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  1. GenCon news update

    I would guess weeks. Historically, the Book and associated decks (Arsenals, Campaign, Generalist, etc..) have been September releases.
  2. Monday Preview - August 14th

    If I ever get this, I will paint it up like a Licker from Resident Evil
  3. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    This guy sitting on his rock, just hangin' out cracks me up. Well done! Also, the color scheme makes them look like Skeletor offspring
  4. Muddface Painting Challenge

    A place for me to collect pictures for the 2017 painting challenge. - Pledge pictures (unpainted) - WIPs - Completed models
  5. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    My LGS is hosting a story encounter achievement league this month. One of the achievements is to play all 8 of the Masters from your declared faction. I am rolling Outcasts because I have 7 out of 8 Masters ready to hit the table. This month, by pledges will be the remaining master I need, plus some key models for other Masters. Jack Daw: 15SS Scion of the Void: 8SS Rat King: 8SS Jaakuna Ubume: 6SS (picture to come - I have not purchased her yet!) Total of 37SS
  6. August pledge.JPG

  7. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- July

    Calling July done with four Outcast models painted! The Viks, Student of Conflict, and Big Jake for a total of 34 SS (15 Ash, 10 Blood, 4 Student, 5 Jake). Viktoria of Ash Viktoria of Blood Student of Conflict Big Jake Looking forward to a week break from painting before August rolls around...
  8. SoC.JPG

  9. July pledge complete.JPG

  10. BigJake.JPG

  11. VoB.JPG

  12. VoA.JPG

  13. Student and Jake WIPs.JPG

  14. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- July

    I have a start on the Student of Conflict... but with all this painting over the last several months, I have found that I like to paint at least two models at a time. So... I am going to toss Big Jake in with my Student. He has some base layers already, but still plenty left to go (pictures to come)