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  1. Setting up riflemen will completely depend on deployment, model count, terrain and strategy/schemes. The general set ups will either be a) activate late to try and move just into range to pop off forward stragglers -or at least put a threat on them to raise the opponents concern for their safety or b) spend all of turn one positioning for turn two. There is no right answer because both options are situational and will also depend on whether you're being out activated and your positioning could leave an easy opening or alpha strike, of course you could always be baiting.... Do you like the look of either Queeg and/or Dashel and wardens? They can form the core of a less mobile ball of death if you can give them ways of pushing out of combat or pushing your enemies away from them. Dashel is a force multiplier and should act to defend the riflemen and hopefully now summon some reinforcements -if you want your ball of death to be focusing free and ideally causing more damage he may be a worth while investment. Queeg offers them a push to get them out of combat or throw them up the board earlier to get a shot off turn one or simply better positioning for turn two, when combined with Dashel queeg creates additional opportunities to focus. Wardens provide a way of pushing enemies out of the death ball and leaving the riflemen to fire, they also benefit from the focus mechanics above and if shooting may also benefit from Dashels + flips. Of course that's a lot of assets to sink into the ball so will only work when holding a position on the board with the group is going to score you vp as it will probably lack a little mobility after turn one which is all about positioning the ball, this will probably only leave room for one extra enforcer or if you go light on upgrades two extra minions. Either the rifleman or the wardens can be switched out for pathfinders or even possibly Austringers for different mechanics- set ups etc. Scale down the group appropriately depending on how much effect you want the riflemen to have on the game, i.e if you just wanting a couple of stationary ranged threats I'd consider to hounds as protectors and late game scheme runners, Dashel may still be beneficial to the entire group but again - assets(stones) to benefit (+vp or deny vp)
  2. I don't believe Kade and Candy are Human children (from the fluff we've had provided) however woes is reference to the woes of humanity which tie into the original Pandora myth, originally each named woe was the woe of xyz in 1.5 up until Tannen I believe (from memory) Innocence Lost, Consuming Neglect and Innocence Corrupted The reason Iggy is neverborn in my opinion was that he gave himself over to the misery and became an avatar for that particular form of human suffering and misery. I don't believe the woman at the orphanage was Pandora, I think she was meant to be an example of how corrupt and repulsive humanity can be when it finds a way to gain power using and/or destroying the weak and defenseless to achieve their goals, which could also be part of why Iggy turned against his own kind.
  3. Changelings can copy show you the door to make a very mobile crew. Makes mimics an interesting lot.
  4. Waldgiest for zoraida and lilith. Wisps for Pandora make both sorrows and the poltergeist more attractive. Iggy for Zoraida and Pandora. Widow weaver will make Pandora's happy and will work well with doll factory Zoraida which is more of a direction to consider when you pick up Collodi.
  5. Do they seem like they should be guardsmen like the wardens or does that open them to abuse?
  6. Now that we're seeing an increase in the number of Cane users I'd love to see at least one trigger based on historical cane fighting, simply from a fluff/theme perspective. Whether it's Bartitsu, Vigny's method, Le Canne de combat (ddlr - not modern), Le Baton, Bataireacht etc there are so many interesting techniques I suppose the most we could hope for without increasing cost though would be a possible trigger to hand out slow (strike to the knee, thrust to the solar-plexus, uppercut with the ball head of a ball headed cane/trip with the hooked end of a hooked end cane etc). Maybe that's too much to ask though as you could look at every weapon in the game and find neat ideas for triggers that wouldn't necessarily be balanced.
  7. Situational but engagement range, anti-beater, extra healing, activation control. She's a mixed bag, not something I'd dismiss by any stretch but something that can be fun, functional and thema ticket while ruining people's day.
  8. Having your horse die is a little different from shape shifting unless your name is Atreyu.
  9. All I can imagine reading this is the cyclops in krull, if only he could throw his spear once per turn.
  10. That's more of an alternative Sue, I think you'd be better off with Lenny Dressed as Elvis swinging a guitar at someone.
  11. Like any master she has scheme pools and strategies where her abilities are going to make her a strong choice. I don't view many masters as being able to handle every strategy with any scheme pool those that might get also get close to jack of all trades master of none. I've personally had great use out the crew box though I have an off again on again relationship with her totem. I've presently only used her 6-7 times mixing her crew box in with changelings, waldgiest and the emissary. The tooth and the claw have to be my preferred Knights and I look forward to her hunting dogs release. My success with her has been based on hand drain (fgf on both her and Aeslin + built in (x) abilities) and of course positioning/repositioning abilities from the Knights. So she runs a "little" like Pandora as an area of effect generator but is better suited to scheme pools with a heavier reliance on scheme markers and positioning rather than all out damage. Perhaps do some battle reports and get feedback as to where things aren't working for you.
  12. Guy above deserves a reward - if for no other reason than using an avatar from one of the greatest video games of all time - Slightly off topic...
  13. double post
  14. But if he's a pianist how is he going to hit his opponent with a hollowed out guitar?
  15. Sonnia with all witch hunters and counter spell aura- worst Pandora experience I ever had. Hamelin (thematic crew) leaves no beaters for her to abuse as it focuses on bleeding disease. Models with explosions because she likes her crew to cluster. Yin ruins Candy's day and would make Pandora's somewhat unpleasant. Of course you could simply have your hanged make her flip a black joker on a terror test... (sigh ) Point: she's no less breakable than other masters once you figure out how to handle her. For the most part the advice others have provided of taking apart her machine by knocking out key pieces is the most functional advice you can get for handling any crew that uses synergy. Focusing on v/p and using blocking terrain should also be taken as read. Regarding your meta give it time and look for mistakes you feel your opponents are making then discuss them at the end of the game. In my experience even before the wisps Zoraida was the bane of my local meta, sometimes a player just clicks with a masters play style and it makes them harder to handle because their game play is more fluid and adaptable. I look forward to haunting the bayou with my shabby old crone again once my game with other masters has improved somewhat.