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  1. Alternate Nekima

    Already have the old metal but have to get this aswell, much better than the power-metal standard. Of course that "sword" has to go, but that happens with almost every fantasy sword in my collection.
  2. Zoraida, Gremlins or Neverborn

    Oh nice hadn't picked up on that, glad that was pointed out I was about to try running it in tournament this weekend.
  3. Zoraida, Gremlins or Neverborn

    Her initial box will be more useful in neverborn due to juju's upgrade. In neverborn you get some nasty tricks like fears given form when the doll activates ( as it hems when it's summoned) and with the addition of wisps the spawn mother will make your silurids more usable via gupps. Waldgiest and McTavish will be great either way gators and boars less so. In neverborn wisps gain paralyze via doldrums from sorrows but a nurse and/or Iggy are also common hires. In gremlins the piggapult, Lenny and slop haulers add some interesting conditions for the doll as do Sammy and stuffed piglets. Warpigs with a slophauler shine in gremlin Zoraida as do Mancha Roja and rooster riders. Another option is a recycling neverborn list with the widow weaver reusing the scrap markers from the doll to spam wicked dolls for activation control or save for a teddy. In this case I can't suggest stitched together strongly enough for both killing the dolls, offering cover and getting + flips from the wicked dolls.
  4. Leave your mark post errata

    Mannequin scheme marker frisbee's.
  5. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    For Ophelia. A well Oiled Machine. Ophelia gains the following 0pt action Stick to the plan: Ca x Tn:? All friendly kin within line of sight and x" gain the following 0pt action: This Here's an Ambush Ca: y tn? Rng x: The next time an enemy model ends a walk, push or place unengaged within line of sight and range x this model may immediately make 1pt shooting attack.
  6. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    Zoraida gaining some ability to use little gassers and maybe another 1-2 undead model would be in line with the vodoo zombie lore. Maybe the ability to use something like Marcus' "alpha" on models on 1-2 wounds so she can activate them and they wonder round thinking their a zombie - mind powers and all.....
  7. How you use Specialist?

    He's brutal if your opponent makes the mistake of leaving a df4 model in line of sight, because explosions are going their way, cover or no cover. So as others have said ressurs and neverborn especially against swarms and bubbles that want to stay in range of auras and pulses. He absolutely ruined my day when I was running a Lucius construct list by dropping blasts on me through my stitched together, he is slow to set up but that's what turn 1 is for. When I finally rotate to Ressurs or Outcasts I plan to run two with Tara for fast, I suppose I could try them with Nellie once I get to Guild but that doesn't really have the same impact.
  8. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    You use pipes if a player is silly enough to leave a model without cover, or you focus and pipes or pipes after a lure (kade) or obey(hamelin) you've now successfully pulled the model out of their safety zone and given them blight. In most cases you will have out activated them and can continue to blight them with other models especially if you're running your summoning machine properly as you'll have rat kings to charge as 1pt activations, before bleeding disease on cranked up blight the following turn. This style of play works especially well if you can hand out blight early with Nix and the above set up as you disassemble your opponents machine one piece at a time picking off important models while your models run round achieving schemes. It pulls apart "elite" (high ss models - low numbers) crews easily but is or ideal against swarms of wheenies or summoners unless you can apply blight to backbone pieces of the crew and watch the remainder fall apart.
  9. Wyrd Chronicles 30

    Agreed, it was me having a windge about not having a local store that stocks yet, not at the distribution process. However fingers crossed that might be fixed in the near future.
  10. Neverborn - rate our masters

    She was my first master and the master I am most comfortable in both my home factions, she's also the only neverborn master I play regularly who I have left with a 0 draws 0 loses in tournament (for the moment) in my local meta. So my opinion has a huge bias, that said I'm half way through 2017 and still haven't gelled with gg2017 and havn't been running her but am using her in an upcoming event so she could certainly come off that pedestal soon if I don't nail it. I suppose this the closest I come to being a "fan boy" or "cheer leader" for anything....
  11. Neverborn - rate our masters

    If I was rating solely on flexibility I'd rate Zoraida as top of the heap. Repulsive can deny a number of schemes and strategies. Wicked winds of fate can score and/or deny vp in a few schemes. Obey can be used aggressively to paralyze or damage. It can also be used to reposition or scheme again to score and/or deny v/p. Doll can be used to control positioning or paralyze to score/deny vp. It can also be used more aggressively for damage and other conditions. Bewitch and crystal ball give you additional hand control but I under use these options. Her additional flexibility comes from her hiring pool. But again different players, different skill levels and play styles with different masters.
  12. wicked dolls. how many do you use and when?

    I'll take them zoraida in a doll list weaver makes them functional scheme runners if you use cover effectively and worst case she can either bring them back or save their bits up for a teddy. I like all sewed up on a obey target I've used it on stitched but have yet to try it with banruku. I plan to eventually run them with Lucius' midnight stroll or his construct legion again for running and all stitched up.
  13. Neverborn - rate our masters

    I think a lot of it comes down to your familiarity and thus skill level and comfort level with a particular masters. So here's mine based entirely on experience Tier One: Zoraida and Collodi - (Zoraida is my most competitive master followed by Collodi) Tier Two: Pandora and Titania - (I haven't played these two as much as Zoraida or Collodi but I'm comfortable with my "base skill level with them" Tier Three: Lucius - (one of my favorite masters but my skill level is still mediocre with him - i still make mistakes which lead to loses or draws) Unrated: Dreamer and Lilith because I haven't used them yet and Lynch because I have no plans to ever own him or use him (unless we see a nightmare cry with illuminated that don't look...... like that.)
  14. Must-haves with Lucius

    Because correct crew selection for the Scheme and strategies is imperative with Lucius(his main game being buffing his crew, burning his crew and using their activations) more so than many other masters I don't think he has a specific core. I've found I've fallen into the trap of trying to make certain crew choices fit a pool their not suited to. In order to correct that I now have 6 different presets with optional side boards. The most common across them tend to be Queeg, Guild hounds and changelings. Not because they are the back bone of lists but the most common sideboards. My greatest success with infiltration has come from path finders, followed by hounds and queeg. A crew I've had some success with uses a combination of queeg with Fae Knights and Rougarou. My fancied up converted mimic focused ballroom crew has reached a point where I find ithat only suits a niche pool. Where as my legion of constructs went down in a flaming heap and hasn't been retried since. So what to add will depend on what you already have and which pools you want to run him with I.e where is he a better option than other masters. In my opinion he will work well with a crew that focuses on swampfiends, Nephilim, puppets or Fae with a mix of guardsmen and/or mimics brought in as required. It's almost as though Lucius can run any other masters crew when the pool dictates that the minions should be the main work horse ...or when recover evidence is on the cards.
  15. Swordfighter is revealed! Your thoughts?

    Just faced it neverborn Lucius vs Lady Justice. Over the course of the game Lady Justice killed: A path finder on a carnival caravan. A waldgiest that hard to wound plus the usual armour (one shot from red). A lawyer burnt through the negative flip and moderated to the face. A wisp previously wounded by a hunter A gupp that had juvenile wailed then attacked and been reposted. And the resulting charging angry spawn mother by sponging a 2 severest via badge over the heart and a stone before declaring the 0 on the spawn mother. Game ended 6-6 draw- damn good game.