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  1. So between theme and fluff, Tara has been creeping more and more towards the front of my "Which Master Next?" list. If I grab her box set, what should be my next buys? What strategies should I be looking at to employ?
  2. Wait, is the main page art of a Giant Blue Sillurid?
  3. Was just about to ask if we would be getting DCR minis. If anyone else is havign trouble with Aaron's Link, try: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2017/3/20/monday-preview-new-games
  4. I don't know about Kyle, but we all know Lindsey is far to distracted by Corgi videos to bother supervising us, and Brian has no real power :-p
  5. So with GG17 being less kill oriented than I i'm used to dealing with, it has me eyeing Voices Pandora as a possible option. I would still need to watch out for Misery suicides with frame for murder, but paralyze seems like it would be a strong option regardless. I'm wondering if people think similarly, or if I'm off base with this one. If people agree, what else would you be grabbing to go with her in GG17? This post brought ot you by the Coalition of people who haven't wrapped their heads around gg17 yet
  6. Are you running straight gupps or the spawn mother/will o wisp combo?
  7. Ice Dancers are newer so I don't have as many games with them under my belt like I do Blessed, but you are right, they are absolutely lovely models. I also play neverborn and sillurids, so I have a special fondness for leap.
  8. I use Blessed for schemes primarily, attacking secondarily. Leap to get into position with two AP left is huge to me for that, and after scheme running she is completely competent in combat, and good at eating enemy scheme runners as well. the "Interceptor" position that people have been talking about lately.
  9. I do very much like the combination of both Snow Storm and Emissary. However, I usually find myself reaching for Blessed instead. Leap is just so incredibly useful.
  10. I can't believe you are trusting us all on here unsupervised....
  11. He is more all around useful than Ice Golem in that points range. But with scheming so much more highly valued in GG17 I sometimes find it hard to squeeze him in.
  12. Actually Works well with Titania and Queens Champion too
  13. From the album Meta's Toys

  14. From the album Meta's Toys

  15. While I am familiar with the theory of "they can't play if their dead" in practice I find that does not go as smoothly as one would hope. That's why I was eyeing a more control oriented pandora and I wanted to explore that, However, thread got derailed fast =/
  16. I picked a set of these guys up previously. I've debated using them as Gupps.
  17. It is late for me, but a couple initial thoughts: With Tina and Silent Ones You're rocking more than enough CA duels to chew through the Geist and Sorrows, even with Martyrs. If you can destroy one at range with your first 2 AP to lure out Killjoy, you could then drop Ice Pillars to block his charge lane. Sure you may not be able to paralyze Panda, but even better, with Frozen Heart, she can not paralyze you. And if need be, you can pump armor instead of blasting, shift to a buffing, support Tina, and off set her damage output. Panda's Self Harm is a so Snowstorm's bullet proof if effective against it as well.
  18. Thank you. I've played 'Tina a lot so i'm fully loaded on frozen heart. I wound up with a cheap Collette box so Showgirls on Ice has been in my head for a little while.
  19. Could you elaborate more about your Show on Ice lists?
  20. Reading the Black Betty story makes me wonder if you're plotting an Alt Carlos already
  21. I think there is some fluff hooks that might lead to more Neverborn Lucius. Firstly, the new Governor General appears to not be a fan of him, if it becomes harder to manipulate the guild, he will need to dip into neverborn resources to continue his plots. Secondly, Titania hints she knows exactly what type of neverborn he is. This to me implies that he is something different from what we have explicitly seen. This could lead to more neverborn of that type that work well with him .
  22. Particularly frustrated to report that I just got the replacement order in from the first round of incorrect cards. These cards are STILL the pre-errata versions
  23. Hmm, his name rhymes with Ryle, you'd best just go ahead and turn him into a cyborg abomination
  24. Regen does, both the Conflux ability and Regen would trigger at same time, you get to choose the order, so resolve conflux then resolve regen.