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  1. Psientologist

    English GT 8th and 9th September Wayland games

    Paid up.
  2. Psientologist

    English GT 8th and 9th September Wayland games

    Definitely coming, will grab my ticket next week.
  3. Psientologist

    Hippy-faux pt2 power flower 12th May 2018

    Paid up. See you there x
  4. Psientologist

    Haul of Eggs 6 - Sat 24th March - Daventry

  5. Psientologist

    The Welsh GT 2018 - 7 & 8 April 2018

    Paid up. Now to sort the important bits like travel and accommodation.
  6. Psientologist

    Haul of Eggs 6 - Sat 24th March - Daventry

    I will be there, just need to wait for some money and I'll be paying asap.
  7. Psientologist

    Hippy-faux pt2 power flower 12th May 2018

    Yeah don't make me choose as Cow Wars is tradition now.
  8. Psientologist

    Hippy-faux 10th February 50ss fixed master

    Regarding BOT, I do believe they're still working on an Offline mode so that'll save data etc. Also players can put in their own scores, just sayin' Great event though, my only issue was just one that Wayland being a warehouse always has and that is it's not the best for being able to hear your opponent all the time. Really from my POV that was it. I too hated the last scheme pool but that's just going to happen sometimes. No Wyrd support wasn't really too much of a blow, first of all I didn't expect it being Troy's very first event but secondly however much yes, I do like having a chance at more swag and it's also nice for other people who say had a "bad day" results wise to still walk away with something it's not the be all and end all. As was said, we come to play. 3 fun games, 3 nice opponents, a good group of people and a smoothly run event. Readying myself to pencil in the next one on my calendar.
  9. Psientologist

    Masters 2019 Community Feedback

    I also like this idea, should be easy enough to track. Also it seems (mostly) everyone agrees the events running alongside masters should still happen so it's not like there would be a situation where you'd have to travel to masters to just get a crew out.
  10. Psientologist

    Masters 2019 Community Feedback

    Quick breakdown of the reasoning behind my answers. 1. 16 man is fine, easiest to work out, clear winner at end. Most other game systems use this and I'm not sure why we should be different. I can see an argument for increase but although the scene is larger I'm not sure it's large enough to warrant this change. Also there's the prestige which I think if it went to 32 would be lost a little. The only thing I've heard as a possibly OK answer is go to 20. 4 Slots being Nationals and the 3 GTs. 4 groups of 5. 2. The criteria is good as is but I do like the suggested rankings score tweaks Kai made a while ago. I think 4 is a nice place, we had people that went to lots of events but it was still little enough for last second dashes too. 3. I don't think the two events at once take away from each other. It's a lot more social and that also helps people with travel and accommodation too. 4. This is an obvious yes if someone is willing to take the time and has the gear. Why would we not want to spread the love, have a cool record etc. 5. Even though I took advantage of no, I'm still of the mind of "yes". I'd be fine either way, I know it's Masters for gaming etc but it is meant to be as the Yes answer says, a pinnacle and surely we'd love nice coverage. Also come on now. It's not that many models (start the fights now). 6. I'd like an end of year award for painting. However this needs some solid thought too. On the subject, I also miss the end of year/season "best in faction", again, I realise that money is needed for prizes so understand the lack of it. 7. I think yes, although it's another reason the side event is needed. It's an invitational and the people invited although not to the Masters TO have paid their way. If I was told I had to pay I wouldn't be too upset but I think it's a nice bonus earnt for qualifying. 8. I said I would be willing. I like the option though and dislike it being auto-tacked on to the ticket price. Again, it's more work for the TO but it's appreciated when it's there. 9. I had a great time finally playing the new GG. However I stand by the idea that if it's the masters of that season it should use it's GG. There's an argument that "you'd still use the errata" but I feel that's a weak one. Again, wasn't upset using GG18 but it doesn't feel quite right. 10. As per discussion on Twitter, I don't like the idea of being forced to play. Also has anyone ever played out the 3rd place match? For me, getting to watch the final was amazing and a weird reward in itself. As per most other answers though, if I was made to play 2 more games after being knocked out on day 2 I'd not have been upset, but preference is getting to choose. 11. All the above. Nice trophies. I'm cool with the food option and SWAG. It doesn't need to be much. Just a small token to say "I was there". The key rings Dave sorted, I really cherish the masters one I have. Again thank you to all who have ran these events in the past, I've enjoyed them all and cheers Graham for stepping up but also listening to the community, I reckon you'll do a great job.
  11. Psientologist

    Zipp wins UK Masters gg2018

    To add further confusion for you guys, it was UK Masters not Polish Masters but Lukas, the new Master, is Polish.
  12. Psientologist

    Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Feta cheese Triangles, Mixed Chargrill Yogurt.
  13. Psientologist

    Hippy-faux 10th February 50ss fixed master

    All paid and looking forward to it.
  14. Psientologist


    Paid for. See you there.
  15. Psientologist

    Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    I see both sides of the argument and actually think Masters amplifies it both. Masters is about gaming so maybe hobby takes a back seat. But then if it's a showcase, shouldn't it be the best Malifaux showcase. I'm good either way.