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  1. As summer winds down we will be starting up a 6 week Campaign league. The rules can be found in the M2E Shifting Loyalties book, I will have scans of the applicable pages as well. Starting out you will need a 35ss Henchman led crew, note that you need to pay the ss cost of your Henchman. **For this league we will not be doing injuries** **We will be playing with Hideouts, but they will differ from the options presented in the book. ** The campaign will be run at Just Games on Thursdays primarily, but you can play other days if you set something up with an opponent. The first day of the Campaign will be Thursday 9/7. Prizes will include: 1) Best painted during the course of the campaign, will be a group of models not just one. 2) Best hideout. 4) Something Fun. Contact me if you have any questions. Just Games 1601 Penfield Rd Rochester, NY 14625 Entry Fee: $20 League Ends 10/19/17
  2. Public Executions

    If you aren't using focus, you aren't hitting without +s coming from elsewhere. Those +s that don't come from focus don't improve the damage track meaning more AP invested in killing. Thus 4+ap for the kill assuming not punching down. 2ap to pick up a scheme marker assuming you played correctly 1ap if the model has an ability to interact or move without ap. Thus 1-2ap Seems to check out, but what do I know? Your kill unactivated models point is irrelevant because that is entirely game state dependent. If my model is going to die and I haven't activated it, that will quickly change. Unless it's first activation in which case initiative, see above. Then we can dive deeper into this nonsensical what if argument that gets no one anywhere. I don't have any interest in that.
  3. Public Executions

    I didn't imply it either.
  4. Public Executions

    Sure, instead you need to spend AP getting in range, then Focusing to ignore cover/make up for generally lower damage tracks. At best, you might get some points. Most likely you live in an AP deficit where you trade 4+AP for their 1-2AP. Like I said, more power too you.
  5. Public Executions

    More power too you. Seems worse than just sending a few beaters into that same cluster where they create heads and protect them.
  6. Public Executions

    Again if you find yourself in a situation where you are shooting lone models to death, you are going to win regardless of other factors. That said this scenario probably only comes up in the in the 0-3 bracket of the tournament. One person is building a shooting crew into this strat and the other is playing poorly.
  7. Public Executions

    The first bit is a colloquialism. The second bit was just saying in both of these schemes Ranged crews can only target lone models, if they expect to have any success. Headhunter because if you don't they just pick up the head, but at least it's 3" closer to you. Public Execution because if they don't devote resources to picking up that "head" you can score from it. Sending out lone models in either of these strats against what could be described as a ranged crew seems to be a plan for failure. Which is why I stand by this strat just being a harder Headhunter for shooters because you don't even get to keep it 3" away.
  8. Public Executions

    I'm reminded of trees falling in forests. Seriously though Headhunter has the same upside your suggesting here. Now you auto score unless they devote resources to picking it up. Currently those lone models were the only ones you could shoot without just giving away VP.
  9. Public Executions

    Well that Execution just wouldn't be very Public. As a flavor judge I'd have to rule it doesn't count.
  10. Public Executions

    Headhunter at least gave you within 3"
  11. Put Out a Hit clarification request

    I'm with Myyra, don't know what having the discard adds. You are definitely going to be doing this every turn and most crews don't care about the loss of a low card. I normally discard my ones over my fives. I guess this strat changes that... but not really.
  12. Public Executions

    So is this is the mindless kill your opponents models to win strat? Reckoning required 2 a turn unless full tabling, so if you couldn't table your opponent you had to space out your kills to earn VP. Similarly Collect the Bounty had interesting play in that it became harder to score as the game went on, unless tabling. This seems like a worse version of Headhunter, while being even more punishing to ranged crews. I'd prefer to just see you only be able to pick up friendly strategy markers. Score 1 VP if you picked up more than your opponent this turn. As above if summons don't drop "heads" they shouldn't be able to pick them up.
  13. Symbols of Authority

    Yeah, as it's written there is literally no upside to defending the objectives on your side. They are worth the same whether you pick them up or not. That and scoring a VP for a 8-10 from hand seems far too easy to me. With deployment being the way it is the 2nd player to deploy has the ability to place the markers with perfect information as well. I second the idea of only being able to remove markers from your opponents side of the table. With the addendum of each player placing both markers on their side of the table.(Not in deployment, not withing so much of a table edge, within 12" of center line, etc.)
  14. Tournament - 5/13 - Rochester, NY

    Pm'd you. Tldr: I would.
  15. The last tournament was a GG tournament which means this month we are doing something less serious, more laid back, and fun! There will be an award for painting, but the rest of the prizes will be miscellaneous "Achievements" and/or raffled. The amount of prizes will be based on participation, I have several mystery boxes and store credit will also be an option. As usual any unwanted prize boxes can be sold back to me for store credit, any left over credit will go to the terrain fund. The Important Stuff: Store: Just Games Location: 1601 Penfield Rd, Suite 750, Rochester, NY 14625 Date: Saturday, May 13th 2017 Time: 12pm-8pm (12-12:30 Signups, start at 12:30, time permitting there will be a lunch/dinner break after round 2) Format: Fun! Indescribable fun! Cost: $10 Hope to see you there. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.