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    W.M.A, H.E.M.A, M.M.A, Swordplay, Historical Costume, Historical european culture, Historical european dance, Social-history, Wargaming, Strategy games,Home-brewing, Gothic Fashion, Goth-Rock,"alternative"-culture.....MALIFAUX!?
  1. Yes she aparently loves barbaros, tots will be nice scheme runners but I'd eventually swap them out for changelings. Lilith will probably appreciate the Knights and both will love waldgiest, Rougarou, doppelganger and The twins. Graves can always be useful especially with changelings and possibly Tannen.
  2. Think about what you want from another box. If you wanting something to use what you've got take Lynch. He aparently loves tots and Graves I'd wonderful, plus most neverborn player froth at the mouth (and possibly elsewhere) over illuminated. If you're looking for a different type of master try pandora, Titania, Dreamer or Zoraida. If you're wanting to make yourself miserable try Lucius.... In all honesty there is no right answer. It all depends on your meta and what you get out of the game, I. Even if control, summoning and support may not be your thing you would still be able to take yourself down a completely different track than someone who prefers lots of options...it's one of the beauties of this game. Then there's aesthetics, fluff, regular opponents, terrain level etc etc. Anyway welcome to the true fight for Malifaux. ..Ours. ....and all that.
  3. Through the breach multi part boxes. Sebastian's height 1 will be the problem. Outside of that as a female alternative has already been released as a separate model both for sale at events and through mystery boxes for the master it seems unlikely anything like this would be produced. So scratch build, proxy, conversion and "counts as" are likely the most realistic options.
  4. My concern with this attitude is that I've both seen and experienced a skilled player running von schil in our meta and national ranked competitions. The extra cache on parker didn't help him against Von schill in your game vs Nat and he's possibly on par with Casey when running Von Schil. Which again raises the argument is it players skill level in mastering a generalist support master or the master themselves. I know my rankings and stats have suffered since banning the masters I'm comfortable/familiar with. So are players truly incapable of running Von Schill effectively or does he simply not inspire the same commitment through theory faux and stat running. I would go as far as to say Von Schill is the bass guitar of Malifaux easy to learn but hard to master, hence why I think an upgrade that makes his base box more usable is all he needs.
  5. Stitched together for both dreamer and Lynch Teddy if you're getting weaver, also may want to look at either Collodi box or wicked dolls. If you're getting graves and tannen for Lynch these two can be useful for anyone but I'd suggesting adding doppelganger and changelings to that for multiple "show you the door" pushes or creating an even larger chatty bubble. For Titania I enjoy Waldgiest and occasionally the Emissary For Lynch you may also want depleted and beckoners. For Dreamer everything with the key word nightmare. For Titania on top the above Maybe Iggy?
  6. Going to have to get round to that doll spam list with widow weaver fueled by the torn and tattered remains of voodoo dolls duel summoned in each turn....eventually attempting it with Vasilisa. Damn I miss running Zoraida.
  7. I don't have my books with me and have banned myself using Zoraida to force myself out of my comfort zone. So I'm not certain this is legal but I believe wisps can also fickle winds of fate on scheme markers to score or deny claim jump or raven form towards leave your mark. I may be off the mark as I've only used Zoraida once with wisps and attempted the doll spam.
  8. I personally think Von Schill does what he should as he's a jack of all trades who provides good support to his crew, has the capacity to do some nice damage and has a pseudo obey. However with how often people have a cry about him and with the standard freikorpman soon to be completely outdated by the engineer (final nail in their coffin?) I've been thinking about this a bit. What I feel might fix both would be something like this. Upgrade -call for back up-rare 2 Friekorp enforcers only. Only available when this crew is led by Von Schill -when this model is killed summon one freikorpman within 6" of your deployment zone. It may need a card discard or damage attribute added I'm unsure.
  9. Regardless of what master you take here is some general advice. Look for opportunities to target integral parts of the machine, this is important in making most crews fall apart but more important when dealing with summoners. Choke cards out of them, Malifaux is all about resource management, summoners resources are cards and soul stone, divert their resources reduce their effectiveness. I.e make them fight your fight not theirs. Score first, shoot second ask questions layer, Malifaux is beautiful in that it's not another run of the mill "kill em all" game. Unless you are draining their hand or taking out key models think twice about attacking where positioning or interacting would be more valuable. One trick to winning is to get your opponents focus on combat instead of Vp. Don't waste your own resources, if you're expecting a summoner your ap and activations are your main resources to concern yourself with. Don't waste time on anything that will generate - flips (cover etc ) focus if you must to generate a threat and drain cards/stones. When facing a crew that clusters seriously consider your attacks that can hit multiple opponents as prime assets (blasts, ricochet, pulses etc). Hope some of that rambling helps, probably preaching to the converted, best of luck.
  10. I won't go on my full rant, but in brief dnd alignments don't work if you want any kind of depth to characters, personalities are far too complex to lump into poorly developed concepts of "good" vs "evil". Evil really only means unethical or immoral so expecting an alien species to have the same ethics and morals as you is (insert less than pleasant derogatory term regarding intelligence here). To the neverborn the humans who have invaded their world and risked waking the sleeping tyrants may appear, "evil" but the suggestion in the fluff seems to be that they are a necessary evil for combating the tyrants in the coming battle (cannon fodder?). To Humans the Neverborn are probably considered evil (by the uneducated) wholly alien (by the academics) or somewhere in between (by everyone else) for the neverborn or at least the Nephilim ressurectionists are "evil" or at least taboo which is probably a uniting factor between at least two separate cultures. From what little we know of Malifaux's history Neverborn of one form or another lived or at least existed within the city and the city contained stores and tomes on all manner of magic including the magics now seperately studied by the arcanists and ressurectionists. But according to the fluff modern Malifaux is also built over the top of ancient Malifaux which would have had a different culture and ethos again. In theory the entire neverborn faction and world of Malifaux could be more of an essence flavoured and shaped by the conscious and unconscious hopes, dreams, fears and malice of the entities that dwell within the realm at any given time, this would reinforce the idea that the neverborn are given shells but their true form cannot be seen (as per Lucius' rant to the painter) and would work with why so many Neverborn are entangled by the myths and legends of earth or the psyche of humans. This concept in theory seems supported by the reference to soulstones as aether but doesn't particularly work with Gremlins (supposedly neverborn) and beastial creatures (silurids, waldgiest etc ) who are clearly able to exist outside of Malifaux (through the breach). This is of course complete conjecture.
  11. List of thoughts so far excluding masters: knights 0 pt actions Tooths built in push Kade, Beckoner, Lilutu 's Lure Tuco's 0 pt action Teddy's built in push Nephilims push (Barbaros, Mature, young) Banraku (snatch) Wardens push trigger (Lucius) Mr Graves (show you the door) Mr Queeg (trigger plus setting off models 0) Changelings mimicing some of the above Doppelganger mimicing some of the above wicked dolls (shooting attack) Bandersnatch warpigs (Zoraida) (attack trigger pushes) cherub (trigger built in) Lenny (zoraida - ht1 only) Some hired humans from other factions. There may be more but those are off the top of my head (no book with me) so some of them may not be valid due to wording. Waiting on Rougarou myself so will soon be able to test some of these. Updated after checking books for more options.
  12. Setting up riflemen will completely depend on deployment, model count, terrain and strategy/schemes. The general set ups will either be a) activate late to try and move just into range to pop off forward stragglers -or at least put a threat on them to raise the opponents concern for their safety or b) spend all of turn one positioning for turn two. There is no right answer because both options are situational and will also depend on whether you're being out activated and your positioning could leave an easy opening or alpha strike, of course you could always be baiting.... Do you like the look of either Queeg and/or Dashel and wardens? They can form the core of a less mobile ball of death if you can give them ways of pushing out of combat or pushing your enemies away from them. Dashel is a force multiplier and should act to defend the riflemen and hopefully now summon some reinforcements -if you want your ball of death to be focusing free and ideally causing more damage he may be a worth while investment. Queeg offers them a push to get them out of combat or throw them up the board earlier to get a shot off turn one or simply better positioning for turn two, when combined with Dashel queeg creates additional opportunities to focus. Wardens provide a way of pushing enemies out of the death ball and leaving the riflemen to fire, they also benefit from the focus mechanics above and if shooting may also benefit from Dashels + flips. Of course that's a lot of assets to sink into the ball so will only work when holding a position on the board with the group is going to score you vp as it will probably lack a little mobility after turn one which is all about positioning the ball, this will probably only leave room for one extra enforcer or if you go light on upgrades two extra minions. Either the rifleman or the wardens can be switched out for pathfinders or even possibly Austringers for different mechanics- set ups etc. Scale down the group appropriately depending on how much effect you want the riflemen to have on the game, i.e if you just wanting a couple of stationary ranged threats I'd consider to hounds as protectors and late game scheme runners, Dashel may still be beneficial to the entire group but again - assets(stones) to benefit (+vp or deny vp)
  13. I don't believe Kade and Candy are Human children (from the fluff we've had provided) however woes is reference to the woes of humanity which tie into the original Pandora myth, originally each named woe was the woe of xyz in 1.5 up until Tannen I believe (from memory) Innocence Lost, Consuming Neglect and Innocence Corrupted The reason Iggy is neverborn in my opinion was that he gave himself over to the misery and became an avatar for that particular form of human suffering and misery. I don't believe the woman at the orphanage was Pandora, I think she was meant to be an example of how corrupt and repulsive humanity can be when it finds a way to gain power using and/or destroying the weak and defenseless to achieve their goals, which could also be part of why Iggy turned against his own kind.
  14. Changelings can copy show you the door to make a very mobile crew. Makes mimics an interesting lot.
  15. Waldgiest for zoraida and lilith. Wisps for Pandora make both sorrows and the poltergeist more attractive. Iggy for Zoraida and Pandora. Widow weaver will make Pandora's happy and will work well with doll factory Zoraida which is more of a direction to consider when you pick up Collodi.