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  1. MetaphoricDragn

    Monday Preview - False Witnesses

    I get a depleted vibe for them, so i'm guessing cheap tarpit/utility
  2. MetaphoricDragn

    Welcoming Our Newest Game Designer!

    So this means we can blame Kai for even more things? sweet.
  3. MetaphoricDragn

    Last list you played: arcanists

    I played that wrong then, good to know
  4. MetaphoricDragn

    Last list you played: arcanists

    Ferdinand shifts to Beast Within, uses his attack's trigger to carve up the Toolkit, ignoring armor for a 1 hit kill and dropping 2 scrap. This charges up the Steamfitter to give out armor twice on the first turn
  5. MetaphoricDragn

    Last list you played: arcanists

    Declared Faction: Arcanists Crew Name: Marcus what I have 50ss Leader: Marcus - Cache:(4) The Trail of the Gods 1ss Feral Instincts 1ss The Hunger Cry 1ss Jackalope 2ss Myranda 8ss Cojo 6ss Ferdinand Vogel 8ss Rougarou 8ss Razorspine Rattler 6ss Union Steamfitter 6ss Mobile Toolkit 3ss
  6. MetaphoricDragn

    Primordial Magic Conversions?

    I did a bit of sculpting on mine, to bring it inline with Lilith's plant themes:
  7. MetaphoricDragn

    Who's the best dog in Malifaux?

    -Writes in Wendigo-
  8. MetaphoricDragn

    Monday Preview - Another Mystery

    F!@#$%^&*ing terrifying, it needs to meet the business end of a boot. Best guess is this is the first thing for a Neverborn based ttb book. WidowWeaver class?
  9. MetaphoricDragn

    Tara low budget start?

    <having multiple tabs open gets confusing>
  10. MetaphoricDragn

    McMourning and Co. Tactica

    So I am currently building up Marcus, and I do have a Dr. Dufresne laying about, So what might I be looking to pick up that will bolster both crews, and what other McMourning specific add ons might I be wanting?
  11. MetaphoricDragn

    Friday Preview - Egg Clutch

    Eh, they are not always what they are Cracked up to be, But it is always good to look at The Sunny Side Up of life, or you'll soon find yourself Fried or Scrambled
  12. MetaphoricDragn

    Friday Preview - Egg Clutch

    This is an eggscellent comment
  13. MetaphoricDragn

    M2E Rasputina

    If you want to go down a particularly blasty Tina route, what tools would you recommend to force enemy models out into the open?
  14. I think the goal is here not to target the engaging model, but rather the scenario of the opponent engaging your mirror so that you cannot target their squishies. With that in mind, Node is useful. Sure you can engage me, but I can still mirror off the emissary and blast your back line.
  15. MetaphoricDragn

    July 28th - Margaret Belle

    Eh, I can't blame ya, she almost was enough to pull me into Kings Empire