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  1. GG(Mostly) Tournament - 12/2 - Rochester NY

    @BruceStrange @Friedsushi I know you guys are in Ithaca and Corning, but feel free to make the trip out if you can. We'd love to have you.
  2. We are nearing the end of the year and that means GG17 schemes are leaving us. So we are having one last GG17 (Mostly) tournament using those schemes to say goodbye. The event will be three rounds. The format is as follows: 1) The Deployment, Strategy, and Schemes will be revealed. 2) Each player will secretly choose a Master that they have not played in the tournament Prior. 3) Each player simultaneously reveals their Master choice. 4) Each player builds the rest of their crew and selects schemes and deploys as normal. Note: You do not need to declare Masters from the same faction each round. Further Note: Exceptions will be made for any player that only has fewer than three Masters. We want you to show up and play! The amount of prizes will be based on participation, I have several mystery boxes and store credit will also be an option. As usual any unwanted prize boxes can be sold back to me for store credit, any left over credit will go to the terrain fund. Prizes will be for: 1st, 2nd, Best Painted and a variety of "Achievement" prizes as applicable. The Important Stuff: Store: Just Games Location: 1601 Penfield Rd, Suite 750, Rochester, NY 14625 Date: Saturday, December 2nd 2017 Time: 12pm-8pm (12-12:30 Signups, start at 12:30, time permitting there will be a lunch/dinner break after round 2) Format: GG17(Mostly), see above Cost: $10 Hope to see you there. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
  3. Why no Joker Scheme

    When flipping 2 cards for schemes the Jokers were a rarity so I understand not including them in the scheme choice. That said it's still one card for deployment and that has a Joker option. Now that we are flipping 4 unique cards for schemes I don't see why you couldn't include a Joker scheme. I wouldn't hate a Joker scheme that shows up half as often as the rest of them, but if it stays as is I really wouldn't care. I don't much care for the other suggestions.
  4. 10.10 Take One for the Team

    I don't know what I said to make you think I like or want to "sell you" on this Scheme. I pretty clearly said I didn't like it. I just disagree with your reasoning for not liking it. Honestly, it sounds to me that you are having issues with Changelings in your meta. One that I haven't experienced, as killing the thing whose action they are copying generally does the trick.
  5. Surround Them 10/18 update

    Come on, You know that isn’t what I was suggesting. You can do better.
  6. Surround Them 10/18 update

    I don’t know why you care about markers being 8” apart or any distance. Even a turn 5 walk and place is going to nearly impossible to stop regardless of what model does it. The scheme as written is a free 2VP. We may disagree on the difficulty of the third VP. I personally find it too low for the always scheme.
  7. Surround Them 10/18 update

    Depends on the outcome you are looking for. I’m against precluding your own corner in corner/flank deployment. -Not obligated to drop the markers on turn one, ignoring the fact that defending them is much easier than removing them -within 6” of the corner creates a nearly 40sq inch area. It’s not like you are required to be on top of the opponent. Near impossible is quite the statement.
  8. Surround Them 10/18 update

    I think the Scheme would already be higher on the difficulty scale when requiring your opponents corners. Taking away the "Free" VP would likely push this into a never take. With the suggested wordings I think it breaks down the same for all deployments: 1VP = Easy 2VP = Some Difficulty 3VP = Difficult/build Crew toward Which is where I would like to see every scheme end up.
  9. Surround Them 10/18 update

    The only way I can think to word it that would allow both Mid corners to score would be: At the end of the game, for each Table Corner that this Crew has a Scheme marker within 6" of, this Crew earns 1VP. Only one Table Corner within this Crew's Deployment Zone may count towards this Scheme. If this Crew does not have a friendly scheme marker within 6" of all Corners in the enemy deployment zone then a maximum of 2VP can be scored from this scheme. It's a bit more wordy than I would like is all.
  10. Surround Them 10/18 update

    Yeah you could do it that way, but you would still need to say that only one corner in your deployment can count. If I had to choose I would prefer it broken out the way Kolath has it rather than the hyper wordy version. It just feels cleaner and harder to misread, intentionally or otherwise.
  11. Surround Them 10/18 update

    Sorry, I ninja Edited my post. For Clarity: Edit: It may seem like it's more difficult, but the reality is you are always going to get your deployment zone, it's the easiest to defend. Thus, once you are required to take their deploy you were only ever going to be scoring one mid corner anyway.
  12. Surround Them 10/18 update

    No you are reading it correctly, it's very similar to what you had initially suggested. It kind of "Normalizes" it with the standard deployments if you think about it. In standard/close you can only score one of two in your deploy. In Corners/Flank you can only score one of two in the mid. Edit: It may seem like it's more difficult, but the reality is you are always going to get your deployment zone, it's the easiest to defend. Thus, once you are required to take their deploy you were only ever going to be scoring one mid corner anyway.
  13. Surround Them 10/18 update

    In Corners you would need to travel a minimum 33" to be able to drop the marker. In Flank you would need to travel ~25" to be able to drop the marker. In standard you need to travel ~23", but you would need to do this twice. Obviously not twice as difficult, but your opponent has the ability to defend the objective either way. I still think Standard is actually the hardest. This suggestion is basically what I've suggested, but allows you gain VP if you weren't able to get all of your Opponents corners. I would support this wording. The current wording gives up that Free VP anyway.
  14. Surround Them 10/18 update

    The scenario that your wording would create is that in Corners/Flank you would need yours, theirs, and only one of the mids. I don't think that is a better solution than allowing both of the mids + theirs, which your wording would preclude. The markers need to be "picked up" to be Denied which we both know is no trivial ask. FWIW if you said that a marker in each of your opponents corners is required to score you would no longer need to say that only one of your corners can count.