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  1. If we are talking about Shifting Loyalties campaign. A 0 cost upgrade would cost 2 scrip if adding it during the campaign. (Page 6). Nevermind.. I thought it was a upgrade.
  2. This is a reminder in the New Year. I will be available to run Malifaux Demo at Major Games in Saginaw, MI. Tuesdays are Malifaux Open Play. Also you maybe able to get in a game any other day. Place: Major Games Address: 3085 Bay Road Saginaw, MI (989) 751-7951 I also will be available to Demo on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, or you can schedule a Demo after 6pm Tues to Sat. Learn to Cheat your Fate. Come join the fun See you there.
  3. I will be running a Malifaux Demo at Major Games in Saginaw, MI. Place: Major Games Address: 3614 Davenport Saginaw, Michigan (989) 751-7951 Date/Time: Tuesday, October 6th 2015 @ 6pm. I will be running the Demo starting at 6pm to 9pm. I also will be available to Demo on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays Learn to Cheat your Fate. Come join the fun See you there. Ed.
  4. What is the agreed upon turn around time at the distributors?
  5. Sky Pirates was November. Parker Barrows hasn't been released yet.
  6. Agree.. But Desolate is not When reduced but After reduced.
  7. Now this I think is a good FAQ question. Since Desolate Warping is after reducing enemy model to 0 wounds and Not Today Lads is when model is killed. When you reduce to 0 wounds you immediately kill. I would think Not Today Lads would happen before Desolate Warping.
  8. Ok.. who has Desolate Warping ?
  9. I don't know what model to see what "Not Today Lads" is.
  10. So what is the rule question? I would have denied the request too. He asked to proxy a existing model for a unreleased model. If he took the TTB model set and made a model to look like the unreleased model, I'm sure it would have been alllowed.
  11. Our area treats the a fence like that treated as Ht 1, Impassible, Climbable, soft or hard cover depending on the type of fence and blocking (also depending on the type of fence ). All models loses 2 inches climbing over it, regardless of Ht stat of the model climbing over it.
  12. Don't add the deck box. If I remember right, adding the deck box increased the postage a great deal for international.
  13. There is a question on the facebook page about when the schemes and strategies are announce..
  14. Is it Mid December yet?
  15. 1) They are both engaged. 2) The model that does the disengaging strike does not use ap. The model that is wants to disengage declares a Walk Action. If the disengaging strike hits, then the walk action fails (using the AP). 3) Looking it up. 4) Yes. a Model takes damage if it falls over 2" no matter the height of the model.
  16. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! I have Christmas shopping to do. V
  17. A Markers default size is 30mm unless stated otherwise. SRB page 56.
  18. Buy the cards
  19. Search the rules with close deployment and scoring 1st turn on Turf war?. It may be hard. The scheme markers would only be dropped the 1st few activation. Bring Mortimer or another chatty model and stop scheme marker placement all together.
  20. Yes. Only if you begin the walk when you are engaged.
  21. It means a Henchman Only section of the Webstore. It is the section of the store that local Henchman go to get prize support for event they run.
  22. I understand GenCon. Few other big companies have online access to the same pre-releases as the GenCon attendees do. It is the other 2 times of the year that is hurts. Easter and Black Friday. I try hold off from buying pre-releases so I can support my LGC. I try to buy Shirts and other items the LGC does not order.
  23. I like that we are able to get access to some new LE models. But I have to say this again. These sales (3 times a year) hurt the LGC. This is less money Malifaux addicted players will spend at the LGC. With access to all the pre-release models, there is nothing left to buy at the LGC when the $60 promotion comes around.
  24. Yes you can, it is the same with a charge. You only take a disengaging strike if you are using a walk action to leave a enemy models engagement range. SRB pg 48
  25. Under https://www.wyrd-games.net/resources Organized Play Formats. And it's in the Alternate Tounrnament Formats PDF.