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  1. Artiee

    Dense Terrain and Back Alley.

    I read it the same.
  2. Your thinking push as a Action.. It's a movement. The action may have caused the movement, but the model is moving. I don't see any ambiguous wording in ponce.
  3. Artiee

    Updated Release Schedule

    Wyrd releases on around the last Weds/Thursday of the month. So technically you can buy April release on the 26th and May on 5/31. But some distributors I think see the release date as the date they can send the product. I usually don’t see the new product until the beginning of the new month.
  4. Artiee

    Wallpaper Wednesday! Rooster Rider!

    Yea!! My new background.
  5. Artiee

    Wallpaper Wednesday! Rooster Rider!

    Yes I did, But I still waiting on the scenic views of Malifaux.
  6. Artiee

    Center Line & deployment zone choice

    2/ Or you must fix the centerline after one player chose a side (so you have 4 choice for the deployment zone) The Step 3 is determine deployment type w/ the centerline. Defines how the centerline is determined based on the Deployment to the zones. When you deploy the 1st player that deploys chooses which deployment zone they are deploying in. The opponent deploys in the opposite zone and the center line is determined by that. With Standard Deployment, you could technically deploy side ways.
  7. Artiee

    Lucky Effigy's Condition and what is a flip

    5 pages on this. I think the ruling a flip may have more repercussions on other acIons. I think we are pass the discussion sides so let’s discuss a possable the future errata. Let’s assume that the intention was to heal for every ram. How would you rewrite/clarify the condition for that? My take. “Whenever this model reveals a in a duel from thier fate deck, it may immediately heal 1 damage." Also how would you clarify/rewrite the rule it was meant only for the chosen card.
  8. Artiee

    "flip" the Red Joker

    If you cheated the with the red joker, your opponent is allowed to cheat. Your opponent is not able to cheat if it flipped from your fate deck. Srb pg 19
  9. Besides the engage/engaged by. Based on the pic. Solid color is base size and light outer is melee range So No Vp. Teddy is only engaging brewmaster. Hold up thier forces requires Teddy to be engage/engaged by 2 models.
  10. Artiee

    Healing from Damage

    FAQ Jan-2018 #100
  11. It’s best to give actual examples instead of generic examples. The wording in question is important.
  12. Artiee

    Blood Ward and Engagement.

    I see what you are talking about. When does Combat Casting take effect? Problem is that Your either engaged or not engaged. But Thinking hard on this.. I think As soon as the Mage is engaged normally and it ends when the active action is done if his not engaged normally. For Example 2, If the Carrion Emissary (which has a 1) walk action stayed within 2" of the Mage there would be no Disengaging strike and now his is not engaged. I keep going around and around on this. I can see both sides very easily. This is one that really needs a FAQ and Wryd has to becareful about wording so not to introduce rule that is not in the game.
  13. Just a follow up. 2) FAQ Jan 2018 # 79
  14. Artiee

    Volunteers Wanted - Adepticon

    I think I emailed to the right address.