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  1. Monday Preview - The Commander

    A guild book before a Neverborn book?
  2. Trending!

    I need support finding time to play x.x
  3. 12 Names for 13 Tyrants (and other major Characters)

    It might also be worth noting Nytemare's ties to Serena Bowman. Still, Love the update!
  4. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    -collapses- I...I...I think I finally finished... wow (Side note, Gorgon's Tear was probably my overall favorite conceptually)
  5. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    This is an absolutely brutal voting process, I dunno if I can get through all this. Certainly not in one sitting. How long do we have to vote? Assuming my computer doesn't flake out and i lose everything anyway?
  6. M2E Marcus

    Might be you take both scorpius and Myranda, if scorpius gets taken out early you have back up, if not Myranda has plenty of other options
  7. So about that Ice Golem

    Enforcer Brawl with Kill Switch
  8. Wave 5 Redefining Our Meta

    I think my lovely TIna got what she needed with this upgrade wave, though not impressively so. Tina's biggest problem was the blatant Achilles heel if you engaged her. That left her with the choice of completely neutering her damage in order to survive, or investing in a 10+ point model and hoping it lives long enough to pull her out of any predicament. Now with the melee upgrade, she can do something besides try to walk away if engaged, freeing her to take the Blasty upgrade without nearly as much worry. +1 Walk is nice too, I'd have approved of a charge just to shake things up a bit, but oh well. I still think she suffers from activation order still though, the want to get the +1 damage aura up and to blast right away before bad things happen. I've yet to decide where her Summon upgrade might fit in. Right now I think my go to 3 will be Shattered Heart, Cold Nights (Ice Pillars so good, if only we could take the Cyclops too), and Enveloped in Ice
  9. Tara in Rezzers?

    So I see almost no talk of Tara in the Rezzer forums. Since she is one of my new favorite Ladies, I'm curious how she plays on the other side of the fence. Seems like Belle's would be super useful to pull a chosen model in for the AoE Fast, but what else have ya got?
  10. Iron Painter 2017 - Round One

    Honestly, I was hoping for this rather than techniques. OSL probably kills me before I can even start =/
  11. Next Allegiances

    I both want ALL THE THINGS! while simultaneously knowing I cannot handle all the things ;-;
  12. Next Allegiances

    I admit it can be kinda frustrating to see the new stuff that will eventually be coming. The 3 Kingdoms, Kimon, and Court of 2 models all look amazing, and if given the choice to have one of them to start with, it seems likely I would have chosen one of them @_@
  13. Iron Painter 2017

    I'm in! *gulp* I feel like I'm going to regret this.

    I wouldn't mind an Alternate Emissary model either
  15. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    Please note that this tournament did not allow wave 5 it seems, but from Facebook this is what I've seen: " Hamelin, piper and sewer king, AnD, Stolen, Obedient Wretch. The rest changes slightly game to game but often includes crooligans and Desolation Engine. "
  16. How many Rat Kings and Rat Catchers do you run?

    I've been considering picking up a Sabertooth Cerberus to use as a Cat King

    This might be too soon, but Grootslang. I want to try running multiple of these guys. I also admit I've pulled some plants/newborn changelings off the Emissary base to use as individual changelings

    A nightmare Lucius box where all the guards are doppelgangers mid change.
  19. 10T - ALT MODEL

    Sensei Yu and a pre-death Toshiro would be my votes. Kinda weird when Mei Feng is dragging a zombie around with her.

    I'd love a more neverborn-y McTavish >_>

    The Captain would be a good option I think. Miranda is not a bad idea either.

    It would be nice to get Alyce outside of the Levi box, personally. (I'm also eagerly awaiting that Alt. Lazarus release)
  23. GenCon 2017

    Alt Nekima size reference, Alt Hungering Darkness is in the album too:
  24. Wyrd GenCon Newsletter

    I think part of it is that it opens up a generally useful model that is normally only in a crew box, so we still get a taelor model that feels like a tealor model which is really nice. I kinda hope they continue to slip some of those out, we've gotten Howard and Joss, I'm hoping to see The Captain, Rusty Alyce, and Sensei Yu eventually (and thats just the top of my head, i'm sure there are more) I for one am super excited by both the cat box and Miss Deed.