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  1. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    The sheet I was using was originally posted by @Whirler Just passing the credit to where it is due
  2. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    Thanks for this! I mis-clicked when switching between tabs and lost my progress. Brutal.
  3. Muddface Painting Challenge

    A place for me to collect pictures for the 2017 painting challenge. - Pledge pictures (unpainted) - WIPs - Completed models
  4. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    My pledge this month shall be Burt Jebson (7SS), Colette (15SS), and a Moleman (4SS)*. Plus whatever round 2 Iron Painter turns out to be - assuming I choose a Wyrd model for this. *Pledge subject to change. I have a couple tourneys coming up, and I may decide that I need something bumped up in the paint queue. Pictures incoming, once I get home. Adding the (blurry) pic of my pledge:
  5. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- September

    Finished my original pledge: Miss Deed (10 SS), Kentauroi (8SS), and Miss Demanor (7 SS) for a total of 25 SS. Things changed with my Iron Painter stuff, and it will not be complete today, so that will tack onto October, I guess.
  6. Gwyneth Maddox introduction

    I have been reading through the backlog of Chronicles stories, and found one that introduces Gwyneth Maddox. Issue #15 - Your Lucky Day.
  7. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- September

    I have been quiet this month, but quietly (and slowly) working on my pledges. Here is a WIP of the Centaur! I have also jumped in on the Iron Painter contest. Is it cool if I use my Iron Painter models as pledges for the last couple months?1 (since this Monthly gig is not sponsored and has no prize payout, I see no issue) I may still paint bonus models for this, depending on how many SS I paint for Iron Painter... This is what I am working on for Iron Painter: The theme is OSL. The Magic overhead will be a rainbow (aggressive, but I think I can pull it off)

    My vote is for The Judge. Or, the female Executioner.
  9. Iron Painter 2017

    I'm in!
  10. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- September

    My pledge for this month will be: 1 x Kentauroi - 8SS 1 x Miss Deed - 10SS 1 x Miss Demeanor (Convict Gunslinger) - 7SS
  11. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    August pledges finished! I was also able to rip through the Brotherhood of the Rat boxset. August Pledges: Jaakuna Ubume, Jack Daw, Scion the Void, Rat King - a total of 37SS! Jaakuna Ubume. I lost one of the partially drowned heads in the carpet Not too noticeable though. Jack Daw - the 1.5 Malifaux mascot! I love this old metal sculpt. Scion of the Void. I was trying for a "void magic" look on her extended hand... Rat King - the King in Yellow. Brotherhood of the Rat. This was a serious quick and dirty paint job. Aside from the Yellow Rat king, everything else was painted in one night. Even the Pickle Rick rat. While painting the yellow Rat King, I felt like I was painting with mustard... so the other Rat King was painted red for ketchup. So that is a total of 73SS painted this month. 37 for my pledge, plus 36 for the brotherhood box (I made sure not to double count the yellow rat king)
  12. GenCon news update

    I would guess weeks. Historically, the Book and associated decks (Arsenals, Campaign, Generalist, etc..) have been September releases.
  13. Monday Preview - August 14th

    If I ever get this, I will paint it up like a Licker from Resident Evil