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  1. Zoraida, new and improved?

    I think that took more damage from open hiring options and mixed bag lists instead of master based hiring. It will never go all the way back but I would like see fewer mixed bags and tighter limitations. A prime example of this would be Barbaros with Nekima or Titania given the less than civil war. Francisco with everyone at all times like he's the kwisatz haderach or something etc etc. I doubt it'll ever go back but I can dream.
  2. Mimic Lucius

    I'm personally interested in attempting a fees spam list, lawyers, Vogel, changelings and doppelganger. It will probably crash and burn but I imagine it to work maybe once on anew "Elite crew" player where you pop condition remover and then go to town on their models 1 by 1. It then simply becomes a race for survival which Lucius might just tip in my favor. I feel ino neverborn it will need the emissary but does feel it would fit the court build more in guild with the judge and executioner maybe jury.
  3. Mimic Lucius

    Graves, Tannen, doppelganger and changelings are musts if you want to run predominantly mimics. Candy is certainly good now with Lucius due to positive flips but she works better in lists where you can excuse yourself using the weaver. Lawyers are great for when your going for full survivability - full mimic build - lacks hitting power. If your using Vogel you will likely want lawyer for the extra fees option once you pop their condition remover. Beckoners are not often a better choice than a performer which is sad. Especially if you are running a lawyer. Terracotta warriors are better in guild Lucius but can still have their value in neverborn. Then it's upto your build. Faery king Lucius will mainly want changelings and maybe a doppelganger but will want queeg. A variation is neverborn hunting grounds with rougarou mounted guard and hounds. Bayou expedition will want more guard than mimics but can benefit from changelings and ironically a lawyer. Ballroom uses all of them- all about doppelganger and Tannen locking down with chatty while your free to interact. Nephilim build probably graves and doppelganger. Nightmares and city streets - sub par pandora - candy, weaver etc and some guard probably path finders and austringers. The rest are probably mixed bag or spam lists, spam lists will include 1-2 attacks worth stealing a doppelganger and 2-3 changelings.
  4. Dark horses.... Tuco

    Sadly this seems to be the trend. Hopefully gg18 is "diverse" (not to use a buzz word) enough to require more adaptability. This in turn would however simply moves from one list of masters being most played to another. Each of said masters will then get worked on till it has set lists to create a sense of adaptability or simply cover bases. As long as the gaining grounds shakes things up enough each year there should be a shift in viable models for each build. If nothing else this might help people get through their collection. Mine is a sprawl I'll never get through, painting or game time. Specialising in 2-3 masters per faction is normally enough to get competitive, when you tighten that to 1 master and a few set lists you have very tight but perhaps rigid game play.
  5. Dark horses.... Tuco

    I'd compare him to the claw (autumn knights) in both how under rated he is for what he "can" do in the right situation and the purpose for hiring. In both cases I'm looking to hit with the -df flips and drop the model into things with pounce to have it mauled to death. This will normally mean losing a very high and suited card but I will happily flick out the red if I must to give an important model -df flips especially if they are integral to my opponents machine, then let punches in bunches do the job.
  6. Scheme runners a comparison

  7. Scheme runners a comparison

    Fixed that for you. Just can't understand how they've avoided eratta for this long, they are long overdue for a nerf. Just look at them, even compared to autopsies and wastrels...plain broken. Sorry went slightly off topic.
  8. Power level of book 5?

    I think the releases need to slow down so the power levels for each soulstone cost can be consolidated and made a little more uniform. The larger the games sprawl gets the higher the chance of ongoing balance issues rises. I hope that with the release of through the breach 2.0 and the other side some of the focus drops off malifaux so the balance has time to be examined and adjusted. While I like a lot of the new models I'm hoping for a gentle balanced transition to M3.0 or even M2.5 and would love to see tighter hiring restrictions somewhere between 2.0 and 1.5. But that's likely dreaming.
  9. Just wanting to verify this before it gets attempted. I'm pretty sure it doesn't work due to An "honest" trial adding the mask rather than replacing the suit. Just wanting confirmation encase it comes up locally.
  10. I need some help

    General advice for newer players: You have four assets in Malifaux, your fate hand, your soul stones, your acivation points and your activations themselves. When using one or more of these assets ensure you are using them to either score vp, deny vp, reduce your opponents activations or mislead your opponent. For turn 1 unless you are trying to alpha strike you will spend most your ap setting up for turn 2. Combat is not important unless it does one of the above four, try to avoid targeting models that have already activated until near the end of turn you gain less advantage. Do not commit assets to combat actions which do not benefit you (shooting into cover without focusing etc) commit models to combat if you are attempting to reduce your opponents activation, tie their models up so they can't interact or shoot or if you are attempting to get your opponents focus away from what you intend to do for vp. Always ask about resist stats and cards in hand before opposed duels, this gives you a better chance of targeting the right models with the right ap. When you know your crew well enough move to asking these questions before choosing what to activate so you can make better decisions. Ask about threat ranges before committing to movement, ml range + charge etc or sh/ca. Know what your getting yourself into before dropping a model into a killing zone, also you can ask for your opponents ml/sh/ca and compare it to your resist stat for peace of mind. Never undervalue cover and terrain that blocks line of sight. Remember 2/3 - 3/4 of the board should be covered in terrain and 1/2 of that should be blocking. Use cover effectively and don't waste ap firing into cover unless you focus, if you have cards to waste defensive stance in cover can be game changing. Any further advice would require more information on your table/terrain and the strategies and schemes.
  11. Wallpaper Wedsenday Request!

    Would love to see her in her original courtly robes instead of a tattered chemise. It might help to establish an air of courtly, refined and noble dignity over the tattered underthings of a recently abused peasant girl... Maybe something that makes her look like a "QUEEN" to put that tramp Lilith in her place....popping out illegitimate Children here there and everywhere like some two-bit hussy. .............................. If you can't pick up the humour in this post please ignore it so we don't waste each others time. ..............................
  12. Deal with scion of the void alphastrikes

    Collodi behind wicked dolls and/or marionettes with the weaver to summon them back or set up teddy summons. Out activate as Ludwig says and then hit with buffed Collodi and/or stitched/banraku. Consider mimics blessing on priority targets and at least one fears given form encase you fail to kill it in one turn. Set up swamp fiends with juju unburying in their face (risk of being hit underground). Maybe spawn mother & wisp to resummon sacrificial gupps? Lilith with blackblood speed bumps. Probably most important is ensure you have enough blocking terrain, again if 2/3 to 3/4 of the board is terrain 1/2 of that should be blocking. This forces people to play strategically and also gives you some ability to decide which charge lanes will be available and what you're willing to lose. With Titania save your suits for taproot and ensure your models are purposefully set up to benefit from it to reduce damage. Lynch not sure on, I loath illuminated so refuse to pick him up.
  13. Lucius - how to use him in Neverborn

    I really need to get round to a Nephilim escorts list, using Tuco in place of Knights for the push and pounce combos. What lackeys are for could make Nekima brutal especially if you have activation control with tots and mimics. Otherwise I'd like to try angel eyes with rapid growth.
  14. Pusher ;)

    It works with Lucius due to positive flips
  15. Lucius - how to use him in Neverborn

    He is right about the close quarters attacks though. To get the most out of Lucius you want to be able to abuse those positive flips. So for neverborn that's Rougarou, Knights, young Nephilim, illuminated (shudder) at a stretch walgiest (range) banraku (repositioning+attacks) and the mimics. If you're running a gun line then you need things to push models out of engagement range if they try to lock your firing squad down. In neverborn you have Knights, Lilutu, kade, teddy, banraku, beckoners etc for this. Lucius also gives you access to Queeg and wardens for this if they are needed. Lucius' auto trigger to push before taking the action also makes mobile gun squads more possible which may make the use a mixed squad more usable. Actually he may set up some obnoxious plays with changelings if you have a model or two that doesn't randomise when shooting into engagements. Then you just need a couple of tarpits which are harder to come by in neverborn.