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  1. Looking Top down, it would be in the terrain.
  2. The building is terrain. Everything is measured from Top Down.
  3. BJ is not a autofail. It counts a unsuited Zero. If I was attacking Teddy (Df 3) with a MI 6. I flip a BJ and Teddy flips a 3 or less. I would still be winning.
  4. I wasn't going to call you out.. I thought maybe you was just joking. Guess not.
  5. Maniac-Eye. You should start a new thread instead of Necroing a 1 1/2 year old thread.
  6. Thank you Steve.
  7. If its the same issue that Aaron mentioned before. They have the correct files, then they get over written with the older files. So even if they do check to see if the right cards printed to from the file images, they would be looking at the files that were sent to the printer. If the wrong one was sent to the printer and they check the output to the file, then the print would check fine. What WGV needs to do, is Immediately halt all these cards from printing, Immediately halt all shipment of the printed cards. When they get the correct file AGAIN.. They need to print a master image and manually verify the reprinting of each order in the 3rd printing.
  8. So that is one less thing I know for Demoing at Adepticon. .
  9. Full or individual?
  10. I received the 2nd set of reprints. They are still wrong. I guess the fix they did didn't work. Time to find another printer.
  11. BUMMMER. Glad I got my EBO Fate deck.
  12. They are still trying to get a reprint that looks right. That deck is still usable.
  13. Thank you solkan. I now understand where he is coming from.
  14. Maybe I don't understand what your referring. Are you Saying a Guild sergeant activates, he should not be effected by another Guild sergeant Aura?
  15. You are going to get the same answer here as you would on AWP. "All Part of the Show: Friendly Showgirls may treat this model as if it were a friendly Scheme Marker for the purposes of Actions and Abilities. " No. Even if it was a showgirl that killed a enemy model. It is for the purposes of Actions and Abilities from Friendly showgirls. Even Parker Barrows will not be able to remove them with his Ability. But since you brought this up, Since its for VP, They maybe able to remove Primordial Magic since it says. "Essence of Malifaux: Once per game, when calc[..] VP (during or after a game) this model may count a one of this Crew's Scheme Markers. [...]"
  16. Mine is. 02/02/2017 Paid ForTAP-4481: Resending order with corrected copies 02/02/2017 Sent to printer: Print order sent to printer (order PPO.M20170202191501871) 02/03/2017 Sent to printer: Print order sent to printer (order PPO.M20170203022909426) 02/05/2017 Confirmed: Card printing facility has acknowledged receipt of your order.
  17. Once again GTS hasn't sent the January release models so we didn't receive the extra box. Maybe next week.
  18. Yes she can be lured. She is not a enemy model.
  19. I found this from a post last month in a search that may help you.
  20. I don't have the My Little Helper upgrade in front of me. Does it say at the start of activation or at the start of the turn?
  21. My game place, we do that. Allow you to walk though closed doors to get inside or outside. See out windows that are solid. I even allowed jumping though a window at half-movement rate. I do however deny deployment or placement on top of building if the sides are not claimable. You just discuss the terrain before deployment.
  22. The Carrion Emissary's (0) Shards of Kythera: Place two 50mm Shard Markers [...]. At the end of turn, remove all friendly Shard Markers. Before removing the markers, a Mindless Zombie may be summoned in base contact with them. In the Henchman Hardcore rules it states. Any Actions, Abilities, or Triggers which summon models are considered to be “blank” (they may not be used and have no effect on the game, as if they were not printed on the model). Question is that, Is Carrion's (0) action considered to be blank or just the Zombie being summoned before the markers?
  23. Non-peon models. But yes