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  1. @Viruk, loved how you picked out the rivets - I dismissed it as too much hard work on my Cygnar stuff until I got around to the character jacks, and it makes a huge difference. @athelu, really great OSL on Pere Ravage.
  2. I was mostly cracking wise - it certainly moved the Arcane Effigy up on my priority list to buy when I get around to Sandeep.
  3. *Neverborn player looks up from painting the Dreamer* I'm sorry, you were gloating about something special? Because it doesn't look that special to me... Oh, Teddy, you're so much fun to summon with Mr. Tannen's "help"...
  4. The Dreamer can only benefit from one Lucid Condition each activation (because it doesn't stack), but yes, if you summoned another Daydream after using the Lucid condition it could sacrifice itself to give Lucid again to the Dreamer afterwards for his next activation. At least, I THINK I'm understanding your question clearly.
  5. Okay, so. I don't think I'll be doing anything more this month - so a fair whack of models will be sitting unpainted until we move, or at least find a place and get done putting stuff in storage. It's POSSIBLE that tonight or Thursday will have enough downtime for me to do Von Schill and a few other pieces, but for right now I'm calling it done until further notice. However, that still means I've finished Freikorpsman x2 (10), Specialist (8), Librarian (7), Trapper (6), Oiran (5), Lust (8), Latigo Pistoleros x3 (15), Silent One (6), Slop Haulers x2 (10), Gluttony (8), Waldgeist (6), Stitched Together x3 (18), Primordial Magic (2), for a total of 109 Soulstones. Anyway, here's the finished models - the previous pictures had them unbased, and I NEVER feel that a model is done until it's had its base done. The customer insisted that the bases use little bits of geode to denote soulstones - only problem is that they're slightly water soluble, which I didn't notice until after the glue had set. He doesn't mind, is what he said - and I can't exactly prerinse the pieces because they're so small! I angled Lust up to get better lighting on her face, and for some reason the light glinted off her eyeshadow instead, looking like a dot of white on her eyelid. Overall, I don't hate it, but I do think she's hardly the sexiest model that Malifaux has. In lieu of buying expensive swamp grass from the one source I could find, a train terrain maker in Germany, I grabbed yellow paint bristles and used them. It worked here well enough, but not so much... ....here, where the static water convected UP the bristles in a massive clump. Also had to replace one of the bucket strands with a piece of wire, and just realized that I forgot to paint it white. Ugh. Always something. Ah! Primordial Magic! I did an OSL on the base! Got to take a new picture of that... *sigh*
  6. The main problem with Marcus is that he's his own mini-faction, really. Beasts have a deep pool, but a lot of the best ones aren't necessarily Arcanist - and you'll be buying across faction for things like Silurids, Waldgeists, Canine Remains, Dawn Serpent... He's good, but doesn't have a lot of overlap with the rest of the Arcanist models you have. I'd recommend Colette - not just for HER, mind you, but Performers are great Minions for luring and scheming, and Cassandra is IMHO one of the best Arcanist Henchmen - much better than Sandeep's. Alternately, you could reach deeper into models that will help your other two Masters rather than pick up a third, this will help you competitively a lot more than another Master - the two you have cover the primary schemes and strats, really. Silent Ones (so many heals), The Valedictorian (for Sandeep), Wind Gamin (best gamin), Snowstorm, Mechanical Rider (good gods, her teamed up with Sandeep would get RIDICULOUS numbers of Gamin), Angelica, Blessed of December, Ice Dancers... the list goes on. Or really, stops there aside from Metal Gamin.
  7. Both boxes together are probably the classic Neverborn pairing - like I said, Terror Tots are good Scheme Runners, about third best in our faction, which only makes them twice as good as what Guild and Outcasts get. A Nephilim Grow list (that would require young/matures, as well as Nekima and Shaman) is actually weak and gimmicky. Teddy's a good beater whose only weakness is his Df. Doppelchan is high up there for must-have Neverborn models. She lets you cheat a card into Initiative - important for those 'must move first' turns - can steal enemy attacks, and can do good work Scheming too. Lelu and Lilitu as a pair do many good things, and Lilitu by herself is a solid controller. Primordial Magic is the totem that Pandora wants, and can do good things with Lilith too - but a lot of people don't like how it looks, and you don't HAVE to run a totem model. Other than that, you're free to get what you want - Madnesses are better scheme runners for Pandora because of the Wp effects, Widow Weaver does more Wp tricks and makes Teddy faster, Waldgeists are rare tanky models for NB that do good things with Lilith, Illuminated are tanky beaters that many players have learned to respect. Stitched Together are okay for Pandora, but I wouldn't call them a must buy unless you're planning to get the Dreamer any time soon; Nekima's a great beatstick but you've already got one in Teddy if you don't like the giant succubus model; Angel Eyes finds her way into a lot of my lists but the Starter Box is expensive and really only suitable for giving demos; Mr. Graves does good things, but mostly as a bodyguard for the frailer NB Masters; Mysterious Emissary is a big nasty model that is designed to mesh with any Master, but requires Changelings for its summon and is more a controller than a killer.
  8. I think Lelu/Lilitu rate above the Stitched Together (and I LOVE them, btw, Oogie Boogies that they are) for several reasons: Movement tricks, reasonably durable models in a faction filled with frail ones, multiple free APs in Pounces, pushes, sharing Conditions... Doppelgangers are probably the first model that EVERY Neverborn players should reach for, though. So much win in such a slinky package.
  9. As said in the other thread, in Malifaux you don't really play a Master, you play a Faction - and it sounds like the irrational terrorist/freedom fighter monsters that are the Neverborn appeal to you more. They do complement each other decently. Pandora is all about plopping down into a zone and pinging enemies to death while controlling their actions and activation order. Lilith makes terrain, moves enemy models around, and slices them apart with her big-ass sword. I think that I'd like Titania in there as well to be a tanky, hard to remove Master (Pandy's okay at that, but not as good as Titania), but not everyone likes every model. Lili/Pandy both have a varied playstyle, and I can't think of many games that I wouldn't drop either into. And their boxes do good things together - the Terror Tots are solid scheme runners, Candy is just plain nasty at a lot of different denial schemes, Barbaros knocks things around. Teddy is... I haven't let myself use him too much, but he is a big scary model that does big scary things and matches very well with Pandora's playstyle - she causes Wp duels, he gets a free attack when a model fails a Wp duel, he causes Wp duels, she pings for damage when an enemy fails a Wp duel... His main problem is that he's tough, but not hard to hit. Concentrated attacks, especially if they have high minimum damage, will turn him to fluff. Apparently some people have great success in taking pairs of Teddies, but that's like half of a list in two models - it had BETTER be good! Do you want a list of models that you're likely to need or want? There is some overlap between them - they both like Lelu/Lilitu, the Doppelganger is great in all circumstances, and even if you don't like Titania her models do good things for both Lilith and Pandora. I pretty much covered why the Viks aren't necessarily the best option in that thread. The one downside to Pandora, I think, is that most of her box isn't that great. Her totem is terrible and her Sorrows are highly situational - they want to be really close, but are super frail and very slow. Baby Kade CAN be useful when paired with a Teddy, but he's a glass cannon made out of spun sugar - I find it hard to take him when I could take Lilitu instead.
  10. I'm going to go against the flow here and recommend against solo playing the Viktorias as the 10s, and instead recommend you go with the rating 7-8 models you like in Neverborn. As someone else said, in Malifaux you play a faction, not a Master - with rare exceptions, most Masters are designed to be good at some things and bad at others, to encourage variety of play. Eventually, the people you play against will know what you have when you belly up to a table and always takes what hard counters you, which will lead to lopsided games that frustrate you even if you win - right now at my local there's a Tara fanboy who's going through the same thing, and Tara is more versatile as a sole Master than the Viks are. I love the Viks too. I discounted my commission rate for a friend just to get the chance to paint them. But to have a solid model pool for playing into a game you'll want them with something super durable or good at scheming, like Tara or Von Schill, with an eclectic mix of models that don't adhere to any theme: 1) Librarian 2) Freikorps Trapper 3) Johan 4) Void Wretches 5) Hans 6) Convict Gunslingers 7) Hodgepodge Effigy And Parker Burrows' box is looking pretty good too.
  11. I like that. It opens up a lot of options and makes the generic totems even more versatile. My only real problem is that if you're hiring a Totem, the other three models had better be paragons of durability. I'm a belt-and-suspenders kind of guy, and having one of my models being a non-scorer when I only get four feels... iffy to me. On the other hand, it's solid activation control in a list that depends on Manipulative to keep your Leader safe.