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  1. So I just starting assembling Tara as I start my decent into madness Outcasts. But as I'm new to Outcasts and it occurs to me I do not have all the general upgrades for them like I was able to get for arcanists and neverborn before. What are the must have generic upgrades for outcasts and where are they located for sale? Thanks
  2. Judging from adepticon, Nothing Beast is a must take 3 or 4 of the top 4 all ran him in various combinations
  3. i find 7-8 to be the average
  4. These guys constantly surprise me in combat
  5. The one I played last Gencon to some success was Wrath Envy w/ Ret Eye Changeling Illuminated I think Illuminated vs Doppelganger is open to debate
  6. Snow Storm, Ice Dancers, Silent Ones would fit your limits and work quite well for Tina.
  7. Very glad for the clarification Aaron, this is the model I was expecting, so when i saw the "knees is pool" render after I had already ordered I was a bit disappointed. That being said, the "knees is pool" version could be cool if we knew it was coming, and came in like transparent Red.
  8. Well after a shopping spree and what I already had my Tara Options include Tara Box Scion of the Void Hannah Bishop Carver Freikorps Trapper Aionus Johan and some summonable Punk Zombies and general mercs like crossroad 7 and the starter set (pondering the Bloodwretch's actually)
  9. Twas interesting to here the push towards Barbaros, I had seen a lot of people drop that concept early on, I'll need to try that out some more. I tend to value Audience even more than her beseech though. Always seems like I want more upgrades on her than I can manage. Hadn't really thought about shifting FGF to Barbie though, I'll need to try that next time as well. A bit weird to be asking on the Neverborn forum, but your guest talked about some up and coming Tara list? what was that all about?
  10. I agree with Santa, I wanna know what that Medusa is. Welcome aboard Alyssa, I'm a fan already
  11. Honestly, I'm not sure where he fits in anywhere, much less with arcanists, I think I've only ever seen him in the odd Tara or Dreamer list.