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  1. I really enjoy Frame for Murder on the Pathfinder. From for Shadows lets you deploy him aggressively, and if your opponent suspects him, as long as you've got a few good you can cause endless headaches for your opponent slowing down your opponents crew, forcing lots of simple walk duels to drain good cards from their deck / hand, and occasionally blasting with a surprisingly effective musket. Pathfinders are usually tedious enough that they warrant some special attention to kill, and with Df6 you can dodge attacks from most minions, and maybe draw the ire of a nearby master or henchmen.
  2. Issue command to cause a Hound to (1) charge with focus. That should suprise someone, especially if the Hound ends up in the Elite Training . Woof Speaking of that, If you take an Executioner you could Commanding Presence it to discard it's Ready to Work upgrade and charge. An out of activation Executioner charge could take anyone by suprise. Too bad Thrall are a thing and benefit so much more from Lucius' abilities for the same price tag.
  3. This is true. However this greatly limits Yasu's access to McMourning, and the big bird is limited by his own 50 mm base. If you can block where he has to land to avoid the overlapping auras, like say a field reporter, or a nurse who can hands off away, or terrain where he just cannot put his huge base. The fact that Malifaux Bases are 1.18 inches across does make overlapping auras a bit less powerful, but he does have to be very precise with where he lands, basically directly across from either the Exorcist or Doug. You can use that to at least limit the targets he can effectively go for. If Yasunori murders one 5-6 stone model and leaves himself open to counter attack you may just come out ahead. Putting up a big, "no fly zone" can also make Yasu a bit more predictable with where he will land
  4. Just throwing more random things out there Exorcist- especially with Plastic Surgery McMourning, can potentially slow down Yasu significantly, McMourning has 3 undead, and the Exorcist has 3 No Triggers. If you can keep your key models in those bubbles, you are still going to take a massive punch in the face, but at least you only have to account for 2-3 attacks as opposed to 4-5 attacks. It may be worth it to go spend crazy and pick up a lead lined coat for the Exorcist, because if Yasu kills him too easily he'll have the triggers for his remaining attacks- with Lead Lined coat the Exorcist can survive 3 minimum damage hits from Yasunori, and Hard to Wound cancel's the to damage from Recalled Training. The Nurse can give some armour, the negative effect can be removed by a witchling, and the Nurse is significantly less of an obey hazard if it strolls into the No Trigger's Aura. Nurse's are also Guarenteed to survive a single hit from Yasunori, and can Hands off to run away, so if he tries to pick one off throw any mask at it.
  5. Judge is also unique in that His Combat Effectiveness is a (1) action, and his Stand for Judgement is a (0) action. So if you want to both queue up Hopkins in the Emissary's box, and still pull Sonnia's fat ass into position, Judge is the only one who can do it. EDIT but before we get too excited, lets all take a moment to remember that Samael w/ Vengeance Bullet + Debt, Judge with Unrelenting Leader, and the Emissary is 32 points. If you want a Witchling Handler in there too we are looking at 40 points minimum!
  6. I love Death Marshals- especially with Lucius, but I feel that Pine Box will have trouble vs Yasunori. Yasu has higher WP than their cast and on recalled training turn a flip to defend. Don't count on their hand being terribly drained either. Recalled training giving Yasu to hit on ml6 means he probably won't be needing to cheat often... but you will. The other big issue with the Box is that you will be at to keep Yasu in there at the begining of the Marshal's next activation, so it'll probably escape and you have to wrestle it back in again, focusing if you are far away from Lucius. Add that to the fact that Yasu can annihilate a death marshal without breaking a sweat and its a tough sell on counter. Nellie seems like she can do well with Field Reporters and Embedded Ronin sporting disguised, and Phiona able to set up LoS blocking terrain to further impede charge lanes and LoS. As long as Yasu is walking into combats and not charging you might live a bit longer. McCabe can also set up a large part of his crew to straight up tank Yasunori. Toss Strange Metal Shirt to a Minion, and give it reactivate. Minion (0) to give everybody armour, Reactivates and (0) again, and Queeg strolls by and intimidates it into another (0). Armour +3 on everybody in a big 4 inch . Armour +3 means Yasu needs a severe to do more than 1 damage- and whether your opponent wants to throw that King for 2 damage is another question. EDIT: CANNOT REACTIVATE COMPANION TO YOURSELF. Advance your Armoured up the board, and say "come at me bro". Hilariously in later turns you can get up to +4 by bubbling once, activating McCabe, reactivating and giving the shirt to a different minion then laugh when your opponent cuts through your armour +4 crew with something that ignores armour... @Cadaverousbirth ah I missed that FAQ, still you can just have Queeg stroll by first, then companion into the rifleman or hound. That still gets you two quick (0) actions granting armour before the opponent can retaliate.
  7. The Doppelganger and changings can also borrow witch hunt setting things on Fire and discourage enemies from taking cover Sam is also a decent counter pick vs Kirai, as Witch Hunt can do heavy damage to low wound incorporeal spirits without attracting the attention of ikyro
  8. Keep in mind Sam doesn't need to be in a Sonnia crew to do some work. Lucius: both Lucius and Back in the Box can help him move into prime position and his rapid fire will be devestating in a Diestro Emissary list. Nellie: @4thstringer had a thread on this as already mentioned, but also note that Nellie can hot off the presses an enemy model, setting them on fire and place em right in Sam's sights. McCabe: Hopkins really likes pushes from take this and is a good holder for Badge of Speed. He also has no (0) on his card, so he isn't a bad shirt holder either. Like any rapid fire model, Sam just needs some way to move into range before firing. Other crews often offer him increased flexibility to get where he needs. Especially since most of Guild's mobility enhancers come straight from the Master Level.
  9. @Gnomezilla I agree with you Hoffman is definitely one of our strongest contenders vs Souped up Yassunori. Peacekeeper especially seems natural to shove in Yasu's face, as Hard to Wound can counter Recalled Training, and Armour +2 means he only takes 1 wound from min damage hits. Hoffman- On Site Assimilation, Field Mechanic, Arcanist Assets Malifaux Child Peacekeeper- Debt to the Guild Brutal Emissary- Conflux of Amalgamation Mobile Toolkit --------------- Toolkit gives the Emissary more armour (Armour +2 will help loads surviving Yasu's onslaught), Child casts power loop on the Peacekeeper, Hoffman gives the Toolkit slow for fast and hooks the Emissary into the loop, Upgrades Emissary with Nimble with trigger to upgrade Peacekeeper with Targeting System, Machine Puppet Peacekeeper to focus with trigger for fast, Machine Puppet Emissary to bury peacekeeper with trigger for fast, Machine Puppet Emissary forwards, with optional trigger for 3 inch push, and tags along. (if you don't think you need the extra movement you can OSA the toolkit for more buffs, or swap the Child for the Attendant) Brutal Emissary- Peace Keeper taxi- uses its now insane speed to stroll up to Yasunori. 6 inch walk with Nimble and Fast is no joke. Dragging Hoffman along. If you can get a clear shot 10 inches away in 3 walks, you can Tyranny of Order the Peacekeeper's harpoon to drag Yasu 8 inches and cancel its fast with slow. If you have a spare tome you can set up a Cage for All to Heal the Peacekeeper when he activates. Dropping off the Peacekeeper in melee with it. If the Peacekeeper tries to survive with its def 6 and H2W and Armour +2. Go nuts with Fast and Flurry, discarding Debt to the Guild and Targeting Systems for Min Damage 6 attacks Add 4 guild hounds for activation control and try to beat the combo at its own game.
  10. I think this thread does sell Criid and her Flame Walls a little short. Yasu is a pretty big boy, all 50 mm bases are, and if your board has a healthy amount of terrain on it, you may be able to use those walls to block line of sight on one of those big 10 inch charges. Yasu isn't Justice, he still needs to see his target to declare the charge. You can't put the Wall too close to Yasu. He'll just hop over it with Nimble, but you may be able to take some edge off by blocking LoS down the big charge lanes. Of course depending on the table the walls may do next to nothing...
  11. Some of my favorite picks when Playing Sonnia 1) Brutal Effigy- Fear not the Sword is exceptionally powerful with Sonnia, perhaps more than with any other master. Heals / card craw is per model damaged or killed, so a big blast can potentially heal her several wounds per blast. He is also a 4ss minion who is pretty durable and finish the job. The card draw is also really nice- since Sonnia tends to demolish a hand with all her discard abilities. 2) Guild Pathfinder- Moving and relocating Traps is very powerful with somebody like Sonnia, they tie down enemy models, potentially make them slow, and force them to deal with Disengaging Strikes. Clockwork traps are extremely expendable, so if Sonnia randomizes onto one she can cheat to make a big explosion. Traps also have heavy armour, so if Sonnia blasts one for Moderate it will live to fight another day and continue tying down enemies. Pathfinders also have a mask trigger on their musket to ignore armor, Sonnia's crew tends to have some issues with Armour, and generally doesn't need a lot of masks, and they can draw a card once per turn when something nearby dies, and Sonnia loves cards. 3) As mentioned Handler is nice for sling shoting witchlings into engagements, and generally improving the burning of nearby friendlies. Note that if a Witchling Stalker is in range of the burning aura, each of its ml6 attacks will apply Burning +2. Also if you are playing Hopkins with Vengence Bullet + Debt to the Guild, if you can draw a bead to a Master or a Henchmen in cover and 10 inches, you can activate Debt, Rapid Fire and Vengence Bullet your first hit for a to negate cover. Make sure it hits, and you've now got burning on em, so the rest of those shots ignore his cover and do more damage and apply more burning. 4) A Body guard who can move her around (sorry Sammy). Francisco with Hermanos and Wade In is probably the best overall, but Grimwell with Research Grant can be a solid choice. Francisco offer's better protection overall by boosting Sonnia's defense to respectable levels and can hop into melees and push friendlies- like Sonnia out if you need to. Grimwell offer's a bit more speed, benefits from the potentially crippling Disrupt Magic upgrade, and can replenish soul stones which Sonnia loves spending. Judge can also work, especially if you are running Emissary and Samael. Samael is interesting and I have trouble fitting him into my lists. He really needs some help moving around, but since Sonnia does too they are often competing for the attention of the limited movement tricks available to Guild. The Emissary helps Samael a lot however, Samael really appreciates the placement possibilities offered by Back in the Box. As you can set up a scheme marker in the perfect spot to drop him for a viscous rapid fire, or drop him off next to the Emissary if he is in a good enough spot. Judge with Unrelenting Leader helps with this strategy. Judge can use the Unrelenting Leader upgrade to have the Emissary box Sam out of activation, can use his (0) to pull Sonnia (or the Emissary)into a better position. The Emissary can- as always set something out of line of sight on fire with a (0), and now it can use Visions of Flame and Tyranny of Order to shoot it with Samael's Min Damage 4 Gun. Once the Emissary is done, Sam Hops out in base contact or next to a scheme marker in prime position to rapid fire. For Sam I like Debt to the Guild and Vengeance Bullet. If you can get a chance to rapid fire on a Master or Henchmen, you can burn both upgrades to unleash hell. If your poor target is on Fire... you will be ignoring cover and line of sight with a min damage 7 shot and two follow up shots at min damage 5. If your poor target is not on fire and in cover, try to have Sam in a Withchling Handler's Burn them all aura. The first shot of the rapid fire will negate the cover with the Vengence Bullet, and the Fire will take care of the cover from there. Just make sure the Vengence Bullet doesn't miss.
  12. So lets talk a bit about countering and possible counters for the McCabe + Yasunori + Shadow Emissary Combo. @4thstringer ran into it a few times playing Neverborn Lucius, and in general the combo seems rediculously powerful and capable of leveling multiple models turn one. For sake of convenience we'll assume the minimum list is as follows Lucas McCabe- Badge of Speed, Glowing Saber, Promises Yasunori- Recalled Training Shadow Emissary- Conflux of Exploration Thats really all he needs to really get the party started. The rest of the list is really up to the McCabe player's taste. Does he want a big minion like the dawn serpent to reactivate, or just fill up the list with Guild Hounds for straight activation control to really set up the alpha strike. McCabe Take this!- Badge of Speed : 4 inch push, Nimble Emissary- Rite of Strength: 4 inch push + fast Emissary- Take This- Elixer : 4 inch push, Regen +2 12 inches worth of pushes out of activation, before the Nimble Fast Yassunori releases on your lines. Potentially popping recalled training for to everything to really make that storm of attacks count. If you know this is coming, what do you do to protect your key pieces, what builds can guild do to counter this, and what do you use to prevent your lines being run through?
  13. Well really the Marshal is just ablative wounds at this point to try to keep Yasu from murdering a 9ss beater for the first turn. If it prevents Yasu from killing the Exectioner at all its done its job. And don't forget a cheeky Judge, Lucius' or Abuela, can command the Marshal to take a swing with his pine box something else (I don't think you can target the air)- setting the Executioner free. In addition to the scribe bringing Lucius' up to def 7, Lucius can also do silly things like use Useless Duplications from himself or a nearby Doppleganger or Graves to pitch 2 cards for a each. Bringing mighty Yasunori down to a flip. Just watch out for focus, but that is not an issue on a charge.
  14. I mean the key is protecting your most important models. If you need to you can even go so far as pine boxing a key support piece you cannot protect in any other way. That way Yasu has to at least chew through a Death Marshal first before getting at the model inside. The more of Yasu's attacks you can allow the Marshal to absorb the less effective it will be. A terracotta warrior in Lucius for instance granting the Marshal his protection, or a Death Marshal Recruiter pitching cards to keep the Marshal kicking. Brutal Emissary can also scoop up a vulnerable model (especially one that has already activated) with his bury, and unbury that model safely next to himself or a scheme marker next turn. He has Armour and df6 to help try to hold off Yasu as well. if your big squishy enforcer- like an executioner hasn't activated yet, it can hop out and tear into Yasu after the Marshal dies. Even if you are getting out activated by hounds, hopefully you can get some indication of the angle Yasu will be coming in at, and can do some things to brace for the impact to make sure you survive long enough to counter.
  15. I think part of it comes down to Guild in general being a bit more used to getting smacked hard by ridiculously fast heavy hitting combos, and taking it in stride. We have a lot of tech to help our key models survive Yasunori to the face, or be buffed to be able to have a chance. El Mayor, Grind to a Halt, lots of access to armor, or some combination of the above. For the Guild, Yasunori + McCabe is just another strong fast alpha strike that we'll take on the chin and counter punch in turn. It'll hurt a lot but we have the tech to protect our very key models, and we can live with the loss of a grunt or two. Neverborn by contrast tend to have a glass jaw, and are typically balanced around being the ones doing the sucker punching so it would make sense that as a faction they'd have a bit more trouble with McCabe turbo charging Yasunori. Obviously in Malifaux a game with such broad factions and variability between each master in each faction this isn't a perfect dichotomy, but I think as a general rule Guild are a bit more equipped to handle being punched hard in the face.