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  1. Iron Painter 2017 - Round One

    I've never been a fan of the way OSL looks on the table, but it does make for high bar to weed out painters like myself. Though like others have said, I'm just going for the experience, not because I thought I had a chance at winning anyways. Round one, go!
  2. Back on Malifaux - Learning with Lilith

    Yeah, I'm with Ludvig here. It sounds like maybe you were playing a bit too cautious, or your opponent was. Having Lilith be the "center of the web" is great, but you want to make sure you're bringing a fly to the spider in that case. You don't want Lilith out in the middle of things to get beat on, but she's got a great sword to make use of when there's nothing else to do. That's why I like having Lilitu and Doppleganger around, because I can always lure something close to Lilith (and friendly pounces) if I don't see great uses for her other abilities. Lilith isn't a pure support master, she likes to get her hands (or at least her sword) dirty too
  3. Alt Huggy

    Now if they could only make the miniature incorporeal too...
  4. Alt Huggy

    On a shelf, yeah, definitely. But in a 80mm wide alley between two buildings with models based to base, there's no where to go with those tentacles
  5. Alternate Nekima

    I didn't like the sword either, but liked the rest enough to pick it up anyway. The sword grew less terrible with time, so I assembled and primed with it. That simple conversion is making me change my mind though, I think I have to go back and do that! I probably even have a spare sword from an old metal Nekima that I modified for a Halloween theme, so I wouldn't need to sacrifice a sword from my other metal Nekima
  6. Alt Huggy

    The base overhang is definitely a concern. Very hard to make him fit in any type of case or on the table in a lot of cases. It looks very cool, but it's on the verge of being unplayable. That said, I still like him better than the old sculpt Got mine painted up as soon as I got home from GenCon so I could use him in a league the next day.
  7. Back on Malifaux - Learning with Lilith

    I do like the Cherub for interact heavy things, but usually only if it's a (2) interact. The problem with the Cherub is that he needs to be right there in the thick of the action to get the full effect. And it requires setup. The Cherub has to be in position before your interacting model, which telegraphs to your opponent what you're doing. When I used to use the Cherub more against opponents that were familiar with it, it would get murdered as soon as it moved into position and before I got much use out of it. So between being 50% more expensive, arguably more fragile, and require much more work to get it to pay off, I tend to go straight to PM and forget about it. Sure, Cherub can pay off big in the right situation, but it has to be 50% more valuable than the PM to value his points, and that's requires a lot of attention I'd rather devote towards setting up some wicked Lilith pounces.
  8. Alternate Nekima

    Now that is a more reasonable argument for his size being big. Though it seems implausible. It's not like they would have been delivered a whole pile of plastic that was bigger than anticipated and said "oh, we better charge more". They would have had to at least place a PO before the Grootslang were even shipped to them in the first place, so they would have known their plastic cost was higher than anticipated long before. I'm guessing it was more likely a typo.
  9. Iron Painter 2017

    I'm in!
  10. Alternate Nekima

    Just because it's very big doesn't mean it's a scale issue. There's nothing saying the Grootslang can't be a 20' monstrosity. And it's only Ht 3 because it normally walks on all four legs, making it shorter for game purposes. I think it's a mistake to assume it's a mistake
  11. Back on Malifaux - Learning with Lilith

    You mention the Primordial Magic would have been useless except for Rush of Magic... but even if it's just there for that, it's useful enough to take Rush of magic is one extra card / discard per turn. In a 5 turn game, that's 5 cards, or 2.5 soul stones worth of cards if you keep him in the back corner hiding. And he only costs 2 SS. Plus he's an activation. Totally pays for itself in other words. And if you can use it as a scheme marker or get the rare Nullify off, it's just gravy.
  12. What lovely eyes you have.

    I generally use Changelings mostly after summoning them with the Emissary. Between manipulative and regeneration, I nearly never have anyone actually bother attacking them in that case, knowing they are very expendable. I'm not sure I'd want to go through the work of keeping Coppelius near them to use his attack just for the +df. I'd probably rather keep them near the Emissary and slam home the cast action at range if they are going to attack, or use them as I normally do, which is blink around and interact.
  13. SPOILER WARNING speculation on Minako Rei

    I'd be hopeful for a Henchmen model that allowed unusual hiring options into the crew. Though that is more through her generalship role and role to bring people on board to Misaki's plan. Unless she just has ulterior motives, but the story makes her seem legit. But the art was awesome... it has to get a model of any role or stats.
  14. Always Scheme

    I really like the idea of the Faction Schemes making a comeback, but agree that the balancing of these and arguments are probably not worth it That said, I'd be more in favor of eliminating an "Always Scheme". I understand the history of it, but the balancing of that scheme becomes a whole chore in itself. If it's too easy, everyone will always take it since they can plan and practice for it and always get it. If it's too hard, it'll never get taken and it results in a smaller scheme pool. Give us 5 random schemes instead, so that if one scheme was too hard or too easy to achieve, it will only come up occasionally rather than always.
  15. Back on Malifaux - Learning with Lilith

    Lilith is my primary go-to master and I've gotten a fair amount of experience with Titania. Still prefer Lilith though. I highly recommend picking up Lilitu for use with Lilith. That might just be my preference, but the very reliable Lure works well with the way Lilith likes to play. Best advice I ever got for Lilith is that she is a "spider in middle of a web". Don't use her big sword to go charging after people. Make people come to her, where she can quickly cut them down one at a time and stay safe. A few Lilith tricks - Tangle Shadows is an AMAZING ability. Remember, it can target your own models, so the CA 5 is irrelevant. Move up a cheap piece, then tangle shadows to get a slow beater half way up the board and into charge range. If you have an enemy with a low WP in middle of a group, Tangle Shadows that to drop a big tar pit into the middle of them and then spend the rest of your AP to chop up the one you tangled. You can even nominate Lilith as the friendly model to move, giving her amazing threat range. - Terrain generation from Waldgeist, Beckon Malifaux or her new Book 5 upgrade play very nice with Wicked Mistress and Living Blade. Maybe not the most AP efficient, but you can drop some terrain in front of her, root something, lure/push it to break the root into terrain to slow & terrain damage & extra damage, then get a free pounce-esque swing. - Lure + Teddy + Baby Kade is also all sorts of fun. I once had Lelu use his ability to gain pounce, which gave it to Lilitu. Then I used Lilitu to pull Francisco into Teddy's reach, triggering a Smell Fear swing, which connected and then pushed Francisco into Liltu's 4" reach. She then lured a second time to pull Francisco into Baby Kade's and Lilith's pounce range. He didn't live through the experience. - Don't forget her front side Master of Malifaux. You don't need to see to target things, so things like Tangle Shadows and Root work great while keeping her out of sight. She has a decent ML defense, but melts completely against WP attacks. Keep her out of sight against those, and use Lure/Tangle to pull things one at a time to her and murder them. - Remember, the Doppleganger can be a duplicate Lilitu if you get used to using her. Plus she can turn into Nekima when the lure is done!