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  1. Titania and will o' wisps

    Poltergeist - paranormal activity Widow weaver - create teddy bear Baby kade - where's teddy Spawn mother - nesting pool Adze - firefly

    No more than 30% can be from a non wyrd model.
  3. Looking for Cat Themed Proxies

    I'm going to use converted hoar cats. Green stuff for armour (guild hounds) power drill or file for gaping mortal wounds (canine remains) plus green stuff for loose organs (canine remains) and if I feel the need for corrupted hounds I'm sure that's just more green stuff. Candy could be converted from a Malifaux child or a changeling with additional cats climbing over them. Iggy and Kade might be able to fit into the same fold, which would make converting changelings your best option. It would also mean your crew is completely tournament legal.
  4. Tuco? How bad is he?

    I'm increasing to three at the moment it is a big investment into a suit you can't stone for but two have been rather impressive for me. I've failed to benefit from queeg due to the suit requirement making him ironically better with Knights etc. Having enough traps and then using Tuco or the claws push on -df flips would be entertaining though. But the idea of Tuco and the claw handing out - df flips (should you have the suits)... is interesting in and of itself. Should the stars align it makes most neverborn "hitters" a bigger issue for your opponents. Where queeg is available this allows for the possibility of putting on 3 models on the rare and unlikely occasion where you have high cards in the suits required. This also brings us back to Rougarou or anything else with pounce in which case other option become more reliable.
  5. Tuco? How bad is he?

    I've considered running him alongside Rougarou and autumn Knights but the only masters I consider that option with are Lucius and Titania (I presently assume he is one of Nekima's creations). The problem is that means he competes with queeg or a knight in a Lucius crew. Where he competes with Knights or even a rougarou in a Titania list. You can see how this might be irksome. The other consideration I've had if I threw fluff to the wind for sh*ts and giggles, would be a neverborn shooting crew with Tuco, angel eyes, McTavish, a doppelganger and two path finders with Lucius.....but it feels like to much of a mixed bag and would be nearly as repulsive as hiring mercenaries into neverborn, though it might catch people off guard for amusement sake.
  6. Auckland -NZ things to come.

    Next event will be end of November early December. Tournament plus 1' by 1' display board contest.

    Stitched, widow weaver, banraku, arcane effigy, brutal effigy, hodgepodge effigy, shadow effigy and mannequin. Additional or maybes: coryphee, performer (ironically fluffier than beckoner due to story where he makes his own coryphee/mannequin) teddy. That's the full range of models I've used with him but I also have the carrion effigy and lucky effigy just encase (I think they've seen a table maybe once each). You'll probably have people ignore the fact you stated you want to play thematically and suggest hiring all sorts, I'll just state here that you can stick to theme or fluff with Collodi and be highly effective. The only players that have drawn or won against my Collodi have been some of the best players in my small national meta. So don't feel pressured to change your approach to crew building, just focus on learning to use each asset effectively.
  8. 1) Lilith provides you with a different play style and while I don't like her flexibility and the ability to adapt to a scheme pool and strategy wins games. In my opinion outside of swampfiends you will want stitched together, teddy, wicked dolls and widow weaver......I'm sure you can see where that's going. Then there's nurse and Iggy for condition dumping and possibly a warpig and hog whisperer. For swampfiends Zoraidas new upgrade makes wild boars worth considering. Spawn mother and gupps creates a summoning engine when you have a spare wisp. 2)walgiest can provide terrain to go with McTavish's aura. Walgiest also hand out slow and bound & rooted which while situational can be useful with condition dumping on the doll. McTavish likes swampfiends as does juju. If you want to play condition spam run wisps and a nurse, maybe Iggy. Paralyse can be pulled off three times a turn on separate hem targets with the right set up, this increases to four with Vasilisa. Gupps and silurids and wonderful with fickle winds of fate for shuffling scheme markers to score or deny due to leap. For doll damage you look to Iggy as mentioned above but summoning a doll into engagement range of two models with fgf also pops it nicely and when used with wisps gives you 2 scrap a turn with no ap spent outside of the summons. Granted it's only 12 damage .... but you can always condition dump before activating the doll to fail the fgf duels. Alternatively A stitched together never fails gamble your life against a voodoo doll. 3) repulsive gives late activation zoraida denial ability when in a control area x strategy. It also allows you to push models away that might stop you scoring vp from markers. Fickle winds of fate allows you to score or deny scheme marker based schemes. Obey can also be used to move models into/out of scoring positions or in drastic cases drop or remove a scheme marker. Ease of condition application can deny frame for murder. 4) bannersnatch don't know. Widow weaver certainly is...remember those two scrap markers and convenient fgf aura...
  9. Titania and will o' wisps

    I really like waldgiest with Titania which is another slow option but they are mainly there for 4" engagement and summoning cover. I look forward to running them with her new emissary and upgrade, especially if taproot is in play. I think waldgiest, kade, wisps, alps, Coppelius and Aeslin are your only options.
  10. Auckland -NZ things to come.

    Managed to forget to load it as an event...again. Really need to get my soul stone collection up and running again for prize support, so you all Saturday.
  11. Ours!

    I think the question raised earlier needs to be more in line with-If a tyrant manifests on earth does Titania care? Is she concerned by their existence in general or only their capacity to effect her and her ancestral home. For instance does she care in the slightest about the cult of the Burning man on earth etc.
  12. Who/What are the Fae?

    In most mythos Fae or Fae like beings are or can be shape shifters of one kind or another. Lucius suggested in one of the books that the form of all neverborn is distorted and cannot be captured by a struggling artist he's about to replace or do away with. My personal take on Titanias arrival story was that she likened the Fae most to the mimics but others disagreed and suggested her reference was to all neverborn. To me mimics would make sense especially since "changelings" are mimics but the term is attributed to creatures the "Fae" replaced human children with when they stole someone's child to raise in their court. The Fae in one of the chronicles (I forget her name the one with the whips and the pig tails) refers to the Fae as traditionally having redhair. This tends to make me assume the human like Fae are the court and other forms are recruited or enslaved lesser "fairy folk".
  13. Would you kindly advise me?

    Spawn mother will capitalise on your wisps. She can also carry fears given form for auto kill when voodoo doll activates (if you have 2 models with it). Example zoraida summons voodoo doll and her bags it after it hems, obey for condition spam, then it activates fails both fears given form and dies. This is of course if your not going with paralyze spam on dolls. The same set up works very nicely with widow weaver as your wisps summoning a second doll and do it all again, giving you two scrap markers a turn for wicked dolls or teddy. Stitched will also love the company of widow weaver and wicked dolls and are nasty obey targets especially if wicked doll has stitched them up. Stitched gamble your life on voodoo doll is also obnoxious for damage doll spam. McTavish is great if your running an in your face swampfiend crew of waldgiest, gupps, gators and boars(which got so much better with Zoraidas obey trigger). ------- -------- -------- ------- As for additional masters Force of nature Lilith will love your swampfiends but would mean getting more Nephilim if you want to go with her tribal affiliation. Collodi will love weaver and stitched and give you wicked dolls but will need effigies. Titania will like your walgiest and may actually do well with leaping scheme runners but it might be a little wasteful unless schemes etc would suggest them over her Knights. Pandora might like your wisps for her now summonable totems paranormal activity and will like the company of teddy, weaver and Iggy. Dreamer will like your stitched but may not add much in return. Lucius means guild cross overs or worse (referring to illuminated). Lynch see above enough said.
  14. Guild in Hard mode

    It would have to be guild guard they're just so broken.... I think you'd need top 5 no picks for each master as people have pointed out some masters don't rely on the same crutches. The other way would be pick a couple of bad models and ensure you use them in every game for a month or more, to see if you can actually make them worth their stones.
  15. Anti-Hamelin Tech?

    Lucius handing out focus shots to the trappers and the relatively low df of Vermin made that pretty ugly.