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  1. I just had an emissary level January (100+ SS), but I don't see that being sustainable for every month. I will jump in at Master level.
  2. I believe Bad Juju was called the Mire Golem before he was given an official name. To turn the tables on the original question, where is our Mire Gamin?
  3. The Scorpius could fill in as your Poison Golem.
  4. Prompt is a Tactical Action and can only target friendly models. In the case of the Dita obeying Cassandra, Cassandra is friendly for that action and cannot target Hank.
  5. Looking forward to this! Glad to have an active Henchman back at the shop!
  6. It was a good game, a fun loss. I like that this game had a subtle swing moment for VPs.
  7. Maybe. My main regret was trying too hard to evade "You lookin' at me" that gave you 3VP from the forced attack. Those couple cards could have been better used. I should have been smarter with my Valedictorian placement as well. I wanted her in LOS of Ironsides to turn off her triggers to slow her down. All in all, a good fun game, my first time seeing Ironsides on the table.
  8. One game at the shop last night. Mirror Match with 7thSquirrel: Sandeep vs Ironsides for the wolfman. A close game, but Sandeep lost 6-7.
  9. Kaeris box - Burning Revelations, with the addition of: Rail Golem, Gunsmiths, and Large Arachnids would be a solid start.
  10. I had some good fun last week summoning Banasuva twice in Turn 1 to attack an over extended Misaki. Mid-Turn, used Sandeep to summon an Ice gamin with the Commands in Wind for the Attack bonus. Summoned Banasuva with Commands in Flame. Banasuva borrowed the Explosive Demise from the Ice Gamin, then charged Misaki with positive on the attacks (needed since he couldn't cheat). A Dawn Serpent came in and killed Banasuva, to get it out of the way of Misaki in prep for turn 2. Arcane Effigy activated and used Beaconed Sandeep's Arcane Storm with the built in Tome. Sandeep pitched a card for Student of All, and used the AP to Summon Banasuva again. Banasuva charged Misaki, landing a hit for RJ and death to Misaki (she had some other damage from the previous charge and aura damage). After that, Banasuva was largely ignored because he was pretty pillow fisted once the Ice Gamin died. I have mostly played Sandeep as a summoner, I haven't really gotten into the thick of things to see what else he can do.
  11. I like going after the man for the academic ties, and to increase the chances that Arcanists end up with him in the end. The twist on Shindig for this week's scenario should make for an interesting game...
  12. Only one game at the shop last night. A Sandeep win over Misaki in the Inquisitive Child scenario.
  13. Two games at the shop last night: Myself with a Sandeep victory vs Pandora in the Trickster scenario. One more point towards frozen heart! The other game was an Ironsides loss vs Misaki in the Self Righteous Man scenario. One point towards Sensei Yu training our werewolf!
  14. Oof, yeah. That's rough. It was just a casual smallish game, so nothing critical. I think the karmic justice was immediate. When I tried that run, it was just my second time out with Sandeep. It was late in the turn, and I had no hand. Of the four attacks, only two landed anyways. Heh, and on top of that, the time I played it legit without the 0 for placement, I hit the Red Joker on the third attack. I swear this game has a consciousness sometimes...