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  1. @wizuriel: Search "How to paint Eldar gemstones" and there are lots of step-by-step instructions that I've been using for... well, uh. Decades. Literal, factual decades. I now feel old. I'm... I'm not sure I like how rough he looks, though. What kind of spraybase did you use? Or did you dust him with white spray at some point? Because it really detracts from the paintjob IMHO. So I'm still in the game! Last month had to use a mulligan (I almost died due to a respiratory infection, which also left my hands extremely unsteady as I recovered), but this month I finished off Von Schill (15), his totem (3), 2 Freikorpsmann (10), Student of War (4), and Hodgepodge Effigy (4) for 36 total thus far. The two Freikorpsmen I painted previously are in the background - he got two extras as part of a lot and paid to have them painted. I won't argue. Sadly, I found Von Schill boring to paint. Yes, he has a great pose, but unfortunately the scheme that the customer and I agreed on is dull, dull, dull - they're supposed to say "Quiet professional mercs" versus the Vik's "Flashy lady mercs" stuff. *sigh* I dunno. I wanted her to have an orphanage dress look to her, as though the Viks plucked her out and she started learning from them, but it came out boring. I'm also a bit displeased at how the lumpy and uneven the face looks when blown up 4x, but it was necessary to get her scowl looking correct on the miniature itself. If I buy a Viks box for myself she gets a bright and colorful dress, and I might sculpt it a bit long so it's dragging on the ground and obviously WAAAY to big for her. But I do like her widdle sandled toesies... I have hopes of finishing off 3 Daydreams and 3 Alps, along with a some other stuff that I've put together in the meantime: Coryphee, Insidious Madnesses, Ice Dancers, and a Bandersnatch. Amusingly, my box of Insidious Madnesses accidentally came with a Blessed of December instead of one Madness, but I'm not complaining - an $8 tradeup and something that i have the card for already? In future months, I may be dipping into Ressers, if I don't get Rasputina and Titania first to finish off my Arcanists and Neverborn...
  2. As always, being the Infantry Mine Detector on the hard parts so we don't have to suffer as much as you do. Thanks!
  3. Frankly, that Shadow Emissary is a beautiful enough model that it makes me WANT to go Ten Thunders. It has nothing to do with wanting to throw an Eastern Dragon at my Shadowrun players, I assure you...
  4. And by some marvelous coincidence, the Burning Man appeared above London almost at the same time as Cherufe and the Governor-General disappeared...
  5. I'll be giving demos of Malifaux at the Sonora Comic-Con, a new event this year, from 1 PM to 3 PM, at the Nerdtopia Table. I'll also be around the convention, wearing a Wyrd Henchman shirt, if anyone wants to ask questions. Now, I don't think that a single person who WILL be there is also on this forum and curious about Malifaux without having already played it, but hey. The information is now there.
  6. But what to call this potential tanuki testicular thing, anyway? "Nuts and milk"? "Sacktime"? A trigger called, "WHAT is he using as a drum?!"? So many questions... Charm Warder. Something that keeps drawing my eye: Mercenary. With how anti-meta it is, it might well be a value piece to have in multiple collections, on par with Performers. A lot cheaper than Taelor and not requiring an early activation to set up "Welcome to Malifaux!" but ultimately more disposable... I dunno. I think I still prefer Taelor on paper, but if the Charm Warder has the traditional Shinto priest look with no weird Malifaux-y additions, I may be sold on the mini just for my RPG sessions.
  7. Why Black Blood Shaman over Doppel-chan? She gives you better control over initiative - vital in a small crew - doubles up on your highly effective attacks from Nekima, and what's more is relatively frail once deprived of her Manipulative. Move her forward early in a turn and DARE your opponent to kill her and eat a Killjoy to the face. Frankly, I'd drop the Mature Nephilim from either version of the list for Angel Eyes. 4 Lilith w/ Living Blade, Transfixing Gaze, Wings of Darkness 10 Angel Eyes w/ Obsidian Talons 14 Nekima w/ Thousand Faces 12 Killjoy w/ Thousand Faces 8 Doppelganger w/ The Mimic's Blessing +2 SS Cache Lilith moves models around or kills them. Nekima and Angel Eyes team up to murder many different things. Doppelchan either schemes solo or works with Nekima - or dies to bring out Killjoy. The extra SS lets you leverage them for either protecting your SS users or Wings of Darkness's extra draw, rather than being forced to choose between them. If I were going full munchkin and trying to make this as 'competitive' as possible, I'd remove Obsidian Talons and Killjoy's Thousand Faces for Primordial Magic... more card draw is better card draw - and would let me swap Wings of Darkness for Beckon Malifaux. But that isn't what the OP wants, and I can understand why.
  8. While Maddox only works for one Master, she's also a somewhat tanky model with The Party Never Ends. Beckoners are not tanks, making The Party Never Ends a trap ability. At least now it has potential. Other than that, I can't really comment much, except that whoever wrote the Tanuki didn't have much in the way of balls. He should have nutted up, gotten some sack, and admitted that the main ability of Tanukis comes from their giant testicles.
  9. I absolutely second Angel Eyes - she's amazing in a Neverborn beater crew, because sometimes your charging models don't QUITE finish the enemy off, letting them strike back and tying up your models. Angel Eyes solves that problem like a boss. Very good target to carry Obsidian Talons as well, since she really doesn't NEED upgrades to function (and in a 5-model crew you're likely to be out-activated anyway, making Strange Alliances wasted ss), freeing up the Mature Nephilim's slot. I'm starting to think that she's a crutch for me, however, because she's almost always the second model I reach for. "Summoning Dreamer? Angel Eyes. Defensive Pandora? Angel Eyes..." If only Tuco were as good as her. Neverborn gunline, away!
  10. So I might be mulliganing this month. My urgency to move has been stepped up. Last week I packed some of my books and when I tried to move my bookshelf, it fell apart. Rotted clear through. And there was a massive sprout of black, green, and red mold in a triangle all down the wall behind the bookcase. But I'll be declaring what I didn't finish last month: Von Schill (15), his totem (3), 2 Freikorpsmann (10), Student of War (4), and Hodgepodge Effigy (4). 36 total. I might be able to find a day off sometime in May to do these guys.
  11. But her job is giving Minions and Showgirls the ability to Interact as a (0). And spreading her AP around to other models with bonus movement on top. And being nearly impossible to kill short of "ignores triggers". I'm not sure any Arcanist Master plays as well into an Interact-heavy pool as Colette. Hell, I'm not sure ANY Master plays as well into an Interact-heavy pool as Colette. If it involves Scheme Markers, she does it, while making the rest of her team even more killy in the bargain. ESPECIALLY in GG17, with things like Dig Their Graves and Mark For Death requiring Interacts before the killing starts, she's clutch in a lot of situations. If you think she needs to Prompt a single model three times in order to use her, then you never knew how to use her in the first place.
  12. For the most part, I use Ceramcoat. Yes, those big $1 bottles that you can buy at any craft store. You can thin them down, mix them, play with them, and they're cheap enough that you can experiment with them. However, for metallics I earnestly recommend buying the expensive stuff: GW, I've heard good things about PP's paint line, Vallejo. I've yet to find a decent metallic in a craft store aisle.