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  1. Shadow Lair

    ExiledBison are you asking because your opponent thinks that the damage is cumulative?
  2. LGC we usually allow a 50 mm base though a door with a 1" movement penalty because his trying to squeeze though.
  3. In My Bed Rule Question.

    Should post this in the rules forum
  4. SS Cache discussion

    Here is Justin's info on Leveticus when it was changed.
  5. SS Cache discussion

    Should be posted in the Malifaux Discussion forum.
  6. Ply for Information 09-06

    So you think that " All non-Peon models may take a (1) Interact Action while engaged with an enemy model to gain the following Condition" is enough to give permission than "All non-Peon models engaged with an enemy model may take a (1) Interact Action to gain the following Condition? They both seem the same to me. Looking at Guild Intelligence and Don't Mind me. All that needs to be done to give permission for this is to move the words. "while engaged with an enemy model" to after the (1) Interact Action??
  7. Ply for Information 09-06

    So how would you rewrite this to allow this interact to be done while engaged without having to target the enemy model?
  8. Ply for Information 09-06

    None of the examples you provided can be used while engaged. We know that. The ply says while engaged with a enemy model you may take a interact. This is the permission needed. It's not giving you permission to do place a marker or "pat" fire out. Just do a interact to get the condition while engaged.
  9. Public executions 9/6

    In public execution ,The removal of the Shed Blood condition when no enemy model has Los to the model with the condition. This means that a enemy model can play peek a boo with Los. The condition removal does not have a end of any model activation.
  10. Ply for Information 09-06

    This gives permission to do a interact. Just like don't mind me. So you still can do it. If it still needs to be added. Add take a (1) interact targeting enemy model to gain the condition.
  11. Terrains into GG2018

    Terrain is always a weird thing. My LGC we use the terrain definition that is in the core book. We also have every 1" fence ht 1, climbable blocking soft cover. Hard if it's brick/stone. There a more terrain than in other games. I do think that TO should have defined terrain on the table. I've played at same table at Adepticon that wanted to play all the bayou deck terrain on the swamp as hard cover. And another wanted it as no cover. This does change the game some. Then there is the if I'm on a terrain deck shooting at model on the same deck that they want cover. At my LGC. If we are on the same piece of terrain and there is no other terrain higher than the terrain we are on then it's no cover. The exception is forests. We should have some defined terrain or a guideline on terrain as we do with deck etiquette, and slow play.
  12. Proposed addition to "Deck Etiquette" section

    Everyone flips differently. I seen players count a numbers of cards out and then turn them over and not bring the active card forward. I seen players flip on to the discard pile. (My pet peeve). I'm a right handed player. My deck and discard pile is on the right side. But I try to flip to a visible location. The active flip cards are in the different location then the discard pile and the chosen card is moved to the top. This way my opponent can see the number of cards fliped and the card/suit I'm using. Then after that flip duel those cards are moved to the discard.
  13. GG 2018-8-22 Typos

    Already corrected.
  14. GG 2018-8-22 Typos

    I may be reading this wrong but doesn't that mean that it's recommended that we refuse to cut shuffle?
  15. GG 2018-8-22 Typos

    It's not a typo. It's a interpretation. A conflict in rules. Look at my suggested rewrite.
  16. GG 2018-8-22 Typos

    What is the typo? Sentence 2 says they must, and 3 give permission to refuse. I would have it rewritten to Whenever a player shuffles their fate deck they must offer it to their opponent for a cut or shuffle. The opponent may then cut or shuffle the deck. It is recommended that they do cut or shuffle the deck.
  17. Ice Dancers and Pounce.

    Not valid in that direction. You would push. 0" so it's not allowed.
  18. Ice Dancers and Pounce.

    SRB pg 46, says, The model push be moved as close to the maximum distance of the post as possible. The SRB also says that pushes up to x", the controller of the effect may choose how far that push is. And the FAQ says that a push of 0" is not a push. So that rules out 0" push.
  19. Ice Dancers and Pounce.

    **double post
  20. Ice Dancers and Pounce.

    Yes.. That is what it means. It does not say you may push up to x". A 0" push is not a push as per the FAQ quoted.
  21. Leveticus in Eliminate the Leadership

    It was GG2016 he would give the VP when he was removed from the board. I liked that one.
  22. Extraction (GG 2017)

    Can't read the color font you chose on the (Default) Wyrd Dark theme. Reposting to so others can read that using that theme.
  23. They will both take the damage. Reactivate is a may not a must. They both were a the last model activated.
  24. Iconic Fate Deck

    I play with mine with the misprints. I don't want a replacement.
  25. Hans vs Carrion Emissary

    Yes. They are markers.