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  1. Also, if you play mei feng as a 10T, you can put recall training on it. I have never tried it, but always thought it could be very brutal.
  2. There are some good themed choices available, first Malifaux raptors, they provide a lot of utility, and are popular with many different arcanist masters. Next would be something that is a good scheme runner, some people like the good old silurid, great leap, decent survivability, or a pair of Mole men, they work in tandem quite well, leapfrogging each other, and giving an additional activation. Finally the Hoarcat Pride, they hit way above their paygrade, and have some nice tricks(manipulative 12, etc.), though they don't have quite the movement of many other beasts, but at 5 points they find their way into my crew regularly. The super stickied Marcus post has a section in the beginning that has some nice descriptions of beast models from all factions.
  3. Am I correct that even though the 0SS upgrade is designed to adjust the power of the SM, if Myranda were to transform into the SM, she would not have this upgrade?
  4. Quick question, are you using your enforcers to run schemes (BOD, SC) thanks to their leaping mobility? or are you just tabling the enemy and doing as you wish after that?
  5. BoD is definitely a much more tanky option, and is also pretty mobile. Not too hard to heal up if needed, and most importantly (at least in my mind) Immune to paralyze!
  6. I really like imbued energies on the Cerebus, with a leap and charge he has a threat range of 15, drop the imbued energies, and up that to 20, or get an additional attack (or whatever) when within 15 inches. The Cerebus is long on offense and pretty average on defense, so you want to maximize your hits when going in (holding onto some high tomes to keep activating the Maul trigger makes some sad times for your opponent. If you go with Myranda, I think Imbued energies is good there as well, when she sacrifices to transform, she can gain 4 cards, and Marcus likes to have cards (Masks for Leaps, tomes for mauls and Marcus powers). I know that the Molemen get little love, but they are very nice in pairs. Start something with leap on the first turn (say, the Cerebus, if there are no targets worth attacking) and have it drop a scheme marker within 8 inches of the Moleman. Then just send a Moleman to that marker, have him move and lay another marker down, and depending on placement, you can start leapfrogging them up the board. They are not very good on the attack, but they are pretty nice on defense, and since they can burrow 8 inches, they can get far away from enemies if you are moving them in a line of scheme markers. I always try to use just beasts, because I am just that way, so I don't have a lot of sniper types, so I just make sure there is lots of terrain and just move up on my opponents and then shred them (assuming I need to kill them to win). Waldgeists are just great at tanking, especially if you have Myranda backing them up. Blessed of December does not get much love either, but she is like the tank version of the cerebus, decent attack, but nice defense, plus healing on kills, and the frozen heart!! Immunity to paralyze should be considered when facing a crew you suspect will be making lots of terror checks.
  7. I actually found that this model fit real well together for me without gaps so you will not need much or any green stuff, though I do agree that it is a rather unattractive model.
  8. I have been playing Freikorps since Me2 came out, and have stuck with wave 1 models, and I will say that they are a very consistent performer. They have no great weaknesses and having the box clumped with them is a very strong strategy (good heal, remove poison, remove fire, etc.). With the addition of the librarian, there may be a few more options. The one issue that always tortures me is that I fight TT a lot and the 1" mêlée range can be frustrating with all your enemies being 2 or more and deadly in mêlée. Makes me have to be a little more thoughtful in holding positions. All in all, I would recommend Freikorps to all new players, as they can be run simply and effectively (all hail the box!)