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One of the new things you'll see about are the 'sticky notes' which you will occasionally see from the site Admins if something important shows up or is newsworthy, or if you happen to be in one of our many beta testing groups giving you an additional heads up when something new needs to be looked at or sorted.

You can send these amongst yourselves as well if you wish, just don't abuse it. 

Thanks for your patience!

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  3. Good morning, I am contacting you for the following reason. I did a purchase from the Henchman Store, the reference number of my order is LZ858599324US. My parcel is in custom clearance and they are charging me 118.17€, and I can not afford that, so they are returning it. I would like to know if there is a way in which you could send it again at a lower price showing on the receipt, so I can afford the taxes from custom clearance. Thank you very much. All the best. Ana.

    1. Kelly


      We will send it out again  - our cost at the lower cost.  I've made a note with the front office about the return and we'll keep on the look out for it. As soon as it reships we'll notify you.


      Sorry about that.  




  4. Thank you everyone for the great feedback.
  5. We recently got in a large restock on the metal base inserts, so these are in fact back in stock.
  6. TTB MPM Males

    Hey there Everyone, Just wanted to follow up with a post to let everyone know that all refunds that have been completed. You should be seeing the refund via Paypal shortly. For those of you who paid with Soulstones a new code has been issued and you should have gotten a separate email from me. If you haven't seen a refund come back to you in the next few business days, feel free to let us know. Thank you, Kelly