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  1. Were is the third guild guard?

    I've been looking at Lucius and I ordered some replacement cards and got the 3 guild guard cards, but there is only 2 guild guard models in plastic so were has the third one gone?
  2. SQUEAL OR NO SQUEAL a malifaux event by McPigish

    paid can we get an updated player list ?
  3. UK Event pricing

    Mike and you paid for my hotel as i was the ringer
  4. War game vault cards

    I've just seen the email it looks like the wrong cards have been sent again, so we have to wait a week before the cards are sent out again. Then wait for 3 weeks to be delivered to the UK. I know it's not wyrds fault but I'm really not happy with this,
  5. Snowdown II 26th Feb 2017 - Wayland Games

    Paid up for all 4 events
  6. English GT

    the twist worried me as well
  7. foot note so i remember i'm coming
  8. English GT

    really not a fan of RD 4 game
  9. Enforcers Assemble - 21st January - Coalville

    what ... make a choice now ..... what is this craziness Not Sure yet ... sorry
  10. Troubleshooters 2 - 7th January - Daventry

    hi bud im now having to drop out as we rushed my Mum up to hospital today.
  11. January 2017 Errata

    @Aaron said he sent the cards to the print on demand so they should be soon ?
  12. January 2017 Errata

    Oh ok well I'm a little shocked as I use them all the time a scheme runners, or even better scheme runner hunters. It's hard for emery models to drop scheme markers when there taped in a pine box with a death marshal sitting on it ?
  13. January 2017 Errata

    Didn't they just get the void characteristic so Tara can hire them in any faction ?
  14. January 2017 Errata

    Yes I agree you have fixed it ? @Aaron I really like the changes ?
  15. Ho Ho Faux - 4th December - Wayland Games

    Your meant to read them first ....... Oh balls then I better go Molly