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  1. Round Three Voting - Information

    I didn't expect to make it to the end, but I do wish for their to be a diorama vs model category in the future. The voting continues to heavily favor diorama's over single models, when the single models have superior technique (though that wasn't an issue with my elimination). I am not complaining about this contest for the record, I knew the rules when I signed up and don't wish for any changes to this contest. But in the future, I would greatly prefer contests of just models, or at least a category for that.
  2. Lilith's offspring ;)

    I've tried it, but agree with the 'third scheme' comment. It takes too much work to get much value out of it. I find it is much more successful to hire in different things and skip the grow. That said, back blood shaman and nekima are important ones. I also say Barbaros. Good attack is designed to feed things to grow
  3. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    Love the Rasputina sculpt!
  4. Pandora - Woe Is Me

    I've also been trying Summoning Pandora lately. The biggest issue I've run into is lack of killing ability if Pandora dies. Sorrows are still as fragile as a porcelain tea cup dropped from the empire states building, so counting on them to do Misery damage after Pandora's demise has failed. I've always been a fan of paralyzing with Pandora and then letting the rest of my crew do scheming and killing, and I think I need to make Summoning Pandora crews a little similar. One thing to keep in mind is enemy conditions count! Play against someone giving out Fast, Defensive, Focus, and you don't need to apply that many conditions yourself. Especially since the opponent won't want to end Fast on their model because you summon a Sorrow off from it, so you can use it multiple times. I've had good luck with the crew, but I have spent too many resources on the conditions, which haven't been the concern.
  5. Round 2, Water Water Everywhere
  6. A Final Plea for GG2018

    I love the idea of pairing the suit of strategy to the "Always" scheme (even if it's not 'always' as you pointed out)!
  7. Homefront - Block 1

    That's nearly a certainty. My NB wins were cancelled out by my Sandmen votes...
  8. Would you kindly advise me?

    Yep. And if you can't think of what to do with him, have him drop a scheme marker, even if you don't need them to throw off the opponent. Or move into position and go defensive to make him harder for the enemy to remove.
  9. Would you kindly advise me?

    I wouldn't say Tannen is "terrible". His Cooler aura is pretty phenomenal in the right situation, such as a very interact heavy pool that also focuses most of the action on a single area or too. He's not going to be much help in combat, but he can force opponents to deal with him before they can get interacts done.
  10. Obey and (1) Charge actions

    I'm not sure where you're going with that. It explicitly lists Obey as something that changes the controller. If I understand what you're arguing for, you're saying that I can Obey your model to charge, but then you get to decide what to do about the attacks? That would be pointless then, why would I ever Obey a charge? Considering Zoraida just got an upgrade specifically allowing to Obey a Charge, it takes some odd mental gymnastics to say that the ability is more beneficial to the opponent. Or what do you think the results would be if interpreted your way?
  11. Obey and (1) Charge actions

    Obey controls an action (the entire action) Focus gives a positive flip to a duel when declaring an action. You don't flip any cards when you declare a charge, so you aren't really using the Focus on the charge. You're using the Focus on the first declared attack generated by the charge.
  12. Hungry lands and swamp things

    Having just painted it... it's sort of hard to decide how to paint it too. The range of textures and skin features left me baffled!
  13. Obey and (1) Charge actions

    Rather than risking mangling my answer again, from the rules: Actions Causing Actions Some Actions will force or allow a model to take another Action. If an Action calls for another Action to be taken (such as Charge or “Make A New Entry”) then the additional Action or Actions do not cost any AP. The original Action is not considered resolved until the new Actions are also resolved.
  14. Obey and (1) Charge actions

    Sorry. I mangled the second half of my answer, you're 100% correct.