastly AR LIVE +2 will be on December 6th roughly 19:30 GMT (check AR's Twitter and FB nearer the time for updates) and will be the UK Masters Draw. For those unaware, the top 16 players of the Malifaux UK Rankings compete in a two day event early January. Four groups of four play it out on the Saturday with the top 2 of each going through to the Sunday bracket. Find out more about who and what has been doing well over the 2016 season and who (and again what) we think is most likely to continue to do well and possibly take the crown.
  3. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    As a reminder to those who don't know and as a cheap plug. December 6th will be the live draw over at https://www.twitch.tv/psientologist Previously this podcast was edited and stuck out later (which it still will be) but so there is no suggestions of anything I thought best to broadcast the draw to the world live. Myself, @NoMoreMrNiceKai (Mr Rankings), @mythicFOX and @Clousseau (the TO's) will be hosting the draw.
  4. New Rankings Algorithm?

    I realise I never posted my thoughts. I like this system, giving the prestige of the GTs and Nationals a more obvious showing in the rankings makes sense. In the past some people have said GT winners should qualify for Masters and where as I don't think they should grant a "golden ticket" this definitely aids there chances. As others have asked, I'd be interested in whether we believe the 2 day bonus % is needed anymore. I liked it for encouragement but I'm not sure it's needed anymore for that side of things, I think it's been proven that players will do them and some (great) TO's will run them. Under the bonus system Kai is suggesting it won't be needed as maybe not +40% but the start at a higher number trickling down in itself will be a bonus.
  5. New Rankings Algorithm?

    Well those events would have to be 28+ and currently that is no different to now. In fact it's "easier" as in 2017 you could win 4 28 player 3 round events and be at the top. I would ask @NoMoreMrNiceKai if possible to post a, top X(25?) oh 2017 under this ruling to see how much changes. As I imagine we all would like to see it not effect things greatly but somewhat change it.
  6. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    I'll be there.
  7. Troubleshooters 3 - 13th January - Daventry

    Might get myself over to this, definitely interested.
  8. Hippy-faux 10th February 50ss fixed master

    I'll be coming, will pay on Wed.
  9. Monday Preview - Gunner

    They already showed a prototype of this lady so we can only hope and probably assume there will be a mini. Apologies for the crap pic, but it's just cut from a photo I saw online a good while back.
  10. UK Masters 2017 - Invitational Qualification Criteria

    According to the calendar the 27th and 28th of January.
  11. Arcane Reservoir (the podcast)

    Thank you ever so much. Speaking of which... +58 Broken Guild and +59 Broken Arcanists are out now, In Guild we have two lovely Scottish chaps and on Arcanists we have three guests including the UK no.3. +60 will have Broken Gremlins with the following two episodes being the Rezers and Outcasts. There is even more on the horizon, including a show done live on Twitch in December.
  12. W: Kandara ASAP

    Before anyone says, I am aware she is out at the end of November but I'd like to have her built and painted before UK Nationals (18th Nov). I missed out on making a GenCon order and have been gutted about it every since. So if you're sitting on one you don't need until the end of November send me a message with an offer.
  13. Wanted: Retro fate decks

    I have one, it has been played with but it's near mint condition, all the cards are there undamaged. Send me a DM with your offer.
  14. Falldown III - 21/22nd October at Wayland

    Just a quick question, I'm fine if not but have the strats and/or schemes been revealed? See you all in a couple of days.
  15. NOT the UK nationals cancelled.

    Same as George, sad to hear this but hey you'll be surprised how quickly people drop.