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  1. Philosfr

    Is Malifaux too complex?

    It's a tough spot. If the game is going to continue to grow (as in, new ANYTHING, models, books, whatever), that inherently makes it tougher for a new person to get started, because each new thing is one more to pile on. Yet, if it doesn't continue to grow, veterans will get tired of the same combo's and same toys and move on to other games. Attracting new fans is still important, but the base is the people who are already playing. You know they are customers already (easier to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one). It's a tough spot. As a fan, I want the range to continue to grow, acknowledging it means I'm going to get beat by combo's I've never seen before. If Malifaux stopped growing, I would eventually get tired and drift off to other games that offered new possibilities. I'd rather the new possibilities be right in Malifaux.
  2. Philosfr

    Carry on My Ten Thunders Son

    Thanks for all the work you put in, helping make for some amazing games! Best wishes on the future
  3. Not sure I'd have much reason to play Illuminated with Titania. The Knights & scheme marker abilities make them more valuable for Titania I think. Illuminated might be slightly more durable, but the lack of scheme markers seems like a detriment
  4. Philosfr

    Terrain Lilith Crew Thoughts

    Especially when you bring Lilitu to lure things to him for a pounce and a 4" engagement range for his bonus damage... and Serena to give him Black Blood so he's not hurt if other things do get attacked
  5. Philosfr

    Terrain Lilith Crew Thoughts

    I've been using Lilith terrain lists quite successfully since Wave 5 and her new upgrade. Though I focus on Hazardous Terrain rather than simply just walls/cover. Lilith with her terrain upgrades Grootslang (1-2 depending on schemes) Ama no Zako (I'm still debating if this one makes sense) Lilitu for Luring models to Lilith's terrain Graves for pushing models to Lilith's terrain Baby Kade for pouncing & a lure if I'm really desperate Serena to give models like Baby Kade Black Blood & keep Lilith from nasty anti-WP conditions I've had the Mysterious Emissary in the list originally, but I don't think I'm getting full value out of it, so lately I've been leaving Mysterious at home. Grootslang bounce around their lairs for schemes, and can show back up in the middle suddenly for some nice positive twists to everything attacks with all Liliths markers around. And they're immune to hazardous even when Lilith isn't around, so she can leave minefields and not impair the Groot. I tried out the Cherub last night after I realized I could now shoot my own models with the hazardous terrain aura and not hurt them if they are near Lilith, but I was fighting against a Sandeep mage gunline so I didn't get much use out of it. The terrain list really really can restrict where enemies are comfortable fighting. When Lilitu can pull something into hazardous terrain, triggering Baby Kades pounce, and then take damage when they activate in the terrain, only to take black blood damage when they actually attack, it's pretty glorious. And it happens a lot more often than one would think. Especially if you drop a ram trigger on any Lilith's attacks for even more terrain...
  6. Philosfr

    Trouble with playing alt Hungering Dankness

    I've used it in a couple of real games. Like any of the big models with fancy weapons, tentacles or other parts sticking out, it can be tricky. Keep a spare 50mm base around for when it's in real tight corners and space matters. It's not just him though, there's lot of models (in lots of games) with this problem. Turning them around so the back is what is making contact with the enemy is another potential solution. Rule of Cool applies though. If it looks cool enough, plunk it on the table and learn what is needed to mitigate the disadvantages of size
  7. Philosfr

    Cyclops & Scheme Markers

    In a pseudo-tournament league format, I happened to play a game last week against a fellow Neverborn player, and we ended up matching Lilith vs Titania for one of the fluffiest match-ups yet. Except Nekima wasn't on the table and I had a pair of Cyclops fighting for Lilith instead of the other way around. If it wasn't for the fact we're both Neverborn, I would have totally said the Cyclops were massively OP vs Titania though! The (0) Frozen Runes specifies "scheme markers". It does't specify friendly or enemy. So unless I'm missing something, that means it works on enemy markers as well. At one point, one of my Cyclops used a 0 with seven scheme markers within 3". With her, I did 2 damage to enemy models, healed 3 wounds, slowed Titania (and discarded an enemy marker) and placed one of my own scheme markers on the table. Insane! Anyone else run into something similar? My list felt exceptionally brutal with the Cyclops to. I had Lilith with the Black Blood upgrade for a (0) heal, Serena to give the Cyclops black blood, and then the pair of them for Frozen Runes. That gives the Cyclops so many sources of healing back from Hard to Kill. Lilith and Serena both could heal them. They can heal themselves by discarding a Ram, or they can heal from Frozen Runes if they flip the right card. And with two of them, they can heal each other with Frozen Runes (or get more scheme markers with masks for the other to Frozen Runes). My local meta is beginning to dread seeing me plunk a pair down on the table...
  8. Philosfr

    Iron Painter - Final Results & Prizes

    Congrats to all! At least my worthy opponent who knocked me out in Week 3 went on to be a Bronze finalist! Congrats!
  9. Round 5, Eliminated Rasputina (original metal alt)