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  1. Corn

    New to Guild

    Gnomezilla has the right of it, Charles Hoffman is an excellent halfway point between Arcanists and Guild. Its a great way to ease into Guild, put a new spin on models you already own, and quickly get up to regular 50 ss games using your existing collection. Hoffman's box is also pretty boss, the Hunters are one of the best minions available in Guild, and work great with almost every master, the Guardian was vastly improved in the 2017 errata and is a great consideration across the faction, and the Watcher is one of our top scheme runners. @Gnomezilla I like Sidir with Promises and by your side in Hoffman's crew for flips. He also adds more ranged support, and can save a buffed up construct from a lethal strike in a pinch- which is often all Hoffman needs to heal up the construct and retaliate with great prejudice. As you mentioned the Emmisary also has a . The big thing with Hoffman is to not get too carried away creating the ultimate death machine. This is still Malifaux, and everything is still very killable. Hoffman can make something very durable but some enemy heavy hitters can still bring it down quickly. Having a back up beater can be a life saver, and not forgetting that Hoffman can launch a construct across the table incredibly rapidly makes him a surprisingly competent scheme master. He probably isn't a great idea if your opponents tend to have an abundance of armour ignoring- or the Victorias, but Hoffman is one of my favorite masters to play.
  2. Corn

    Rate Crews in Tier 2.0

    One of the interesting things about logfaux is that it doesn't account well for things like Guild McMourning. McMourning leads Guild in terms of win % and he solidly surpasses Resser Doug. I don't think it's because he is obviously superior to him in Ressers, nor do I think he is necessarily stronger than Masters like Dita or Sonnia. Rather it's that his box is far more useful to Resser players and thus the only people who play him in Guild already have substantial Guild investment, and usually experience. As a result there are fewer new players playing Guild McMourning. Or at least that's my theory. Guild Doug may just be an absolute boss and I need to play him more!
  3. Corn

    Guild ignores armour

    Pathfinder has a trigger on the Musket to ignore armour and h2w. Good damage spread too, especially if you focus for a severe damage and blast onto the Graveyard Spirit
  4. Corn

    Collection Advice

    Witchling Stalkers are also a nice choice for Lady Justice. They don't fit as thematically with Lady Justice but they are solid minions in any crew. Dispel Magic is one of those things that can change the outcome of a game by removing a key condition and freeing up your models- especially since a Witchling Stalker is one of the only ways you can clear conditions from Justice. They also make good minions for Justice to Inspire, as they appreciate flips on their ml6 shattered blades. A box of Witchling Stalkers are a great add on to pretty much any Guild Master, they are our main source of in faction condition removal and as such will always be useful. The other nice thing about Witchling Stalkers is that if your guy does decide to get into Sonnia later, she'll want more than the 3 Stalkers that come in her box because she can potentially summon them with one of her upgrades- having 6 in your bag in case Sonnia gets some lucky Summons off is essential to any Sonnia player.
  5. Corn

    Collection Advice

    I always recommend picking up a Pathfinder. He is really effective operating away from the rest of the crew with his solid equipment, from the shadows, and ability to summon clockwork traps. In my opinion the Pathfinder is one of Guild's top minions and I like him with most masters. Against a lot of crews clockwork traps can slow them down significantly- taking away an ability to charge, threatening with slow when they activate, and taking disengaging strikes. I've had turns where I walk, throw a trap into somebody's face, then walk back into cover. You can also use them to protect an objective marker, or just generally clog up movement lanes your opponent needs to use.
  6. Corn

    Lady Justice

    Badge of Office: As has been said by trikk and others. Lady Justice is pretty durable against small cuts due to healing. Fear not the Sword, Juggernaut, Orderlies, Activating near the Emissary. Guild now has access to an array of different ways to put some health back on our Lady, making her significantly more vulnerable to one big hit. A big Red Joker damage flip or cheat has a much better chance of putting Justice down by removing a big chunk of her health. Being able to negate your opponents coup de grace is huge and almost always worth it. Last Stand: I really like unimpeded, it combines really well with the blind charge, and makes Justice very comfortable in terrain, where she is also more protected from ranged attacks. I don't usually get much use out of the pushes, but its nice when you need it. To me Unimpeded for 1 ss is worth it though. Implacable: Implacable is a counter pick. I'll usually pick it up if my opponent declares Guild, Gremlins, or Outcasts. Those factions tend to have a healthy amount of sh actions, and the bullet proof +1 is nice for taking the edge off those. The no walking out of engagement range is situationally useful vs opponents with limited pushes. But plenty of stuff gets around it. Thalarian Stone: If you have ever wondered why you would ever take this, you've got a good point. I've used it before with a 7 ss cache as a discount Francisco. It pairs decently well with the Guardian's Defensive , and can threaten with a Riposte or dodge an attack. It is really hard on your ss cache, and not worth it in a truly competitive list. Generally you'd be better off finding the points Francisco. The Thalarian Stone is however Fun to use with Justice and its pretty funny when you catch someone off guard.They really need to buff the Faction Stones to just be a flat +3 to the defense and will power stats for a soulstone, and change the (0) action to beginning of activation for a discard.
  7. Corn

    Breakdown of Lucius MKII

    Its not that everything should be in the bubble all the time, it's that I find i am more flexible if everything can benefit from being in the bubble. Stuff is moving around, a model will finish a job on a flank and rush in to support Lucius, a quick model will move away from Lucius to intercept an opponent in the distance. Lucius can speed up a model with a command and a presence and fling it someplace else. In my own experience my Executioner has not performed markedly better than a Hunter or a Withling Thrall and I would rather have the Hunter guarding the Flank as he can use his 3 inch push to zip around, generate his own flips and can pull enemy models out of position with his spear. I don't usually like the Executioner though so I may be biased. He is better now with Ready to Work, and I have had fun with Judge using Combat Effectiveness on him. He's definitely a good pick for enforcer heavy games
  8. Corn

    Breakdown of Lucius MKII

    @Cadaverousbirth Models like the Executioner just seem like a bad fit for Lucius, the synergy is really just limited to a Commanding Presence and What Lackeys are For. While I've played a lot of different Lucius crew builds, they always focus on taking advantage of as many of Lucius' buffs as possible, I don't like models that aren't reaping those flips and commands, or able to benefit defensively from the from Red Tape. Especially when guild now have such good access to potent minions- I just always find myself reaching for minions when I play Lucius- Death Marshals, Stalkers, Hunters, Guardians, Thralls, Austringers, Pathfinders, etc. If I do reach for an Enforcer it will likely be something like Mr. Graves or the Doppleganger which take advantage of everything except Issue Command. The big exception to this is the Brutal Emissary- Brutal Conflux's aura stacks really well with Lucius' in a minion heavy crew and the healing trigger on A Cage for All makes for an excellent support piece which emphasizes the crews I want to bring with Lucius. The more flips you can get for your minions the more effective Lucius' out of activation attacks becomes, and the less reliant on your hand you are. Or if you are really cool you can have it jump in with Diestro. At the end of the day, Lucius only really feels worth it if his crew is benefiting to the nines from all of his different support abilities.
  9. Corn

    Amalgamation Charter

    Fluffwise I think we are moving in a very interesting direction, at first I was concerned that Marlow and Hoffman were a bit "Mary Sue" especially in the last chapter, however after thinking about it I believe that this is a deliberate move by Wyrd to strengthen the overall human presence in Malifaux, and align Guild and Arcanist interests against the growing power of the Neverborn and Resurrectionists. A shift in power within the Guild. As much as I love our dear Secretary Lucius, the man is a cancer to the Guild, a subversive Neverborn spy pursuing Neverborn interests at the highest levels of the Guild. The move to have Governor General Franco Marlow elevate Charles Hoffman to his right hand, at the expense of Lucius Mattheson's cancerous influence, strengthens the Guild in the long run. It also draws the Guild closer to the Arcanists- the other largely human group- Hoffman has a good relationships with Victor Ramos, and the new Guild appears to be establishing a far better working relationship with the Union as evidenced with the shut down of Lucius' anti Arcanist trials nearly immediately after Marlow's arrival. @Masquer as you noted though, this leaves the Guild itself ripe for conflict within itself (which is great for RPG and story telling). Lucius' will obviously move to regain his power politically by building alliances. McMourning and his experiments are almost certainly in violation of the Amalgamation Charter, and the Doug is already closely affiliated with Lucius. Sonnia Criid, a staunch anti Arcanist about to be in debt to Dr. Douglas McMourning- she already signed over to him access to Arcanist prisoners. I think we are going to see a loose allegiance between these three figures to preserve the "old world order". I think what I am getting at is that in addition to the Amalgamation Charter and the unfolding personal vendetta vs Anna, Hoffman right now represents a lot more. He is implied to already have replaced Lucius' as the new top Guild Officer, right hand of the Governor General, and face of the Guild. This opens him up from a story telling perspective to a wide range of possible interactions. From Neverborn assassination attempts from a desperate Lucius, to Arcanists and 10T through the Foundry moving to advance their own interests through a possible relationship with Hoffman, to direct confrontation with the Witch Hunters and their own Guild Charter. I am really interested in seeing how the new Guild political scene unfolds, and I think Charles Hoffman will be at the center of it.
  10. Corn

    What do belles dislike

    Sanctioned Spell Casters can shut it down as well.
  11. Corn

    Lady Justice

    Haha, indeed. But one of the original questions is models we would take with Justice, and I have considered taking the Wastrel prior to wave 3. They are a decently cheap activation and objective runner which can heal justice. Their biggest issue is the Orderly came a long and does it better by being faster, with unimpeded, with a better damage track, can still heal, and can cycle a card if it kills another scheme runner. Making it a great model for the Lady to inspire and keep around.
  12. Corn

    Lady Justice

    Well the big thing is that when it comes down to list building, I just don't have the points for a Warden, and I feel like something else slightly more expensive or slightly less expensive would do a better job. This is especially true in a list where you are taking advantage of the Emissary for added mobility. Emissary, Judge, Effigy, and Guardian / Franc are expensive and after paying for those you don't have a ton of points to spare for the Warden. As a general combat model I would rather have the more independent Hunter for a ss more, as a Scheme Runner I would rather have an Orderly who also benefits from inspired is significantly faster for running schemes, and can occasionally heal Justice. If you want a Witchling Stalker to dispel magic and remove conditions on Justice or others, that puts an even higher premium on your available points. And then you might want a Field Reporter who while doesn't directly synergize with Justice is an excellent cheap activation, scheme runner, and counter schemer- and the reporter can document the triumphs of our Lady. What it comes down to is I don't feel the Warden offers anything special to a Justice crew, its not that he is terrible, he just doesn't make the cut for other models that I feel my lists need more. I like my Warden, don't get me wrong, and I field it often in Guardsmen Lucius and in McCabe crews. He just needs a little something extra to compete. Whether that is Dashel giving him + flips to shoot and (0) focus or adding a second Ram to the Glowing Saber's attack making him possibly the best wielder of that artifact (or at least most cost effective because the Pale Rider can be hilarious in later turns). Basically he just needs a little extra that isn't found in Justice's crew to be a competitive choice. Competing with a Pathfinder or Austringer is a tough bracket.
  13. Corn

    Lady Justice

    Are we talking about McCabe's Metalic Sword Bearer or Lady Justice here? I don't usually reach for a Warden when I play Justice, their attack stats just feel too low, and I always feel like I'm spending resources I don't have for tricks that don't have the impact I need. For 1 ss more I would rather pay for a Hunter or a Guardian on the construct side of things. Guardian and Hunter have better melee stats, in terms of range the Hunter's Chain Spear can generate its own + Flips and guarantees slow. The push is also useful for dragging enemies into Justice's arms or away from the fray and out of position. I would rather Inspire either of them then the Warden.
  14. Corn

    Hoffman: Guild or Arcanist beaters?

    Honestly when I think about Arcanist beaters, the one that comes to my mind is Joss. Sure, Langston is a bit sexier, and if Frame for Murder is in the pool (and it will be frequently) one of the Enforcers will likely be a better pick. Joss is probably the most durable pick Hoffman can field, he has hard to kill which can help him hold on in a situation where another melee beatstick might falter, and if he can hold on at that 1 wound level, he'll pick up reactivate. Being able to stone for damage prevention can also give him a bit more flexibility in terms of surviving than a Peacekeeper. He has a very flat line melee attack which doesn't care about triggers, or damage flip- making him just as deadly with Machine Puppet attacks as his own. He can generate additional scrap which Hoffman can use to Heal or upgrade or even just blow up. The fact that his attacks ignore just about everything is icing on the cake. As a Henchmen he can carry both Numb to the World and Debt to the Guild, which makes him significantly more dangerous. (and still the same price as a peackeeper with Numb, or cheaper than Howard with Numb). He is especially comfortable being near the Brutal Emissary who with a low tome can set up a healing aura for friendlies activating near him- which means reactivating him will heal him back up to 3 wounds just for being near the emissary, with possible additional healing from Hoffman. Scrap from killing living models, and a smaller base to help him get into position. The Emissary can also borrow his arc axe, which will give people a headache for sure. The flips are gravy too. I would consider the 40mm henchmen for the same role as the 50mm enforcer beatsticks in a Hoffman crew. Especially one that includes the Emissary. Ryle and Joss both make excellent beat sticks in a Hoffman crew. Between the Emissary and your Henchmen, you really don't need another big monster, and it would probably just get in the way. You could use those points instead on fielding somebody like Sidir who can give anybody with a modification free flips, and occasionally shoot his gun or try to hand out slow. Sidir is also especially nice because By Your Side can be used to avert a deathblow to one of your constructs and make them hit Sidir instead. Joss is at 1 wound and just gained reactivate, opponent has one more attack... BY YOUR SIDE.
  15. Corn

    Lady Justice

    My only issue with the Mounted Guard as a body guard is that the defense only lasts until the end of the turn. In general I prefer Buffs that last until the Model's next activation like Franc's El Mayor or the Guardian's Protect because they persist over until the next turn, and put a bit less pressure on winning the initiative to keep your defenses up and running. The Mounted Guard's buff has all the disadvantages of next activation buffs (killing the buffer ends the buff). The one advantage of end of turn buffs (like the lawyers) is that at least they stay up if the model gets brutally murdered. As an aside though, using the Mounted Guard would be amazing with Justice. Its capable of delivering a hard hitting enforcer to keep pace with the Lady herself- like Bishop, Grimwell, or an Executioner- and placing them right into the fray and giving the whole blob to defense until the end of turn. The trigger to chain activate to Justice or the freshly delivered beater is just icing on the cake. He is definitely a solid support piece and helps the crew stay mobile. Its too bad his delivery system is limited to non master- however I'm certain that is because of Justice. in terms of upgrades- I would be hesitant to leave home without Badge of Office, between heals from the Emissary, Guardian, Effigy, and Justice herself, you are far more vulnerable to a big chunk of damage than little cuts. Being able to negate a big red joker or severe damage flip is a huge boon to her. Last Stand for unimpeded. If you play vs a lot of outcasts, guild or gremlins Implacable gives you bullet proof which helps her defense even more. If you aren't running Francisco, Thalarian Stone is nice for raising her defense to make Ripost more likely, and pairs well with any flips you can muster. Those are the big four that I'll usually consider in most games. Last Stand isn't as important if you are using the Brutal Emissary as a delivery system, but it is still nice, Badge of Office I would always take, and I'll pick the other 2 based on my opponents faction, and board set up. I haven't been taking the Scales lately. I haven't had them actually do anything for me in a while, because if your opponent has fewer cards than you he will probably do absolutely nothing at all. Bash is terrible, tip the scales requires one of your best cards from hand or deck, and his card draw has a chance to do nothing. the WP is situational, but not worth 3ss. Brutal Emissary: I've used the Brutal Emissary with Justice and Judge and it does a lot to make her more terrifying. Placing her in base contact with a 50mm base after up to 2 6 inch walks gives her a lot of added mobility, and if you are playing vs a very aggressive crew the Emissary himself can be swinging J's great sword. The Emissary just feels like the movement trick lady justice has been waiting for, so it is a welcome addition to the crew. I wouldn't play Justice without it anymore. That crew build is very good, and everything in it plays very well. However I know I would not run that crew against newer players. Dropping off a def 7 wp 9 Lady Justice with Fear not the Sword in base contact with the Emissary is a surprisingly fast, damaging combo, which can potentially leave a seriously bad taste in the mouth of a new player still trying to come to grasps with their own crew's synergies. In terms of running Justice to show new players the game and experience different things I would probably stick to a her core death marshal crew even if it is less competitive. Judge, Scales, a few Marshals, an Exorcist, maybe a Recruiter. It doesn't really matter what you bring, just as long as it looks pretty. I would save the Emissary dropping off a turbo charged Justice for more experienced players.