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  1. Iron Painter 2017

    I'm in!
  2. January 20 - Kyle!

    Hello and welcome Kyle!
  3. Relic Hammers

    Yeah, I'm aware of Shez'uul and that it's a different tyrant, but dragons seemed like they'd fit the story thematically if they were hiding Earthside. Anyway, we don't know much about it yet and why would it be impossible for two different tyrants to be tied to one of the main characters?
  4. Relic Hammers

    My theory would be that a yang half of the Dragons Tyrant is captured inside the Masamune. Almost as if she/he/it was caught inside the blade by a legendary swordsman
  5. December 5th - TOS Allegiances

    Wow. Great video! Now I'm not sure I like Abyssinia or Gibbering Hordes better, because I was totally team Abyssinia in the previous reveal. I also realized Wyrd has a new channel on Youtube. TTB videos are on the other channel.
  6. Welcome to The Other Side!

    Whoo! I really like that it has a much different visual identity from Malifaux and the originality of all of its factions. While I'm not that keen on the current visuals of Cult of The Burning Man, I'm very much interested to see where it's story is going and seeing its future stuff. All of the factions hold my interest in some way, be it art, fluff or its historical feel. I'll probably support this on the kickstarter if the book will be avaliable as a pledge and I might even play it if there is going to be a META for it in my city. I was unsure if I was ever going to play it, but Abysinnians piqued my interest, so I might get it when the official game is out one day.
  7. Print on Demand Stat Cards

    I'd like to know when the Ripples of Fate Generic and fixerupper upgrades will be avaliable on Wargame Vault? I don't live in England (or America) and whatever I want to get in a local store has to be preordered for the store. I didn't even know that it came in a separate pack or under which name it is sold. I also want to get Leveticus and a few other erattad cards, so I am going to wait until this is released because I don't want to pay shipping that's 10 time as much of what I want to order...
  8. Wave 4: Theory Faux

    I really like Allison Dade game concept and art. She'd look really dapper in Luciuses crew and I like Dashel/guard interaction she has. Is she a costly or cheap for a henchwoman?
  9. Ten Thunders & Resurrectionist Lineup

    The new spider thingy for Neverborn could be a darkened/brilliance model besides being fey.
  10. Outcasts Lineup

    I'll probably be getting everything except the Fistful of Scrip box from this lineup. I hope the Banditos will be good with Victorias, undead cowboys with Tara and the martial artists with Misaki.
  11. Ten Thunders & Resurrectionist Lineup

    Maybe the zombie monster dude has an action where he offers the icecream and it works like Obey, or he can Lure people around corners with his icecream on a tentacle It might be that it doesn't have any deeper relation with the icecream, but that it just exploits the powers of the icecream. I do hope it's Archie. I'm also interested to read its fluff even if it isn't him (her/it).
  12. Just Because.... Aaron Edition

    Shhh, he's in my meta
  13. Just Because.... Aaron Edition

    If you don't like how it's done, you can give me your Guilders after each event
  14. Just Because.... Aaron Edition

    Guild Wallpaper just in! I love the reporter girl in the striped suit (the art appearead a lot before, I think even in TTB stuff).
  15. July FAQ - Leveticus and Malifaux Rat Errata

    I disagree that you can get only one scrap. With Alyce, a Large Arachnid and 2 extra abominations (who can damage themselves for extra cards before one of those gets killed by said arachnid and another one sacrifices for Desu Engine, along with the new ones which can also get you free cards) you can get a fairly cheap recycled Desolation Engine on turn one. If you want further scrap on next turns you can bring in the Mechanical Pony who summons little arachnids, but that's too much investment in my opinion and I'd rather get a teddy or an extra henchman bringing along some cheaper wacky constructs. Large arachnid is also a good anchor for his Waifs in my opinion. EDIT: I've read half through the pages when posting this, so sorry if the topic was resolved. I'm also late to chime in. I also think this eratta is a great way to make more people play the game. Leveticuses card is a bit clearar this way and it helps to remove a notoriety from this master in some META-s. So yeah, great. I've played Leveticus twice (first in the 1.5 edition and second in the 2nd edition) and he didn't fare well because of this notoriety. Nobody plays him in my meta and when I tried somehow both games I played turned into 4 player games where I had to play against 2 players at the same time. In the first game I got trampled from two sides and in the second, more recent game I had some luck against Ramos (which only helped neutral Colette to win the game), but I was in turn trampled by Rasputina and her followers of December from the other corner of the table. I guess Leve had notoriety before he was even played in my meta. Now I want to play him normally and I think I'll start using him after the summer (I have to paint and polish more gremlins first).