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  1. Angelica [story discussion]

    Angelica was featured in a Chronicles TtB one shot. Chronicles 18 - A Night at the Star. She also has a cameo at the end of the story Black Betty, found in Chronicles 28.
  2. Riders

    This is true. Though, if matched up against a Rider, it would be worth it to Focus then Lecture. Unlike Joss/Executioner/Leveticus - whose ignore effects are baked into their attacks, Lecture Notes is a Condition that turns off ALL triggers, not just Df - it would also kill their Attack triggers for a turn (in the case of Hooded, that means loss of extra damage, or loss of marker removal. Either could be huge, given the state of the game) I play the Leveticus Horsemen list, and one of my normal opponents is Ressur player. I have learned a healthy respect for the Students and Valedictorian haha
  3. Riders

    Valedictorian/Students can turn off the ability to use triggers (0 AP Lecture notes) Joss/Executioner ignore Df triggers Anything with reliable Blast damage Leveticus There are more, I just can't think of them at the moment.
  4. Monthly painting challenge - January

    Pledge time! Starting small with just two models: The Midnight Stalker and a Kentauroi for a total of 16SS
  5. Muddface Painting Challenge

    A place for me to collect pictures for the 2017 painting challenge. - Pledge pictures (unpainted) - WIPs - Completed models
  6. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    Actually got around to snapping pics last night. This will likely be my last post in the 2017 painting challenge threads as I move onto the 2018 ones. Final tally is 95 minis painted in 2017. This challenge was a very large part of reaching that number!
  7. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    Well, I did not end up finishing my goal 13 models is December - just too dang busy with the holidaze and such. I did finish 8 of them! However, my time has been hijacked, and I haven't gotten around to taking proper pictures (early in the month, I did post my Guilty, Montressor, and Lady Ligeia - so those should be enough to fulfill my Master level). Completed with pictures (but not fancy pictures): Motressor 9SS, The Guilty 5SS, Lady Ligeia 4SS. Total of 18SS Complete with pictures pending: Winged plague x 2 (4SS each), Doc Mitchell, 3SS, Karina (5SS), Steam Trunk (3SS). Total of 19SS January Grand Total of 37SS. I am happy to take the 18, since that is what made it per the deadline. Either way, I am still going to take pics of the remaining 5 models (hoping tonight, else Thurs at the earliest), but I am not going to hold you hostage to my shitty schedule Thanks for running this @prof_bycid!
  8. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    I like the picture of just the clipped sprue, leaves you a mysterious feeling.
  9. Jack Daw Project

    Strat: Headhunter, corner deploy Schemes: Claim Jump, Covert Breakthrough, Leave your Mark, Accusation!, Last Stand My Crew: Jack Daw with Writhing Torment, Twist and Turn, Curses x 3 – Cache 6 Montressor with Brick by Brick and Fearful Whispers Strongarm Suit with The Bigger They Are Johan with Oathkeeper Nurse The Guilty Lady Ligeia Schemes – Accusation!, Covert Breakthrough Opponents Crew: Tara (Ressur) with Emptiness, Knowledge of Eternity – Cache 4 Nothing Beast with Void Shield Killjoy with Admiration Carrion Emissary – Tara Conflux Death Marshal x 2 Schemes: Last Stand, Covert Breakthrough Turn 1: Tara wins initiative, and activates Tara activates: triple moves to the middle of the board, and gives herself reactivate. Guilty: free push 3”, give Strongarm TORMENTED, then Walk him up. Death Marshall: Buries The Nothing Beast takes a walk action. I see the writing on the wall for what he wants to do – Use DMs to bury Carrion and Nothing Beast, then triple beast bomb on Tara’s Reactivate turn. Montressor: 3” push, triple walk to get base to base with Tara. Tara was a little too close to a rock, and Montressor was on the opposite side, with his positioning, there is only enough room to unbury two 50mm models. Death Marshal: Seeing that he will be unable to triple beast bomb, he double walks the other. Strongarm Suit: 3: push, double walk towards Tara, just short of where I want him (in the way of blocking a 50mm base). Carrion Emissary: Double walks up and puts up a wall. Jack Daw: double walk, hits Tara with Suppressed Memories, buying the teleport to place on the back edge of Tara. Now, there is only enough room to unbury one 50mm model. Used his Twist and Turn on the Strongarm Suit to block him out, but the Black Jokers the cast! Tara: Reactivates and Unburies The Nothing Beast. Tara takes some swings at Montressor, pitching cards for each attack. She does some damage. Johan: Double walks toward the scrum. Nothing Beast: Fast from unburying in the Carrion’s aura. Takes a bunch of swings at Montressor, I burn some stones, Monty has taken 3 wounds. Ligea and the Nurse move up. End of Turn: He summons a Mindless Zombie, declares Last Stand. Score 0 - 0 Turn 2: Tara: Hits Montressor with Eventuality for free, Montressor gains the Nowhere condition. Gives herself Reactivate. Hits Montressor with Pull the Void for Slow and took some other swings. Jack Daw: Hits the Nothing Beast with a couple Nooses and giving it the Firing Squad Injustice. Bangs on him, and gets Nothing Beast down to 1 wound. Twist and Turn to nudge Montressor so he is in base contact with Tara and Nothing Beast. Nothing Beast: 2 AP penance to flip Firing Squad Injustice. Takes a swing on Strongarm, misses. Motressor: Slow. String Em’ Up on Tara, throwing a 13Crow to get the Paralyze trigger. He hits for weak, but Tara stones and prevents the damage, does not gain Paralyze. Death Marshal: Charges Montressor, hitting with a Pine Box, Montressor is buried, takes 2 damage from Nowhere condition. Strongarm Suit: Charges Up for +1 Ml damage, Charges Carrion Emissary. I am low on cards, so only land one of the attacks for weak of 4 (base 2, Charge up +1, The Bigger they are +1). Carrion Emissary: counter attacks, landing a couple hits on the strongarm. Lady Ligeia: double walks into the void that Montressor left, catching Tara and the Death Marshal in her can’t cheat aura. Death Marshal: Double moves. Nurse: Walks within 8” of Tara. Pitches a 2Mask for prescription and hits, because Tara can’t cheat. Tara gains Uppers. Mindless Zombie moves to engage the Strongarm. The Guilty double moves to towards Tara’s deployment zone. Tara: Reactivate, all she can do is walk or Interact from Uppers. Tries to take a walk. I thought she was boxed in with nowhere to go, but incorporeal Nothing Beast would allow her a path. Jack hits on the disengaging strike. She tries to walk again, beats out Jack and Ligeia, walks 7. Unable to use the Tactical Action due to Uppers, she drops a scheme marker. Johan: Double walks towards the scrum. End of Turn: Nothing died, so no heads to pick up for strat. Killjoy is still buried, so no points awarded to Last Stand. Turn 3: Tara wins Initiative. Gives herself reactivate, Walks back towards the Fight. Unburies Killjoy. (I don’t remember what she did with the last AP), chain activation into Killjoy. Killjoy: Charges Johan. Johan dodges the first attack, gets hit by the second. Onslaught, trigger, Johan is kit again. Last AP kill Johan, the first head is dropped. Jack Daw: Hits Nothing Beast with a Noose, killing it. Hits Killjoy to give him Firing Squad Injustice. Twist and Turn the Nurse towards one of the head markers. Death Marshal (the one that has Montressor boxed): Montressor wins and is unboxed! Only to be reboxed. Ho hum. Nurse: Pushes into range to picks up a head and accomplice the Strongarm. Tries to hit Killjoy with a prescription, but fails the Terrifying check. Accomplice to Strongarm. Strongarm Suit: Charges up for +1 Melee damage. Charges Killjoy (this was a mistake!) Hits killjoy with the positive twist trigger, deals sever for 9. Smacks Killjoy again for moderate 7 for the kill and head. Carrion Emmisary: Two attacks on the Nurse, both land killing her and dropping a head. The Guilty: Double walks toward the opponents deployment zone (with the scrum in the middle and terrain, he did not have a straight shot) Death Marshal: Walks and picks up a head. Lady Ligeia: Wiggles and attacks something. Mindless Zombie: Wanders after the strongarm with its 1AP Tara: Walks, drops a scheme marker, walks again. End of Turn: Score 1 – 1, Last Stand is a dead scheme since Tara does not have the models to score for it. Turn 4: Tara wins Initiative. Gives herself Reactivate, Walks, drops a third scheme marker for Covert Breakthrough, then walks back towards the battle. Jack Daw: Hits the Death Marshal that has Monty buried, giving it Guillotine Injustice. It is now that I remember that I have Accusation as a scheme, and realize Jack is the only model that is viable to hand it out (Monty is buried, Strongarm is engaged with Tara who has already, activated, the Guilty is far away from the action, Ligeia is a peon). Twist and Turn to nudge the Death Marshal towards Jack. Jack still has to walk, then interacts to Accuse. Carrion Emissary: Charges Strong arm. It lands just inside Ligeia’s no cheat aura, causing it the miss the strong arm. Creates a wall. Strongarm Suit: Swings on the Emissary, landing one hit. Death Marshal: Tried to box Ligeia, but the anti-cheat aura kept her on the board. The Guilty: Walked and Dropped a scheme marker. The Accused Death Marshal: He had an opportunity for points denial if he just let the Marshal die to Guillotine Injustice. But he wanted to keep Montressor boxed, so pitched the cards to keep him alive. Wins the willpower duel to keep Monty boxed. Tries to walk to a head, Jack wins the disengage strikes. Lady Ligeia: Wiggles and attacks, hits nothing. Mindless Zombie: Swing and a miss on the strongarm. Tara: Charges the Strongarm, and takes a third swing. End of Turn: No points awarded for Strat, I forget to shed Accused for a VP! L Another Mindless Zombie pops out. Score: 1 -1 Turn 5: Tara Wins Initiative. Again. Pull the Void to give Carrion Emissary Fast and Strong Arm slow. Swings on the Strongarm, bringing him down to 1 wound remaining. Jack Daw: Hits the Carrion with Suppressed Memories, giving it Firing Squad Injustice. Twist and Turn the Carrion away from the Strongarm. Noose attacks on the Carrion Emissary. Death Marshal: Finally successfully boxes Lady Ligeia. Strongarm Suit: Slow. Charges up and punches Tara. Accused Death Marshal: Pitches cards to keep Montressor buried, wins the Wp duel to keep him buried. Tries to walk to pick up a head. Jack prevents with Disengaging Strikes. The Guilty: Walks and drops another scheme marker. Carrion Emissary: Fast. Swings at Jack. Lands one hit out of three attempts. Mindless Zombies: One attacks the Strongarm, the other walks towards the Strongarm. Tara: Swings on the Strongarm, killing it. Walks. Interact to collect a Head. End of Turn: Tara flips to see if it continues to another round, flips an 11. Reflips an 8, the game is over. Scoring: 1 VP to Tara for Strat, 3 VP for Covert Breakthrough. 1 VP to Jack Daw for Accusation, 2 VP for Covert Breakthrough. Final score: Jack Daw 4 – Tara 5 In writing this and reflecting back on the game, I realized I made a few tactical mistakes: In Turn 3, I chose to charge Killjoy. I had the hand to do it, and, honestly, I was seduced by the prospect of minimum 5 damage. But in that Turn, Killjoy had already activated, and was not an immediate threat. I should have continued to attack the Emissary to remove it from the board. In Turn 5, I should have started with my slow Strongarm to give the Emissary Accusation. This would have been much more important if I had remembered to score off of it Turn 4. But still, I should have had some redundancy in case my opponent chose to let the Death Marshal die to Guillotine. In the end, this is a bit of a moot point. One last note: I forgot my physical stat cards at home, so had to borrow cards from a friend. Unfortunately, he did not have Big Jake in his book. I would have made room for him, the Don’t Mind Me would have been useful in this game. Overall, a very fun game. Looking forward to rolling Jack Daw in a tourney this weekend!
  10. What master do you bring into your Ashes and Dust crew?

    A&D just holds one of the objectives well. If he is whole, he holds it. If the opponent breaks him, he is still holding it, if you place the core properly. And you can place the core in such a way that it is holding objective and is still in range of Dust Storm to get to it and reform (terrain dependant). Of course, A&D can't score for the whole strategy, but he locks down one side very well.
  11. What master do you bring into your Ashes and Dust crew?

    I love taking Ashes and Dust in a good ol' classic Leveticus list: Leveticus, Rusty Alyce, 4 x Aboms, Ashes and Dust, upgrades to flavor. Aside from that, I find A&D is fantastic in Guard the Stash strat.
  12. Jack Daw Project

    Yeah, you are right on that. I was shooting from the hip when writing up my last post. Internally, I noted that I was unsure about this and meant to go back and check how Writhing was worded. Forgot by the time I was done. Also a little distracted (the dangers of writing posts on-the-clock haha). My apologies! So, since Jack doesn't get the push, then nothing changes in my Coryphee scenario if he has Growing Injustice/Writhing Torment/The Bigger They Are. Either way, Jack needed to Teleport/walk to get within range to get at the Coryphee with his last AP.
  13. Jack Daw Project

    Sure! On thoughts and strategies: I wish I could say I had a game plan with this list, but I didn't. This was a list that I built before flipping for anything (yes, I did this, despite having been playing the game for 6 years haha!). Had I built after the flips, I maybe would have built differently. Quite honestly, it was just a matter of a new master - I was pushing buttons to see what works and built to the theme of Tormented characteristic. On Growing Injustice vs Writhing Torment/The Bigger They Are: My opponent actually asked the same question when looking at my stack. That definitely seems like the tried-and-true well-oiled-machine build for Jack. Growing Injustice just looks interesting to me, and I wanted to try it. I fully recognize that this could have been a liability for Reckoning with Hunting Party - more things to kill that my opponent can score off of (in the end, it didn't matter - he had no problem scoring for those). In the end, though, I don't know that Writhing Torment or The Bigger They Are would have made much difference because I misplayed dealing with the Coryphee. The way it actually played out was I was trying to prevent the Duet with positioning. If I had been smart about it and gone for the kill, I could have thrown the card for Severe on the attack. Looking back, the impact for the other common options would have likely been: - Writhing Torment: The Hanged would have gotten the 3 inch push, as would Jack. This would have put Jack into range to attack the Coryphee after his teleport to the Hanged, freeing up his second AP for an attack. - The Bigger They Are: Nothing changes on the attack as it played (without Writhing Torment he still would have needed to teleport, walk, attack). Maybe if I had this, I might have hung back to counter attack on Turn 2... Scanning this thread, it seems most people wrote Growing Injustice off. It looks interesting to me - I like the idea of cycling the upgrades and models. On Nurse and Johan(a): Most of what I put on the table is still pretty new to me, so I was trying things out to see what they do. Also, despite being very familiar with Johan and mildly familiar with Nurse, I did forget about them as a pair. I could definitely see dropping the Hanged and Dead Outlaw to work them in. So there you have it Probably disappointing to see that I played the game wrong (building the crew before the strat scheme flips HAHA), but it is what it is. I plan on playing Jack this weekend for a small holiday themed tourney. Between that and a game on our normal Wed game night, I should have some better bat reps
  14. Jack Daw Project

    New to the world of Jack Daw, played my first real game with him this week, here's the batrep. 50SS Strat: Reckoning. Schemes: Claim Jump, Frame For Murder, Dig Their Graves, Show of Force, Hunting Party My Crew: Jack Daw - Twist and Turn, Growing Injustice, the three Curses Montressor - Brick by Brick, Fearful Whispers Jaakuna Ubume - Creeping Terror Envy - Oathkeeper Dead Outlaw The Hanged Lady Ligeia Schemes: Show of Force, Hunting Party His Crew: Cooper - the two new Colette upgrades, Dove summoning Cassandra - Practiced Production Killjoy Coryphee x 2 Performer Mechanical Dove Hunting Party, Frame For Murder - Killjoy Turn 1: He won initiative, but passed to me for Activation control, planning to play with Reactivation. We mostly took Turns shufflng models up. With just a few models left on either side, he moved a Coryphee up into a forest Dense forest. I activated Jack and pinged my Hanged with a Suppressed Memories, using a soul stone to buy the Ghost of Malifaux trigger to place Jack next to the Hanged. Then he took a walk to get within 8 if the Coryphee in the Forest. Last AP, hit the Coryphee with Suppressed Memories, dealing 1 damage and attaching the Drowning Injustice Curse. 0AP Twist and Turn to make the Coryphee walk, taking two damage that ignores the Armor. I was hoping to move it away out of range for the other to do a Dance Together, but it had been a while since playing against Colette, and I forgot about all the movement shenanigans. Fearing that Envy might walk up and shoot the wounded Corpyphee, he activated Cooper was able to Disappearing Act the other Coryphee, then Prompt it for Dance Together - Summoning the Duet and unburying Killjoy. Duet charged Jack (ending in Jaakuna's aura and taking a point of damage) its positive twist Pair of Blades washing the negative twist from Jack's Oldest Magic, triggering Hypnotic Movements on Jack. Killjoy charged Jack - with both at negative twists, Killjoy had advantage with Ml 6 vs Df 4. Jack did manage to survive the attacks from the heavy hitters, but he was down to just a few wounds and out of Soul Stones. Turn 2: Jack Died to the Coryphee Duet. Montressor was able to contain Killjoy with the Paralyze trigger. The Hanged hit Killjoy and the Duet with Whispers from Beyond. Lady Ligeia was lured and paralyzed from the Performers Sirens Call. Envy moved around, but did not have any great shots at anything. Jaakuna moved towards the center to join Montressor and Envy in scoring position for Show of Force. I don't remember as clearly what else happened. Score 1 (show of Force) - 1 (Reckoning) Turn 3: Montressor locked Killjoy down again, trading a wound from Black Blood for the Paralyzed condition. Duet killed Jaakuna, damaged the Hanged. Cassandra killed the Dead Outlaw. Envy stomped a Dove. Score 3 (Show of Force, Hunting Party) - 3 (Reckoning, Hunting Party) Turn 4: The Duet goes nuts and finishes off the Hanged and Montressor. Envy fails the kill the Performer. Killjoy charges Envy, and I am tabled. Score 3 - 5 (Reckoning, Hunting Party) Turn 5: Free points! Final score 3 - 7 (Reckoning, Hunting Party) Jack's attack on the Coryphee in Turn 1 was the linchpin of the game. If I had killed it, this would have been a much different game: I would have been able to summon a Guilty off the death, Killjoy may have popped up field (likely engaged with the Guilty), and the Duet would not have summoned - Jack wouldn't have had the pile of damage on him. One thing we did miss is the transfer of wounds from the single Coryphee to the Duet. Had we realized that, I might have put more effort into attacking it. While it was frustrating to have my master dead before his second activation, I do look forward to trying him again.
  15. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    Adding these guys to my (already aggressive) December pledge. Shang, Steam Trunk, The Midnight Stalker.