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  1. Thanks I think I can just about afford a standard full limb with my starting scrip, then maybe I can upgrade & improve at a later date. Maybe if I go into Engineer
  2. Ohhhhhh.... The penny just dropped, thanks both, I had thought that those were types of limbs to purchase (for some reason) rather than the additions (augments) to limbs which were available. I feel daft for missing it, but enlightened, thanks again
  3. Hi guys I've spent my lunch trawling the rulebook, making sure my new character is up to snuff, and he has artefacting, is a Darlin Theorist & Tinkerer. I know I am able to craft a full pneumatic limb (25scrip) at 25% of guild prices (6.25 scrip) and that a full limb includes 2 augments. Great, I'm up to speed so far. However, I can't for the life in me find where I choose augments from? Can someone please give me a page reference for where I select/read up on augments please, or alternatively please enlighten me as to where I went wrong? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi There, Apologise, both are spoken for now, I'll update the title.
  5. Thanks I'm really enjoying painting them after the initial sinking feeling when I realised they were the translucent set. I've painted all the bikes with a mix of black and the darkest GW metallic, but I think what I should have done is maybe highlight up from straight black... I washed the base coat with black, and will come up through some darker metallics and see how it looks at any rate Cheers
  6. Managed to get some paint down, and once primed the transparent plastic behaves like the standard stuff http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/123551-brutal-emissary-conversion-and-guild-collection/?do=findComment&comment=1023584
  7. Quick Work in Progress on my Wild Ones crew
  8. Thanks. I had (mistakenly) assumed that they were only pertinent to the first version of the game.
  9. I guess the official Magic & Immuto cards won't make it into the wild since the 2.0 announcement? Is it still unacceptable for @GummyGator to share his version? Thanks
  10. Hi Unfortunately not, I bought the Ramos box for everything except Ramos to use with Hoffman. Thanks
  11. Cheers, I hope to make a start with painting this week at some point. I'm hoping to be able to do them justice Hope you get yours sorted soon too
  12. Yeah, not having to force your eyes to focus on the surface rather than somewhere in or on the other side of large see through components is a godsend. I won't lie, this last model nearly made it across the room rather quick :/
  13. The other bikers is a bit of a nightmare. It seems the kit would never ever make a full circle... there's either an 1/8th inch gap at the top of the wheel or (as I did) it isn't quite circular when you just glue all the ends together handlebars are pretty much free-floating on mine in order to glue the wrist to the hand, I see gmort had the luxury of bending the arm to fit on the regular kits though Challenging...
  14. I've just put together Pati Ramone, and I just have to reiterate what is on Gmorts blog on the subject, and that's the alignments of the hand/gear stick device. I ended up making the rider completely, after gluing the seat back to the wheel. Then I glue the base to the bottom of the rider, and glued that to the seat back. Unfortunately i missed out the gear stick assembly completely and had to wiggle this into place behind all the glued pieces. Getting the arm between the shoulder and the hand took a lot of fussing around while multiple glue points were wet, so you might have to persevere with this sorry
  15. Thank you for the feedback, I see what you're saying. I'll try and go back in and work some more on the blue areas at some point soon