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  1. I pre-ordered this from a retailer in the UK last year and They tell me they are still awaiting stock from the supplier who seem to be drip feeding them (and presumably other retailers) one or two in every other order. I'm told my order will be filled by the end of April. Posted before I saw Nathan's reply, sorry
  2. Bought a Black Blood shaman box and it had an extra Lynch model (with cards) in purple. No use to me as I want the full crew box eventually. Also have Ramos and totem plus cards spare from buying his crew for Hoffman to hire UK based would prefer domestic shipping
  3. I pre-ordered this from a retailer in the UK last year and They tell me they are still awaiting stock from the supplier who seem to be drip feeding them (and presumably other retailers) one or two in every other order. I'm told my order will be filled by the end of April
  4. Finally got Hoffman pretty much done it's been a labour of love certainly. There are a couple of tiny finishing touches to do to these, like the wash on the base I mentioned, some stitching on the watcher's wings and probably a dab of wash on each rivet, but it's less than a half hour of work total Excuse what is hopefully the last in a long line of crappy photos, I did order some parts to hold my phone ion a tripod, and need to fond some lamps. I also only just discovered the crop function,m but of course only realised that I was saving over the top of the originals by the time I realised I could dictate the size of the crop and have all the images the same... Learning curve I wont make a massive post with individual shots, unless otherwise requested. they can be found on photobucket/my blog if any one is interested though Cheers
  5. I won't throw mud, but I gave up on Wayland Games years ago. I make my own bases from Greenstuff if you're that way inclined? Pretty simple to do but less simple than buying bases
  6. I got told that my order from my LGS in the UK would be finally resolved in April. I ordered in September and they have held it due to the printing issue since then.
  7. Thanks. Sorry about the picture quality, the WIP shots (with the keyboard in the background) I just snap at my desk in whatever light there is in the evening to show progress. I did try and take the crew shots in natural light with a white background to light them better, im not sure what else I could to to improve picture quality on my mobile phone. Cheers
  8. Slow progress with Hoffman. I've not painted metallics on so much of so many models for a while... They are pretty much ready to start adding the dark grey/red colours which I use throughout my guild models, and then I can add weathering. I've been using my incomplete Peacekeeper as a reference to this point, but I'm nearly at the stage with the rest of them that he is at so I'll be doing it all together. Might switch to do some Neverborn painting at some point soon though to avoid any more metals Cheers Lofty
  9. I've got all the models I have for Hoffman assembled I was a little worried about pulling the Hunters/Watcher up from the magnetic storage I use as they all have a small point of contact with the base and I only just manage to pin the watcher through the straight leg, so I used the pipes in a workaround which I describe in detail here. Just to add some liquid greenstuff to the Hunters and everyone is ready to be sprayed to paint I would share the progress I've made with my Neverborn, but maybe I should do that in a new thread. Cheers Lofty
  10. Yeah that seems to be the big difference is that I would pick a force for Warmahordes from my folder before I left the house to play so the majority of my cards were always at home, so it's no bother taking a handful with me. Cheers for all the feedback and tips
  11. I think I still have some of the separate binder pages like this which is what I used for Warmachine/Hordes, so they would all fit into a folder. I did a test run last night though when our friends came over for a game, and having everything in my lunchtin worked fine, plenty of space for all my factions with dividers and room for tape and tokens too. Inelegant and may get update but I'm happy for now (I think)
  12. That's a good point about the binders that I hadn't considered... Food for though definitely before I make any purchases
  13. I must say I got sick of card folders/binders from my WarmaHordes days. Boxes seem to be working for me for now, although I use Ultra-Pro just because I'm familiar with the brand from way back when no hassle to try something new. Thanks everyone
  14. Ah hah, cheers that might be exactly what I'm after