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    W.M.A, H.E.M.A, M.M.A, Swordplay, Historical Costume, Historical european culture, Historical european dance, Social-history, Wargaming, Strategy games,Home-brewing, Gothic Fashion, Goth-Rock,"alternative"-culture.....MALIFAUX!?
  1. Nice, thanks for that, I've been using green stuff or grey stuff by itself, can't believe I didn't think of this since I use the wire build for trees before green stuff,.
  2. Finish another 6 months of Neverborn and finally begin my Guild rotation (6-12 months of committed play for the faction) try Lucius with EVERYTHING (at least every guild model I have) eventually give some time to McCabe, Sonnia and Nellie (when I pick up her box and replace the master model) but pretty much keen to focus on Lucius Primarily and Guild McMourning as secondary with the other three in tow for occasional use.
  3. I would say over-costed rather than "useless" or "terrible". They will certainly loose their utility via terrifying and their trigger but they can still remove triggers, hand out reasonable damage, flurry and have some staying power with armour and hard to wound. But as they will be over costed if selected against the wrong crew they probably won't match up against their counter parts the zombie punk and the shikome. Let's not even get into the hanged...
  4. Dead doxies are surprisingly good and if you're not starting with them they may be worth summoning for final encore. Drowned are a cheeky marker drop aswell but can also give you the hazardous terrain block with Jaakuna, crooked men and Ama. If you don't mind the fluff Toshiro is awesome if your concentrating on 6-7ss minions. Sybelle certainly seems to have a lot of utility with Molly - Mortimer could also increase mobility with "fresh meat" but is otherwise sub par since you don't need the corpses he generates unless you want to start rigging corpse bombs.
  5. I tend to find Collodi, two stitched and the weaver can and do maim, cripple or kill most things when I really need something to die - usually key pieces of the opponents machine or something which is getting in my way When you can hand out the shadows effigies condition to almost your entire crew then give them either defensive stance or +1 armour and they have defence of 5-6 I don't tend to have many problems with people spending a/p to kill them off - especially when I can resummon something from the scrap. The additional wk from the weaver makes your doll friends very agile scheme runners especially when they can frizbee scheme runners round the board thanks to the mannequin. They also work well due to reasonable defense + armour + hard to kill etc if you want to run up and drop a condition on something. I do really like my wicked dolls but have not been using them much lately - the wicked dolls plus arcane effigies condition is a way of making other dolls and marionettes rather gruesome in the death by 1000 cuts style as their all now on 3/4/6 unless your opponent discards 4/5/7 with a marionette if you hit with a ram, they will only be attacking on 5ml at most but if you decide to make them all fast.....worst case scenario, when the weaver isn't busy spinning webs, paralyzing people an chewing through their armour she will pull a teddy together from the scatter dolls and corpses. To be fair though my general play style doesn't rely on "elite" or beater crews and I'd possibly think twice about running the above list if the strategies and schemes flipped lacked enough scheme marker and interaction based vp which is probably when a Collodi player is better to switch from fated to bag of props, but in that instance I'm presently just running other masters instead.
  6. No, I don't like them, they seem more suited to bag of props collodi and I'm specifically focused on fated collodi when I use him.
  7. This is what I run with him regularly, it seems to work in most circumstances and he has won all but one game which he tied. Collodi -3 cache 5 fated strum the threads breath life Widow weaver 11 -mimics blessing -handbag Stitched together 6 stitched together 6 Mannequin 4 Brutal effigy 4 shadow effigy 4 Marionette 3 Marionette 3 hodge podge/arcane/wicked doll -4
  8. Lawyers are nice regardless for handing out hard to wound if nothing else. I may eventually have to convert one to have an asylum legal observer theme and maybe a last rights clerical character (witchling) for pulling off conditions.
  9. I would say "great minds" etc etc but really the theme has been set up by wyrd and fluff supports it with Grimwell working for Smedley and Smedley and McMourning having some kind of correspondence or professional relationship (perhaps McMourning "disappears" his failed experiments for him) - refer to Seamus' escape story. So It's only natural that those with a fluff or thematic (aesthetics) leaning would group them together, the executioner could also be replaced by Sebastian but I don't focus much on poison for guild McMourning (it's just an added bonus).
  10. Weaver works well with any of the above aswell and will speed them up. Probably a master we missed out who has the key word association would be Lynch but I'm yet to see them fielded with Lynch and thanks to illuminated he is the one neverborn master I have no plans to ever own.
  11. I don't run this crew as a poison bomber I stick to ressur McMourning for that, if I was going with plastic surgery I'd be swapping models out for the judge and exorcists.
  12. For simplicity sake I'd use the schemes out of the book. A line in the sand - make sure there's scatterings of terrain across the centre so the player learns the importance of blocking terrain and cover when they try to pick off scheme runners or try to achieve this themselves - though I'd advise against it. numbers Make them suffer will encourage the correct placement of ice mirrors for rasputina to score from deliver the message will give you a reason to get someone near her and will give rasputina a reason to ensure no one does - explain the negative side of engagement for ranged pieces before hand aswell so the point sinks in. Frame for murder will teach the player that "kill everything" is not always the way to go with Malifaux suits Protect territory is auto include (in my opinion) for new players as it is simple and gets them used to the idea of scheme markers Then either bodyguard or breakthrough
  13. It also helps prevent giving a new player an npe, i.e they may have their heart set on a master or crew that isn't overly flexible and the wrong scheme pool can put them at a horrible disadvantage.
  14. set up schemes - fudge the deck - so that the schemes and strats don't promote an in your face battle that way it doesn't look like you're throwing the game by not charging in to lock Rasputina down.
  15. McMourning 4 - cache 4 -evidence tampering -On the clock - unknowable pain Grimwell 9 Euthanasiast (executioner) 9 -read to work Nurse hearts bane 8 Nurse 5 Nurse 5 Orderly 5 orderly 5 Very light on upgrades but i'd rather have the extra activation- drop the orderly if you feel grimwell and nurse hearts bane require upgrades. Well suited to a game where you feel you will need 3 heavy hitters - McMourning, Grimwell and Executioner will ideally have precise and McMourning, grimwell and Hearts bane offer pushes to get them where you want them. Nurses and nurse hearts bane are there to cripple, impede or paralyze models that might effect the good doctors plan while you take out the import cogs of your opponents machine. Executioner offers some scheme marker removal, and some self healing. Orderly and nurses offer healing on top of executioner and Mcmournings self healing, sadly lacking condition removal but has the benefit of feeling really fluffy with the "understanding between McMourning and Smedley.