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    Have had a look and there are only 4 players signed up for this with no update on the facebook page since the beginning of Jan. Is this a case of a non updated facebook page and there will be hordes of people beating there way to the seaside on the day or is this event not going to happen? Cheers
  2. durrati

    What models have errata?

    Ah I thank you. The perfect answer.
  3. The title sums it up really. What with the new errata I suppose I should look to upgrade my cards for those models I own with changes. Thing is, I am fairly sure I have models that have had errata in the past whose cards I have not changed. Is there a list of all errata'd models that I can check against? If not can anyone advise the best way to find such information? Cheers
  4. Also, keep in mind that although all masters are available to choose when playing a game / tournament does not mean you need to have access to all of them to be competitive. You would be far better of learning to play a couple of masters well than trying to learn them all. If you pick the right couple of masters you should have a decent chance in any game. For instance, the two masters I use for Neverborn are Pandora and the Dreamer. I enjoy playing them both and they both are effective at different strategies / schemes. So there is no combination of s & s that between them they can not have a decent crack at. My advice would be first pick a faction - if you are expanding from the starter either Neverborn or guild are your best best - agree with your friend who takes which. Then pick a master based on the fluff - some are more effective than others but non are that bad. Play some games with that master. When you see how you are getting on with that master you will be learning its weaknesses and therefore have a clear idea of what second master and other models to buy. Then learn the game using those two masters and branch out from them latter. Or, just look at the masters that catch your imagination and buy them - give em a go, jump in the deep end, don't worry about a clever plan. Have fun, experience bad things happening and make your mind up from there. Very few masters are that far behind the others in effectiveness, Malifaux is a well balanced game.
  5. durrati

    New Player Jakob Lynch

    Without wanting to get involved in a Lilitu / Beckoner debate (there is a recent thread that argued the pros and cons of each) I would advise to not under estimate the power / usefulness of a reliable lure. I think with Malifaux it is a truism that you can in theory appreciate how useful a model / combo / ability is but it is not until you use it, or more likely have it used against you that you think 'ah, now I get it'. So yes, I think I can say that the option of a reliable lure is a must as an option - although you may not feel the truth of this until you get screwed over by an enemies lure. You can use Huggy's Head my Voice for this role - but remember that every AP of Huggy's that you use for this is not an AP being used to eat face - important if you are using Huggy as a beater. You will also start thinking of more creative uses for Head My Voice than moving the opponents models about. Getting an enemy model to shoot there own master in the back of the head is always worth it for giggles when you can get it done. Also remember lure is a very useful trick for moving your own models about - saves henchmen / master AP for something more useful than just walking or setting up an unexpected charge with a beater that your opponent did not think was in range. So yes, a good lure is a very useful option to have.
  6. If playing as Lucius I stone for extra cards at the beginning of a turn - can I devils deal that to get the stone back? Is the the master that is considered to spend the stone or the player? TIA
  7. durrati

    Bitefau2 - Return of the Chomp - Chessington - 22nd October

    Ticket pad for your lovely event, name of Adam Worsdale. Cheers
  8. durrati

    Francisco Proxy

    To the right of the picture in his coat - is that an actual cake slice?
  9. durrati

    Francisco Proxy

    I am usually happy to use Wyrd models, even ones that I think are not so good.The Francisco model though I find so bad that it is not going to grace my table - however signed of that design needs to give themselves a good talking to. So, I am faced with trying to find a second hand metal one, or a proxy. Any recommendations for proxy figures? If they are sold by a company that is going to Salute, so much the better. Cheers
  10. durrati

    Summer Showdown June 14th @Wayland Games Centre Essex

    For the people that are saying giving the starts and scemes at the start of the day is not so good for experienced players - would have to disagree, I think this sits in a space to give maximum advantage to more experienced players. Broadly players can find out strats and schemes at one of three points. 1. In advance. 2. Start of the day. 3. Right before the start of the game. With the first option, yes experienced players get loads of time to plan and improve their lists as well newer players. But the outcome is far better for the newer player. The jump from 'I really am not sure what I am doing and will therefore probably play like a clueless muppet' to 'I at least have a coherent plan and an idea of how to implement it' is huge. For experienced players, there list might get better, but going from good to better is far more incremental. With the second option, where you get a short amount of time to check and figure out - the less experienced player is far less able to develop a coherent plan so falls back on I know what these models do so will take them. The expereinced player, with far better knoweldge, can go through the 'breakthrough therefore a silurid, insidious madness and a hoodrider should work, hang on a minute want to think through the best model to puts wings of darkness on'. So the less experienced players list / plan does not get a chance to develop due to lack of time but the expereinced player gets enough time to make sure they go from good to better. WIth the last option, - this is basically the same as giving starts and schemes at the start of the day for Mr Bunny, as he will still go with 'I have an idea what these models may do so I will go with them'. Whereas the experienced player gets less time to improve their list. The giving strats and schemes at the start of the day seems to give maximum advantage to the expereinced player to the disadvantage of their less practised opponent. Which seems a bit unfair and I am fairly sure not what a tournament organiser would acttually want to do.
  11. durrati

    Gertfaux, 28 February 2015, Bristol - Round 1 Draw up!

    Have also not said that Tim Porter and I (Adam Worsdale) count as coming from the same club so please try to not much us in the draw.In fact, we have never played anyone else at Mofaux so avoiding each other would be appreciated.....
  12. durrati

    Headhunter Head Markers

    Ah yes, makes sense. I thank you.
  13. Soon going to my first Mfaux tournament and it is using the Headhunter Strategy. Would the head markers count as scheme markers? So therefore count say guild guard 'investigate' - move to contact an enemy scheme marker, or the peacekeepers 'get rid of all scheme markers' ability? Cheers
  14. durrati

    Gertfaux, 28 February 2015, Bristol - Round 1 Draw up!

    Well that's annoying.... Mind you, if someone killed me I would probably consider them an enemy........
  15. durrati

    Gertfaux, 28 February 2015, Bristol - Round 1 Draw up!

    Can I kill my own models and then pick up the scalp?