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  1. Somehow, Johana found her way to the painting table, so I am going to paint her along with Yin... These are bonus models to my monthly pledge.
  2. Thanks! Lots of layers starting from a brown and working up to a pale yellow. there was also a brown and green wash in there at some point. It really captured the idea of a dress that was at one point beautiful, but is now worn and faded. And blood stained since she is constantly spitting up blood. I haven't kept up closely with the fluff - does she still do that since becoming a Master?
  3. Halfway through the month and I have finished my May pledges - plus a couple extras! Molly has actually been complete since May 3, just finally gotten around to uploading her. And the Punks! Punk Zombies A & B Necropunks A & B So thats Molly (15SS), two Punk Zombies (7SS each), and two necropunks (5SS each) for a total of 39SS painted! Still have half a month to go! Yin has found her way to the painting table
  4. From the album Muddface Painting Challenge

    Molly and her punks. Painted for the May pledges for the Painting Challenge.
  5. How do the Self Loathing from Pandora and Candy work with the variable damage track on the Lance. Self Loathing: Select a 1AP /// Action on the target. Apply the printed damage results of the chosen Action to the target, no other effects or Triggers from the chosen Action are applied. Would Pandora need to Charge to gain access to the 3/4/6 track? Or does the "no other effects" clause ignore the need for a Charge?
  6. @Sandman That 5 o'clock shadow on Dashel is fantastic!
  7. My May pledge will be Molly and a couple of punks for 27SS. The start on the punks are pretty old, from 1+ (necropunk) and 2+(punk zombie) years ago. I am not going to strip them, but I am going to paint over what is there.
  8. Completed Hayredden in the 11th hour. An OK paint job. Not bad considering he started the day with no paint on him. This model completes my pledge for Archie, Carrion Emissary, and Hayredden for 30SS. Bring on May!