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  1. I gave him Kang's hat & put the the partial ashigaru from the Yan Lo model in front of him. So now it looks like he's doing what Yan can't.
  2. That's an Izamu proxy.
  3. They're bigger. Takes the same amount of space in my case, as 2 Joroguomo.
  4. I have a HH tourney coming up in a week or so, and i think i may go with this: Oftoto w/ call thunder 3 ss cache Sidir w/ promises Chiaki w/ pull of the grave Clock work trap Trying to slow everything, then beat it to death w/ Ototo. Works well with McCabe, should be able to handle this.
  5. This is terrifying.....
  6. While its unlikely that Aionus will kill Killjoy, he can wound him to the point one of your other models can take him out with minimal effort when he does appear.
  7. Bring shooters, start shooting rats in his backfield. Anytime i hear outcasts, i bring shooters. Bring friekorp trappers, if you have too. Its 14 pts. If you don't have that, push your regular shooters forward make them the target the rats. Spread out, so if you can't kill the rats, Killjoy and the Viks don't punish you to badly.The majority of their list is the killjoy bomb. Make them pay for it. Take Aionus and kill Killjoy before he gets unburied. If not just kill the rats. If killjoy isn't close enough to charge you, he has to charge his own crew. It's a one trick pony. Play some "friendly" games against it
  8. You gaming tonight?

  9. Hey bro, you playing today?

    1. Guslado


      Yup! I'll be getting up to Asgard around 3.

    2. kross1


      See ya there

  10. Katanaka snipers Ten Thunder brothers The lone swordsman or Izamu the armor Good to go, until you get used to him, and begin to develop what works for you. Have fun, and find your groove.
  11. Use them with Yan Lo and lightening dance opponents model to a waiting Flurry at triple positives ( if toshiro is within 6"). Any other master, no.
  12. Put smoke grenades on Sue, between that and negative flips to casting in a 3" aura, makes him really good as a bodyguard and can really make ca heavy crews pay. Add in Sidir with Promises and you can really go to town on heavy wp based crews. Played a Pandy-player at the last tournament, and really stymied him with those two in a Lynch crew. By the end of turn 3 he only had a tot on the board.
  13. Is this at Dragon's lairAustin? Cuz it's not on their schedule....
  14. It's after damaging, not after succeeding.