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    W.M.A, H.E.M.A, M.M.A, Swordplay, Historical Costume, Historical european culture, Historical european dance, Social-history, Wargaming, Strategy games,Home-brewing, Gothic Fashion, Goth-Rock,"alternative"-culture.....MALIFAUX!?
  1. If I bring in a war pig I'm bringing in a mercenary wog whisperer (in all likelihood) because a reactivating warpig that can be obeyed is a wonderful way to ruin someones day. I'm yet to try rooster riders and am presently focused on my neverborn (after playing gremlins for 1.5 years) so wont be coming back round to that neck of the bayou for a while. Bad Juju pops up when I want area of effect/bombing crew, I plan to run him with spawn mother and gupps but Zoraida is presently on hold for me till I bring my skill level up with other masters (Zoraida's my most competitive master). McTavish will find his way into about 50% of all my Zoraida lists as he has some great adaptability and works well with an aesthetics/themed swampfiend crew. I will almost always have at least one waldgiest, sometimes a silurid (rarely 2 since gupps are now released- sadly I own nine) I would also like to try the First Mate (will convert a silurid for this till I get zipps box). I do enjoy using a nurse but that tends to become a crutch, I plan to convert one to have a vodoo theme so at least it fits aesthetically, although with Zoraidas mind control background I don't consider it unfluffy. I've only had one test run with wisps but will be including them in any list with the spawn mother and will probably have one with zoraida most the time (when she gets table time again). Wild boars are useful if you dont take the upgrade for from the shadows swamp fiends, gators are very hit or miss but certainly divert attention from other models. I also enjoy doll factory zoraida with widow weaver, wicked dolls, stitched together and maybe a teddy, summon the vodoo doll hem, abuse the hell out of it with conditions kill it and either summon a wicked doll or save for a teddy (wash - rinse - repeat) stitched are amazing for this as if you're lucky you can one hit the doll from an obey or one of their ap, weaver can also make hem near impossible to resist for many models. I'm yet to do the iggy thing mainly because I really dislike Iggy's model but there are plenty of amusing conditions you can spam on the doll, one I enjoyed with Gremlins but haven't mind controlled into Neverborn is lenny (hugs and squeezes can immobilize the hemmed model and tossing the hemmed doll into them to make them insignificant and cause damage is also nice).
  2. Piggapult, Mechanized Pork chop, Survivors, Iron Skeeters and Zoraida's doll.
  3. "If" (situational) you out activate your opponent you can have Tannen and the doppel ganger on the centre line or better end of turn one, then it's just setting things up in turn two and ideally turn three by which time I expect casualties to have taken out one or more important pieces. As for useless duplications I think at the time I had it on Lucius as my aim was to keep Lucius between Mr Tannen, Mr Graves and the doppelganger so they could all benefit from it. I have another 6 months of Neverborn before I switch to guild so I will have plenty more chances to try my gimmicky lists as I've banned myself from running Zoraida or Collodi until my skill level increases with Lucius, Titania and maybe Pandora.
  4. There are always counters to any one thing, applying the right timing to any tools use is as much part of the art as understanding what tool to use for each purpose. In no way was I suggesting that the cogs in this machine could not or will not be removed as that is the risk you take with spending resources on any combination, it is however a suggestion for one possible use which I feel can be effective in the right circumstances. Ideally if it works it may cause a hideous lock down for 1-2 turns to help you pull ahead in vp, failing this it aims to soak your opponents resources dismantling it and to distract them from scoring vp, if neither of these occur it was either ill timed, poorely implemented or the wrong tool for the job.
  5. Don't forget to try them with changelings for fees spamming and Queeg for additional special damages application.
  6. Don't forget that the doppelganger can also mimic "what brings you to these parts" for an extended bubble of denial. I'm presently testing a denial crew (Lucius' ballroom) using Graves, Tannen, doppelganger, changelings and lawyers The changelings and graves show you the door (along with Lucius' what lackeys are for) to shoot Tannen and the doppelganger up the board and then drop the aura for denial- or vice versa (ideally while giving them hard to wound from a lawyer mimics blessing and manipulative to keep them protected). In the wrong pool it doesn't do amazingly so its certainly a corner case but you also have lots of "fee dumping" via lawyer and changelings to add extra protection, my present thought is that i need to take Queeg (who doesn't suit my ballroom theme - yet- will probably buy another Queeg to convert) to pull off the set up but its an amazingly gimmicky set up so is extremely poole dependent. This crew actually gave me my first ever tournament loss but I suppose that's what you get for not practicing with a new crew enough and for not practicing the gg2017 schemes before going into tournament, still I'm convinced the potential to shut down scoring is amazing and that it was my errors and not the crew that lost me that game.
  7. Next Malifaux events: The Auckland Malifaux League 2017 kicks off Sunday the 5th of March. Every player must play every other player once to complete the score board. The first weekend of every month will be a meeting and a set of two games at Hobbymaster Ellerslie The remaining two games for the month will be spread of the remaining weeks and will be up to the players to arrange individually. This should take 2 month to complete the score board and separate the leader board which will then go into play offs. If we end up with more than 8 players the league may halt for Nicon in June, play offs will be after NIcon More information on the Auckland Malifaux League facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/AuckMalifaux/ NIcon (North Island convention) 3rd of June. The big event of the year and an opportunity for Malifaux to shine. we're trying to set up a board building contest to help show off malifaux with individualistic boards that really draw on the games aesthetics. 3 round 50 stone tournament aimed to draw in players as far a field as possible. More information on the Malifaux Nz Page https://www.facebook.com/unpleasantthingshappen/ https://www.facebook.com/events/386694121694834/
  8. Also remember damage from Hem gets passed incorporeal
  9. Yes once we have confirmation of all settings, requirements etc I will advertise it.
  10. He can be made fast by Tara or student, pushed around or dragged along to deal with his low walk, his low df is another matter. He is great against crews that like to cluster and crews that like to hand out slow or paralyze. He can remove corpses, scrap and scheme markers and even cause horror duels. His issues are that he is a model that requires set up/strategical placement and that at 8 stones he has a lot of competition with so many good out cast models in the 8-10 range. Making him an interesting but under used tool box of goodies.
  11. Agreed trapper and Librarian are too good to ignore for the Viktorias and specialist is highly under rated. In most factions the best expansion is a crew box until you have at least 3 master options then fill in the gaps from there. Some Outcast masters are islands on there own but I would probably suggest Von schill and then maybe Parker for expanding your skill set while giving you "some" interchangeable models.
  12. I've painted mine as Doberman as that's what they look like to me. The cloth armour I've done red to go with my guild redcoats list. The metal a mix of of brass, bronze and steel to add a tiny steam punk feel (not the aesthetic I lean towards). Still in production at this stage so not worth sharing a photo.
  13. I suppose it comes down to personal preference as I find myself using the Thorn less than the other two. While rg3 is not something to be ignored I feel the other two have better 0 pt actions and the claw also offers a ranged option. I tend to view positive damage flips as one of the best bonus' you can have in Malifaux so would certainly pick that over an additional attack, when combined with the ability to hand out negative defence flips for me at least there is no competition. I also like the model for the thorn least of the three.
  14. Remember that Malifaux is based in the early 20th century if that were metres rather than feet it might be slightly more realistic, also rifles were an advancement to muskets and muskets had better range than that.
  15. It shouldn't. A 5'-6' person with a fist, spanner, hammer or dagger can strike you from 3' away (height 2 striking 1" melee) this includes the extension of their arm a body lean and possibly a short step when you think about clearing bases. The same person handling a sword or other "hand weapon" could strike you at 6'+. A poleweapon etc allowing them to hit you at 9'+. This makes sense until a pistol or rifle can only hit at 36'-42'. So it comes down to game balance otherwise range crews would completely dominate, hence guns changing warfare.