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  1. I feel somewhat foolish for even asking this, but if an enemy cannot "end" a push within Anna's aura, can it even start one if it's not far enough to get out? I have a strong dislike of enemy gremlins pushing away on a successful defense trigger and I am expecting to face a lot of them in the near future. I was considering hiring Anna for the aura to prevent them from doing this. After reading the other Dress questions, this wasn't actually covered. Say a gremlin has a 3" push, but is base to base with Anna. No way to get out of the aura with any push. Does that gremlin then not push at all? It seems like that, but I can see an opponent not accepting that, even though there's no other feasible way to interpret this.
  2. September FAQ & Errata

    Clarifying the Paralyze thing... Is a defensive trigger an action? For example, if Justice or a gremlin is paralyzed, could they still counterattack or squee away?
  3. Neverborn Intrafaction Balance Musings

    No need to apologize from my view, just making sure each side understands that this isn't politics... we can respectfully disagree and don't assume the other side are maliciously evil! As far as your points: 1) 100% agreed. A model needs to be judged in relation to other choices. Saying a 7 SS model in a faction that has very strong upgrades and buffing units should be 100% balanced to a 7 SS model that is nearly lacking in support and has few good upgrades isn't very fair. But saying a 7 SS model in Neverborn should be as good as a different 7 SS model in Neverborn is fair. Illuminated are a stand-out in Neverborn, so another 7 SS model that is intended for a similar purpose needs to be judged in relation to the Illuminated or it'll never get taken. 2) Most of my games are in Minneapolis area, but I've played at Adepticon the last couple years in Masters and other Malifaux events there. I know I was in for culture shock the first year and did quite poorly due to being unfamiliar with the Adepticon meta. I played Lilith both years for all my games (first year because I had to, second year because I wanted to compare) with largely the same core crew selection. I did much better in the second year because I was ready for the different play style than I was used to. That's my only experience with different meta's, but it does illustrate it can make a difference. I also think personal play style matters. I used to use Lilith very different than I do today, and I can see how my crew selection has changed to go with it. Before Lilith was always played forward, very aggressively and I needed things that could keep up with her and keep her safe. I also selected schemes that nearly never needed markers, preferring things like assassination and bodyguard. As I grew more comfortable with Lilith and started playing her more to the rear, along with the new schemes relying more heavily on markers, my crew selection changed as well. I still don't take quite what the podcast/tourney consensus agrees with, because I don't like Lilith to be so passive. I like Lilith because she can swing her sword like a first rate beat stick, and I want to be able to use it. So my crews emphasis is on things like Lilitu and the Doppleganger to Lure to Lilith, which ends up working fantastically with Baby Kade. 3) Small buffs can have unintended consequences though. If Barbaros gets better as a 10 SS model, what will he end up replacing? He's already very tanky and fairly durable. If his offensive improves, what model might he now make subpar? Alternatively, if it's only a small tweak, then the balance can't be too bad as-is or it would need more. I'm 100% with you on the anti-Rock/Paper/Scissors gameplay. I don't want model X to be a hard counter to model Y, but model Z crushes model X. Then you win or lose in a guessing game during list building. I'm not sure if focusing on flavor necessarily means that, but I do agree. Nekima is partially balanced by her very fragile nature. She's very offensive, but is built like wet tissue for any opponent that wants to try to get rid of her. If she was balanced by reducing offense (if OP) or buffing defense (if UP), then it takes away from her character a little bit. If she wasn't so all out nuts on offensive, she'd quickly be relegated to the shelf. She's fragile enough you often only get 2 rounds out of her, so she has to put out 13 SS worth of value in those two rounds. The other thing to keep in mind is value. 13 SS into one model means one set of activation. One model for schemes/strategies that are based on numbers. One target for super debuff's or a red joker on damage. It's "all your eggs in one basket". This has a cost of it's own that needs to be balanced. A 13 SS model that can do as much as a 6 SS and 7 SS model combined is less desirable than the 6 SS and 7 SS model.
  4. Neverborn Intrafaction Balance Musings

    I think it's just a matter of how "this model is below par and needs a buff". If I think that model is strong and routinely have success with it, then the assumption is you don't know how to play it. Of course, we know it's not quite that simple, but you're inferring the exact same thing in your comment: You're assuming that since we find models like Candy and Baby Kade useful, that we must not be playing the other models you consider strong effectively enough. It's the flip side to the same coin. I don't think it's out of malice or assuming ignorance, but there's been no other explanations put forth that would explain why both sides think they know better than the other side. So, without further ado, I think it's a matter of meta's. I've heard (maybe incorrectly) that the UK scene has very different lists than the US scene. I would say it's quite likely that you'll find similar differences in regional areas around the US as well. It could very well be that Candy and Baby Kade just don't perform as well when the opponents are playing a different style list, but are quite potent when playing in the local lists. There would need to be more in-depth analysis of the tournament lists in regional and national level games to be able to tease out how true this was. But the fact that there's not consensus and that there are several who argue for both sides of models like Baby Kade probably means these models are fairly well balanced, and the shifts of the meta are all that shifts the likelihood of their inclusion. We could certainly focus on other aspects of your list like Beckoners, and there would likely more agreement that these models rarely make a list. Beckoners are too tied to the Brilliance mechanic and therefore only function in a Brilliance heavy list in my opinion, so rarely ever get fielded. So while your list as a whole might be more for your meta, there are likely models that are below par for the faction that most everyone can agree on regardless of meta.
  5. Neverborn Intrafaction Balance Musings

    The math isn't quite that bad. A positive twist vs a straight flip is about 66% to 33%. It's a little less precise due to cards and not dice, but it's a good rule of thumb. I agree that this usually feels like always going second, but it's not that much worse than 50-50
  6. Neverborn Intrafaction Balance Musings

    Even without the doppleganger you have a 50-50 chance of being able to do that, and if you're willing to spend resources (i.e. stones) better than that. I think giving Howard re-activate and getting him to go virtually 3 times in a row would be much worse
  7. Neverborn Intrafaction Balance Musings

    I wouldn't go that far. Sure, the Doppleganger could get a set of Nekima's attacks, but that's not remotely the same thing as Nekima just activating twice. Nekima has a lot of other things going for her that a Doppleganger can't copy. I don't know how many times I've finished off a HtK model with Nekima cutting herself to avoid wasting an attack as an example.
  8. Neverborn Intrafaction Balance Musings

    I played a campaign with Scion + Emissary. That was fantastic. Scion would make things pop out a scheme marker with a 0, move then drop another marker. Then the Emissary would turn them both into a Changeling. 8ss was a bit expensive for that, but he also drove my opponents nuts trying to chase him down and kill him.
  9. Gen Con 2016 Orders

    It is magic! 2 minutes after I post, I just got shipping notices on both my orders! Thanks Wyrd!
  10. Gen Con 2016 Orders

    I've got 10163 and 10167 still awaiting fulfillment... but I'm happy to know they're up to 10132
  11. Neverborn Intrafaction Balance Musings

    Models are a toolbox, and how you decide to try to use those tools is nearly as important as what the tool is. If you're trying to use a hammer on a screw, it will work, but a screwdriver might work better. Conversely, if you're trying to hit a nail, you'd be better off with the hammer. I normally play Lilith, with Pandora being a distant #2. My master choice is part of the reason Barbaros, Candy and Baby Kade don't feel in need of anything to me. Barbaros is amazingly good at distracting another crew with Challenge, especially if it's a crew that requires targeting each other or staying fairly close. I feel people undervalue Challenge. I ran into some top finishers my first year at Adepticon that were surprised at how effective Challenge was at shutting down their crews or depleting their hand. Likely because they hadn't seen it get used. Sure, Barbaros sucks at dishing out damage, but that's not his purpose. His purpose is distracting a lot of bad guys, and he excels at that. Baby Kade on the other hand fits in great with my normal Lilitu/Doppleganger/Lilith style game. Kade sits underneath Lilitu's 4" whip and murders anything that gets close with even mid-range crows that I've been camping. With a crow and another model adjacent to him, he is a heck of a damage dealer. And if you are making use of his pounce, either through Lure or Gaze or pushes from Barbaros, you can keep his very fragile being safe. Hence my opinion. I can't think of a pounce that is scarier than Baby Kade's when something else is engaging the model. Yeah, Barbaros sometimes is lackluster in a game when my opponent gets lucky killing him quick or can ignore his challenge in some way, but in other games he's easily MVP.
  12. Neverborn Intrafaction Balance Musings

    When I see Baby Kade, Barbaros and Candy on the list of models to buff, I have a hard time accepting the rest of the list. I think all three models are VERY good at what they do, and they all frequently find places in my lists. I'm also not a fan of any of the debuff's you've suggested, but I doubt any Neverborn players would be
  13. Print on Demand Stat Cards

    I need to go take a peek... both 2015 and 2016 Adepticon's I've been questioned about my Nightmare Teddy being a legit model. Thankfully both times there was a chorus of other players around us very vocally supporting Nightmare Teddy as legit. I'm not optimistic that there's a Nightmare Teddy card though... I'd also like to request the older 1E Miss model cards of some sort. They aren't my primary factions and therefore haven't put them on the table with anyone I didn't already know, but it would be nice to have a card to match for the collection sake.
  14. Gen Con 2016 Orders

    I didn't get to place my order until early Thursday morning, so I'm not surprised mine hasn't shipped yet. But I'm optimistic that they'll be shipped sometime this week, and therefore should arrive a few states away by sometime next week
  15. Thanks For Everything!

    Best wishes on the future! You'll be missed, though I'm sure the Wyrd team will pick up the slack just fine