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  1. Lucky Effigy's Condition and what is a flip

    5 pages on this. I think the ruling a flip may have more repercussions on other acIons. I think we are pass the discussion sides so let’s discuss a possable the future errata. Let’s assume that the intention was to heal for every ram. How would you rewrite/clarify the condition for that? My take. “Whenever this model reveals a in a duel from thier fate deck, it may immediately heal 1 damage." Also how would you clarify/rewrite the rule it was meant only for the chosen card.
  2. "flip" the Red Joker

    If you cheated the with the red joker, your opponent is allowed to cheat. Your opponent is not able to cheat if it flipped from your fate deck. Srb pg 19
  3. Besides the engage/engaged by. Based on the pic. Solid color is base size and light outer is melee range So No Vp. Teddy is only engaging brewmaster. Hold up thier forces requires Teddy to be engage/engaged by 2 models.
  4. Healing from Damage

    FAQ Jan-2018 #100
  5. It’s best to give actual examples instead of generic examples. The wording in question is important.
  6. Blood Ward and Engagement.

    I see what you are talking about. When does Combat Casting take effect? Problem is that Your either engaged or not engaged. But Thinking hard on this.. I think As soon as the Mage is engaged normally and it ends when the active action is done if his not engaged normally. For Example 2, If the Carrion Emissary (which has a 1) walk action stayed within 2" of the Mage there would be no Disengaging strike and now his is not engaged. I keep going around and around on this. I can see both sides very easily. This is one that really needs a FAQ and Wryd has to becareful about wording so not to introduce rule that is not in the game.
  7. Just a follow up. 2) FAQ Jan 2018 # 79
  8. Volunteers Wanted - Adepticon

    I think I emailed to the right address.
  9. Charge from elevation

    It also depends on what the height of that porch is. If's its only ht 1, Sybelle can't charge because she is engaged. If it's Ht 2, she is not engaged so she can charge.
  10. App encounter bug with cache.

    In a encounter with 2 crews loaded. Goto your opponent. Change the cache. Then goto your crew and change cache. The loaded cache number will be the number that you changed your opponent to. App version 3.6 i also submitted via contact us
  11. Switch to the crews in an encounter

    When creating a new encounter, touch the qr code arrow pointed downish to load. The arrow pointed up rightish is the show QR Code do someone can upload it via the camera.
  12. That is enough to quit the game.
  13. Malifaux App Launched!

    There is also a App Forum. http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/forum/451-app/
  14. Volunteers Wanted - Adepticon

    I need to set my game schedule and I'll volunteer. I get in Chicago around 3pm cst. So I should be able to help booth set up. I also help with table setup in the Malifaux room. (And visit and joke around)
  15. Jelly of those that get to play at the Wyrd office.
  16. No issues. with me.. iPhone 6s. App ver. 3.4 Emeryt, To help them. Go to Contact Support. https://www.wyrd-games.net/contact choose App support. Also provide your phone type, phone OS version. and the app version. There also a App Forum you can post to instead of posting in a old thread.
  17. blast vs. Blast marker Order

    You have it in your first quote. Yes it's all one blast effect.
  18. Wyrdscape Preview

    Cool. Love it. Just need to FAQ vantage and we be good.
  19. Malifaux App Road Map

    I think his post should also be a sticky in the App forum.
  20. my issues with the APP

    I was wondering if you read that yet.. I think Aaron should also post it as a stickly in this form.
  21. Malifaux App Road Map

    Posted this so I can like the post again. <LIKE>
  22. Malifaux App Launched!

    you can take a screen shot and send them to yourself to print.
  23. Malifaux app update question

    Some of has already been brought up. I would like them to post a App Road Map and a App Discussion forum. I submitted to the support contact, and in then Malifaux App Launched post in Wyrd Announcement in Nov 8th. Was fixed in V2.8 on Dec 1st. This is a bug.. Should be reported to https://www.wyrd-games.net/contact/ There is a feedback option of the App Support Ticket. Report it in as a App Support Ticket. Report it in as a App Support Ticket. under feedback. This was my last feedback. Subject: App Suggestions for Enhancement. Message: Model List- - Search for model,. - Add number of models owned. Example, I own 7 terror tots. - add painting stage of models owned. - Add possible upgrade list when viewing the model. List Building - Only have a listing of what can be used by the declared faction. When I build I may want a model but may not have enough points for it. I should still see it but it greyed out. If I set the filter to show visible, I see every model in the game. Encounter. - Allow list building from the Create Encounter. This falls in line with out the game is designed. Set game size, Declare Faction, Generate Format (Deployment, Strategy, Schemes), Build crew. - Conditions should only list the conditions that are possible during the game if both crews are defined. - Same with upgrades during the game. - If the Model has no wounds left (Dead) then the model should be marked at Dead or greyed out (but clickable to bring back) Reference - Have content searchable.
  24. Squeel and multiple pounces

    This is under General Timing. SRB pg 51. It would be the defensive trigger first.
  25. Malifaux App Launched!

    Same.. Sent you a PM so we don't clog the thread.