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  1. PM Sent
  2. Well that looks really cool. Too bad it is a filthy rezzer model
  3. Well I'm not Aoinus, I don't have the time magic to travel forward to get it ;-;
  4. Rezzed the wrong thread earlier (my apologies mods), Rathnard keeps his more up to date, A couple updates: Some more Meridian info on https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2017/6/23/qpd75lr9isu0rqhljjd4kk5b3nc3v0 Meridian is still Malifaux-side, imprisoned in the ley lines and voice carried by the ocean currents. Also confirmed as a "She" Also of note, at least towards other powerful entities if not a tyrant itself, but something powerful slammed from Malifaux into Mount Etna thousand of years ago. https://youtu.be/wF9VyyRheWY?t=36 Speculation: One of our missing Tyrants? Shez-uul? signs point to Shez-uul being trapped earth side, though that means at some point he would need to wake up and traveled from Italy to Japan. However Thousands is a vague and long timeframe, I don't know if we know how far back Titania's war with the Tyrants was, timelines might not match up to make sense for it to be a Tyrant. Though some examples of time magic also exist withing Malifaux so who knows.
  5. (In Mercy Voice) Threads Never Die! Some more Meridian info on https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2017/6/23/qpd75lr9isu0rqhljjd4kk5b3nc3v0
  6. Drives me nuttier that we still dunno how to obtain this sweet model.
  7. I pointed this out on Discord, but fluff wise, shouldn't she have the Tyrant characterization? In the weekly event fluff, Nytemare invested a portion of power within her, as a back up if something happens to Dreamer. Given his hesitancy to do so, I imagine it was not an insignificant portion. EDIT: Eh its been pointed out to me Tina doesn't get the tyrant characterization and Serena seems a lesser version of Tina/Decembers relationship, so maybe not =/
  8. I have raised my sculpt expectations incredibly high after the new shaft references....
  9. Non master is fine I guess, probably is a NPE experience to have your master buried long term, even if on paper didn't seem the worst to get out (Nellie report proved it could be an issue). Still sad it didn't pick up . Honestly he does feel a whee bit disjointed. He has a great melee attack of a beater, but then 75% of the card is around burying. But unless someone is engaging him, the bury mechanic is fairly slow to set off with him, having to march up and get the one swing to bury. If it stays subsequent turns then he can either attack it with his tactical or swing at another model and heal up. It does seem like he has a long set up time to work optimally, and i do wonder if there is a way to smooth that out maybe? Complete spitballing here, but maybe Trigger for the hammer to take the bury action, or trigger on Into the Furnace to take Steal Essence (this i think only if it got and on a charge) I'm fairly happy as is with Talos, he is in theme and reminds me of Mr. Graves, a solid beater with some extra utility. I'd just like to potentially bring a bit more cohesion to some of his actions.
  10. its "only" against my most valuable models? that doesn't make me feel better, honestly that is usually like 90% of my crew. Though I guess that means it is at least non master. I'm more well versed in Neverborn, all our 3 min damage has the limitations of melee, I'd be really curious the know how common min 3 is on shooting, because 6ss seems incredibly cheap to get that.
  11. Honestly, this model scares me for all that. a flip most likely 3/4/5 range 10 attack, with ability to make an extra attack per turn and potentially 4/5/6 for only 6 soul stones.
  12. Yup, but any of them could potentially render the Cyclops' ability useless
  13. I'm actually particularly worried about the not on top of markers addition to Ice Pillars. We already have a number of models that can place all sorts of markers around with more added this release, web markers, lair markers, quarantine markers, suppression markers, triggers like drop it, etc. Since the Cyclops is limited to only base to base to use this ability, unlike Tina, I do really wonder how easy it will be to block the use of Ice Pillars. I think this would be a good area to test.
  14. There's been no topics yet for these gents, but to me they are the most exciting model in the Neverborn section. I got into Neverborn with the idea of running a plant themed Lilith crew, and while not specifically plants, these seem to be some cheap beaters that will function quite well with that set up. I'm a little dissapointed they cannot interact after teleport (at least after 1st turn), considering the proliferation of models that can do large movements and still drop a marker one way or another. That said, perhaps being able to teleport from one board edge to the other along the center line might be too extreme to have the interact. What are your thoughts?
  15. Or you just kill Talos, he is Def 4 Armor 1, with only minor healing available after that first bury, not that hard to take down. Death Marshals already can bury a master as I recall, and they can even do it on charge and thus have two chances.
  16. I'm really not sure what you are implying with this list? Spamming Changelings and Doppelganger implies you want to copy attacks, but Black Blood Tendril is not copy-able "Other models may not perform this Action"
  17. After read Nekima's bio, had we known Lilith was responsible for closing the first breech? Also I find it interesting that Nekima uses new Alt art, but Lazarus uses his old art.
  18. Nothing Beast is listed under Enforcer instead of Henchman
  19. I feel you might be overestimating the ease of getting the extra lair markers. You need to have a corpse on the far side you can get to, and the Grootslang isn't particularly defensive. That is also a lot of 7+ cards required.
  20. She actually picked up the Tormented trait thanks to the rezzer's nurses, not Daw or Outcasts.
  21. I also want to point out that the Cyclops pillars are already much more restrictive than Tina's in that they must be in base contact with him, no where near the range and flexibility she has.
  22. You know, my initial read had me thinking it was a named advanced wisp, not an evolution, but you're right. Makes me wonder if we will see an advanced henchman form at some point, like how it goes Gupps -> Sillurids -> SpawnMother. Will o Wisps -> Adze -> ???
  23. I think it is more story related from her time with McM and his nurses
  24. Chatroom appears to be down all this morning. I recall it being a bit spotty over the weekend as well. I'm not sure how to cope without it.
  25. The instant invite is invalid or has expired