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  1. MunkyMuddFace

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    I am prepared for April! More undead things - Toshiro and Sloth for 17SS
  2. MunkyMuddFace

    Muddface Painting Challenge

    A place for me to collect pictures for the 2017 painting challenge. - Pledge pictures (unpainted) - WIPs - Completed models
  3. MunkyMuddFace

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Thanks for pointing that out, I have fixed it. Our team went 2-1-1, playing horror Molly and Reva. We won Best in Show for Ressurs having the best record of the Ressur teams (at least two others). Round 1 (Interception) we faced a very nasty Raspy Colette combo. Near the end of turn 3: Raspy activated and shot 3+ times (overpower trigger), Colette Prompts Raspy for another shot, buying the reactivate trigger. Raspy activates again, shoot 3+ times again. We were more-or-less tabled at that point, lost 3 - 8. Round 2 (Public Execution) we faced Raspy Sandeep. We were able to mitigate the Raspy threat since she was so fresh in our minds from the previous game. This game was a super fun game of cat and mouse where we had mirror scheme selections - Elim Leadership (Raspy/Molly) and Undercover Entourage (Reva/The Captain). We tied this one 5-5. My favorite moment here was when a half dead Molly was engaged with Banasuva and they have declared for Elim. My partner: "You gotta get her outta there! Banasuva can't cheat (due to his upgrade). Just take walks, you'll win the disengaging strikes." Me: "Okay." Then proceeds to do none of that. Molly focuses and hits non-cheating Banasuva with a Revalation. I hit severe on the damge track (I don't remember if I cheated or if it was a natural flip). Then, summon a 1 wound Kentauroi near Molly and Banasuva. Molly 0s to make the Kentauroi take a walk, Molly Zombie steeds. Accomplice into the Kentauroi for another walk and steed, and gets far away from the thick of the battle. Round 3 (Guard the Stash) we faced Dreamer and Titania. These were pretty new players, but fun opponents. we won 6-0. Round 4 (Headhunter) we faced Colette and Ironsides (so many Arcanists!) this was a bloody game - corpse and head markers everywhere! Super fun game. Along with the heroics of the Punk Zombie, the Carrion Emissary was our other hero in this game. Carrion was our Sucker for Take One for the Team. He was mostly receiving attacks from Oxfordian Mages and Ironsides. He got down to Hard to Kill near the beginning of Turn 3, but was able to get the kill shot on Ironsides and hang on until Turn 4. In Turn 4, an attack by Colette was the only model eligible that would get us the full vp for Take One for the Team. After doing some prompts, Colette decided to take a pot shot at Carrion with her Sabre Trick 0. She hits! - we internally cheer! She flips Black Joker on damage! We fake cheer while we internally sob. Carrion eventually went down to an Ox Mage for 2 VP. Good stuff!
  4. MunkyMuddFace

    Score multiple schemes

    Page 11 from the Gaining Grounds document: "If any two Schemes would earn any VP off the same model being killed or sacrificed, you must choose only one of your Schemes to score from." Looks like you can only score from one of them.
  5. MunkyMuddFace

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Here are my bonus models: The Forgotten Marshal and a Gaki. I did get them done in time for Adepticon, just ran out of time to upload the pics. 11 more soul stones to the pile for a total of 37. Adepticon was a great time - as always! I played in the team tourney on Fri and Story encounter tourney on Sun. This was the fifth year of Team Tourney, and my partner and I (we have been teamed up the past 5 years) agreed that this is was our favorite year of team tourneys to date. The highlight for me was my hired punk zombie in turn four. One member of the opposing side asked "Who hires a punk zombie?" And then this happens: Turn 1: Two Kentaurois moved up, Sybelle and Punk Zombie using Zombie Steeds to ride along. Howard pitches imbued for fast, double walk and charge the Kentauroi that ferried the Punk Zombie (the Kentauroi survived at 1 wound). Punk Flurries. Sybelle Calls Belle to teleport Molly. Molly walks, gives Reactivate to Howard Punk Zombie, and Whispers a secret to Howard. Accomplice into Punk Zombie. Punk flurries again, killing Howard. Turn 2: Molly uses her 0 to have the Punk Take a walk to engage an Ox Mage. Accoomplice into Punk Zombie. Punk Zombie flurries, killing the Mage. Turn 3: Molly uses her 0 to have the Punk Take a walk to engage Ironsides. Accoomplice into Punk Zombie. Flurry onto Ironsides, bringing her down to Hard to Kill (Elim Leadership target. She was eventually killed by the Carrion Emissary for full VP) That Punk Zombie did some work! Now that Adepticon has come and gone, I no longer have a specific event to drive what to paint... I wonder what April will hold?
  6. MunkyMuddFace

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Bonus Pledge time! Working on slamming these out in time for Adepticon!
  7. MunkyMuddFace

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    And Chiaki done for 6SS, this completes my pledge of 26SS. Plenty of time to work on bonus models (the Forgotten Marshal and a Gaki)
  8. MunkyMuddFace

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Here are the Dead Doxies, complete for 12 more SS. Puts me at 20 SS for the month. The one holding her head up was not assembled well - the hands and head did not line up, to the point that her left hand is not even touching the head! Ah well, it happens. Now on to Chiaki - the last planned model I want done before Adepticon.
  9. MunkyMuddFace

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    No pictures or promises, but I suspect the Dead Doxies will be complete tonight. I also plan to start on Chiaki! ... and maybe The Forgotten Marshal
  10. MunkyMuddFace

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Autopsies done for 8SS! These were a quick paint job complete in just a couple hours. I can't tell if I am getting efficient or lazy with my painting haha
  11. MunkyMuddFace

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Will do! This is year five in a row for me. The first year, it was just me and two other buds from the shop. Each year, the group grows - and this year there are ten of us making the road trip! Not all of them play Malifaux, but all of them are good company Each year, I sign up for the Malifaux Team and Story Encounter tourneys. I have had the same partner year-over-year for the Team tourney, and each year we play a new faction. 2018 is the year of Ressurectionists for us, hence, the models for Molly.
  12. MunkyMuddFace

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    March Pledge: 2 x Dead Doxy (6SS each), 2 x Guild Autopsy (4SS each), Chiaki the Niece (6SS). For a total of 26 SS. My personal deadline for this month is March 21, as I plan to have these ready for Adepticon!
  13. MunkyMuddFace

    Monthly painting challenge - February

    Pledge complete with a day to spare! The Iron Zombies - Student of Viscera (7SS), Student of Steel (6SS), and Student of Sinew (6SS). Draugr - the beardy LE model! (8 SS) That's a total of 27 SS of models painted for the month. What's on the docket for March? Probably more dead things - Doxies and Autopsies. Horror Molly has so many hiring and summoning options!
  14. MunkyMuddFace

    Monthly painting challenge - February

    Yep! I have the three students complete - so I will at least make my numbers for the month. Pictures to come this evening. Draugr is built and primed. I plan to paint him up tonight to finish all pledged models.
  15. MunkyMuddFace

    Monthly painting challenge - February

    February's pledge shall be more Horror toys for Molly! One each of the Students and a Draugr! 27SS, I believe, after adjusting the cost on the students due to errata.