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  1. Ice Dancers and Pounce.

    Not valid in that direction. You would push. 0" so it's not allowed.
  2. Ice Dancers and Pounce.

    SRB pg 46, says, The model push be moved as close to the maximum distance of the post as possible. The SRB also says that pushes up to x", the controller of the effect may choose how far that push is. And the FAQ says that a push of 0" is not a push. So that rules out 0" push.
  3. Ice Dancers and Pounce.

    **double post
  4. Ice Dancers and Pounce.

    Yes.. That is what it means. It does not say you may push up to x". A 0" push is not a push as per the FAQ quoted.
  5. Leveticus in Eliminate the Leadership

    It was GG2016 he would give the VP when he was removed from the board. I liked that one.
  6. Extraction (GG 2017)

    Can't read the color font you chose on the (Default) Wyrd Dark theme. Reposting to so others can read that using that theme.
  7. They will both take the damage. Reactivate is a may not a must. They both were a the last model activated.
  8. Iconic Fate Deck

    I play with mine with the misprints. I don't want a replacement.
  9. Hans vs Carrion Emissary

    Yes. They are markers.
  10. Wow.. Me and my local all missed that.. We always played Attacker filpped, then the defender flipped. I didn't see the word simultaneously flip. Never been corrected at a tournament.
  11. Burning cards are part of the game. Since this is " When damaging" you do the damage flip. If you flip a BJ, then you did no damage and the trigger doesn't happen. Real question is would be if you like your damage flip, can you back out of the trigger. Unless my search is bad, Austringers trigger is After Succeeding. So it happens before the damage flip.
  12. Didn't like the answer in the Henchman forum?
  13. April 10th - Easter Sale

    Any buy this much and get this model?
  14. Iconic Fate Deck

    I play with the deck.
  15. Shoot from two different buildings

    WOW. Your question really does not match the picture. So the Stiched is not standing on the wall? And the raptor is at greater than 1" from the edge? By vantage rules the stiched can't see the raptor nor the raptor can see the stitched. if the stiched was on the wall, the same thing would be true by a quirk in the rules.
  16. Burt Jebsen Slippery

    It is not a legal target for Nekima. It is not in Nekima range. The same thing if I was shooting at Burt with a 10" range at 10" away and the rat is at 12" away. It is not a legal target. Randomizing into an engagement is a separate situation and the range and LOS is ignored for the new target because shooting in to engagement states that.
  17. No.. Bishop is still able to declare its Df trigger.
  18. I think the same error was on the Pandora Foil cards.
  19. Please provide feedback on our map

    What is your rules question?
  20. Wyrd 'Sales' going forward ...

    I applaud this decision. I think it is the right move. I have always been a strong supporter on the LGC . Without them I would have no place to play. I have no issues with doing it during GenCon. If is understandable during that time.
  21. March 20th - New Games!

  22. The problem of Lure

    What is your rules question?
  23. Puppet Wars Sculpts

    Looked back at the GGs going back to 2013. No mention of PW models being a legal alt model. Some TO's may allow it.
  24. Base size database?

    They are also listed in the Malifaux books..